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Investing on a Relationship (2)

I decided to make some food and offer it to the blue-eyed lady at work, so I can have an excuse to ask her last week after a short encounter. I made some good Chicken ,  Wedge s and Green Pee s. When I first went to work I realize she was not there! She was working from home! I then told the story to Lazy Ass and while he liked to food, he didn't think that it was a good idea.  His point is that I'm a stranger to her and the first things comes to mind for her is this guy is offering me food just to get into my pants! His point might be valid but this was his idea when I said I wanted to make cookies! He said that I should show signs of masculinity and making cookies certainly doesn't seem that way!  I marinated the pieces of chicken in this mix for 2 hours. I will post the recipe later I was a bit skeptical about this approach myself. What if she doesn't like this type of chicken? Or what if she simply says thank you?! That'd be the end! Today, though, an opportuni

My Free Pets!

I noticed there were a few " round, small, brown pieces " on my lawn, or perhaps it must be said where my lawn used to be(!) in front of the door, a few weeks ago. Looking closer I realized they were deer dropping's! The poor animal was there for a few branches left from a small shrub! It was hungry in this brutal winter. This is not a good picture but you can see the dropping at the right top corner of the photo Then the other night I looked out of the window for a moment and saw three rabbits! That was not the first time I saw them but I always felt bad for the little bunnies! I thought a little and all of a sudden I remembered that I had carrot in the refrigerator! I jumped out with the bag and threw a few pieces at them but they even didn't go near the pieces! It actually made them ran away! I tried 2 other pieces and no response or same response were seen. Disappointed at the time I had spent outside in the cold and dark, I went back in but when I looked out agai

Human Being is a Sociable Creature

Lazy Ass kept calling me and sending me message for a week, almost 10 days ago. I had not seen him since December and certainly didn't want to see him again as part of my 2021  resolution but then an issue emerged: I will have to request a new passport as I have gone through an official name change and there should be two references in the passport form! I was thinking of The Mumbling Guy and then as much as I hate that cheap bastard(!) I realized there're not many people around who know me for over two years!  So I decided to respond to him and visited him with the hope that he would sign the damn paper for me in a month of so, basically after a few visits. He was in the same damn basement with this difference that he know, if he's not lying, will have to move out in a few weeks! I suggested him to go back to the old house, his dad's place that he was kicked out from last summer but he said he wouldn't. We then went to Denny's on 16th which by the way turn

The Very Delicious Broccoli Soup

Nothing tastes better than a bowl of delicious soup in these cold Alberta winter days (currently -23 ℃ or  -10 ℉ ) but when the soup is very tasty you'd eat it, or perhaps I should say drink it(!) even cold! I made a big pot of Broccoli Soup and it was quite a treat! It's a simple soup to make and simple to have because there's no chowing! So if you have some chewing problem because of age(!) or a dental treatment, this also is the soup for you!  What you need: 1) 1 big Russet Potato 2) 1 medium Onion 3) 3 cups Broccoli 4) Half cup Cream 5) 6 cups Chicken Broth How to make it: 1) Fry onion and then add the potato in small cubic pieces and brown them. 2) Add the Chicken Broth . I never buy this item from supermarkets. I always buy a few pieces of Chicken , add Salt , Pepper and Onion and cook and use the Broth. 4) Add Broccoli in cut pieces and eventually add some Salt and Pepper .  5) Bring to a simmer until the Potatoe s and Broccoli s are tender. 6) Transfer everyth

The Value of Traditional Food

Most of traditional Iranian meals, if you alter them a little bit, are amongst the beat foods available in the world, both in terms of taste and nutrition and I'm saying that because I've tried different cuisines from different parts of the world. This is what should be done with Iranian stews, which by the way are all delicious and nutritious: 1- Reduce the amount of Red Meat and possibly replace Lamb with Beef to have less fat in the stew 2- Have it without White Rice . Replace that with Whole Wheat Pita Bread or similar. Or A sort whole grain seed, which I am aware that would be impossible to do so for many Iranians! Despite the fact that everyone's body work differently but White Rice has no benefits rather than getting fat and diabetic!  That's what I have done and I quite enjoy Iranian food. Last week I made a big pot of Zucchini Stew and had it with Whole Wheat Pita Bread and it was amazing. Zucchini , which is not very popular within the majority of peo

Extreme Cold

It has become extremely cold for a number of days now and apparently it will remain as such until the end of the week. I, personally, cannot recall such cold lingering around for over a week. However it seems that the temperature is going up, reaching -10 ℃ , which is good for our upcoming hike on Family Day , if it happens!  I was driving home from work around 18:30 and it was so cold in the car that my finders were frozen in the gloves. What was the outside temperature? -34 ℃ and that's without considering wind-chill! (Photo: My vehicles thermometer always shows 2 ℃ warmer!)