Friday, June 09, 2006

Got Blanked

When I turned the TV on to watch the second game of '06 Final in Carolina, about 10 min. had passed and the Hurricanes were ahead of the Oilers 1-0. I said: OK. It's just the beginning. I enjoyed the rest of the 1st period while both teams had opportunities. The commentator was saying how good the new goalie of the Oilers is and how relaxed he plays. Edmonton had to use the Finnish goaltender, Markkanen, after Roloson's serious injury in game one and when they found the Alaskan goalie, Ty Conklin not competent enough. Then the first period was over and I turned the TV off to study inch and caliper a little. When I checked the score through the net ... Oh my Goodness! 3-0 Carolina and then 5-0 and the game was over! We'll wait and see what's gonna happen in Edmonton this Sat.
(Photo: One of the 5 goals of the Hurricanes against Edmonton)

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