Monday, June 19, 2006

Carolina Won

I didn't have the chance to watch the last game of 2006 Stanley Cup Finals tonight as a result of exhausting but Carolina Hurricanes won the cup after defeating Edmonton Oilers 3-1. I only watched the last 01:17 min. of the game when it was 2-1 for Carolina and Edmonton had pulled out its goalie for a man-advantage but that didn't help as usually doesn't and Carolina had an empty-neter and everything was over for the Oilers.
That was the second consecutive year which a Canadian team from Alberta was fighting for the cup in the Finals. There was Calgary in 2003-2004 which they finally lost to Tampa Bay in game 7, just like Edmonton tonight. And 2004-2005 season was locked out.
(Photo: Captain Rod Brind'Amour of the Hurricanes originally from Ottawa hoists the Stanley Cup after defeating Edmonton)


xoxox Maryam Goli xoxox said...

Hey cute guy ;)
How is it going? I really like to learn about hockey, it is the kind of sports I like so much because the guys look so tough. Could you tell me where I should look at or can you write it in here? xxx

The Tough Guy said...

...well I consider that a joke! Or you're trying to tease me. But both are Ok! If you live anywhere in North America it's easy. You buy magazines and papers, watch TV or register in a hockey club. If you don't, you start with websites like or each clubs website. Like the ones in this post. Simply click on the link and you'll be forwarded to the club's website. Also try and You need anything else, let me know.