Saturday, June 27, 2020

Beautiful Hail Storms of Alberta

I had the privilege of observing, closely, what happened to residents of a neighbourhood in northeastern part of Calgary when there was a hail storm a couple of weeks ago, a few days back. Lazy Ass provided this tour to me and he was hoping that the signs remain for a long time and becomes part of the City of Calgary sightseeing tour! I don't know if they will remain for a long time but I'm sure they will be there, some, for a numbers of week. 
Have look while they're available, especially if you can't travel and see it for yourself!
A BMW X1's rear window is completely shatered by the said hail storm. The front doesn't look much better but I think the windshield is still standing. A brand new of such vehicle worth more than $51,000
The funny thing is everything was fine just 2 minutes drive down the road. A number of fellas at work have problem with that storm in a way that their vehicles are not even drivable any more and I don't think insurance will have any coverage for that. I was out driving at that time but I was in Downtown area. it was just heavy rain over there and then turned to hail but not as bad. That's why you need a garage if you live in Alberta and it's not just for it's cold winters, it's proved.
(Photo, top: A house in a specific neighbourhood of northeastern Calgary. Does this also prove that cheap material is used?)

Friday, June 26, 2020

Messed up by Marcus (Made by Marcus!)

Lazy Ass
has this bad habit that he insists on something and doesn't stop until he gets it! So the other day he insisted that he wanted to try the ice cream shop called Made by Marcus. I had driven by it's 17 Ave., SW location several times and had seen the losers who stand in line for a freaking scoop of ice cream and never stopped. This time he took us to their Kensington location and there was a freaking line there and the more I refused, the more he insisted and finally we stood in the freaking line like two idiots and many more for nearly 25 freaking minutes or so to get ice cream. 
It's a very small shop that even if there had not been any problem with Corona virus and they would have let us to sit, we would not be comfortable. So that's reason n umber one that I would not go there again because to me comfort is important. 
We're at the counter and surprisingly we see that there's probably not more than 5 or flavours available! I think everyone goes to an ice cream shop for its variety. Otherwise ice cream of different flavours are available in every supermarket. Two of the flavours were for Vegan people, I assume it means that there's no milk! So how can you make ice cream without milk, I think it's like making Hamburger without meat! I don't know what Lazy Ass ordered and he ordered that on a cone. I hate cones so I ordered two scoops in a cup: Passion-fruit - Basil(!) and Lemon Curd-Blueberry. I wondered how Passion-fruit, a tropical fruit could go with Basil, an herb! The cup cost me $7 but the size was not bad, I have to be honest. I tasted no Basil and there was not any smell of Basil either! In fact Basil is used in food because of its strong and pleasant aroma. So if no Basil smell, where is it?! No where! There was and there's no Basil. It's bullshit! As per Passion-fruit, I have to say that there was a bit of taste if I have ever tasted real Passion-fruit! The other one, Lemon Curd-Blueberry tasted just like Blueberry! I didn't taste any Lemon or Lemon Curd although the scoop looked like a combination of dark blue and light yellow. 
So that was my experience and no I'm not going back and no it's not because two scoops cost $7. It's because it's not a genuine business for the reasons I explained above. However, I have to add this, if you're looking to see pretty young girls, it's a good place to check. I'm not just sure if you could hook up with one! The funny thing is I passed the shop the next day at about the same time, maybe a bit earlier and the line was not even outside the store! Was that just a bad luck?
(Photo: The ice cream shop in a not very busy day)

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Fatima Restaurant: A Weird Experience

Lazy Ass and I met again a few days ago and this time it was proved to me and his lazy ass that being lazy is not good! I mean he's a nice boy and everything but he, now, has to pay. He's kicked out of his place that his dad has provided to him rent-free and he's really upset. It's not all his fault. It's his father's faults too but what does it matter now? He's out! The good thing is he's allowed to stay at his mom's for a few months, rent-free until he finds a place. 
After his normal complaints about his dad(!) which was more bitter this time(!) we decided to get a bite and he chose to go to Fatima Restaurant, a Pakistani place in, of course, northeastern part of the city. So here we are and the place is, as dirty, filthy, disorganized and dark as I expected! There're booths with chairs putting on the top upside down(!) and tables with pile of dirty dishes on the top! There's only one table occupied but according to Lazy Ass the food is good. So we were about to see. The good thing is service is prompt. As soon as we arrive a tiny East Indian girl approaches us with a couple of menus although I found one on the seat! Looked liked someone didn't like the list and threw it there! I ordered Chicken Curry and Lazy Ass ordered two items that we intended to share all together and split the bill. It looked like that our visit would be not so bad. Then a sign on the opposite wall caught my eyes: Prayer Room! I had never seen such a thing anywhere in the world! I know for a fact that Pakistani people are amongst the most restricted Muslims but you don't have to be so pretentious! If someone prays 7 times a day then he or she makes sure they pray either before or after their meal! There's absolutely no need to go to a restaurant and yell: Oh Allah! I forgot to pray today! Where's the mosque? Where's the prayer room. So it's abnormal and weird but considering I was in a Pakistani restaurant, I understand that. I lived half of my life in a Muslim country and never saw such a thing, not to mention the use of a religiously debatable name (Fatima) for the restaurant! 
So we were waiting and the waitress brought plates, water and other stuff and here comes a group of load fellas who Lazy Ass told me later that they were speaking Bengali. The guy was welcomed by the waitress who happened to be there when they came in and one of them started ordering while walking to a table!! There was another weird thing that I saw in the restaurant but it didn't end there. The food arrived and I noticed that instead of Chicken Curry they have brought me Mutton Curry, it looked like it was or something like that! How could you mess up such a small order?! I mean we were not a group of 8 or 9 with each of us ordering a different meal! So the girl came and took the food and we waited a little while. This time the chef came himself! Again weird! He was dark-skinned short fella with a big belly, wearing a filthy apron and a mask (as a protection from Coronavirus!) and short-sleeved T-shirt which showed a tattoo of him! Lazy Ass had a little chat with him and thanked him. It appeared it was chicken this time! 
The food was not bad but too oily and who knows what type of oil these guys uses but I guess it's okay for one try. The food cost us $16.8 each which was not bad but I could eat twice as much because I had not had lunch. We decided to have dessert somewhere else instead of ordering more especially because he was not very hungry. Would I go there again? I highly doubt it. Unless I'm desperate for East Indian food and there's no other place available. I would rate the restaurant 3 out of 5 and that's because their food is tasty but hygiene and atmosphere sucks big time and even could kill your appetite! Just when we were paying and getting ready to leave there were more customers which is good but a guy of the Bengali group was talking loudly on his phone and it was very rude, disrespectful to the others and annoying!
(Photo: A sign on the wall, a turned-off flat screen TV on the top of it, and a filthy table with a pile of dirty dishes, which sat there for another 15 minutes by the way, these are really not appetizing signs of a restaurant. Are they?!)

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Lost Opportunity

I and my realtor went to see a property which has been on the market for a long time. I suggested that to her! I wondered why a good house like that would not sell quickly and I was ready to make an offer. A detached home with double garage next to it and a nice small backyard and a nice front yard with beautiful flowers in a nice neighborhoods. Who wouldn't want that?! 
The realtor thought the next building, which is not residential and have a big parking lot is the issue. To me that was not the issue. Then during the viewing a number of issues were found: Old heating system, a sort of piping, at parts of the house which based on the realtor's experience would most likely cause issue, lack of a number of major appliances and a few minor issues. I still was ready to make an offer until the realtor decided to call the sellers realtor to ask about the piping and other issues. It was then found out that the current owner, if we call them(!), owed a huge amount of money on the house and had decided to sell it. The money was so big that the previous offer had been rejected solely because they would not have been able to cover their debt! That's why they would not accept any offer, including mine, which was below the asking price! Basically it was a waste of time because there was no room for negotiation while the property have issues. It was very disappointing because I really like but that was it. The realtor also believes that the resell value of the house is low due to its design but that was okay for me. The living room was small and there was no dining room. The kitchen didn't have enough room for a family dining table. While these could all be issues for a family of even three, I would perfectly fit in but we didn't even offer anything because we knew the seller would not accept our lower-than-the selling price offer. 
(Photo: People at times make their front yards so nice that you like to stop and watch it for a few minutes. The house was not as beautiful of this one but was pretty nice)

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Dragon Fruit: Not so Appyling

I had tried Dragon Fruit earlier but I got one as part of my bonus last week and didn't touch it until the other night. I washed it, cut the crown off and cut it to two pieces from the middle, scooped it up with a teaspoon and ate some. Not so great!
This apparently is a fruit from eastern part of Asia, countries such as China and Vietnam but I found it totally not appealing. I don't know what the price would be in a supermarket but I think it's over $2 for a piece. Why the hell would I pay that much something which has no taste despite all of its nutritional benefits while I can get the same value by purchasing something which also is tasty?!
(Photo: The fruit looks very appealing but it actually is not! There're are other types available including a red one, which could be tastier but I haven't tried them and they could only be found in specialty stores)

Friday, June 12, 2020

The Third Offer

I had my third offer a couple of days ago. This time it was a property much cheaper than the first I had liked. Some $100,000 cheaper! I thought I would be comfortable in there and I could use the rest of the money either on a new vehicle or simply save it. I didn't get the property! Someone, who saw the place right after I did, had a better offer and the seller took it.
Here's the only thing: I can't drop the possibility that the realtor screwed me on this one! It might sound odd but since I deprived him of a good income by cancelling an already accepted offer, I think there's a possibility that she avenged me(!) especially because this house was much cheaper. I don't know I could be completely wrong but that is what happened and I will have to start searching again.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Elbow Falls in Rain

Lazy Ass called me the other day and said that he wanted to take me nice! I would be excited if I was a girl and he was my boyfriend(!) but I'm not but I know he feels lonely and wants to hang out with someone now that he has broken up with his girlfriend. Therefore I don't mind to hang out with him once in a while. I wondered where he wanted to go. So I went to his place and after a few minutes of chat, we got into his Honda and hit the road. He then told me what our destination was: Elbow Falls!
It sounded familiar to and told him that but first I didn't know why I has never been there while it sounded so familiar. Then I realized that: Elbow Falls is on Highway #66 where I have been to several time and had done two easy hike of Prairie Mountain and Moose Mountain.
I was really tired after eight and a half hour of work but sat next to him and headed to east. He took Springbank Road instead of Highway #1 which is a very beautiful road. We then turned to Highways #22 and then, of course Highway # 66. Elbow Falls, in case you need to know, is located just before the Highway #66 winter gate and the reason why I had never been there is it is a good place for the elderly, kids, tourists and Asians such as Filipinos and Chinese so they can take photos and send them to their relatives in the villages and towns of their homeland to be so proud of being in Canada! In fact it is not much of a fall(!) but hey the Province has put a parking lot, washrooms, benches and handrails so people can enjoy it.
The rain became faster once we pulled into the parking lot and Lazy Ass asked me if I wanted to wait until the rain stops!!! I told him that rain, snow, hail and such would not stop me form a little walk by the river. There's a walk of 5 minutes from the parking lot to where the fall is. It's not actually so bad but like I said it's for very attractive for the above people. The funny thing is he had told me he would go hiking with me and here when we went up a little trail he had difficulty and decided to come back down! Then even during coming down he had to sit, yes(!), sit on his ass until I went and grabbed him to get is 240 Lbs. ass down the trail!
We then we headed back home taking Highway #1. He picked up some food from a McDonald's one the way. No wonder why he's that fat! By the time I got home I was so tired that I only showered and went to bed! I had a bag of chips that I finished it before arriving home as my dinner!
It, however didn't stop there. He called me the other day again and told me he had a good news! I asked him what he was and he said I should have gone to his place to hear that! I said okay and went there but first we went out to eat something and he chose Subway because they had this Buy 3 Footlong, Get 1 free deal. I agreed. He didn't think I would be able to finish 3 Footlongs, let alone 4. We got 4 and they were Vegetables, Rotisserie Chicken, Steak and Chicken Teriyaki. How also got one small soup, a cookie and a juice. It cost me $37 and I felt I should have paid because he took me all the way to the falls and back and although it didn't cost him that much of gasoline, I think it was okay. The challenge, as I said was me being able to finish 3 Footlongs! I finished the Vegetables and Rotisserie Chicken and then he gave me half of each of the two remaining Footlongs and I finished those as well! I don't know why it was a surprise to him but what was the good news!?
I had purchased a big ass television a 75" Sony Baravia and was waiting for its delivery. Why the hell would you buy such a big television?! It barely fits in his house! A guy showed with an SUV and dropped the damn TV! It was so heavy and so big! 48 kg, almost 106 lbs.! We hauled it in and I knew he was going to ask me to help him to install so I got the hell out while he was trying to figure out what the hell to do with the damn TV and kind of wondered if he should have gotten an 85" instead!!!! That what they say here: A fool and his money are soon parted! The other problem is the television has been used as a floor model! It means that has been left on for hours and hours before being sold to the guy for a price less than the original and that's probably why he could afford! I never asked him what triggered(!) him to go and buy such a big television because these youngsters always have an answers for the stupid things they do! If the smoke pot, they explain to you why it is so good! If they speed, they say why speeding is valid! The biggest television I ever purchased in Canada and that has been the only I ever purchased, was Sony 20" and never had purchased anything after that and if I will, it will not be bigger than 35" or something that fits my home. Not something that I should put in the room and watch it from the living home of the opposite home, across the street! 
(Photo: Part of the Elbow River hits a few big rocks and the so-called Elbow Falls is created! It's not that bad. If you have a 3-year-old kid and you want to take him/her for a walk in the nature or if you're over the age of 70, this is the place for you to have some fun!)

Sunday, June 07, 2020

The Ignorant Fool's Idea!

There was this short discussion, I'd like to call it discussion, rather than argument because that is what I usually avoid, particularly at work and it was at work, with this ignorant fool refugee, who has been let in Canada like thousands of other by the Government!
He was kind of making fun of me for lack of data plan on my phone! I don't have data simply because I don't believe wasting money on something like that and secondly I don't need it. There's Wi-Fi available almost everywhere these days, including my workplace, supermarkets, cafes, you name it. Even if there's something that I need to check before going home, I can simply turn my phone on and check it out. This guy was going on and on: You live in the 1700's! I don't know what world you live in! You should have come to this world two centuries ago and it's a mistake you're here now!
What do you think my answer was to him? Do you think I even reply to someone who has never read a book, attended a school or training, ever thought about his surrounding and is an ignorant illiterate fool!? No! I won't answer to him particularly because he's religious(!) but here is my answer to people who tell me I am outdated: The religion that you're following is outdated! And that's no problem? What that religion has given to you and how did that help you in your life that I lack without practicing it?! It would have become a heated argument because something quite similar to that happened with a little moderate person from the same background and it was going to go bad but luckily didn't! Having that in mind and my general understanding of the people who has never had any academic or self-thought education, who have never read in their lives and who have never had the ability to understand their surroundings, helped me not to respond and let him vent, particularly because he had told me earlier that he was depressed! My reaction to that just was: 😮!
(Photo: The majority of people has a permanent gesture as such in their lives!)

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Start of the Month with Exotic Food

If someone's reading this and/or looking at this picture might laugh at me and say: Why the hell do you have to write about a plate of food! Or even something meaner. The fact is for someone like me who doesn't have a wife and kid, no girlfriend, does not smoke and does not drink regularly and does not do drugs, food is the only thing, or I should say one of the few things that he enjoys. So I write about food once in a while when I come across something and I mostly write about the good food. 
Here in this post one of the guys from work, who is from Afghanistan, brought some amazing food that I could not stop eating and I ate a lot! 
The food was basically some traditional Afghan White Rice meal, which I skipped(!) and it's called Plow, not that plow which removes the snow on roads! We say almost the same thing in Persian with a little difference in pronouncing it. We say Polo. Then there was Chicken and then a sort of Ground Beef stuffed in Pastry and finally Chickpeas with Yogurt sauce. The last two came together as a meal that I've forgotten the name. It was really good. 
(Photo: Rice is the only item missing on this plate)