Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Biggest Loser

When there’s something to be said about fast-food industry, everyone condemns McDonald’s but the recent report shows that Burger King is the worst chain food giant with an average of more than 26% of saturated fat in its food. The Government asked the said restaurants to voluntarily cut the saturated fat, almost 6 months ago and if they don’t obey, mandatory laws will be put in effect.
I got familiar with Burger King through Ali G. He’s a big fan. When we were doing renovation for his old house in Okotoks, we used to go to a Burger King drive thru, grab a Whopper and drive to his house. Then here in British Columbia whenever I'm in rush, I sneak in a King restaurant and spoil(!) myself with a burger, a Putin or a pie. The other day I was in Tim Horton’s for a soup and coffee. The bastards just raised the prices again. Now it’s $1.55 for a damn cup of coffee and the soup, damn! I always liked their Chili with a whole wheat bun but after I noticed that it’s made a long time ago and kept in a plastic bag and they just warm it up here, decided not to have it anymore.
Now just with a few days left until Christmas, I’m here down to the last Pennies in my account, aching all aver as a result of a damn cold, having plenty to do in the damn house, while A. J. is away, thinking of nothing but finding a way to get rid of this stupid life!
After all the biggest looser is me, not Burger King as it was said in the news last night because they have made millions so far, are making at the moment and will make more in future to infinity and beyond. I'm the looser because I’ve lost the best years of my life without gaining much.
(Photo: Women protest in front of a Burger King, not to show their dislike of fat, but for the cattle which are being slaughtered every day to become patty! What they eat themselves, that's what I would like to now!)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flashback (14): Noah

It’s only work and work these days and nothing else. People are getting ready for Christmas. The good thing is work is not that much because first of all most of the things have been done. And secondly A. J. is on a trip so I start whenever I want and work on my pace. So I thought it’s better to write about one of my buddies back to the first months of life in Canada.
There was a nice and handsome Hispanic guy from Nicaragua or El Salvador called Noah. He could have been more than 5 years younger than me. I, in the beginning, thought that he was Canadian because of his blue eyes but that happened only because I was new. You can tell who’s who after awhile regardless of the colour of the eyes or anything else. So we used to hang out a bit in the beginning. He was a hard-working guy so he got promoted to a level 2 job while I went on light duty as a result of an injury!
He asked me once to be his roommate in High River. He said that it was a nice small town with everything but I was not interested because I was attending an Advanced ESL course in the U of C. That was the beginning of our separation as buddies. I invited him to my home town and he accepted although that was just me in the beginning, trying to make conversation with everyone. Then one day I lent him a toonie. The other day I saw him in the cafeteria having his breakfast without saying a word about the money he had borrowed. He was just simply gazing at me and I didn’t like that. I asked him how he could have his breakfast while he still owes me and pretends nothing had happened and left. He showed in front of me in a few minutes with a bunch of quarters. Gave them to me and left. And that was the end of it. I saw him a while after that, leaving the floor. That was his last day. I guess he had paid off his used car which cost him a little more than $8000 and simply quit. That was also the last time I saw him and I guess he only worked there for one year or so. That’s how I used to ruin relationships! Sometimes for a toonie, some other times for whatever I must not say. The second one mostly happens with women! But I’m way better than the beginning now but the problem now is I don’t see as many girls as I used to!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Mercedes Project

Sonia just got back from her six month training program in Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart and told us a bit about the great experience she was having over there. She has been to mostly all European countries during the period and had lots of fun.
But the interesting thing is the project that she was working on as part of an international student team. This is a camera for 500-S models, the most expensive car ever, almost $300,000! Basically how it works is it’s going to have two night vision cameras. The first one scans and finds any object in front and shows in the monitor. The second one finds any live object based on infra-red technology and sends it to the monitor as well. The amount of time that it takes to have the data gathered from the road, process it and have it seen by the driver doesn’t make it possible to scan more than 150 m in front. Otherwise the data transformation would be so slow that it’s not helping. This is one problem that should be resolved.
The other one is to have these two distinguishing and reporting devices working together simultaneously so the driver can see what’s happening in the road without looking through the windshield. The monitor’s his or her concern. The driver will see whatever is in front of the vehicle, the distance, the size and everything. The infra-red camera is supplied by the US military, currently used in some tanks. The project is due by 2012 but Sonia stated that she has no intention to go back. I have never been a fan of cars, specially the luxury ones because I always try to live the true life. I know I can’t afford it so I don’t dream about it and cover my walls with the photos! But I had a quick look at its website and I was impressed. Obviously such an extravagant car like that must have an extraordinary website. The technology is attractive to me though. The way the human’s mind works and create amazing features for life. I hope I can get rid of shit that I’m floating on at the moment and get to something thoughtful soon.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beautiful Shootout

It has been a long time that I have not watched a full game of NHL. In fact I never did. It always seems tiring while at the same time interesting and exciting. The problem is not NHL or anything. The problem is in me. That, actually, prevents me from focusing on anything.
So when I turned the TV on today and Hockey Night in Canada was on, I couldn’t watch even one single period and switched continuously from CBC and the other stations. Vancouver was playing in Edmonton. The game finally was even in regulation and OT. Thus based on the new NHL rule (New in last 2 or 3 seasons obviously!) the teams started the shootout and that’s where I started watching!
None of the main net minder of the teams were playing tonight, Luongo is injured and Roloson was out for whatever reason and Garon was taking care of the net. The teams were still even in shootout and then Shawn Horcoff scored a very beautiful shot. Then that was the Vancouver guy who lost his chance over Garon. Pisani was the last one who skated in rink and that was against Sanford. Luango’s injury has given Sanford a chance to star but Pisani passed the puck between the legs of him and scored the game winning. That made Sanford so upset which not only made him to push the puck out after it passed the score line but also broke his stick while leaving the rink!
(Photo: This alternative logo of Edmonton Oilers is my favorite one)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

First or Second?

I have no intention to make this blog a news media but would like to write about the ones that I follow and find them interesting. The Jury in New Westminster, B. C., delivered the verdict of Robert William Pickton yesterday and he was found guilty of second degree murder on 6 counts.
Regardless of the fact that I’m not familiar with judicial terms, no one in the news and interviews gave a clear explanation of these two different charges: First degree and second degree murder. It’s been only said that there’s not much difference and Pickton will spend the rest of his life in jail with almost no chance of parole. It’s not clear if there will be another trial for the other missing women but the families of victims are saying that they are waiting for justice. CBC had a full coverage last night and that was so sad. I also bought The Vancouver Sun today and read some of the victims’ biographies which made me sadder. Most of them were the kids of foster parents and left the family in early ages, for example 16 and 18 and ended up in Vancouver Downtown East-side, the most notorious neighbourhood in Canada where drug and alcohol addiction and prostitution is the first thing you notice. I felt extremely depressed and lonely after reading the bios and trial coverage. Imagine someone who has her childhood with a foster family, which is not really lovely, or may be loveless and then ends up in the streets where predators like Pickton and others are roaming around.
That bad feeling was doubled when I didn’t receive any mail from F. F., the girl that I’m getting addicted to it. I thought and thought and thought and concluded nothing! The Tough Guys is being turned to the totally fucked up guy! But then I gained power and felt a little better. That should be posted under another title.
(Photo: Pickton Farm in Port Coquitlam, BC at the time when police started searching any evidence that might lead to the answer. It's said now that the government of B. C. is going to sell the farm to pay the cost of trial. It's a big lot which might attract the construction companies but the question is who wants to live in a property where tens of innocent young women have been brutally murdered and their remains are still there? I'd like to go there to see what's left. It's not too far from Coquitlam Centre where I've been to a few times to shop)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Capitalism Finally Digs Himself in (2): Economic slump in the US

Alfa called me today afternoon, returning my e-mail. I had written to him that I have to cancel my ticket to Boston and can’t see him and that made him upset. He’s doing well and planning to buy a house next year and also a brand new car. It has been less than 2 years since he started a job in a small company but he thinks that it’s the time to enjoy life.
What he has in his mind and his plans and thoughts are all his. I learn what I need to. The important and interesting thing is the short version he delivered regarding what just happened in the US and affected Canada and the entire world. I’ve already written about that but not the cause, which is interesting. I have neither money nor a plan to buy a house. I don’t even think of buying an apartment. I actually did a few times but then changed my mind. I will never do think of that again unless I’m sure that it’s vital and I can mentally afford it, which means having a secure job.
Anyhow what happened in the US is there are two different, I think, major types of mortgage and that’s one with a fixed rate and the other one with a changeable rate. The second one was pushed up somehow by the US banks and that sent many people into a big trouble because having a certain salary, people would not be able to pay their monthly payment. So many claim bankruptcies and the bank got the house from them and put in the market, in an action type. That made the things even worse because the market is so slow as a result of high mortgage rate. The chain of events got to almost everything. Even the American dollar got so weak that you could get $1.1 of it for every single Canadian you earned. The dollar has returned to about where it was more than 2 months ago. It’s $0.98 for each American dollar. I don’t know how it happened but I know that many tried to take advantage of this slump by cross-border shopping and there was stupid news about the assholes who drive all the way to fucking Buffalo in NY or any other close-to-border city and town to spend their fucking easy-to-make money on stupid things like cloths, shoes and other types of shit. There were also news of people who drove all the way Texas and the other states to but a vehicle and the very good thing is those assholes cannot register the cars and drive them due to certain Canadian regulation. So this is what happens to a fucking consuming-capitalism society. People get screwed over and over and the funny thing is these assholes never learn from the stupid mistake the make because they like their American Way of Life!
I have to ask Alfa the current situation in the US. May be he knows what has happened and why the dollar went back to where it was before. I might go to the RBC branch in Georgia Street, in Downtown Vancouver and talk to one of the mortgage specialist of banker. Just to see what’s happening and also see the Downtown. I’ll write about that if I go.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Flashback (13): The Nest

I didn’t have time to post this funny interesting fight between A. J. and a guy called Ron shortly after I arrived in B. C. He used to do kitchen cabinets for A. J. and all of a sudden he stopped answering A. J.’s phone calls. That drove A. J. crazy because two houses had been almost finished and cabinets were left. He tried to reach him in any possible way and finally one day got a plan.
One of his other trades called Dr. H. gave Ron a ring and told him that he needed his help with his kitchen. They made an appointment and that revealed Ron’s nest. So four of us, me, A. J., his former partner and his son got to his place from the back door and Dr. H. rang his door from the front. As soon as he opened the door for the doc., we knocked at his back door. He opened the door and A. J. stormed in! His partner got in after him and I stayed out! I knew that if anything happens he could complain and says we got to his property with no permission and that would be a hard kick in the ass for all of us. Dr. H. appeared right after he said that he was with a customer but when he saw him he understood that he had gotten tricked!
A. J. was about to get in to a fist fight with him but his illiteracy prevented him to say something really harsh to Ron! His partner separated them while Dr. H. was trying to cool him down. Ron was calm and asked us to leave his workshop. He said he would call the RCMP if we didn’t. I was still at the door and then sneaked in very smoothly. A. J. looked very funny at the moment: wide open eyes behind the glasses, not-shaved, tired face, and his chest was going up and down as a result of anger. He barely was able to say anything but a You Know... (!) That’s what most of the stupid scum who cannot speak properly after years, say! Nevertheless he said he would not go anywhere until Ron says what he would do and added that he would wait for the cops.
The former partner started talking to Ron to see what was wrong and why he didn’t want to finish the job he already had started. Ron simply said that he didn’t have any interest and would not do anything. We all left after A. J. had a relief through finding Ron and mumbling a few words! He got nothing more and had to hire someone else afterwards!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Heavy Snowfall

I'm so tired that I can't even sit. Worked like an animal with that piece of crap, A. J. in the last 3 days. I had a little fight with him last night for the first time. I don't want to write about that.
All I want to write about is the heavy snowfall in the town and area. Unfortunately I couldn't go out and enjoy but may be in near future. People were having fun with their snowmobiles, roaming around smoothly. Both the van and A. J.'s car had a problem in the street, specially the cargo van.
(Photo: A neighbor is driving around his friend's snowmobile in the snowy afternoon of today)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ongoing Temptation

I have this feeling that makes me outrages. It’s not rage, actually. It’s temptation for violence. I used to feed this desire with Operation Flashpoint but that game does not run on my laptop. Neither Call of Duty which I bought in ’05 and did not run on my desktop.
I have a huge willingness for the last version of the game, Call of Duty 4 which was released early Nov. but have to buy a desktop for that, also! That will cost something between $800 and $1000! Is $1000 too much to cure an illness?! What if I see a psychologist? He or she is probably able to fix me with less money. Or, I was thinking, what if I sign up for the Army and get deployed to Afghanistan? Ha?!
That way I’ll kill two birds with one stone: I put off my rage while I get paid for that. But don’t forget the third bird: I might get shot and killed or may be a suicide attacker blew himself up near or convoy and I get rid of this misery forever.
I think I, first, consult the physician and then do it. Getting killed once and for what you like is better than a life full of stress and thought of future.

Murrin Provincial Park

I had a short ride to Murrin Provincial Park today in the afternoon. The park is located on Sea to Sky Highway (Highway 99) shortly before you get to Squamish. It was a little hard for me to leave home because it was more than a month that I had not been to a ride. I finally got out at about 03:00 PM. I was doing very well because when it’s cold you pedal faster to get warm and there’s no disturbing heat that makes you sweat and overwhelmed quickly. It took a little less than an hour to get to the park. There were only three fishermen in there. Murrin is actually a very small park but in summer gets packed. People go there to swim in Browning Lake, walk, do a little fishing or have something at the picnic benches. The park is named after Mr. Murrin, the head of British Columbia Electric Company, the firm which donated the land. I stayed only a few minutes over there, took photos, rode around the lake and headed back.
It got colder and darker on my way back but didn’t have any problem. A light would have been definitely a huge help. I bought a light last year from MEC in Calgary but never had a chance to try it on. I just have tested it. After all it was a good exercise in this cold Nov. whether of this part of B. C.
(Photo: This map shows where the tiny park is located)

A Little Chat after a Long Time

There was a girl once I was in touch with; I call her N. M. here, from Montreal. She’s a nurse. We had a few e-mail exchanges but like the other girls, we got disconnected. I received a link which introduces an Internet telephone service, from her, the night before. Obviously she’s looking for a match. And there’s no doubt that she just had broken up with a boy because some girls can’t take it and as soon as they are single again, they start looking for another one. I called her last night and she didn’t pick up. I left a message. I called her again this morning and woke her up!
We talked for a few minutes. She told me that she had just moved to Toronto and has her job as a nurse in a hospital. I usually don’t care about the girl’s job because I don’t get anyways, so that doesn’t matter! but never had a good feeling about a nurse. F. F. is a nurse too and we’re back together but she’s in the middle of a job-change process. I just called her to see how she is. She was very willing and welcoming, apparently because she feels that it’s getting late for her to get married and having a night-shift job, deprives her from many possible opportunities. Honestly, who needs a night-shift nurse as a wife?
So we talked for a few minutes and she said that she likes Toronto better than Montreal. She said that she wouldn’t live in any city smaller than Toronto and she felt that she was living in a village when she used to live in Montreal. That’s how most of the stupid bums act. But she added that she might move to another city if she has to as a result of a job vacancy or so.
I called her because I thought she might be another alternative, especially because I thought she still lives in Montreal but I think I should forget her because I’m no fan of Toronto and there’s a little chance that I can get a good job in there. But I might go to see her, killing two birds with one stone. May be it’s another opportunity to see Toronto again and in more detail, after my short visit to see M. M. Or may be I deceive her to move out to another city with me.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

5 Ways to Become a Millionaire

D. H. my Bangladeshi friend was in a very bad situation when I first met him in late ’01. His wife had just left him and he had no money and was taking care of his two sons, one of them suffering from a disease which has made him unable to speak. He helped me a lot regardless of all his problems. I have written a bit about the stories I had with him in other post but one thing once he told me after a conversation was five ways that would have made me a millionaire!
I asked him what it was and said writing the book that we were talking about! I can’t recall what our topic of discussion was but I remember I asked him why he wouldn't do that and he said because he didn't need money! Horseshit!
Today I found out one way that would someone a millionaire and that’s serious. I’m not joking. I just don’t know why it hasn't been done yet. I have talked both to A. J. and a painter in last few days regarding the exterior paint of the houses. I've been told that the paint can’t be applied or sprayed in a whether colder than 12⁰ Celsius. We probably have to wait until the coming Mar. for our paint, as a result of that. It sounds so stupid because construction industry has had so much progress in this part of the world, like everything else, and lack of such an essential element in the course of project is unacceptable. So if someone, for example a chemist (not in its British meaning!) invents a type of paint which could be applied in low temperatures and keeps the formula as a secret, he or she would be a millionaire and is set up for life.
It reminds me of another story in real life, this one a vital one. I’m not really knowledgeable and I hope I will never need this but there are a few medicines to cure cancer. Some people who have been taking the medication for years, believe that the vaccine or medicine have been discovered years ago and the pharmaceuticals just simply don’t want to market it because of the profit they have been making over the current cancer medication. The low-temperature applicable paint is not as crucial as the poor sick people’s pills or capsules but having it would make a big difference in construction industry in Canada and other cities during the cold months.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Executive Decision

I was extremely exhausted yesterday and didn’t do much, probably because we’re back one hour. Daylight saving is over. My cousin called from Denmark and we talked for a few minutes. He invited me to spend a few days with them there although they will go to London, England for their Christmas and New Year holidays. Then I talked to Cyrus in Cologne and told him that I would be there anytime between Jan. and Mar. He insisted to go there after I visited my cousin. After that was talking to an old friend of my Dad, who’s visiting one of his daughters in Virginia, at the moment. I’m in touch with another daughter of him which is a separate story.
In the evening I worked a little on a Project Diagram to present to A. J. later and had an eye on TV. When I was couching potato, a movie caught my attention, Kurt Russell and Steven Siegel in Executive Decision. The movie like most American actions has great surprises and also downwards. It’s a combination of Flightplan, Air Force One and Top Gun. Muslims are the number one suspects like Flightplan and of course they are from Middle East. I just want to see the motherfucker who treats everyone who’s from Middle East the same. The shitheads think that everyone from Middle East (I hate this phrase) speaks fucking Arabic (Fuck all motherfucker Arabs, the more motherfucker animal Arabs are killed the happier I am), is Muslim (Fuck you all idiots. I hate all religions, motherfuckers. They are all crap with different smell, colour and shape) and is terrorist.
I went too far. The movie is good but Siegel is gone at the beginning of the movie. So if you’re a fan of him (I’m not) you’ll be disappointed. I will rent and watch it again because part of the conversation in the movie sounds like mumbling and I didn’t get much. The F-117 trick is great and also there are a few other surprises. Don’t miss it.
(Photo: Halle Berry [not strawberry, not even close!] and Kurt Russel in the final minutes of the movie)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Killing Bears

It has been all work and work in last few weeks and nothing to post. I booked a ticket to Boston to  see Alfa but I think I have to cancel that because of the prolonged project. Yesterday I was driving down the road very fast regardless of all the speed limit signs, there were two cars in front of me. A baby bear suddenly jumped into the middle of the road and the drives pushed the brake. I did too and did it very hard because my breaks are not actually very good and also I was speeding. Fortunately there was enough room between the vehicles and nothing happened. The bear crossed the road to the woods and we all proceeded.
17 bears were killed the last summer in Sea to Sky Highway. It's obviously because of the high number of commutes and the ongoing construction. Underpasses are being constructed for the animals with the same features of their habitat. It's hopped to save the number of wild life in Sea to Sky Country. That was the 4th time I saw a bear in B. C. No chance of a clear photo yet.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bye Free Internet

I moved to a new place last night. This new place is really old, though! It’s much like a dump! But I guess I have to stick to it until my family arrives. I also do not access to Internet in this place. I checked last night and there are at least 6 sources but all are secured. So I called and ordered Internet. I was told that I will be hooked up the coming Tue.!
I’m writing this from the project site, where there’s one non-secured source available. Thanks a million to him or her. I, thought, at the beginning to come over here every night or simply do my internet needs here but then thought it’s better to order. I’ll receive a free modem but not a router. After all $29 and something is not too much and I can cancel that anytime I want.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Alice Lake Park

I had an amazing ride today after more than a month. This is probably the last time I start my ride from Valley Cliff. I’m moving to the other side of the town which is closer to the job site. I took the Powerhouse Road and then Highway 99 and made a right to Alice Lake Park. In the beginning I thought I will face the same bumpy, steep, rocky road as Evan Lake’s which made my chain broken and had me back but this was the easiest. Fortunately it was not crowded and busy. Everywhere, fall was so beautiful with different colours: Red, amber, orange, different greens. After a few snapshots which I regretted why I didn’t have my Yashica camera on me, because they didn’t turn as well as I wanted them, I went to the other side of the lake and found the greatest trails ever: John’s Trail. The last time I had such an amazing ride was in Sep. of ’02 when we went to Banff, from Canmore. Obviously that was a better ride because we were riding alongside Bow River and there were 6 of us (4 Caucasian Canadian, one Mongolian Canadian and me) but John’s Trial made my Sun. really special. I will go there again and this time I’ll take my real camera and spend more time in there, trying the other trials.
(Photo: This is what I got from Alice Lake from the beach and has not even half of the beauty of the place)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Crow Helps Predator

Remember Predator? That’s one of my all time favourites, except the scene that they attack the rebel base. Absolute bullcrap! Nevertheless I remember when I was watching it years ago with Mom and Farzin, we were all having our eyes glued to the screen wondering what that creature was, which kills everybody. Then what came was Predator 2 and Aliens versus Predator, which was opposed by Sigourney Weaver.
But what I’m talking about here is the way the Predator growls. I always thought and still think that it’s a sound effect. It must be. For several times when I was at the job site, I heard, I know that sounds stupid, the same sound! Exactly the same growl! I looked up and saw a crow. That was it! May be they made a craw to utter that sound!
(Photo: This scene taken from Predator, the original movie in 1987, shows just seconds after Predator shows itself)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Lost Reputation

Some African girls are so hot and hard to resist. Their damn smooth skin and shapely body is so amiable. I used to know a few back to Calgary and was about to have them but lost them as usual!
In the real world(!) Marion Jones and her teammates of Track and Field USA was the centre of attention in past Olympics. I, once, wrote about their harmony and used them as a good example of teamwork. It’s a different story today. Jones admitted that he had doped and returned all her Olympic medals and lost her reputation. This is not the first time that an athlete confesses but there are suspicious cases. Ben Johnson of Canada lost his medal in 1988 while many alleged Carl Lewis of the same prohibited action but he jumped up one step.
Floyd Landis of the States won last year’s Tour De France but was taken down shortly after and was accused of doping. He pleaded innocent. In the meantime the US cycling legend and 7 times winner of Tour De France, Lance Armstrong is accused of the same indecent act but has never been charged, always denied all the allegations. So what makes some people to confess and keeps some others’ mouth shut? That, I call it courage.

(Photo: The pretty face of Marion Jones, apparently in her happy days before she decides to reveals the unpleasant and bitter truth)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bad Dream Again

It’s been a while that I don’t sleep really well. It’s partially because of the stress I’m under and partially because I spent my nights in front of the TV, at the desk eating or surfing the net. Some nights I have bad dreams but there was a long time that it didn't happen.
I had some rice and beef last night and then a kind of pie and coffee and was up until 12:30 watching TV and DVDs. Then went to bed and fell sleep immediately and had a bad dream. I dreamt of different things, my close friend and classmate in high school, M. Sarfaraz, my dear auntie Afsar and others that I can’t recall. The last thing I remember is I was chasing a fire engine and then I woke up!
I thought of the house right after I woke up. I had left heaters on to have the wallboard mud dried and I was worried that might burn the houses down. I wanted to go and check out the house but was so tired. I was depicting the images of the remaining of the houses and smoke coming off! Then I fell asleep again and woke up around 08:30 AM. I rushed to the houses after I washed the dishes, had my breakfast and had a shower. It was, and still pouring and I reached the construction zone and sighed! Everything was fine but one of the heaters had been gotten off. I turned it on and turned both of them up and left the site.
(Photo: Propane heater in the garage and on, making the wallboard mud dry)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The New Occupants

There is this walnut tree in front of the neighbour’s house which is the new home of a few, may be three beautiful squirrels. I like the little rodent with the long tail, jumping and springing over the trees and power lines. I didn’t notice that’s a walnut tree until the time A. J.’s Mom told me that. The tree is mostly hidden by an evergreen. Why I didn’t see the squirrels the whole summer and before is that the fruits, or better to say the nuts, has just been ripen recently.
The neighbour doesn’t care about that, like all other people in this part of the globe, seems to me that they don’t eat their own tree’s fruits may be because that’s not good quality or I don’t know. I remember back in Calgary there was an apple tree on my way to work, full of small tasty apples but no one ever touched that but us, the foreigners! Here’s a different story. The District asks the people to pick up their fruit because that attracts bears.
I tried the nuts and that wasn’t bad. Just not the market quality. So we leave them all for the beautiful squirrels, standing and watching them playing around and enjoy the beauty of nature.
(Photo: My little lovely squirrel in the neighbour's yard where his/her new home is. One of the house's dogs has an eye on the lovely creatures and barks at them every now and then)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Chronic And Sporadic Problems

There’s a long overdue problem with the two single family houses that were finished in summer. That could be one of the reasons which all the potential buyers turned away. The problem is the stupid framer – who could be a stinky Punjabi idiot (Sorry to say this!) – forgot to slope the sundeck. So obviously when it’s raining – which happens a lot in this town – the water accumulates and makes a stagnant pond!
In the last two weeks, one of the realtors has been trying to sell one of the houses to a small family of his ethnicity and they gave A. J. a list of the issues that must be removed before they move in. That said problem is one of them, probably the hardest one to remove. So we put poly sheet on the top of the sundecks to make it ready for the tiling guy who were supposed to cover the vinyl of the deck with a kind of tile and slope it. He at the beginning asked me to do that just by myself like most of the hard things he wants me to do in the same way. He did the first one just to show me how to do that, as he said and then did the second one as well! Then said: “None of us could do that just by ourselves!”
He, then, left and before that asked me to clean the decks. He said: CLEAN IT! I laughed and he said that he really meant that! God! I started at about 07:00 PM, I guess and by 09:20 PM I was done with the first one but not as clean as he wanted! That was the time my telephone rang! That was him. I started to tell him how bad I was doing and he said that he was at the hospital where his mother had been taken as a result of a heart problem. That was not good. I have seen the poor old lady and have been nice to her all the time. She had a long-term heart problem, the kind that the vessels get blocked. I can’t even imagine that and don’t wanna talk about that.
Anyway I spent the whole night to clean the two damn decks and 12:30 AM was the time I went to the bed! The tile guy showed up the other day. He ordered some mortar mix and started but after a few min. he stopped and he said that was not his job! He didn’t go back to the job even after the former partner of A. J. talked to him in his language, obviously Punjabi! A. J. was going crazy!
Now we’re trying to find someone who makes another drain at the other side of the deck, something that should have been done long time ago but you can’t turn a donkey to a horse! He wants to have everything done before the 16th, the time they’re supposed to move in! He’ll never gets rid of these chronic and sporadic problems unless he changes the way he runs the projects.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Charity Begins At Home

I see TV commercials that encourage people to adopt a child from Africa or South America (And not from Asia for whatever reason!) off and on. This type of ad usually airs in a Sun. which most of the people are home while you can watch then during the week but not that much.
A new commercial have been caught by me recently and I guess that’s broadcasted for B. C. but I’m not sure because I can’t remember the channel. The new commercial says that only 1 out of 3 Canadian children are able to enrol in organized sport programs. It’s not clear why those stupid morons push people toward African and South American kids while there’re so many needy kids here in the country. Sometimes I go crazy because of these idiots do.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

CRA is going for eBayers!

I was to Lover Mainland again today for the second consecutive day to pick up some other stuff and while driving to Burnaby heard something interesting: Revenue Canada is looking for the address and phone number of the people who do lots of selling over eBay! Obviously they earn dollars and they have to pay taxes! I’m sure they soon find a way to control them and the eBay people retaliate! Ali. G. is one the guys who loves eBay but he mostly buys, doesn’t sell!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Bully in Lingerie

I had a stupid trip to West Vancouver the night before. I was goin’ to get a MS Project book from Indigo but when I got there, found it closed! They close at 07:00 Mom. to Wed. So I just returned to the Highway and drove to home and what a horrible ride! I’m no night driver. I was in hurry and was stopped once. But why I was in rush? I wanted to watch CBC and see what they say about Ahmadi-Nejad’s speech in Columbia University in NYC. He was invited to the school for a Q&A session regardless of all the opposition by especially Jews and some other Americans.
I have never been a fan of him or anyone from Islamic Republic but what the dean of the school did was out of question. Bollinger, whom is entitled the Bully in Lingerie by me, called Ahmadi-Nejad a dictator, uneducated, ignorant and so on. Regardless of whatever he is, this is not how you treat your guest. Ahmadi-Nejad was invited to CU by the people of CU, either the staff or the students. You could ask whatever you wanted and challenge him but that`s not nice to swear at him look down on him and make fun of him. Surprisingly, he didn`t retreat! He stayed and answered all the questions although what he did was just lying as usual.
But what is important is he didn`t get angry and didn`t left the hall, sat there like a gentleman with a smile and acted like a civilized, decent human being, even if that`s not what he really is.
On the other hand, the Bully in Lingerie lost the game. Apparently he did that because he had been told to act like that by Jews, the big community of people in the US who run almost everything. He knew that he would be kicked out of the school or in trouble, if he didn`t! So the winner of that Q&A session was Ahmadi-Nejad and I. R., not Jews, nor Americans!
Not to mention that Americans have been the source of most of the terrors and wars in past 200 years. Just give you a few examples: Mass murder of the Native Americans, Vietnam War, Shooting down the Iranian Airbus over Persian Gulf, Selling chemical weapons and other supplies to Iraq`s Saddam which then used against Iranian troops, dropping nuclear bomb on two Japanese cities in WWII. The list will be countless so the Americans can`t criticize the Islamic Republic and other cruel regimes. And they never feel pity for Iranian people and don`t care what`s happening to them. They just care about their pockets!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I used to write almost every day for a long time but there’s nothing to write about these days. It’s just work, work and more work! And that’s how all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!
But something that just happened recently and has been all over the media made me write. Canadian dollar has jumped up significantly and is at the same level as its American counterpart. It has different reactions from different sides. Federal Finance Minister knows this increase a result of strong Canadian economy followed by the lowest unemployment rate in last; I don’t know how many years. Some say people should not get excited, nothing has literally changed. But people don’t listen and don’t care whether it’s temporary or long-term. Reports of Canadians rush to travel agencies and crossing the border for shopping is all over the news.
There was also a Q&A in CBC a few nights ago. One asshole Iranian from fucking North Vancouver, possibly one of the worst neighbourhoods in entire Canada, asked how the new rate affects his mortgage!! A stupid stinky piece of crap is the same fucking scum, no matter where he is! Obviously he received the answer that the new rate doesn’t fucking affect his fucking mortgage. It’s as clear as crystal that if you’re paying a specific fucking fixed amount of fucking money, you motherfucker asshole, you keep paying the same fucking amount regardless of any change in exchange market. This is the simplest fact that only a stupid animal piece of shit form fucking North Vancouver doesn’t understand and that pisses me off. That pisses me off that animals like this are coming to this part of the globe more and more and making it the same shit like the other parts.
Anyway the only thing that might change for me is it would be a little easier for me if I go to see Alfa this Dec. I talked to him last weekend and he again confirmed that I can go and see him in MA. It will be cheaper for me know but it all depends on the work. I really want to go because that would be a good escape after these months of turmoil (!) but we’ll see.
One more thing said is regardless of the equality, many goods are much cheaper south of the border and that’s understandable to me. First of all the transportation cost must be also considered although it’s the same fixed price all over North America which looks a wrong to me because of this high price of gasoline these days (more than $1.04) second of all the price adjustment takes time. Retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers are probably not sure of the stability of the new rate and they are waiting for a sign which says this is not temporary and a strong economy backs it. In the other hand many jobs in manufacturing are in jeopardy because manufactured goods are mostly exported to the US. Same thing might happen to agricultural exports to the US with the difference that they probably have no alternative and must resort to Canadians. Beef could be amongst them.
(Photo: This funny and interesting cartoon borrowed from The Globe and Mail shows the Canadian goose on the one dollar Canadian coin is laughing and may be soon poking George Washington on the American one dollar bill as it stands as high as its counterpart. You can see the concern in his eyes)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Theoretical or Practical?

I started studying for CQE exam of ASQ again. This time I'm determind to pass. The initial schedule is to read 17 pages of module 1 every day, undersatnd deeply and finish it in 10 days. I also have to think of applying the methods to daily work or life, although is not so easy. Last time I wrote the damn exam was ... let me see ... Nov. of ’05 and I, obviously failed. I got 460. I needed 550, minimum. It was 30 points lower than the previous time. I’m now studying for the coming June and seems I have lots of time. Yes. I do. But how much of this time could be used for studying?
There are so many things that I have to keep them in mind. I should understand the concepts, methodologies and terms. It’s not so hard. It’s just hard to say which belong to whom! In the meantime I think many of the methods and theories presented in BOK are just basically theories and are not applicable at least in most of the industries and enterprises or should I say their applicability are limited to giant companies. If that is so, what is the point for studying it? And what’s the chance of being hired by a big company like, I don’t know, let’s say Honda? (Would like to insist here that in no circumstances I buy a Honda! Don't like it at all!) And how many people with post-secondary education get employed by a big company? These all mean that the methodologies presented in BOK are mostly very limited application.
Let’s have a short review: Benchmarking, I believe, is a tremendous quality improvement tool, firstly applied by the Japanese, possibly after the Second World War, to make a breakthrough. A company, who’s seeking another company to improve his weak, chosen processes, should be able to present one of its own in exchange. It sounds a little awkward to me. In this case the small companies which always look at the big ones as role models and try to follow them, won’t be ever able to use Benchmarking. There is more talk in this matter but the most important thing is to study enough for the exam and pass the damn thing! What they want is at least knowing the BOK.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Mom had already told me that F. F. would call me. So I was not very surprised when she called me in the afternoon of last Sun. As I told you the story in an earlier post, I was working last Sun. and that’s what I told her when she called. It was almost 02:15 PM. Then she called at night and apologized. We talked a little and she asked if she could have called me again and I said she would.
But I have no feeling about her. The only thing I feel is me going deeper and deeper every day. I try to keep me positive and optimist but looks like I’m just keep kidding me. I don’t see that myself Tough Guy anymore. I’m getting weaker and weaker and my mind is being ruined slowly every day. Jeff once told me that he had started her life from the beginning 3 times so far and he’s passed his 50s. The good thing with him is he has his wife and little daughter by him and I have no one. Even if he doesn’t love his wife, there’s no doubt that he loves her daughter and that pushed him forward in life and boost his spirit.
I was watching The National tonight and horrible news about family was being introduced, presented by Statistic Canada. I only reveal one here: Less than 49% of people are married in Canada! Mostly people here like to live like street whores and studs, meaning sleeping with everyone they want whenever they want! The only difference is street whores are paid in cash. And do you know what that really means? It means people escape from responsibly, harmony, love and humanity.
So how I can have a woman in life in such a stupid society? Should I risk my life with F. F.? I don’t know and I’m too tired to think about that at the moment. May be she just wanted to tease me. She should be really sick, if that's that was why she called.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Three Days of Absolute Fun

I was too agitated yesterday for whatever fucking reason and didn’t post this but there were absolutely 3 big days full of pure fun last week. It started from Fri. noon when A. J. came over. The reason he came over is a Home Warranty Insurance inspector coming to the job-site in the morning and pointing at a few minor issues. He was about to leave and I thought I left for a snack or something not work-related and A. J. called! Soon after I found out that the inspector had noticed something wrong and that was really bad: All the windows should have been sealed against the rain, condensation and any other kind of moisture and the procedure or method is called Rain Screen. This is mandatory in British Columbia for the houses which are registered in ’07. The inspector asked me about the date of registration but I didn’t know and I told him that.
I started doing that shit with the help of A. J. and for a big house like that, it was a disaster. The more we did, the more, A. J. got mad and once he grabbed a sealing paper which was being stuck and threw it down from the second level and said he wanted to stab himself in the stomach!
I hardly could help laughing and when I remember that moment and other moments of turmoil for him, I burst into laughter! We worked all day long until almost 08:00 PM but there was not much progress.
Saturday started with him calling Mike, asking for a hand. The bastard said he would be there soon but when it was 01:00 there was still no sign of him, although A. J. had given him the second ring! Then the siding guys showed up and we were 4 and there was a little better progress but as A. J. always hinders progress, something happened which caused a major delay: We went to a rental place to return a drill which I had rented to make 2” ventilation holes bellow the windows. That was where A. J. saw a machine called Boom! It’s actually a lift with a box which is a perfect tool for the job. He ordered it to be delivered to the job-site. When it arrived, I went to get a little training but the guy told me that he wouldn’t drive it to the side of the house and backyard because it would sink. I told the issue to A. J. but he said that he would drive it himself and there wouldn’t be anything to be worried about! I told the rental guy that the boss claims that he was capable of navigating everything from space shuttle to F-14 Tomcat fighter jet! He laughed and left after we shook hands.
Then we used the machine for a few windows and A. J. did exactly what I warned him about: He tried to go to the backyard! The more he tried the deeper he sank! That was a real comedy. The whole block was watching us and everybody was passing by just to see the idiot who caused problem for himself. Finally the machine got towed away and that cost A. J. around $130! And that’s apparently extra to the rent! He was hoping mad, then especially because he couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours every night. He told his wife on the phone when we were driving back home, that this was his corpse getting home at the moment!
I enjoyed every single moment of his pain and torture because that’s exactly what happens to a selfish poser jerk who doesn’t listen to anyone! I was talking to him once last Sep. And he told me he had just gotten back from a vacation. It was as clear as crystal to me that he wanted to show off. When I asked where he had been to, he instead asked me where the destination was which everyone would love to be there and I didn’t know! And then he proudly said that he and his family had been to Hawaii!
Hawaii!? What a jerk! Did you just forget that where you came from? You just made a few thousand bucks and soon forgot where you are!!! Now he understands what he is dealing with. He truly understands that in the world of capitalism it’s very hard to compete with big companies and it’s very hard to succeed with no plan, management and engineering.
Anyhow we finally finished all the windows by 08:30 PM Sun.! The last day got even funnier. He started getting more and more impatient. Once he was about to lose the control of a very long ladder he was carrying and shouted and another time we were trying to take one window out and it almost dropped 2 inches but I held it. Jeff, his former tenant and the guy who contracts the electrical job of the project came too and gave us a hand. I made fun of him so much as a result of previous hidden conflict we had. A. J. finally ran away without having his dinner what he always does before heading home. He said that he was tired emotionally while added he did most of the job of the previous project himself. It was me and only me once again! But hear what he told me all afterwards: He told me that his designer had told him that there was no need for Rain Screen as the house is registered in ’06!!! Can you believe this?!
After all, something else happened that was a little extraordinary to me. That’s the next post. That’s F. F. calling me again!
(Photo: A. J.'s proudly and passionately driving his luxury vehicle, the Boom, in the streets of Beverly Hills, CA.!)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Ekaterina is still in touch with me. I told her that I consider her a fake personality and told her that Canadian Embassy in Moscow had already told me that no visa had ever been issued for such a name. But she denied everything!
I received an e-mail from her indicating that she had finally got the money and she was flying to me! She mentioned that she would let me know the date and time of her arrival and asked for my phone number! Regardless of the fact that I still don’t believe this whole shit and sounds odd to me, I sent her my phone number because I don’t think she can do anything through that. I immediately e-mailed the Canadian Embassy in Moscow and asked for help.
What I’m guessing is she or he could be someone that I know and doesn’t have my phone number and wants to tease me or disturb me through that. At the same time it’s really awkward to do all this shit for a phone number because what would be the worst thing she or he is able to do? He or she would call me only once or maximum two times and does his or her harm and then I would report on her or him and that would be all over. After all I know no one who hates me that much and waste that much time to just get a phone number. Should be a real jerk!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Fishing Season

Although I haven’t been involved in any type of entertainment or hobby in last may be 2 months and schools will be opened tomorrow, but people still enjoy their time in any possible way. The activity that people are involved at the moment and actually started almost 1 week ago is fishing.
I am no kind of fisher and know nothing about it. Al, my buddy in Calgary once invited me to join him for a fishing trip but I didn’t go. Here, people wear long waterproof suits and stand in the stream and do fishing these days. Wayne told me that they catch Salmon. I always thought that Salmon is an ocean fish but may be it comes to rivers to lay eggs. I don’t know.
Anyhow the above photo shows how people enjoy fishing. I should search for my joy!
(Photo: Fishers in Mamquam River. It's about 08:45 AM in a little cold cloudy day of Sep.)

Friday, August 31, 2007

Ekaterina Scam

I think I eventually figured out the whole story of the Russian girl who called herself Ekaterina Sannikova and claims she lives in Tomsk in Siberia. I named her E. S. in my previous posts. This week I received an e-mail from her indicating that she’s in Moscow, has received her visa and the only thing she needed is a $220 for a return ticket! I asked her to send me the account number of the travel agency so I could pay the difference. She then send me a copy of a passport page indicating a visa starting Sep.08 and valid for a month. She insisted that she is real and asked me to help her to get here.
I found a very good way last night: I e-mailed the embassy of Canada in Moscow and told them my problem. Those are very nice people, like most of the organizations and offices you go to. They said that while they are not allowed to tell me anything about any visa issuance based on their privacy policy, they can say by just looking at the page that it is a forged document.
They also directed me to a Russian dating website where people reveal what has happened to them with Russian scams! The funny thing is Ekaterina Sannikova who writes me lives in Tomsk, as I said before while a girl with the same name lives in Yoshkar-Ola and writes (Or better to say used to write) to another called Greg . That’s the girl whom you see her photo above who’s completely different from the Ekaterina who write to me! I guess what has happened is probably an Ekaterina Sannicova once received a visa from Canada and then that page was sold or simply passed to whoever attempted to makes a few bucks out of Canadian guys, by her!
The guy, Greg, was scammed out a bit more than US $2000! I guess I’m not only smarter because I could smell the rat and find out the real story but also luckier because the scammer only tried to get US $220 from me. I just e-mail the embassy in Moscow and thanked them and I’m goin’ to e-mail the girl and tell her that I know that she’s fake. I’ll wait for her response and I’ll post, if there’s any.
But one question remains: If she’s Ekaterina Sannikova, who’s the girl we see her photo here?I’m asking this because she asked me to send her the money through Western Union using that name. The only possibility is she could go to any bank or credit agency and introduces herself as Ekaterina Sannikova and get the money because she also gave me three addresses of three different Russian banks.
I might contact the embassy again and seek for legal advice or may be Interpol. Why not? I can do something: I can send money to one of those banks and set up a trap and when she goes to get the money, they arrest her! But you can’t arrest people because they are getting money from their accounts! But you can do arrest them if it is proved that you’re using a fake identity to get money. Right? That’s a good point. After all I’m a troublemaker. I must do that. Wait for more.
(Photo: Ekaterina Sannikova who started writing me [left] and the other E. S. who scamed a guy for $2000! My guess is none of these girls' name is what really they claim it is. I e-mailed the one who writes me and told her that I know who really she is not! I'm waiting for a response!)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Religion is Poision

It has been just revealed that Mother Teresa, a long-term Christian human activist who helped the poorest of poor in India had doubts about her faith in the last 50 years of her life! Her letters to her superiors and confessors are gathered in a book and publish although she had asked not to do so. She once declared that Jesus directly talked to her!! That was the time that the shadows of doubt had been removed for a while She says in her letters. And then shortly after the ambiguity about the existence of God came back and remained until her death.
I was a little surprised but not because of what she has said. I was astonished that the confessions are released in a book and question the whole faith, the big stupid lie which is being followed by millions and used as a drug. I probably shouldn’t have been because everything is being said in this society. Even CIA releases his classified documents of past years off and on. I was reading something about Francis Gary Powers in Wikipedia the other day and the article directed me to CIA website where you could see hundreds of documents of the former USAF pilot.
So revealing Mother Teresa’s confessions or child molestations of bishops and ministers of Catholic Church is expectable. What is not expectable and acceptable is, people getting addicted to a shit called religion and horse shits like God, Lord and all the other stupid craps in the other religions like Islam, Jewry and of course Christianity. I hope the book and this news help people open their eyes and minds and push all this crap back in all the corners of the world, although I know it’s a big wish which will never happen! Like John Lennon’s Imagine.
After all what she did is grateful. She’ll be always in heart of the people. But she didn’t do that because she was a Christian. She did that because she was a human and caring person.
(Photo: Portrait of Mother Teresa, oil on canvas, called talking to God, the illusory creative that she never believed in to the last seconds of her life. Cyrus my friend in Cologne said something very right once. He said: God did not create us, we created God! That's so true)

Monday, August 27, 2007


E. S., has continued writing me after I told her that I was not able to send her money. She stated that she would not give up! After a few e-mails she said that she was goin’ to Moscow for the interview and then e-mailed me from there, supposedly, if the whole story is true and she’s not making it up, that she had gotten the visa but is about $220 short for the ticket!
She has written that she would get a ticket for Sep.08 and needed my help. I can’t believe the whole story. It could be a scam. “Where do you stay these days? “ I asked her in the last e-mail I sent her. Then I decided to do something: I asked her to send me the name and address of the travel agency that sells the ticket so I can pay the rest through Western Union! I also suggested her: Send me the account number of the guys and I transfer the money through my bank! I guess I will receive her answer tomorrow morning.
In the meanwhile Mom told me that F. F. had read my e-mail. She was told by Aunt I. that the girl is really upset these days. She’s a totally different person now. But she did that to herself. Aunt I. told me that she had been told by her that I demand a quick reply to my e-mails but sometime I had to wait a week for an answer and that drove me nuts. I thought I finally found someone whom could be a mate for my entire life but I was wrong and I’m happy that this happens before she comes to this side of the globe. I rather am alone than get kicked out of the house in a few months or years after marriage.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Doing the Right Thing

It looks like I never get along with a girl and I’ll die alone! Aunt I. called yesterday in the morning while I was working and she was yelling really loud! She said that I dishonoured her and asked me to e-mail F. F. and apologize for I had told her. I only said that there’s a cultural difference between us and that made her upset and cry. I bet that she cried for the opportunity she lost. She probably was dreaming about Canada and how she will enjoy her time in here. But I shit all over her stinky body. Motherfucker bitch always made me wait so long for a simple e-mail answer and brought an excuse for each and every stupid behaviour she had. I might have broken her heart but if that’s what happened I’m happy now because that’s a good lesson for a selfish stupid piece of crap. She told me once that she had a dream about me but was not a dream.
After all I listened to Aunt I. and e-mailed her, explained and apologized just to make my aunt feel better because I don’t fucking care about a stupid bitch who really thinks she’s so special. I e-mailed her because Aunt I. asked me to do.
I thing I did the right thing but at the same time I don’t feel good at the moment. I feel much lonelier but I have to sacrifice. May be I find someone finally one day.
(Photo: I tried Sympsonize F. F. through the website using one of the photos she sent me and that's the result. May not look much like her but that's not very unlikely either except she has a fair complexion)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Feeling Like Shit

Mom called me tonight and asked me why I made F. F. cry! I was trying her number and found it busy a minute ago or so. I knew it happens but didn’t know that she would cry. Aunt I., had told me a few times that she likes me very much but that’s stupid! How would you like someone that hasn’t been met once!? I kind of liked her a bit because she’s not bad looking, beautiful eyes and long shiny hair. But the long time that I had to wait for her e-mails and the bullshit you wrote most of the time she e-mailed, made me sick. Besides I liked her mostly because I’m lonely all the time, sometimes even at work! So I needed and still need someone at this age at my side but it didn’t work. I don’t want to ruin my entire life by marrying a selfish girl.
This solitude has driven me toward many girls recently but got rejected over and over. Even S. G. stopped answering me almost a month ago, I guess. So I just stopped trying her anymore, no phone call, no online message or anything. E. S. is the only one whom I’m in touch with. I’ll tell you the story in near future because it’s in a pick and I’m waiting for an answer.
I feel like shit now. I know that I made her very upset and I feel bad. I now that the only possibility is gone now and have to start the beginning and I feel awful. And I know Mom is sad too and that’s the worst.

Racism (3)

I went to the damn job site today a little late and a guy who’s doing part of electrical work and used to be A. J.’s tenant in his basement and I call him Jeff here, was working. He’s a nice guy but an ass at the same time! As soon as I entered the second level, I noticed graffiti on the floor of one of the bedrooms! You see that in the photo above. Jeff had not been realized what had happened. I wanted to call the cops but he suggested me to give A. J. a call and consult him first. I said that we shouldn’t have ruined his mind. He has enough to think of these days. But he called A. J. and narrated the story.
A. J. called shortly after that and asked me to call the cops. The same officer who had been told about the problem with the plate showed up in a few minutes, asked a question, took photos from the scene and left! That’s all. She said that she would investigate later but I didn’t see anything all the afternoon in there. The officer said that the kid should have done that. I didn’t find it funny. I think A. J. creates all these trouble himself. He doesn’t use local guys and cheap filthy fucking Punjabi guys are all his trades. A guy and his partner came for wallboard yesterday morning and said that would be there in the afternoon for measurement. We were working and he showed up and ask for the company’s fax number. I gave it to him and before he leaves A. J. asked about the square footage of the price. He said it and A. J. said: “ Don’t bother to measure “ He said: “ Good Luck “ while he was leaving. I felt really bad for the guy because these people are work hard and I don’t know what would happen to them when all the construction is down in this little town or the province and A. J. doesn’t understand his position and he suffers. He had a kind of fight with the district inspector and he made us wait for almost a month and a half and pay hundreds of dollars more. He didn’t learn a lesson and he never will.
(Photo: One of the three graffiti written by probably the young people who are upset over what has been done so far by A. J. and the longest one. The poor asshole can't even realize that we are not originally from Pakistan, the shit hole that I hate the most. As a matter of fact doesn't make a difference for them!)


I have been in touch with F. F. for almost six month. She was introduced by my Aunt I., a kind of bossy girl who runs everything at home, is aggressive. Regardless of her beauty, which has only been seen in the photos that I’ve seen, she’s a nurse and a baby dressmaker and is taking courses to be a hair stylist. She got mad at me several times and I could easily find it in her mails. So tonight I sent her a mail and wished her the best and said goodbye!
Her dad is ill and her Mom is old and all her sisters and brothers are gone, so she thinks that she’s the king specially because she makes good money as a self-employed but I don’t want, obviously someone who wants to give orders every minute and then bring her old parents to the house and make a senior house!
Funny thing is she called a few minutes ago, shortly after I e-mailed her. I was writing this and the phone rang and that was her, angry as usual! God helped me that I crossed her out of my list, otherwise I’d have problems every day! She asked that why I did not notified her of lack of interest before! And I said that it have gotten accumulated. She was hoping mad, said goodbye and hung up. I don’t know what Mom’s and Aunt I.’s reaction will be but I know that both will be upset for sure. Mom will be upset because she wants to see her grandsons and me in a happy marriage and Aunt I. Probably because she think she’ll lose F. F. as the only friend she has in there.
Anyway that’s what happened and I really don’t know what to do. The phone part was the funniest! She probably has been planning for her future in Canada and dreaming! I don’t give a damn. I don’t want such a bitch.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nice Trick

Leaders of the three North American countries are gathered in a small town in Quebec to discuss their interests. As the province has been always a source of disagreement and challenge, protesters started their rally right from the beginning. I really don’t know what is that they are opposing, but I guess privatization is one of them. But what happened today and CBC talked about that is there were three masked men among the protesters who were trying to cause violence and turn the peaceful protest to a combat.
This unusual act was caught by the eye of one of the union leaders who organizes the protest. He claims that the men could be either undercover cops or people from the Prime Minister office, trying to do their job. The short clip which is shown in CBC and now could be seen on YouTube shows one of the masked men talking to a cop! All the three men later got arrested by the police and escorted out hand-cuffed! One photos was also shown in TV indicates the identical boots that the cops and the said fake protesters have on! Harper was shown yesterday calling the protest sad. I call what they did a nice trick but don’t know if they wanted to be recognized or not, if they were police officers. May be they wanted to bring up an uncertainty in the small group of protesters and disorganize them, which is smart. May be that was totally different from what they and I think.
(Photo: The protest organizer [bald!] talks to the masked men who are believed undercover cops)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Shit Happens!

It seems that problems keep coming sometimes and you are not able to block them. I just skipped a big problem and I tell a short version here because I want to say another ones.
Hojam, my friend who drove me to Calgary International Airport when I was leaving Alberta and also who took over me at my apartment, told me that the owner of the apartment came to look around and a written warning indicating that a renovation would take place and that makes the rent jump from $695 to almost $1200 or more was received then. He also said that the designing crew came almost every day and do the measurements and stuff! God helped me! (Well ... I’m atheist!) I had left the damn place, otherwise I wouldn't Have known what the shit to do!
A. J. is in so much trouble now. He has too many things to do and has no plan and in the meantime side problems, I’d call, keep coming to him. Yesterday when I just came back from a little purchase using his car (He drives a silver Nissan Maxima) I noticed something in his rear number plate . It only had one screw and it was about to come off and the number looked a bit different from what I remembered from his plate. So I went to the front of the car and made sure that there are two different plates on it! Then I went to him and asked: Do you know your car’s number? He said that he didn’t. I took him to the car then and showed him the difference. He was obviously in a shock. I then called 411 and asked for the local RCMP number. They put me through and I explained what had happened. Then I passed the phone to A. J. and he completed the over-the-phone questioner.
A lady officer showed up after almost half an hour. She seized the wrong plate and said that the right one is in Burnaby! They were trying to find out where the plate could have been replaced but didn’t find any answer!
Then he was here yesterday again, all by himself to solve the issue with his tenant. Everything went well but then at the end we tried to change the van’s starter relay, which I had already ordered two days ago and picked up in the morning. We started a little late and then a guy in the neighbourhood, whom I had seen once, joined us just to help and everything went wrong. We spent hours and at the end had to leave the van beside the street! He drove me home and we had something that we got on our way home.
Finally we went to the van in the morning tried to have it fixed but couldn’t and at the end it got towed to the only town’s Ford dealership. They told us that it probably takes until Thu. to have it fixed, obviously after diagnose has been done. A. J. was completely crazy and started to nag! He said that he should not have bought the van in the first place and all the bullshit. I’m not writing all the crazy behaviour of him because I’m used to it but at the end when I told him about the amount of time that I went to the Building Department, building supply stores, gas stations and dealers, he said that I should have rented a car for the few days! It’s really hard working with him but I hope that I survive for at least a year and a little more or maybe I get a job when I move to Lover Mainland or I simply leave in winter. I don’t know what the hell I’m doin’!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Horrible Ride to Evans Lake after a Gout Attack!

I’m having a very bad pain in my left toe joint. It started almost a week ago and I have to take a capsule every night before I go to bed or I won't be able to sleep. Last night I didn’t take any and I had a light supper, hopping that I’d be fine but I had nightmares and woke up as the pain was souring. I took another capsule and the number dropped down to one. Then I felt dizzy. This damn gout attack has never been so awful since I was diagnosed in ’03. Looks like nothing works on it. I don’t eat rich food like liver, steak, brain, bacon and egg that much while at the same time I don’t do my regular exercises. This fucking damn job for A. J. takes most of my time. So because today was the second time I had that dizziness feeling, like I had two or more can of beer, I decided to see a physician. Luckily the clinic was open and no one was there and I could see the doctor quickly. But it cost me $75 because I’m not covered.
Anyhow the doctor wrote me the same prescription and also sent me to the lab. I first went to Wal-Mart pharmacy and got the capsules. There was a very nice and cute Canadian girl there who spent half an hour to explain everything and said that she would be there Mon. to in case I needed anything. I wanted to give her a hug and kiss her eyes and forehead but obviously was not possible. Then went the hospital for the uric-acid test but was told that the lad was closed and Tue. Is the next day that I could be there.
I went back home and got ready for a ride after 2 weeks. I took Paradise Valley Road, the same one that I had taken as my first ride in Squamish and had written about that but shortly after North Vancouver Outdoor School, I took a gravel road to Evans Lake and oh my that was the worst road that I’ve ever taken in my life so far: Slope up with a 60⁰ degree angle, holes and bumps! There was not even one single bike in the road and only 4 x 4s and SUVs are able to climb the road. The gout attacked me again after a few miles and I had to walk the bike while sweating like a whore in confession! Then I had to stop and lay down for about half an hour and let my heart go back to its normal rate. I was so angry at me. I guess stress is the main cause of the damn gout illness because out of all the possible cause that the cute girl in Wal-Mart pharmacy explained to me, only this one matches.
Anyhow I started my journey after a few min. and had to climb down off and on and walk the bike. The passengers in the passing car mostly looked at me with a strange and respect mixture of look! I don’t know how far I was from the damn lake when I broke my chain! Damn! I turned back and went all the way down to the main road. I hitchhiked and a very nice guy took me to Government Road where the town house complex is located and fixed my chain for no cost. I thanked him and went back home. So here I had so many failed bike trips so far but I promise that I’ll go to the damn lake another time, all the way.
(Photo: This detailed map shows the way to Evans Lake regardless the fact that nothing is mentioned about the elevation and the difficulty of the road, possibly because that's not a road for bicycles. I'll print it and take it with me next time I'm goin' there)

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I was driving to the job site today, shortly after noon and just less than a min. after I turned left to Highway 99 from Industrial Way, I heard a siren! I looked at my rear view mirror and damn, there was a ghost! He probably had turned his lights on but I didn’t notice. I, immediately signalled, pulled over, parked, turned the ignition off and waited. A male officer came out and asked for my driver’s and registration. I asked what had happened and he said that I turned left at yellow while I had enough time to stop! That’s exactly the reason I failed my first attempt to get my Class 4 driver’s licence in Calgary! The examiner said that I should have passed at yellow and shouldn’t have blocked the driveway! I told this to the officer but he didn’t accept and left with my documents! I had seen him before in the town. He’s a very young guy. There are too many cops in this little town and I don’t remember a day without seeing one.
He came back shortly after with my driver’s and registration and only gave me a warning! But said that there would be a ticket for more than $100 (don`t remember how much exactly) next time. I thanked him and left. It`s actually one good thing here in B. C. You never get a warning in Alberta. You get caught, you get a ticket! I should be more careful!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Despaired Gal

I received an e-mail from a girl in Russia a few weeks ago, whom I called her here E. S. although it doesn’t matter what her name really is, indicating that she had found me in! I don’t remember anything about that website, regardless of the fact that I used to do that kind of remote relationship game and I might have registered in it. The girl who lives in Tomsk wrote me her story and sent me a dozens of photos. The story made me really upset: A young pretty lonely girl in the wild society of Russia where girls sell their body for a couple of dollars just to be able to feed themselves with the minimum achievable food. Her situation doesn’t seem so bad but I’m just guessing based on the photos she has sent me so far: A small furnished apartment, a job that can keep you alive and probably a guy off and on to get you off. I obviously answered every e-mail kindly until the last two ones which I received them together the day before. She used to e-mail me from an Internet cafe as having a PC is considered something extravagant in that country, I guess.
The last e-mail came together with a half-naked photo of her! I was surprised! You see the photo up here. She hoped that I liked her photo and apologized for her small-sized tits and mentioned that she would increase the size if I want them so! She also asked me not to ask for more naked photos! The other e-mail was a request for money, some $190 which is the visa cost! She asked me to send it through Western Union. I don’t know how someone like her would get a tourist visa and how she will pay for the ticket and that’s what I asked in the reply mail, adding that I was not able to send her any money at that moment. And today I have no mail from her! She, at the beginning mentioned that she had been to Canada once and that was through a working visa. The place she mentioned in her e-mail was a kind of small town in Quebec, probably in an small isolated island! I can't recall! She said that she worked for McDonald’s there. I guess $200 is not too much for having a young Russian girl whom can be licked and kissed every night and does everything you ask for. But what will happen after the visa is expired? Will she go back? And is this possible for her to get a visa in the first place? I don’t know. I might try her again. Just curious!
(Photo: E. S. sent me this photo indicating that she doesn't want to be recognized in case her photo ends up in the Internet. She'd foreseen this post!)