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Buntzen Lake

We went to Buntzen Lake in northern Coquitlam yesterday. We arrived at about 09:00 AM. There was me. S. J. and two fucking old friends of him. No matter where you go in British Columbia , you see the same fucking jungle, lake and everything. I was in another lake near Squamish and that was the same fucking thing except that I could ride my bike. This group of people, who I went to the lake with, are just bunch of losers, like me! One of the guys’ wife left him shortly after their immigration and S. J. ’s wife denied their marriage even before they get together and now he’s in deep shit! I’ ve told the story already. Anyways we were in the parking lot at about 09:00 AM as these people were not only loser, but fucking lazy! We walked around the lake and that took about 3 hours. We sat in the shadow of one of the pine trees for our breakfast while people in their swimsuits were sunbathing or walking around. Barbecued hot dog and other kinds of meat could be smelled all around th


I’m so tired at the moment. Keeping my eyes open is a very difficult task but I want to write because I want to be up when my friend comes back from work. So I’m writing about what happened in the morning. I rented a damn truck to go to Squamish and get my stuff. I took Highway 1 and it was very busy at that time of the day: rush hour. I was trying to get to Squamish as fast as I could because the rent was only up to 02:00 PM and any time after that would make it more expensive. I didn’t know what the cause is at the beginning. I thought there was an accident or may be cars are exiting the Highway and that made that mess. But it was the regular daily rush hour. And then I told myself: How about lane 3? Why isn’t anybody taking that? May be because people are exiting the highway and the exit road’s busy! So I turned my signal on and got into lane 3, while I didn’t know that it was HOV ! Let me tell you what HOV is. Part of Highway 1 in British Columbia has a third lane which is

Planted in Coquitlam

I’m back in Canada after spending about one month abroad. I planted myself in my friend’s apartment in Coquitlam . S. J. whose story has been told recently is my host. I probably move to Alberta soon but first I have to decide whether or not I’m going to Boston or not. I will be doing job hunting in the meanwhile. I talked to Ali G. yesterday following his invitation to Lethbridge but found out that I only have a week to spend in there because he’ll be the host of few guests soon. So I’ll e-mail him and let him know that I will be there in late July if there’s a need. I will write about my trip home in coming posts soon.