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Luxury Cars Are Cheap To Rent

I rented a Malibu to do my stuff yesterday and found something very interesting in the car rental agency: Royal Tyrrell Museum . A museum about dinosaurs and their life in almost 65 million years ago. It's located 6 km from Drumheller , somewhere in North Eastern Calgary . You should take highway number 2 toward north and after Airdrie make a right to highway number 72 and after that number 9. I'm goin' there. I've to plan for it.

Sick and Tired of Career Hunting!

I'm tired of this damn job hunting. No phone call. I don't understand this. I've to wait for the other educations, I guess, but what about the gap? Should I lie as much as I can? Like what Kami does? No other way, I think. Forget to say that there was a very strong damn wind from northeast the day I went to Nosehill . It was killing me. That's the way it usually blows in Calgary , may be in Canada . I found M. K.  on the net a couple of days ago and chat with her for awhile. Cute, young girl. Don't mistaken her with M. T. , my former colleague in Iran . She stopped sending me mails after Norooz . I don't know why. I sent her an e-card for her birthday. No reply again.

Biking in the Hills

My Monday's ride to Nosehill Environmental Park was not bad. I must say it was really good. I simply took 14th St. NW and at Calgary Winter Club turned left and entered the park. After minutes of fast pedaling when I was returning to the same gate, a damn dog started chasing me. It scared the shit of me. I think it was sent by its owner. Dumb-ass! I start studying CQE Primer today. Its a good reference but as it's written in it, I need more references during the exam. which is a 5 hour one! I have to contact ASQ for that and see what they recommend. (Photo: The beautiful Nose hill park and the pathways. I took this photo before I take the slope in front of me which gets to the pathway you see at the other side of the small valley)


I wrote the APEGGA exam. today in the morning finally. It was not a hard one. Not at all. Just have to remember all the phrases and technical terms. But I don't think I can pass it! I may write it again. May be not. Depends. It's hot as hell here today. Must be ... I don't know... Let me take a look at the weather. It says it's 27 ˚C . But I think it depends on where you are. I may go for a ride in a quarter. I went for a ride the day before and was not bad. I took the trail which follows the Bow River in the north bank. It passes the Calgary Zoo then goes to the north after Deerfoot Trail when you reach Nose Creek , should take a left to Nosehill Environmental Park and that's the end of your ride. Unless you wanna have more fun there. Every time I have to use that damn Sunblock and it's ridiculous because you have to apply it 30 min. before you start your ride!!!

May See Interesting Things Every Day Here

I stopped on my way home on 10th St. Bridge . It was about 09:45 PM. A tall man was playing the bagpipe. I like listening to that instrument very much. Another guy was kayaking in Bow River . It was obvious that he's good at it. He navigated to a rock in the middle of rough waters and started rowing against the stream. Everything was so nice that I didn't want to leave. The river, the music and the kayaker's effort. I wish I had my camera or a camcorder on me. I'm writing while listening to a bagpipe solo. I got a few songs through KAZZA .

How Does It Feel When You Talk To A Real Jerk!?

It's very miserable to have a moron as a friend, colleague, roommate or even an acquaintance. Like when I was talking to Faranak, she said she had driven all the way from Vancouver to Calgary , which is really stupid! If you take Banff road it's almost 620 miles and as Ahmad the Kurdish guy told me once it's a very dangerous and busy road and also mountainous. So it's not wise to drive that much. But what she said is incongruous. She said: I didn't take that road! And when I asked her how she came here then, she said: There is another road and I don't know where it is!! A friend of mine takes me to the beginning and I drive the rest!!

Education is Expensive in Canada

I got my certificate from SAIT yesterday, cost me almost $4000 . It's worth but need more N. A. education, of course. Let's see what will happen with APEGGA , ASQ and U of T . I'm sure that I can pass all of them successfully. Just have to be less lazy! I also went to a massage studio yesterday. Not a very luxury one of course 'cause it was the first one. Just to mention that it's good for you if you need relaxation. I will go every week and will try different ones all over the city.

A Dumbass!

I met a girl called Faranak in McDonald's today. She's OK. I mean she is like an average Iranian girl. She said that she has come to Calgary from B.C. 4 months ago. We talked for half an hour and then she left. The funny thing is she said that she was waiting for her friend and I was expecting a guy, of course, although she didn't say boyfriend. But when she was goin' to leave, pointed to her friend, who was sitting on a bench over there: An old Filipino or Vietnamese woman!!! Probably in her mid 60s !! I was near to burst in to a laugh but you know I'm a good actor. I didn't!

Movies and more Movies

I haven't written here for a week or more. It was a really tough weeks, the last two. I went to Stampede with keiv and it was nice. Took some photos. I try to put some of them here after development and scanning, of course. And last Sat. went and caught a movie: T3: Raise of the Machines . Interesting. But not as good as the previous ones, I believe. I would like to watch it again tough! It worth $13.95 especially when somebody drive you to Paramount Chinook and drive you back home!: Keiv If everything goes well, I'll go to catch new movie of Rovan Atkinson , Johnny English and Bruce Almighty which is the last work of Jim Carrey . (Photo: In order to make the last part of the series as interesting as the previous ones, even better, the producers decided to use a pretty girl, Kristanna Loken , as the Terminator but that didn't help much)

Canada Day ... Not a Good Day For Me!

This weather is killing me. It's hot and makes me sleepy. I had 2 cups of coffee but they haven't helped me yet! I'm not in the mood of goin' to Canada Day ceremony. I'm in the mood of nothing!! Damn! May be just one thing ... It was stupid to register for APEGGA exam. in July. July is not a good time for studying. Everybody is out to have fun and me, the idiot, have to tackle with the books!