Sunday, April 25, 2021

The Third Wave?

Just when everything was expected to go back to normal. the provincial authorities warned of the third wave and brought the restrictions back! This was 2 weeks ago. Now they're urging everyone, eligible, to register for vaccination. Many refuse to get vaccinated and everyone has a reason for that. I, however, registered because I'm getting out of not only the country but also the continent the first chance I got and I don't want to be sent back in any airport, anywhere in the world. I registered but just a few days later I received this e-mail saying that they had to suspend registration due to the overwhelming number of applicants! Now I will have to go to the pharmacy that I have registered with to see what they say.
In the meantime Mom has received her both doses and Farzin has received his first. I hope they're effective. 
(Photo: A funny, not stupid(!), only funny statement in a McDonald's restaurant)

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Body of Lies, Another Good Movie

There was a load of rumors and bunch of news a few years ago about an Iranian actress who had been banned from acting in the country because she had a role in an American movie. The actress was Golshifteh Farahani and the movie was Body of Lies. I had the chance to see the movie a few days ago and I have to say I was impressed. It's not because an Iranian actress has a role. Her role is actually a minor one and she performs well. The story is interesting and well-written. I, honestly, had difficulty following and had to resort to the plot provided on the web!
I didn't Farahani back in the old country perhaps because she was too young. I guess she earned her fame in late 2000's and mostly when she left Iran and settled down in France. I've read that she has also performed in a Satrapi's movie called Chicken with Plums but I haven't seen it.
The story, without going to the detail, is about the safety in Iraq and Europe after the 2003 US led invasion of Iraq which led to the arrest, trail and execution of Saddam Hussein and an unstable Iraq! So if someone is not interested in such story, better to avoid the movie unless he's a L. DeCaprio and R. Crow fan! 
(Photo: Golshifteh and DeCaprio in a scene of the movie. They're dating in Amman, the capital of Jordan, the western neighbour of Iraq, where Golshifteh lives and works as a nurse. Everyone around is looking at them as it's rare to date a man, particularly a Caucasian in a male-dominated, restricted, Islamic society)

Sunday, April 11, 2021

A Great Movie: Silver Lining Playbook

I and Lazy Ass had a long discussion over the movie that we were going to watch through his streaming system, Netflix. He was going to play another garbage like the one we watched the last time, Centigrade, but eventually we agreed to watch Silver Lining Playbook and I'm glad we did. It's a great movie. I had heard about it but I had not had the chance to watch it until then. It's one of those movie that not only the story is good and takes you along but the acting is perfect and helps you to enjoy the movie much more. 
No wonder the lead actress J. Lawrence won an Oscar in 2013 for playing Tiffany. B. Copper's performance is great as well and so is De Niro's. It's also quite a new story. That's what makes the movie attractive to watch and follow. I think there was a nomination for the screenplay. I won't spoil it for the ones who haven't watched it but it's a 4 out of 5 movie.
(Photo: Cooper and Lawrence in a scene of the movie in a diner)

Saturday, April 10, 2021

The As*hole got Fired!

The first thing I was told when I went to work the other day and it's usually done by a person who tells the company stories and at times spreads rumors was that the Petite Girl had been fired! I was a bit surprised that how someone could get fired from a job that she had it only for about a month, particularly a Caucasian woman who seemed to be very comfortable with what she was doing.
And then I asked someone who I could trust. He confirmed and added that there was an argument and she wanted to do thing the way she was doing them and she got fired! hard to believe but then that's what happened. I waited until I finished work and I went to Lazy Ass, as I was supposed to and over there after a consultation(!) I sent her a message to show that I care and consoled her. The asshole didn't even bother responding! I said to myself: F*ck it. Who needs a stupid whore who gets fired from a job after barely a month?! Silly me who made a good piece of Banana Bread for this asshole. Let her suffer and eventually die in pain! I deleted her number from my list! 
(Photo: I know she had a few things in her desks when she was asked to leave. And I know how bad that feeling is when you have to gather your things and leave because I have done that. The difference is there were not many people who saw me at the time. For her there must have been at least 5 or 6 employees in the room. I wonder what the reaction of her friend was. I think she had a chubby but delicious Caucasian girl of the office as her friend because I saw them together at least twice. I think she was introduced her to the company)

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Two Requests are Enough

I asked this tiny, delicious, petite lady at work, out twice since I received positive signs from her but didn't get anywhere. Women change their mind on daily basis! One day they like you and 20 minutes after that they barely look at your face. I decided to drop the case and just say nothing. I only sent her a message on Easter and that was it. I received a response but it was just a response. Nothing to say that she would like to meet or anything. So the entire time after that I didn't even get a chance to say Hi. I only noticed her looking at me twice. Looked like that I still have to step forward and add something! But I won't. I have initiated the action after receiving what I thought at the time to be a good sign and now is her turn. I'm not a type of guy who negs women. Now when I see her again at work when we have a chance to talk, I will only politely say Hi and ask how she is. If she's interested she will tell me that she would like to go out with me on this day and if she's not, she'll remain only a person at work and not even a collogue because we don't even work together.  
The funny thing is one of the guys that I at times, talk to, told me that he had been told by her that she has a bf! When I told him that she has never said that to me and I even had been given her number and we were supposed to go out, he was shocked but promised me not to say anything to anyone else in the company. She had told him that she had been invited to a dinner by her bf, recently! That would have been me! My guess is either she has a bf whom she's trying to replace him and the was why she was nice and seemed wanting(!) to me or she has found someone else who she thinks is better than me! 

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Saved by Fools (Save on Foods)!

I have mostly unpleasant memories from the time that I lived in Lower Mainland Brit"SHIT" Columbia: Moving from one shit place to another, low-paid disgusting jobs, unreasonably over-priced items, monopoly of main businesses by the disgusting provincial government, traffic. miserable weather which contains and still contains hot summer and shit rainy seasons, you name it. Add on the top that my wife's separation, at least one of her excuses, was leaving the province because she preferred that weather the extreme cold of Alberta.
That being said one of the miseries in British Columbia (or as I'd prefer to call it Brit"SHIT" Columbia) is this disgusting grocery chain called Save on Foods, as I'd like to call it Saved by Fools
How this nasty, disgusting company works is that they have everything more expensive than any other major supermarket, even more expensive than Safeway. Let alone The Real Canadian Superasshole and Wal-Nasty-Mart! Why? I have absolutely no clue! Perhaps they think they're so freaking special! 
When we lived in White Rock there was one branch of this disgusting shop near us and we had to purchase grocery of and on from them. Now as much as unlucky I am, I've moved to this small town in Alberta and the closest grocery store to me is Saved by Fools
But why do I call it Saved by Fools, instead of using its original name it's because the company is saved from bankruptcy from by the fools who waste their money there! 
Just the other day I needed a few item and went there. The place was quite busy considering being weekend. I walked into a few isles and had a look at a few items: Everything at least $1.5 to $2 more expensive for no reason! I thought to myself then: I'm only one person and if I purchase 5 items it will be at least $5 more expensive for no reason. How about a family of 4!? And then I stepped out and promise myself never step in that land pirates place unless something of emergency appears!
(Photo: I wish I could change the sign on the top of their building to this. What I know is I will soon send a letter to their manager with this logo on the top!) 

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Juliet's Castle Bar

Lazy Ass had told me about this bar on the 16th Ave, NE which has a Wing Night on Wednesdays So I headed to his place and we took my car and went there, because he was low on gasoline, he said! It's a nice and clean place in comparison to Cowboys Tap House considering their owner is the same, if it's not rumor. It's called Juliet's Castle. We were directed to a table away from the main hall and then a waitresses approached. I was told that to enjoy the Special Wings I need to order a drink. So I ordered a bottle of Beer which led to Lazy Ass complaining about that but I ignored that! We then realized that we were away from the activities so he went to the main salon, if I can call it, and sat at a table but he was told to go back to the same table that we originally had sat because those tables were reserved! Our food and drink was served and the wings were not actually bad but our waitress, despite the fact that was a pretty girl, was an ass. I really didn't like the way she treated us. Neither did Lazy Ass. He said that it would reflect in her tip at the end. Then from there we moved to a booth which although was much more comfortable but again it was away from action specially then when the three reserved tables at one side of the main part were occupied by a bunch of weirds! There were, I think Latinos because according to Lazy Ass that was also Latino Night! There were some sexy girls within them but I think I saw a couple of gays and TSs as well. Anyways it's not my business. At this point we were getting for our second round a Lazy Ass's buddy, a Cuban fella joined us based on a previous arrangement he had. He was a big guy in sweat pants and T-shirt, a backward cap and unshaven face and the minute he opened his mouth to say something I detected his Latino accent. We talked a bit about here and there and then their attention was turned to the girls and we all went to a table next to the entrance. That was when they saw a woman that they had known her from before and she approached them and started a conversation. I think the plan was to go to their place or all head to the Lazy Ass's place and continue the party, perhaps one-on-one there! I was not very optimist about the situation because the woman didn't look so good. I mean she was okay for a night but nothing more. Tall, long face, hair dyed more to yellow, extra tight jeans which you could distinguish each ass chick individually, easily(!) and naked belly with a belly ring! The other girl didn't make a move. So here we are paying our bills and getting out and Lazy Ass tells me to go back to his place while is on the phone with the girl and the Cuban, exchanging information! 
I'm think how, two of us, because it appeared that the Cuban would not come, are going to have anything to those women in the basement that Lazy Ass lives! There's a freaking family and probably kids living there it was past 22:00! 
So I'm driving down the road to get to Lazy Ass's place and all of a sudden, after conversations on the phone, he tells me to go to Forest lawn(!) where one of the girls' place is located! I don't like the idea because it certainly is not a very popular neighbourhood in the city! It's not that I was afraid or anything. It was just not very pleasant. We park in front of a small cafĂ© and the Cuban guy, joins us there in his Mercedes(!) That's where, after 10 minutes we are told that the girls, after picking a few things(!), would join us! I head north while Lazy Ass is trying to get in touch with the Cuban guy but the asshole doesn't pick up! Now I'm completely disappointed at this fool who by the way he dresses drive a nice looking car and answers no phone! 
We get to the Lazy Ass's place and wait until 12:00 AM but the girls never show! I think they found better pieces! The Cuban guy live and I stay and we watch a cheap movie called Centigrade! Lazy Ass has access to different movie streaming services including Netflix but out of all movies he choses the one that I can predict every major scene of that 1 minute before it happens! I guess that we our night's climax! I head home at around 01:30 AM! 
(Photo, right top: I ordered a 0.0 Heineken for my second round not just to please Lazy Ass but also to pretend that I would be sober!)