Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wild Rose Country

It had been a long time that I wondered why Alberta is called the Wild Rose Country. You can see it as a slogan on number plates. Then I thought that must be because there are wild roses in this province. But why haven't I seen one yet?
Today I went for a short walk to Fish Creek Provincial Park and that's where you can see lots of them: Wild roses. Small and tiny, pinkish and incredibly good smelling. I hadn't been to that part of the park since last year's flood. The bridge over Bow River is fixed now. So I crossed the river. When you're on the bridge there's a cool wind caressing your entire body and it's really pleasing. I stayed there for a few min. and cooled down while was looking at birds diving to the river or just surfing the wind. That was so nice. (I forgot my digital sound recorder again! Damn!)
Then I headed up north the park until I get to where Deerfoot Tr. goes to the south, to Highway No. 2. But that was the end. Flood has washed off the path and there's a detour which I didn't take. I was looking for a beaver like the one I saw a few weeks ago in the other part of the park or the one which lives at the other bank of the river but didn't see anything. I also tried P. M.'s digital camera and found it absolutely useless. You have no control over anything. The only bright side is it's quick for some sorts of photos.
(Photo: An Albertan wild rose. You can also see a wild rose in the official website of Government of Alberta. I took this photo in the park today and that's not bad)

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