Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Back to Edmonton

After missing the 4th game which ended to a loss for Edmonton, I promised myself to watch the whole 5th game between the Oilers and the Hurricanes tonight in Raleigh, North Carolina but couldn't keep my promise! I started watching and in 16 sec., Edmonton scored while I was in the washroom washing my hands! Can you believe this? And I was elated and said to me: " They're determined to beat them. " Then Carolina scored 5 min. later and all I said was: " Shit! " and noticed that can't watch the game and turned the TV off! After a few min. I went to bed. I guess it was around 07:00 PM and woke up with my cell phone's ring around 08:40 PM. That was Mom. At first I thought it's 08:40 AM and I said to me: " Oh my God! I missed the work. I'll be in trouble! " After a few min. of confusion, I found out that it's still Wed. afternoon. I got back to the TV when I finished talking to Mom. It was tied up 3-3 and OT was about to start. There were a few opportunities for both team and a penalty was called against Edmonton. After an Edmonton offence, Carolina guys were sliding the puck to the neutral zone and that was the time when Pisani stole the puck and confronted Ward, the Hurricanes goaltender and made one of the most beautiful goals that I've ever seen, short-handed. I shouted and clapped so hard like I've never did and jumped up! The final score of the game is 4-3 for Edmonton and the series is still in progress with a 3-2 lead by Carolina. The next game will be played again in Edmonton on Sat.
(Photo: Pisani scores in OT and Edmonton is resurrected)

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