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Dealing With A Flat Tire

This buddy who I went to Food Bank with last year wanted to get a little more food so I went to his place to go together as he said he needed help. I arrived at his door at 09:30 AM and as soon as I knocked he showed up at the door dressed and ready. We walked toward his old car and there it was: A flat tire. Normally it should not be an issue having a problem as simple as that but it's a challenge for this buddy of mine. His immediate reaction was: Call and cancel the appointment! I asked him to wait a minute. We shall be able to fix this. I got the jack out and put it under the vehicle to boost it. Luckily it was a warm day, probably around 2º C , otherwise we would not have been able to work outside without warm cloths and gloves even for 5 minutes! Despite the warm winter weather, there was a thick layer of ice on the street, probably as thick of an inch. He tried to crank up the jack but because of the ice, it was not secure and the side of the road that he had parked was

Effects of Sleepness

For two night in a row I had difficulty sleeping. It was mostly due to eating too much, too late. Or maybe eating items with bigger than usual digestion time because not chewed enough! Whatever the reason was It had a very bad affect on me. Then this damn Gout Attack accrued. This time on my left elbow. It was so bad that I was not able to basically do anything with my left hand. I could not raise the hand or bend from the joint. For example if I wanted to scratch my eyebrow, it was impossible. I don't know what triggered that but it could have been some damn sugary false/fake fruit juices! I normally don't get this stuff and I was not aware that their bad effect was that significant. The pain was excruciating but I remember that a physician told me once that no matter I watch I eat, the attack occurs. It took probably two weeks, maybe more. Today and yesterday I feel a little better. Just more than a week ago I had the same feeling but it came back harder.  Lack of sleep

Continuous Decline

That's how it's going down. These photos are all taken from the same Shell gas station, 4 days in a row in late last week and early this week. From 75.9 went to 71.9 , 70.9 and eventually 69.9 cents for a liter of regular gasoline. Shell is considered one of the highest gas prices among the companies but I regularly go there because they offer Air Miles and have convenient locations. 

Degraded Position

I had an interview in mid-Dec. and before that I had been informed that my resume was considered for a position lower than what I had originally applied. I said: What the hell. I take anything to get out of this unemployment shit! I attended the fucking interview the way I described and today I received a telephone call indicating that they considered other candidates! We had so many good candidates, she said and asked me to keep my eyes on their website!  I had never received a telephone call saying that I would not be getting the job! They normally e-mail or don't even bother contacting until you get in touch. So when I received the call I thought she would be telling me when to start but it was instead Zip! OK! I guess I have to work harder to get a good position.

Newlywed's Plans

Newlywed , and maybe it's not a valid nickname for this fella since he has now been married for maybe 2.5 years but compare to others he still is a newlywed person, was so proud that he had his job when they threw me out late last year and in a meeting we had he said this and that how he has this plan and that plan. He received the same treatment as mine, shortly after! The only difference was that they gave him a longer time because they wanted him to work on thing which had been assigned to him. I told the idiot not to put so much effort to it now that they were going to toss him out but he said he liked what he was doing and he wanted to finish it. After he was out, he first moved out of his apartment and then told me that he wanted to go to British Columbia , more specifically Vancouver to relax a little bit! I was quite surprised because I know his was was pregnant and he was not taking her. So I wondered how he could leave his pregnant wive and have fun and relax in Vanco

Mein Kampf (My Struggle) is Republished in Germany

My life in Canada did not start very badly or maybe I feel that way now! I had to wake up at 05:00 AM in order to be able to catch the bus and get to work on time, starting at 07:00 AM (!) and that went on for 6 months, not that it got much better after that. Just got a little easier. D. H. helped me a lot and I quite enjoyed staying at his place and all those unforgettable memories which I have posted some here. One of the things that he showed me at the time was Adolf Hitler 's book Mein Kampf . To this day I have not been able to understand the type of mental sickness these English -speaking people are suffering from that make them to avoid an English title for that book, say My Struggle or My Battle or something similar. Anyways he handed me the book during one of our conversations that I don't remember what it was about and asked me to read it in order to find out why Hitler didn't like Jews ! I only read a few pages, I guess and that was the time I had t

Would Have been 5 Years Now!

If those motherfucker, animal, nasty, bastards had not kicked me out of work last Oct., it would have been 5 years since I stared that job, yesterday. More than 3 months has passed and I got nothing but a phone interview a few rejection e-mails and one interview which led to nothing. Time is flying so fast. I can't believe I have been out of work and with no income for more than 3 months now. Many who could, have already left the province and the city, some even the country. The brother-in-low is out of work but has so much money that doesn't need any but being out of work sickens you. So when he contacted the old country, he was told, according to The Lady that there are a few jobs available " I even assigned jobs to a few guys from Calgary " he was also told. If you want one you need to hurry. He hasn't gone. I guess with the life style he has in the US and money he has saved, he can easily afford his life and even join or start a kind of business. I, on

Cheap System for Cheap and Deceiving Person

We seldom visit a local Wal-Nasty-Mart and that's only because at times you can find fresh vegetables and fruits in reasonable prices although that is not the case always. This past weekend we went there and luckily it was not very crowded. While entering there's a glass box for money donation. I don't know whether it is custom in all Wal-Nasty-Mart s or this location only provides that but at the corner of my eye I saw a foreign bill which looks a little bit similar to Canadian $5! Apparently one of these asylum seekers from a nasty shit-hole who make up any possible story to come here and use the benefits had felt funny and said to his cheapskate fellas that he wanted to have some fun. So he felt like a hero and dropped a 20 whatever bill of his nasty, cheap, fucked-up hole in the box. This money if it was useful, had not been dropped by this piece of shit! a 20 something in a Caribbean or South American country is not even worth receiving spit in the face, this an

Disgusted by McDonald's

I used to go to McDonald's a lot. I remember even there was a time that I was there every single day but that was for breakfast or coffee only, not that they are much better than the other sandwiches! For the past 5 years or so I haven't gotten anything from McDonald's but it's coffee, maybe a sandwich or two and at times a piece of pastry from it's McCafe locations. Now that I am kicked out of work I need somewhere to sit in and do my online course that I will write about it later, as staying at home all day long makes me agitated and bored. All the McDonald's restaurant in Downtown , which are three, even the ones a bit further are disgusting. They are mostly occupied by homeless, drug addicts, drunk and disorderly Native s, etc. I have nothing against these poor people and I hope all of them get back to normal life one day and I know that would not happen unless they want to and it's very tough to do but they make the location very uncomfort

Skating in Shaganapi Park

We went to Shaganapi Park for a little skating today. I discovered its rink during one of my nigh walks before the New Year but we haven't had the chance to give it a try until this afternoon. When I woke up and checked the temperature, I realized it was around -22º C and it is without considering the windchill. We wanted to go for a little breakfast because The Lady had a few Starbucks gift cards. We went despite the weather and roads conditions and it was quite disappointing. I have never been a Starbucks fan. Their coffee is too strong and unreasonably over-priced. Their pastries are goo but very expensive so overall I would not go there. Their cafe is very clean and usually there's no junky or homeless and if someone is looking for date, I guess they go to Starbucks. I had a chance to try their Americano and I happened to like it. Besides their latte is good too. So we said: What the hell. We don't have to pay. We have gift cards. We got a small coffee, a lar

Fucked Up in Calgary, Again!

... Well this is the truth. We all have to accept. Today is the seventh and nothing! Once again I was thrown to the starting point! I don't know how long it will be but seems its long! Many have left the city, went back to their towns and countries of their origin. I don't think I have this choice. Lots of empty rental units and house for sale, of course. Wondering who would buy! I saw Keiv today. He surprised me by sending a text message and I joined him during his lunch break. He's doing' OK. He played smarted and just at the same time that I joined my previous work, he got a position with a client company and has been there since. Lots of positions are seen on the web and I have applied for a few and will apply for a few more but who gets these jobs? Lots of people out of work! Triple T , or as I named him in a post earlier, Y. Z. was out of work as well. Contacted him before the New Year and that is what he confirmed. Of course I had heard that from The

Fido's Ending after 9 Years

I ended my relationship with Fido after 9 years toady. It was not a bad service but The Lady got a service from another provider and I got mine too. This was being used by her in the past 4 years or so. The hardest part before cancellation was when I wanted to use the $100 Fido Dollars I had accumulated. I soon realized it's nonsense! First I went to Fido booth in North Hill Center , of course after calling and making sure they were open, yesterday. I wanted to get a flip phone with that. I was told I had to go to a " corporate " store as that wasn't! So it was a waste of time and gasoline going there, although the guy might have lied just because he didn't want to give away phones without getting money! I don't know and I don't care know! Then I went to Fido store in Chinook Center . I was told I had to pay a  $25 " administration fee " for a stupid flip phone and that cannot be paid by Fido Dollars ! That was there that I said puck it