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Disappointment in Last Days on Mars

I always liked science-fictions and particularly the ones which the story takes place in space. If I like the movie I buy the DVD and add it to my collection. Well I used to do that when I had a job! Now I'm fucked. I don't do these fancy things any more! Last Days on Mars was on my list for a long time until I saw it a Calgary Public Library location and I borrowed it. I thought that if it was good, I would buy the DVD when I am employed. The result was disappointing! I watched it only once and I returned it and I know that I wouldn't want to watch again or buy the DVD . The story is not good. It's something that has been told maybe several times and there's nothing new in it. The acting is even below average and what else? It's just not a movie that takes you with it! There's a group of astronaut on mission. There's around 19 minutes left of the time they have to stay on Mars and all of a sudden one of them who is out doing something falls i

Fighting for a New Challenge

I'm back to the business of job searching again, after I was turned down last week and I'm trying to apply for anything and everything. I sent my resume for this position posted by this very famous company with the hope that something comes up after all these tries of mine in the past 6 months or so. I received an e-mail the next day with a few questions. This part is very easy to handle as I'm good at writing although this is my second language. Then the lady sends another message to me and wants me to have a chat. I don't mind it. I head out for a local library on foot and then I say to myself what if she calls here and I need to check things on my resume?! I can open my resume in the library but I can't talk about a position in front of everyone! So I start going back to home and while I'm going up the stairs, the telephone rings. After the greeting I manage to get in to the apartment, before the real conversation starts and open my resume. I realize that

Mt. McGillivray (Ridge)

This past weekend's hike with the group was supposed to be done on Fable Mountain but it's been raining and snowing for the past 3 days or so. Hence they changed it to Mt. McGillivray' s ridge. I first wondered where that was and a little search took me to Crowsnest Pass but then I thought that can not be because these guys are normally not going that far from the city, especially if that is a day before the workday. Then I read more and they say you go to Dead Man's Flats and I said that cannot be! How in the hell I never heard of that mountain in the area?! When I looked into Google Maps I realized that is a mountain between Heart Mountain and Pigeon Mountain , the two easy mountain that I had been up to!  We met at 09:00 and happily there were only four of us this time. Since there should always be a problem in this type of trip, there was an annoying, load, ugly woman whose her voice is still ringing in my ears! It was a damp and rainy day but it was not a

The Dreadful Drive back to Calgary

Here's what I'd like to say about the two times I drove back from Okanagan Valley area to Calgary through Highway # 97A and Highway # 1 . I left the area both of the time, late. I don't remember what time I left the first time but the second time I left after our unsuccessful hike to Brent Mountain , around probably 13:00. Both of the times I stopped so often to take photos or just simply stretch my legs. It hurt a lot. I especially had a problem with the left knee which I injured at the end of our hike to Wasootch Peak . It would hurt so bad that I had to pull over and walk for a few minutes to ease it off. The other problems are first of all, I don't drive fast because I don't have a fast car and I would never buy a fast car because I'm not simply into speed.  It was raining most of the time when I left Summerland in the first time and continued until I reached Lake Louise . In that section of Highway # 1 the rain turned to snow and it was so fast th

Overreacting Over a Small Thing

I never like this J. Trudeau guy. Never. even before he was selected Prime Minister . Generally the policies of The Liberals are what I mostly don't like, except for the time they said No to American s when they wanted Canada to be part of The US Collision Force to Oust Saddam , although I was in favour of that! I didn't vote for them in the last election, almost six month ago but this time I believe he's being a victim in this Parliament stupid scene!  He walked to his colleague to take him back to his seat. That's the first part of the story. Many say that was wrong or bullshits such as " I had not seen something like that in 12 year in the House " !!! So fucking what idiot? Now you see it! The guy was supporting his team member. I had never seen too many women with headscarf in the more the past 15 years that I've been living in Canada . Now I see it. So what? The time has changed, idiot. The way Trudeau handles his cabinet and his team today

No Longer a Candidate

I went to the same office for the second time a few days ago, this time to do Voice Stress Analysis . I had a little chat with an administrative lady and she gave us a whole speech. One of the girls that I had seen during the physical test session was there and she sounded like she was over-excited for this shit! I love this, I love that and all these kind of shit that these people repeatedly use (!) was coming out of her mouth continuously! Then we were greeted by two men in their late 60s, I would say. They took us to separate rooms. The guy introduced himself as a police officer who was on the force for years and then was offered another job. Now he said teaches to everyone in mostly the US to how to find liars! He asked me to tell me my story and I told him almost everything from the beginning to the date that I asked for this position and then he started asking me questions after he attached a microphone to my shirt.  That was supposed to detect any change in my voice pattern,

Attempted Brent Mountain

We finally get ourselves on the trail to the summit of Brent Mountain but we didn't reach it! It was a surprise to me that no one knew about this mountain! I even went to a BC Tourism office in Summerland and there were two girls who reacted like that was the first time they were hearing that and it actually was! The good thing about this buddy of mine is that he wakes up early. He's not like the other lazy ass who I went to Bow Hut once and other hikes! We met at the parking loot of Apex Mountain carpooling in Penticton at 06:00 and headed west. It's interesting that everyone knows about Apex Mountain because it's a local ski resort. We drove through an Indian reserve which looked like all of the other ones that I had seen before: Rundown houses, old cars, trucks and even buses, all other sorts of junk. The road is Green Mountain Road and it really is green and beautiful and then we get to a logging road.  That's were we apparently made a mistake. W

Hike to Native Face in Oliver

I had talked to my buddy about hiking to Brent Mountain and we planned that for Tue. morning but after the fitness test I realized I had so much time until sleep as it was only 16:00 and decided to do the hike of Native Face near Oliver . Native Face or Indian Face , as the Native people of North America are still called Indian because Christopher Columbus thought that he had landed in India (!) is a cliff some 7 Km of Town of Oliver in British Columbia which if you look it from a certain angle it looks exactly similar to a Native persons face.  I had already gotten the information from Tourism BC  office in Oliver so I headed north on the main road and the first time I missed my left turn and had to go and make a u-turn and take the road going to Covert Farms . There you park your vehicle and then go to their property and from there they guide you to the trail-head which is a kilometer inside their property. When I reached there and went inside after being guided by a

Disgusting Slaves of the British

The ridiculous Liberal suck-ass Party of Canada won the election last winter and this puppet, the silly J. Trudeau with his mumbling speeches and fake, stupid smile became the Prime Minister ! What a freaking phony! Well people are going to regret that but as a freaking fooling gesture what this guy did was hiring a few fools of slave nation of Sikh s as his cabinet ministers!  For many that don't know the fucking British invented Sikhism as their Divide and Rule policy in Indian sub-continent so they could destroy the country and loot their whatever they had! They divided the country to India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Sri Lanka , Nepal , and Bhutan . These fucking Sikh s then became the soldiers of the disgusting British Empire so wherever these British assholes invaded, these fucking brainless slaves were in the front.  The nasty British invaded Iran in 1914 from the port city of Bushehr in Persian Gulf and in south there was where the brave Iranians under the

A Different Type of Interview

I was given to questions to study a day before my interview and then the third one was given to me half an hour before it! It was quite a surprise! If someone's ready, he or she doesn't need to have the questions be given to him or her days or hours before the interview and if he or she is not confident enough to answer the questions in a persuading manner, a day or half an hour would not help. Nevertheless I prepared myself based on the previous work scenarios and then as soon as I saw the last question another story popped in my head and I was ready! I even had thought before the day that I don't need the questions be given to me before the interview time because I'm experienced enough and have participated in many interviews. As well I have communicated with different people for many many years and have experienced every different scenario. So I will be fine.  My buddy, who wanted to help thought it would be a big deal but I was relaxed. So when I was escorted

Exaggeration of Fort McMurray

Town of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta , the town which had been established for oil production in the area partially burnt, people had to be evacuated and some have lost their houses. So what? Now Canadians understand what the true meaning of loss means. They really needed that lesson. And now from everywhere money is pouring that that city! Well good. Thanks. Rebuild the city and help them to get back to get to their normal life. But is Fort McMurray the only part in Canada that needs help? There are parts of the country which have struggling with poverty, crime, unemployment, suicide, you name it. How much help do those guys receive?  Besides those guys in Fort McMurray all make good money. From the one who works for Subway, to oil-patch worker, inspector, etc. Now they have to spend a little from their own pocket to rebuild the city the loved so much! Government helps too. So they should be no problem. This is mostly a political game. All these people in charge, from

A Sort of Physical Fitness Test

I was supposed to be at the local arena at 14:15 but I didn't have much to do except for a little driving around and some photography. So I went to the arena just to check when they will start. Then walked around a little bit and took a few photos and then went in finally. There were quite of number people, mostly Caucasian s. There were one Asian and I think 3 Pujabi s. There were also a number of girls, maybe 5 or 6. People were mainly from 23 and up with a few exception. I was among the oldest maybe with a few more. The majority of guys were out of shape! Some with big bellies and no muscles! There was one tall young guy whom I jokingly said that I would go to NBA , instead of applying for this job! He laughed and he said he played Basketball but then he said that he would have made more, had he gone to NBA ! I told him about the Canadian who played for Chicago Bulls and won to title and couldn't remember his name at the time! He said he had been born around those yea

Driving to Okanagan

So I received this e-mail invitation from the guys who had applied a job from in inner British Columbia . It was stated in the message that first I would need to participate in a physical fitness test and if successful, I would have to sit for an interview. OK. I collected a few items including hiking gear and workout attire, booked a place and then hit the road at about 08:15 hours, I believe it was. Everything was as boring as always until I finally reached Field and continued. Golden came after that and then Revelstoke and I had been already on this section of TransCanada Highway . There I realized that I had made a mistake not filling up my tank. The price of gas was some 114 Cents per liter! About 15 Cents more expensive than everywhere in Calgary ! What bothered me the most is that I realized that was the problem in Golden because in the other towns and cities of inner British Columbia I even got gasoline for 101 Cents a liter! So I don't know. I will just be caref


Trying new things at this side of the world got me a few days ago to get a couple of Guava s. They were small, the size of a Walnut and one were green to yellow and the other one was green. I washed them both and cut them open easily with a knife. The yellow one was ripe and delicious and although the fruit has seeds, like Grape , they are not bad and you can either chew them, swallow them or spit them. Farzin liked it too but Mom didn't like it because of the seeds. The next one was not ripe but we ate it anyways! I know how to peak them up, if I ever see them in a store, of course because they are not like available everywhere.  My thought originally was that they are originated in India because that's how the name sounds just like Goa ! but then I read a little about it and learnt that they were from South America originally. (Photo: The couple of Guavas that we tried. Different type are cultivated with different colours and tastes but not available much in Cana

Why Wood?

For decades Canadian s and also American s have been destroying nature in their countries and has no intention to stop, looks like it. They destroyed forest and replaced them with homes, called it DEVELOPMENT! Simply because development make money. It make money for municipalities and creates job. That's what's important: Money. Everything else is just not important. They destroyed the environment and consequently the wildlife and then they started wildlife conservancy organizations! They destroyed forests, millions of trees to build houses and to this day I still have not understood why they had to make homes out of wood!!! If you go to Lower Mainland part of British Columbia , where it is also called Metro Vancouver , they have destroyed, I don't know how trees and have replaced them with homes, stores, roads, etc. In fact the majority parts of Coquitlam is a few hills where once were full of trees and wildlife and these animals of Government of Brit-SHIT Columbia d

Alberta's Parched

It was hot and dry in the past 10 days or so and finally we had a little rain today. We had a similar break a few days ago but I didn't have time to write about it. The fact is the entire province is facing drought which could hurt ranchers. That's what I read a few weeks back, I guess. The last of enough rain can be seen easily in the city. Although it's turning green now but the grass, flowers and trees don't look very happy. This is a continuation from the damn last mild winter.  The dryness has also named as a cause of recent wild fire in northern Alberta . I'm not going to repeat what's been completely covered by media here but if I could, I would go there to see what I could do, possibly through volunteer groups.  (Photo: Taken from inside the car this shows a little rain of today in one of the major road of the cities. I was coming out of a driveway and I was tired to go for a walk so this is all I have from a nice rainy May day of an Albertan city