Thursday, December 31, 2020

The Surprise of 2020

Only few hours are left to the miserable year of 2020. For me it was not that bad. I kept my job, worked 6 freaking days a week, at times 9 hours a day, I moved in to this property that I'm comfortable in and I'm still alive! I lost a very good opportunity in the last weeks of the year though. But what can I do? I have to work much harder now.
With all that in mind Covid pandemic has not been the surprise of the year for me. It's been the misery of the year. The surprise of the day just happened yesterday, the 30th, my last day at work in year 2020. I entered the office like any other day to get prepared for work and said hello to the supervisor. Here, for the first time in more than 1 year that I have been working for this company, the supervisor, after saying hello, goes: How are you ... ? This has never happened!! I'm shocked! And I go: I'm fine ... . How are you? As much stupid as it might sound to many, our supervisor, and I have to say that I like him, as I have mentioned before, barely says hello or ask how people are. He has a number of favorite employees and he only talks to them, the so-called team leaders. If he wants to issue an order verbally, he barely talks to people. He issued his orders through his team leader. At time he talk to the others directly. It pretty much is a military fashion! You never talk to your Sergeant directly. You make sure you talk to someone in lower rank, first. 
I had my annual performance review just a few days before that and despite a few mistakes I have had, and he didn't even mention them, he said he was happy with my performance and I saw that he had given me good marks on my sheet. He also went: You never know. You might be going to a higher level of employment in the company. But who wants to stay in this company for ever!? I will get the hell out as soon as I find a good position but until then, I will work hard and keep the supervisor and the company happy.  
(Photo: Finishing 2020 with all the bad memories. I didn't mention that I lost my beloved Aunt. She was the only caring relative I've ever had. Used to call me from the old country to see how I was and I the idiot only sent her a letter after I saw him the last time in 2014. She was sick in her last months and I never called her and now I regret so much. She was next to me after my Mom and irreplaceable)

Friday, December 25, 2020

Investing on a Relationship

There's this beautiful knock-out Caucasian young woman working in the office who doesn't seem to be very happy, most of the time. One of the guys, earlier, shortly after I started the job told me it was because she had no partner! It could be true. I've seen her talking in a very exciting way to others and even a shouting(!), I would say. But she's incredibly beautiful. Why do I even have to describe her?! She's a petite, blue-eyed, blond, Caucasian, young woman in her, I would say, her mid. to late 30's. She has the most beautiful blue eyes that I've ever seen. Once I was in her office and she was looking at a monitor, while I was looking at her from the side. The colour of blue, that I saw, I had never seen before. Incredibly beautiful and that was because of the angle I was at, I think. Have you been to Abraham Lake in Alberta? Have you seen how beautiful the lake is? It's believed that is because of the minerals in the water. Her eyes are even more beautiful than the lake.
For a whole year I talked to her only about the work when it was only necessary and I don't know why never thought of asking her out! Caucasian and Non-Caucasian? Floor employee and office employee? Too young? All could be the reasons why I never thought of it. Add to that she having attitude and a little bit aggressive! But so what? Maybe this is how she is at work? Maybe a good relationship makes her calm? Besides what is that I would lose? The worst case scenario would be getting rejected. So with that in mind I made a nice Christmas letter and was going to give it to her on Christmas Eve. But the night before I regretted that! I thought that was not such a good idea to hand a Christmas letter! That would be seen cheap and stupid. I also had made similar letter for two other office employees at the same department and eventually through them all in the recycle bin! I thought to myself that if I was looking for a meaningful relationship then I would have to invest in it. No woman, particularly a pretty and independent woman like her would come to a cheap person who doesn't even want to pay for a Christmas Card
Now the thing is over I think I can by a nice gift or a card and prepare a letter claiming that it was delayed due to the recent storm and give it to her! What do you think?
(Photo: Abraham Lake in Alberta next to Highway # 11. I took this photo in summer of 2016. You see the difference between the blue colour of the sky and blue of the lake. The lake is much more attractive. Her eyes are way more beautiful than this!)

Thursday, December 24, 2020

A Japanese Treat by a Chinese!

There's this treat which is very common within the people of Asian decent in my workplace and every time there's an occasion, they make it and bring some. It's called Mochi and I learnt that just today by asking from a Chinese guy. The surprising thing is he said that it was a Japanese treat, not Chinese! I couldn't believe considering the animosity between the two nations. 
That aside, there's a lady who always make some and shares. A few days ago I saw a number of them in the break room and I enjoyed them but because the supervisor, who happens to be Chinese as well, was not there, the lady brought a few more the next day. I told her, jokingly, that I had not have any! When she was handing a box of treat to the supervisor, she told him, in their own language, to give me some! I realized that first by her pointing at me and then the supervisor said he would give some to me but I denied accepting and he didn't insist. So I went back to work. 
About an hour passed and I heard on the radio that he was asking me to go to his office. This always is as intimidating as hell, especially the way he says that: Very calmly! He doesn't ask people to go to see him unless they have done something wrong or someone has made a complain about them. Or they have done something stupid and he has seen it on the cameras! 
So I went there while breathing heavily and trying to calm myself! 
There he says: Go there, pointing at the room that the employees are taken to be talked to! But I looked closer and I saw plate of Mochi!
I took this picture after taking two bites just to show the inside of Mochi. I really don't know what the filling is. It has almost no taste(!) but they probably add it for texture or some other reason. I will ask the lady. It looks like a combination of tried vegetable and a sort of nut
I thanked him and said that I would take one. He told me to take a couple and I do and leave. He could've simply not told me and let the other people enjoy the treat but he did and that's why I like this supervisor. Not just for this. While generally the favours go to the Chinese but he is a fair man, most of the time and I like him for that. He is not very approachable but then that's considered his issue which we all have to deal with.
(Photo, top: I am getting ready for my break, A cup of Espresso-like coffee and a piece of Mochi)

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

A Beautiful and Lovely Snowfall

We finally got what I really wanted: A good amount of snow! I think it fell as high as 20 cm in Calgary and area and even more in other parts of southern Alberta. I had to work until 18:15 the day the snow fell and I was lucky that I could get out of my street because there was just too much snow. It actually happened with the help from an unknown neighbour! I drove just for 1 minute and got stuck and there this was this guy who was helping another neighbour whose truck(!) was stuck! We pushed it a bit but no progress led to the conclusion that he needed a tow truck. Then the fella did a few push with his snow and free I was! 
When I went back in the evening and while the snow had stopped, I realized that I had to clean around the house or I will have more difficulty to get out the next day! But I was surprised to see that someone had cleaned my driveway, the part of sidewalk in front of the house and even in front of my door! Thanks! I drove to the nearby The Home Depot and bought a shovel for nearly $25 and cleaned a bit more. I was so tired then, particularly because I had worked 10 hours, that I went to the shower directly and after a meal I was hardly able to keep my eyes open. I went to bed at around 21:15!
(Photo: Cars or covered in snow in a parking lot in Calgary)

Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Proper Usage of Coke


I hope Soda drinkers, particularly the fans of Coke don't get offended but this is how I use this sort of beverage: We were served food at the workplace a few weeks ago and of course Soda is a must(!) for these people. One large bottle was left, more than half gone, after the party and I brought it home. Did I drink it with my lunch? No! I used it to clean my bathroom sinks! 
Soda has a good amount of Phosphoric Acid in it and although not such a high pH, it's good enough to clean the germs! All you need to do is to block the drain, pour some Soda, add some water and wait for a couple of minutes or longer depending how dirty your sink is. Then let the liquid drain and scrub with a brush. It will be good as new. The only problem is the smell! I don't know what the hell these companies add to their drink. You can tolerate that or use an air freshener after clean up.
(Photo: The Coke bottle, the brush and my sink. ready to go!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Yakhni Story

Yakhni is a sort of soup which is consumed in Afghanistan. But how did I get to know this authentic food, has a story which I would like to say it here: There're two brothers who work at the same place as I do and they both was found positive after a coronavirus test was conducted on them. I remember the younger brother came to me the last day he worked before leaving for 1 or 2 weeks and asked me how many Tylenol he could have taken! I told him he could not take more than 2 and that should be 8 hours apart! I didn't see them the next day and it was announced that they were both considered infected. 
So they were away for awhile but I kept in touch, asking about their health until a few days before their return he called me and said that there was a soup ready for me(!) and he wanted me to try that! 
He gave me his address and there I met him at the door and got a big container of this hot soup which was still steaming. He had a pair of gloves on to prevent any transmission. I in fact did not have much for supper, like most of the night and enjoyed the soup called Yakhni. It was I think, Lamb, some vegetables, Carrots and that was it. it was good but like most of the food from that part of the world was too greasy in a way that I had to really scrub the fat off of the container and wash it very well with liquid soap and hot water to remove it!
Now more than 2 weeks has passed and I'm fine. No symptoms! 
(Photo: You can see the vegetable cuts and a piece of carrot in the bowl of Yakhni)

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Cheap People: The Nastiest Creatures

One of the very popular stinking toilets which people in this so-called G7 country go to, is Dollarama. It's a nasty stinking shithole which brings all sorts of garbage from mostly China and sell it to cheapskates of Canada. The funny thing is the country which considers itself a G7 member, if shuts stores such as this and Wal-Disgusting-Mart and similar, half of the population would go either hungry or naked!

G7 my ass! The country which barely can take care of its own people imports all sorts of poor and hungry from every corner of the world, every freaking year! There are problems with Indigenous people residents for years, they don't even have clean running water and this nasty, disgusting, greedy government brings Syrian refugees!! 
With that in mind, a couple of weeks ago I was driving by a Dollarama store and saw this Mercedes! This belongs to a nasty cheapskate who probably didn't even had a donkey to ride in the village that they were born or a drunkard and drug-addict Canadian who prefers to pay for booze and weed and then whatever is left to spend in this stinking store! Either way I have no respect for cheapskates and have no respect for Dollarama.
(Photo: With the economy getting worse year after year since 2015 when the price of crude collapsed, more and more of this garbage sellers are appearing in the city. When you're passing by this stores, you can smell cheap glue and plastic!)

Friday, December 11, 2020

The Number 51 Did Not Help!

 I got an e-mail in regards to the position that I had applied and had two interviews for, yesterday. Result: A big goose egg! I was positive that I could go for the third interview which would have been a face-to-face one but someone else was better than me. I think the only weak part of mine which cost me the job was when the interviewer asked me if I had applied 8-D Methodology. With the thick British accent she had an long distance conversation which contained 2 time zones(!) I first barely heard what she was talking about and asked her to repeat it at least twice! Then I remember I had read that in the job description and had forgotten to do my homework! Stupid me! I should be stuck at this nasty job until another opportunity presents itself. The website that I found the job in, later sent me an e-mail indicating that 51 people had applied for a position. While it was way lower than a previous position, even that didn't help!

(Photo: The most interesting thing about number 51 is an area in the state of Nevada where people claim is a center of the US government to do its interactions with aliens. The area is in the middle of the desert in the said state. I have been to Nevada and I have been to its desert but I was in the south close to California border. Area 51 is in central northern part of the state)

Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Company's Gift

The employers hold a Christmas party every year here but this year with Coronavirus and all the related restrictions it was not much of a party. However the company did whatever they could and it was better than nothing. They divided the employees to small groups of 5 to 10 and then scheduled them to have their lunch in separate rooms. Then gifts were provided to a number of employees based on draws and were put next to their lunch. I saw nothing at my time and grabbed my food and drink, put them both in my bag and went back to work because there are people who I don't want to see faces, let alone eating next to them.
No too long was passed that I heard the supervisor called me to the office. It usually is not a good sign to be called to the office! It's, most of the time, means that the individual has made a mistake and need a talking to! I used to be called to the office, on average probably, once a months or so, 6 months or more ago, for mistakes or complaints from the assholes! Not any more! I'm a very dependable employees now who works more than 8 hours a day like a horse with my head down! 
So I go to the office and as soon as I step in there's this chubby, delicious(!) Caucasian woman in front of me holding a small box, and moving it before my eyes! I didn't get the point, at first because I'm not a fan and follower of the product that she was holding as a gift for me but then they told me what it was and I realized why probably they didn't want to leave it to my lunch! It was an Apple product! I thanked everyone and left but that was when I realized why one of a so-called Team Leads was asking me weird things the day before! He was asking me if I liked a certain brand and I said no. he said that he would put down $100 for the exchange of whatever I would won tomorrow! Now I know that he knew this gift would be given to me! So based on that we continued our conversation over the price and he didn't go up pat $140!
I then put the thing on Kijiji to see if I could get a better deal. I was not patient and I'm usually not, which has had catastrophic results for me in my life from huge to minor! After receiving only two response I decided to sell it to the fella for the price! The next day I got an offer of $200
(Photo: My gift. Information is removed for privacy reasons!)

Saturday, December 05, 2020

A True Clean up for 2021

is less than a month from now and I'm about to plan for that. 2020 has been nothing but working like a horse for a small wage and dealing with Coronavirus! I did a number of positive things that I'm not proud but they were okay:
I was able to get a loan from my bank and with a 20% down payment, finance a little place. I secured my employment with the current employer and I was able to get confirmation from CWB for an inspector examination which I have been wanting to finalize since 2017(!) but laziness and other obstacles have held me back. 
Now what I've also decided it to do a major clean up and get rid of all of the trash in my life! The human-like trash! The first piece of trash that I already have started throwing its segment out is The Brave! His continuous bullshits about politics, which none has any value, his anti-Sematic remarks and his laziness and uselessness has made me sick. Yes, There was a time that I used to call him and visit him at his place but that is over now. I haven't called him since Sep. and I have no plan to call him ever again. If he calls I will play with him a little bit and make him stop!
The next piece of trash, which I actually started throwing it out a couple of days back, is The Chef. I was really pissed off at him asking me to go to his place to do E. I. for him, almost every day! The piece of crap has been kicked out of the job more than a week ago and hasn't applied for the benefit. I'm not even sure if he is eligible for that but or not because you get E. I. only if you're laid off. He still keeps drinking and getting drunk! He got fired from a part-time job a number of years ago because he had struck a guy and he never learnt from that! 
And lastly but as important the two previous trash(!), Lazy Ass should also be tossed. He doesn't wanna get a job, he only needs to talk when he has no gf(!) and he's totally useless. Scrapped!
(Photo: The garbage that I've already got rid of don't even need a bag. Using a bag for them would be a waste of money!) 

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

My Recent Home Interview

I was about to completely screw up the scheduled interview today but I escaped that! I don't remember if the HR lady said 01:00 MST or 01:00 EST! So when the telephone rang, I was a bit surprised but got myself together and answered almost every question. There was this lady with a very thick British accent and I guess I was lucky that I understood most of the things she asked from 3400 km away! 
The interview took about 33 minutes and except for one question, which I initially had a problem understanding it because of her accent(!) I think I didn't provide bad responses to the rest. Here is what I don't like: The fact that a company's Quality Manager is way too far from where you are supposed to work and they interview you over the phone, it's quite bothering but i remember that the HR lady said that there would be another interview with a person in the facility. The Quality Manager did not ask many technical questions but asked questions in regards to my educations and my availability. It doesn't sound such a great opportunity to me but in this situation I am even thankful that I am considered and I keep my hopes up.
(Photo: The Union Jack, the official flag of Britain. It has an interesting history if you're interested) 

Monday, November 30, 2020

The 19th is Finished

It was the 19th anniversary of my immigration to Canada and I had wanted to do something fun but ended up meeting The Mumbling Guy but that was basically because I has asked me to join me for a coffee so I can get a few advises for my upcoming interview. The guy accepted and we met in The Cheesecake Café.  I ordered a cup of Coffee and a slice of Callebaut Chocolate Cake for me and an Espresso and a slice of White Chocolate-Raspberry Cake for him. This was my second time in this café. I came there year ago once with The Lady but it was too long ago to remind me of any memories(!) besides I was focused on the topic which was the interview.
This is what I like about The Mumbling Guy: Despite being cheap and looking for possible benefits in you, if he can help, he, most of the time, would. I had not told him that I would take him to a luxury café. We were supposed to meet in a freaking McDonald's but I wanted to spend a little quality time in a nice and clean place and The Cheesecake Café is definitely is the place. I don't mind paying $27.83 (excluding the tip)  for two cups of Coffee and two slices of cake once in a while. By the way when the food arrived and he tried the Espresso he found it too strong. So I gave him once of my creams but apparently that one was not enough either. So the waitress brought him a cup of Coffee and a little Milk. The funny thing is the guy says that he had been to Italy and while touring the most famous cities for 17 days, he had tried Espresso every day but couldn't handle one here! 
Anyway our meeting was about to end when he told me that he had lost nearly $100,000 over a business deal that he has involved since early summer this year. He sounded really sad when he was telling me the story and I could sense that although he was wearing a mask! He said that he had lost a few pounds and 2 sizes or pants or something! I can understand how devastating that could be but at the same time it was not easy to believe because he's the one who always claims he is the best and knows all. He did he get robbed big by a guy of his own country or origin then?!
(Photo: A number of the cake on display in The Cheesecake Café. I will certainly go back soon to enjoy more cake and perhaps some food)

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Good Opportunity

The recruiting lady called me in regards to the position that I had refused earlier, yesterday after work. I explained to her why it would not worth to go all the way to that corner of the town to do that job for only about $2 difference in an hour. I cited uncertainty about the length of the position, my long daily commutes and the fact that I would have to work under the supervision of a Punjabi Indian and I told her directly that I had very bad experiences working with those people. I explicitly said: Unfortunately East Indians have built such a bad reputation for themselves in this country that if there was an honest one, no one would believe or trust them! I at the end told her that if there was something that she thought it would fit me, to give me a call. Surprisingly today when I checked my phone before noon I realized that I had a message from a lady who worked for a company in Edmonton that I had earlier sent my resume to, the exact same day that I had my interview for that shitty position, in the evening! 
I immediately called back and had a 20 minutes conversation with the lady. It appears to be a good position but she told me at the end that there will be another phone conversation with someone else and then a face-to-face interview and finally for the candidate a test! Damn! Seems like there are many stages to pass to get to the position. She asked me if I knew that the position was in Edmonton and if I would move if I was offered a position? I said I would move to Newfoundland & Labrador for a good position! She also asked me about my salary expectation, added, considering that I have 7 years of experience. I said: Withing the industry's norm. She, however, at the end didn't ask me if I had any questions but explained a little about the benefits that the company offers. 
I think I handled that well and it not only proves that my resume is good but also tell me that there're jobs out there and I would be able to get one and rid myself of this filthy job I have at the moment. In fact there's one that I will apply for, right after this! 
(Photo: I always like to use a picture for my posts. For this one I use a photo of Newfoundland as this beautiful province is referred to in this post. This was taken near St. John's one day that I and The Lady went for a light hike. It was very enjoyable. It brings back good memories but will never bring back my love)

Monday, November 23, 2020

The Wrap

There were these fella brothers that I had breakfast with almost everyday until last Mon. Not that we went for a breakfast together. I would arrive at work at usually the same time that they would go for their breakfast break. We chatted, shared a laugh or exchanged food and at sitting next to each other. They always offered me food and I always accepted. Anything from Boiled Egg to McDonald's breakfast sandwich and that was I got last Mon. from one of the fellas whom I would call him One-Man here. I usually don't eat McDonald's breakfast sandwich and that's not because of its sausage. It's because of the White Bread. When they served their Whole Wheat Bagel I used to get that from time to time. Now that they have discontinued, I don't eat much of their breakfast sandwiches, let alone the other sandwiches they offer. 
Anyways I got the breakfast sandwich from One-Man. It was a Egg & Cheese and that was the last day he came to work! I saw him in the afternoon and he asked me how many Tylenol did I think he could take! I told him that it'd depend on the strength and physicians don't recommend more than 2 within 8 hours. I asked him what had happened and he said that his whole body was aching. Today in a meeting at work it was announced that his Corona test result has come back as positive(!) and I sat next to this guy almost every day for more than 2 weeks! His brother, who brought that delicious food a few months ago is also considered sick as the result of his test was the same. 
The manager then asked me to join her in the office and said that I should isolate myself for 14 days because I told him that I had been given a breakfast sandwich and I ate it! I asked her if the virus could be transferred through food and she said yes. I said that it had been a week and I was fine. She asked me if he had made the sandwich or was it store-bought. I explained that it was store-bought and wrapped. She said that I didn't have to be worry then! I knew that already but the fact that I had to isolate freaked me out for a moment and then the fact that the wrap probably saved me from that, was amazing. 
One thing that I should mention here is that an aching body is a cold symptom. I think One-Man only has a cold and this proves that Corona and cold symptoms are similar. So many of these people who are classified under infected ones these days might simply have a cold or at the most influenza. 
(Photo: McDonald's Egg & Cheese breakfast sandwich and its wrap. It's amazing that you can find almost any photo you want on the web!)

Saturday, November 21, 2020

An Interview after more than a Year

I keep applying for positions and earlier this week I received a call from a lady from a recruiting company who wanted to ask me questions about my current position. There was a QC position but at a low level and a similar industry that I am in at the moment. I even had doubts that they would give me a chance to be interviewed because I am not working as a QC in the company but they did. I first was interviewed briefly over the phone and then went to a industrial area in southeastern part of the city where their facility is located. It is a huge place probably twice as big as where I currently work. However my first impression was that now I would have to drive nearly 45 km, and most of that in the city, to get to the damn place! 
The lady, which buy the way had an excellent body, tall and very slim, asked me all sorts of questions and I think the interview took nearly 50 minutes if not more and she was continuously taking notes into his computer. She then asked me to participate in another interview with the Plant Manager and the QC Supervisor in the afternoon. I didn't have any issue with that. So I hung out for a couple of hours in the neighbourhood and then met with them. I still had doubts of joining them but then I truly thought it would be a mistake to do that when the interview was over! 
I was interviewed by a Caucasian old man in his late 50's to early 60's and a young East Indian or Punjabi decent in his late 30's to early 40's as the QC Supervisor. I was a bit surprised by some of the questions they asked but I answered everything honestly and while the Punjabi fella left early the Plant Manager told me I am selected and asked me to start this coming Mon.! He then took me to the a few corners of the facility and showed me around: Same sh*t, different colour! I then said goodbye to him and the recruiting lady and got the hell out! So basically half of the day was gone and wasted to realize that I am not going to do this job! 
Of course the main reason is I would only change the scenery not the situation. A couple of freaking dollars when I have to drive nearly 60 km longer everyday, it would not sound so great particularly if you have to work under the supervision of a Punjabi guy and take sh*t form a number of the guys who, the first thing they would tell you indirectly, is that they are senior to you! The funny thing is the recruiting girl thought she was dealing with an idiot by saying that the QC Supervisor was looking for someone to appoint him/her as the QC Lead so he could spend more time with his family!! She thought I don't understand that it's next to impossible that a position of such would be given to a new guy! 
When I wrote to her that I would not take the position, she really didn't like it and tried to convince me to change my mind but I listed one by one the reason why I would not take the job which is not needed to be disclosed. She wanted to call me she wrote back and hasn't yet but I guess it's because of the respond I sent her. However I have made myself to provide this answer that unfortunately East Indians, in this country, have made such a reputation for themselves that I would under many circumstances rather not to work with them or under their supervision/manager and that's a truth. 
(Photo: This picture is only used to depict how big their facility is. Not the actual one though!)

Thursday, November 19, 2020

You Are Terminated!

The Chef was supposed to call me after his meeting with HR yesterday which was supposed to be at 11:00. I didn't receive any call and that automatically told me that he had been kicked out of the company he worked in for nearly 15 years! You really must be stupid to get fired from your job after that many years and at the age of 61 and he really is! He thinks striking others in the face is joking around. In fact when he told me that the HR had asked him to meet with them on Tue., I sort of knew that they would get rid of him. Otherwise they'd ask him to start on Mon. Even the union didn't help him. They were all sick of his all years of stupidity. Have a look at his brilliant(!) performance in the past few years:

1- Suspended for unauthorized use of the company's property, a sort of vehicle, and causing damage
2- Received a warning due to repetitive late attendance at work
3- Fell into a hole in the yard while it was barricaded because while under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. Caused weeks of trouble for the company and cost them a lot
4- Got a heart attack, as result of drinking too much Beer and other alcoholic beverages, too much damn nasty White Rice and too much Meat! and went to an open heart surgery. Caused lots of trouble, paperwork and headache for the company and the insurance 

I bet if it had been another company or there had not been an union, he would have been fired tears ago! 
Now for someone who lives in an old house's basement with mice and other nuisances and pays only $350, has no vehicle related cost, has no family and never buys a nice and clean cloths, finding a job to cover his expense should not be hard. The only issue, the only small issue, is he owes some $85,000 if not more to the bank since his home was foreclosed nearly 3 years ago! The thing that he thinks he can get away from. That's the only issue. I believe the company has given him or will give him a chunk of money. The question is how much and when and how would he spend that but he said today that he would apply for E. I. What a fucking rube!
(Photo: A Conventional termination letter. He said he would show me his. I have no interest and will try to stay away from him. An unemployed person has more trouble than anyone else)

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Blocked Fish!

I tried to take our relationship with Fish # 2(!) to the next level after our first meeting but it didn't work. I'm not sure why. Except for one time that she said we would go for a walk on a Sun., which was sunny and nice by the way, every time I brought it up, she never replied! She never said no or anything else. She just said different other things! Completely unrelated! Once she said her telephone had died and once she was not well and someone was taking care of her, her son she said.
Then after one week of disappearance, a photo popped up in my phone: Something about renovation! What the hell?!, I said to myself! She said that she was doing repairs and renovations, herself! I didn't know if I should believe that or not but offered my helped. No direct response again! Then a few days later another photo, this time the finished repairs(!), I would think! I offered help again and said I would like to see her. I added that we would relax(!) after that. No direct response again. I said to myself this time: You know what? F*ck it! I'm gonna block the b*tch! What the f*ck do I need a text-girlfriend for?! 
And I did. It'd be really happy to see her face when she realized that she had been blocked! I can't see that but I can imagine it and that is enough for me! 
(Photo: I used an ugly fish photo just to describe her visually better!)

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Will The Chef Survive This?

I installed WhatsApp on my phone for the second time because the woman I dated once(!) wanted me to be in touch with her through that. I got connected with her and then deleted her ID(!) from my list but now I'm connected to a number of relatives and friend who communicating with them is easier this way.
The Chef is one of the active guys on this media. He sends photos and clips and messages, time from time. It's silly for the people who live within half an hour, sending text messages to each other especially if they know one another for years. One day I saw him online at a time that he usually doesn't appear. He usually is at work or asleep at the time. I asked him if he was at vacation. He told me that he had been suspended! 
Imagine someone in his early 60's, few years from retirements, have been working for the same company for almost 14 years and be suspended for a stupid act! I asked him what had happened. He said that he touched a co-workers face with his finger but I know what touching might mean! 
The problem is that he had a bad history in that company: Days and days of delay, incident at work which led to one of his knees being shattered, unauthorized usage of lift-truck that made the company suspend him for a few days, repetitive calling in sick, last year's Open Heart Surgery which created lots of problem in the yard due to being short-staffed and lost of paperwork for the HR! All these shit have been piled up and now he had been nervelessly waiting for this Tue. to go to the company and find out what the final decision is. The interesting thing about WhatsApp is that if you don't set the things that you don't want other see about you, they would see them all! I checked him and I realized that he was up once around 05:30 this morning, meaning he has not been able to have a solid sleep. But whose fault is that?! He should've thought before hitting people in the face! 
My guess is the company is going to give him a little money and expel him. I think they're sick of his attitude and stupidity. The same thing happened to a stupid friend of his a number of years ago. The jerk, nicknamed The Spring Maker, worked for Standen's for almost 18 years but he had a nasty file. They gave him first a few thousand dollars and then a kick in the ass! We'll see what they give to The Chef soon.
(Photo: WhatsAPP, created and lunched by Facebook, is globally used)

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Addicted to Gambling

When I was in grade school, in the old country, every time we would go to my oldest aunt's, gambling was going on, if it was a Fri. and we always were there on Fri. because that is the weekend in the old country. When I say gambling was going on I'm talking about a big, probably 12-seated dining table in the big dining room that many of the relatives sat around it and play different card games or perhaps Poker only. I'm not sure because I never part of it and never have been interested in any card games. My father never played but because we were very close family, we went there to see aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives. My oldest aunt's husband was a realtor and to be specific was a wealthy realtor. I can fit my entire first floor in their kitchen! That's how big their mansion was in a good neighbourhood of the capital, Tehran. The house had a swimming pool, gardens full of beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees, fountains, you name it. It even had a caretaker little suit next to the garage. 
But what I do not ever forget is the fights over the game that eventually led to people leave one after another throughout the years. In the last years of the game(!) there were only four players, as far as I remember. The other ones had left for another leagues(!) because when you are addicted to gambling you can't easily give it up! You need to find other addicted to share your illness! I personally never saw any fights but that was we all knew in the family. We, for example knew that cousin ... left the game last week because he had a harsh argument with Mr. ... . One particular fight that I remember, and in fact it was post-fight(!) event was the time we were at my aunt's and this cousin of mine who lives in Denmark now was talking to my aunt and others angrily! This sentence I clearly remember after probably more than 30 years: ... I'd never consider Mr. ... as my father! He was referring to the aunt's husband and apparently they had an argument over their game and considering my cousin's mom was divorced, I think someone had mentioned something to him like respect him, he's like your father and such and had made him upset!
I told this little story to get to this Chinese guy who works at the same place as I do. He keeps saying that he has been born and raised here in Canada but I find him as Chinese as any other Chinese who just has come to Canada a year ago or even less! He's a married guy but he always spend his time with older Chinese women in the break-room, talking in their language or eating their disgusting cheap food. Despite saying that he has been born here, you can clearly detect Chinese accent when he talks. He told me once that he goes to casino, without naming which one, on his days off! I also heard from other fellas once that he had won big, something around $50,000. Another time he said he was going to sign for a condo he had recently purchased, not mentioning the money he had won!  
The other day I saw him at work after his day off: Head down, quiet and not saying even hello or anything, dragging himself on the floor(!), in a nutshell completely down. I didn't talk to him but the signs implied that he had a bad day at a casino! Apparently the loss was so big that the guy could not forget it by recalling the big amount he has won! This guy claims that he had gone to U of C and has done his Bachelors Degree in ... but insists that he is happier in this crappy and nasty job, hanging out with old Chinese women and listen to their nonsense!! What, an university graduate could possibly have in common with a village woman in China?! That proves that the guy is a rube! Doesn't matter that he is born in Canada, he still is a stupid peasant from mainland China, brought to an industrial complex to work to one of many sweatshops!! His wife works at a luxury retailer in one of the top shopping malls in Calgary but their relationship is quite strange to me when I compare it with the one I had with my wife when I was married: He says by the time he gets home his wife has already eaten and is in the bed!!  
Gambling addiction is very common within Orientals particularly Filipinos, Chinese and Vietnamese. There was a Filipino girl in Cargill Foods when I used to work there years ago. She had left her husband because the guy spent hours and hours in casinos blowing everything he earned. I even have been to Las Vegas and will definitely go again to enjoy but have never gambled in my life. I hate gambling and the addiction it creates.
(Photo: Gambling often comes with heavy drinking, smoking and other harmful habits)

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Trouble with my Licence Plate

I decided to change my licence plate and go back to what I had on, screwed to my older vehicle,  before leaving Alberta for British Columbia, back in 2006 in Sep.. So I went to the local registry, about two weeks before expiration and told them about my decision. " Yes. You can do that ". Said the registry lady. I got the label and paid. When the time came to take the plate off and replace it with the old one, which would have been new(!), the problem started! I used Philips screw driver but couldn't get it off. Then I went to The Chef, as he is a strong guy even in his 60's and even he couldn't do it. I then bought a small bottle of DW-40, with the hope that it loosens the screws and tried again! No luck! 
We then went to Canadian Tire in Marlborough area but there was a motherfucker white-headed Caucasian old fart there who refused service! Even guys at work tried it but no one had a chance. Then one guy got an electric screw driver and the idiot, who by the way is a Vietnamese, damaged the screws in a way that no screw drive could be used any more! Then he tried to break then using a drill. No freaking way. It was already 6 days that I was driving around with an expired licence! 
Then I was driving home on Sun. and while I was within the speed limit, I saw Sheriff's cruiser at the side of highway, parked diagonally. Just as I passed him, he got on the lane and drove! I said to myself that I would be done! He then moved to the next lane and I was hoping to lose him especially because I was going to use an exit and get the hell away but he reduces his speed and got behind me. That was when I know I would be pulled over and it happened! He put his lights on and I pulled the vehicle to the side of the highway! I waited inside for as long as 20 seconds and he approached from the right side where was much safer. I opened the door and he told me that he had checked my car online and I was fine but i needed to put the sticker on. I asked him if I could have shown him the damaged screws. He asked me to made sure that the engine was off and the gear was in neutral. I got out and showed him the screws although in the windy and cold day of Alberta while the cars were passing by, he didn't seem to be very interested. I thanked him and went back to the vehicle and drove away. 
I drove to Canadian Tire from there despite the fact that I had been rejected at another location. The funny thing is I saw the same cruiser just as I was approaching the store! Or could it be another officer?! I was glad that I saw it because it actually proved my story! I went in and talked to one young fella who was the receptionist in Auto section. He simply told me to go to garage and asked them to do it for me! And that's what I did! The guy, although very unwilling, grabbed a pillar and turned the screws back out. Then I grabbed the screws that I had purchased from an Auto Value store and put the new plate on. He helped me to tighten them. I thanked him and, not that it's important, he really didn't care. I think he was not happy that he had to do 5 minutes of free work but I think he probably could have made an excuse not to do it either. That was a weight off of my shoulder. 
(Photo: The sheriff was driving a vehicle similar to this one)

Saturday, November 07, 2020

One Year at the Job

I just reached the one year milestone at this job on Fri. I was expecting them to perform a review or at least address that somehow. no action! I have been working 6 days a week, except for one week, for a year now. It doesn't make much but it's much better than being unemployed like many. The benefits are not so good but that's all I can have now. It's partially or perhaps mainly, my fault. I wasted so much time when I could study good courses and elevate my resume. Now I'm doing this shit job and every week look at my account to see if I have enough money to pay my bills and at the same time buy essentials for my house or not! 
I've applied for as many as probably 5 jobs in the past 3 months or so but not even a damn interview! I doesn't mean that I will stop but I'm mentally exhausted. Perhaps I can do this exam., pass it and add something worthwhile to my resume.
(Photo: There is no celebration but I'm thankful that I've been able to have and keep this job during the pandemic. I hope I can keep until we're all safe)

Friday, November 06, 2020

Stupid and Disgusting Delivery of Food

One of the most disgusting things that I hate it the most (used most twice in a sentence!) in Canada is food delivery. Many disgusting cheaters manage part of their disgusting lives through food delivery. One example of that is the filthy fat-f*ck named The Fisher who I used to know through Hojam and I, in fact, probably met him once only. This nasty animal, who by the way probably made up a story about cult of Bahai and sold it to CIC to settle in Canada, lived his disgusting life by food delivery and avoiding paying income tax for years. This piece of sh*t, as far as I remember was either drunk or high on drugs! According to The Chef he always had a handful of Marijuana in his glove compartment when it was illegal, of course. Once I was at Hojam's, he had invited me over for dinner, which was by the way was a simple meal comprised of Shirazi Salad and Bandari Hot Dog(!), and it was years ago, probably 2006 and the telephone rang. I remember Hojam didn't have a cellphone back then and asked me to pick of the phone, which was the landline. I picked up and at the other side of the line there was a drunk man whom could be understood barely! That was this disgusting fella, The Fisher! I told Hojam that it was this guy on the phone. He told me that he had been probably lonely and drunk because his wife had taken a trip and ask me to hang up! Now, and again according to The Chef, this guy has lost his job and because he evaded tax for years and years cannot apply for any of the Government aids!
Shirazi Salad, originated from the city of Shiraz in south-central Iran is very tasty and healthy
Now I'm not saying that all of the delivery guys are bad or fraudulent. What happened today reminded me of The Fisher and I thought I should part of his story here. But what happened yesterday was that when I pulled my vehicle to the side of the street and parked I noticed a bag in front of my door. I thought to myself: Is this a kind of a joke?! Did a freaking bastard leave their garbage in front of my door?! What the hell is it?! 
I approached the bag and I realized that it was a food delivery from a local business! I never order food. I hate that. You need to eat get your stinking ass off of the coach and cook a meal or put something on and go to a fast food joint or a restaurant. I hate lazy people! So I called the number and a woman picked up. I asked her why the had delivered the food to my address. She said that it was not them. It was one of these disgusting food delivery fake companies who you can have use them using your phone. I asked her to send someone to pick it up because I didn't want to deal with a lazy ass hungry idiot who would complain about his food being taken by me. She said they could not do that. I left it on the side walk and walked back in!
(Photo, top: Two Magpies are enjoying the food inside the bag! The country which it's economy is based on sh*t creates minimum wage jobs in tens of thousands and make the most of population lazy idiots who either wait in their homes for food to be delivered to them [!] or deliver the food as it's easy and does not require any skill or talent! Some still are not able to perform this easy job!!)

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

My Second Experience with POF

I don't know if POF pays some of employees to contact people or not but I got hooked up with a woman about three weeks ago and we exchange messages until she asked for my telephone number. Here is the thing: If i can simply exchange telephone numbers with a woman on POF, why would I pay for membership?! That's why I think these women could be planted by POF. They contact you or respond to your messages, you see them somewhere and then they leave. That encourages you to buy membership! You gain confidence and you are more willing to pay! 
Anyways this woman kept a nice contact and eventually after about a week she said she would meet me in a Tim Horton's. Here's when you can know a woman a little better. A classy woman would never see you in a cheap, garbage-maker low-class coffee shop like Tim Horton's! I said yes, though and went to the location that she sent it's address to me. I arrived there a few minutes to have the first good impression. She looked a woman in her early to mid. 50's, short and in a very casual dress. lots of wrinkles in the forehead and chest, below neck as she had a wide open shirt on, just above the breasts. The hair was just regular but looked like it had been recently dyed. She indicated that she would have liked Hot Chocolate. It was awful but i didn't say anything! I got two small ones and we sat. We talked about an hour and it was not bad and then she said she had to deliver something. We split after that. We continued exchanging messages until the weekend she said she would have liked to go for a walk. I agreed and she was supposed to send me a message to say the time and location. She never did and when I followed up she mentioned other things. It was a little strange but I didn't insist. That was the last time we exchanged message and since she didn't answer, I stopped. I said: F*ck her! I need no old ugly whore who doesn't know what she wants! I bet she has found someone she likes because there were many times that I would log in to see her messages and she was online! F*ck her! 

Monday, November 02, 2020

Chicken from Wal-Mart!!

I don't like shopping at Wal-Mart for so many reasons and one being their prices is not very different from other stores but the other day I walked to this location which is very clean and organized to see what they got. I saw Rotisserie Chicken in their food section. They didn't look much different from the Chicken you'd get from other supermarket but the price tag was reading $7.5! I told myself: Let's give it a try now I'm here. Surprisingly it was good. It tasted fresher and at the same time tastier and more delicious in comparison with the Chickens I have tried from Safeway and Co-op. I don't know if that is in that location or other locations have the same level.
(Photo: Wal-Mart chicken comes in two falavours in this undisclosed location!)

Friday, October 30, 2020

The Evil Woman

I have already written about my interview at the job that I'm currently holding. A woman was introduced to me in the company's Christmas Party as someone who had been on maternity leave at the time. She later rejoined the company in early year with a good position. She saw me at work and called me by name! I was surprised. I knew she had know interest in me. A mother of three and married with a new born and a good office position who doesn't do anything but answering phones, laughing with other drivers and probably writing a few e-mails! Her job doesn't even require a high school diploma. Everyone could do that. I guess all you need to know is how suck up to the manager or interviewer and there you go: You got the job, particularly if you're a woman! 
Don't call me sexist or misogynist or any other shit like that. A company which hires a holder of B. Sc. in Chemistry, if it's valid and legit, and if she was not the bottom of the class, from a Third World Country which has no reputation for intelligence and put her in charge of Operations is nothing but a bunch of fool loser! 
The woman has always a smile which I finally realized that is fake! Smiling outside and all the dirt and filth is inside! But everyone eventually shows their real face, if they have two. I started sending e-mails to improve performance, increase quality and decrease cost but she did nothing. She just answered my first e-mail and it was a lie and ignored the second one. That was when I stopped writing to her. She, however, kept a friendly and nice relationship, although I don't work under her management, directly. I realized I had no chance to get to the office. So I said: The hell with them. If I list a number of disgusting things that she has done recently, you would agree with me that it is a nasty, evil woman. Once he bought Durian and kept that in the office for three days to becomes doddered and then took them home to enjoy! The entire place smelled like there was a gas leak and no one dared saying a word! The other time a customer wanted to get into the loading bay to have something he had purchased loaded to his truck while she was parked there. She ignored the fact that the customer was there and didn't move her car! We had to ask the customer to go to another loading bay! It was unbelievable especially because she kept apologizing without moving the car! We all thought she would but sat at the damn desk and gazed at the monitor, pretending that she was working! I think if she had been in the interview, she would have not hired me. It's obvious that she ignored my advises as a specialist because she felt that her position might be in danger. I just try to stay as far as possible from her, now that what kind of witch she is!
(Photo: The office woman is really pretty but similar to this photo she's dark and ugly inside)

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Second Iraqi Whom I Met

I realized a new employee had been added to the department next to us, a little than two month ago. I always take the first step, maybe not always, but most of the time, when it comes to making new friends. With women I'm shy but with men, for friendship only, I have no issue. So I started talking to this guy by bringing up the place he is from! I had been told that he was from Iraq but wanted to see what he says. I asked him if he was from Tikrit! He said he was from Baghdad and asked me if I knew anyone from that town? I said: Yes. Saddam Hussein! That didn't set him off and later on we spoke a little until we got a chance to get together in a cafe. From what I understand he is an educated guy from a good family. He now drives a car which looks brand new and it's a bit odd for someone who is new to Canada and just lives by himself. It means he has money that is brought from the oil-rich country. 
I learnt interesting things about Iraq that I never knew and was curious about. The country that invaded my country of origin and then we fought for 8 freaking long years, the longest war in the 20th century with no winner at the end and just left two devastated country and billions of dollars wasted and millions killed, wounded and or disappeared. Being a Sunni Muslim and a very religious one too, now he has doubts! some of interesting things that I know from him now include: 
1- While Syria was supporting Iran during the war, Jordan, ruled by King Hussein, was backing Iraq. Both countries received billions of dollars from the supported countries either in shape of crude or cash. According to this new friend, Jordan is now a very nice country with everything they need! Grew from zero to all in 8 years. That's always the nature of war: While there're countries that get devastated, the others benefit, grow and enjoy. 
2- The city of Khorramshahr was captured by Iraqis at the beginning of the war but then was liberated by Iranian forces. The seize took a little more than 13 months and when I asked him why the Iraqi forces were easily defeated and ran away like rabbits he said because they were cowards!
3- Despite his education and this doesn't have anything to do with the war(!), he never worked in his field. He was in crude trade or something like that. Here, even if the job market was good, it would not be easy for him to find a well-paid job.
Iraqi soldiers ran away from the city of Khorromshar in southwestern Iran in May of 1982. They even left their helmets as seen here
I will never know this guy, I'm sure! Despite the things that he has told me, it is still a question for me as how he got a nice care and why he would go to Starbucks and spends $18 on two cups of coffee and two small cookies! People, many of them, are not what they seem. I hope this one is not a dangerous one! I'll write more about him soon.
(Photo: This is a memorial for the soldiers who were killed during the 8-year Iran-Iraq War from the Iraqi side. If you can read Arabic you can see that the name of different countries have been written on the memorial wall including Sudan, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan and even a piece of shit land called Mauritania! Not to mention that there are shit-lands, without a doubt! This clearly proves that Iraq was not alone in the war. The Western countries supplied them with all the weapons and the Arab countries with soldiers. On the top reads: There's no room for Ba'ath Party [the party of Saddam Hussein] in today's Iraq! The thing that I hardly believe. Ba'ath Party in today's Iraq is accused of helping, aiding and suppling ISIS which is another topic to cover)

Monday, October 26, 2020

A Subsequent Outage: Internet!

When I came back home after the power was back on last week, I realized that the internet was down! Now that the entire half of the day was wasted and that was the only think I needed! So I got on the phone with this Shaw guys! What a hassle! These guys nowadays encourage you to communicate with text message which is awful but I had no choice because I would have had to wait for the phone for more than 1 freaking hour! So I started exchanging text messages with a guy and with no exaggeration, I spent 1 hour without a result! The guy eventually related the internet outage to power outage! I don't know how their relationship could be except for the period that the power is out! 
I checked the modem the next morning and same problem. At the end of the working day when I came home, again Internet was down but I used any opportunity I got, at work, to send them a message! It was working in the afternoon and I sighed but again the next day when I came home it was down! I got really mad but what could I do? I have a stupid contract with these guys! So I contacted then again and this time their step by step instruction worked and I haven't had any issue ever since!
(Photo: Lack of connection to the worldwide web usually comes with a message and a small dinosaur! I never knew what the dinosaur might indicate! Does it mean that lack of internet would take us millions of years back to the era that dinosaurs were roaming around?!)

Sunday, October 25, 2020

A Ridiculous Increase

There was a discussion, as part of a meeting, this past week that there will be a wage increase for a number of employees who their performance is considered good! So this past Fri., which was a payday, I checked my pay-stub. There was an increase! A ridiculous and stupid amount:  $0.37!!
I don't even know why they bothered! If I work 40 hours a week, which is usually more than that, the total increase would be $14.80 and in a month, disregarding the overtime, would be $59.20
I had a number of mistakes and then a few snitches complained about me. So my file is really not clean but at least I expected them to increase it by $0.50 and they even denied that! With the job market so bad, I guess I have no choice but to stick to this stupid job and survive. 
(Photo: A rally in the US to request to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour. An increase of such nature could cost millions to businesses which would lead to thousands of job cuts. A problem that Capitalists have not been able to overcome after decades!)

Friday, October 23, 2020

The Disaster of a Power Outage in Canada

I was on the phone with a Financial Advisor from my bank, after a short visit to a branch, and just when he said that he had sent an e-mail to me I realized that there was no power!! I had never seen something like this, in fact since the old days in the old country. There were, at times, power outages in the old country and there were result of two phenomena:
1- During the war years, 1980-1988: During these years there were at times blackouts or power outages as this was considered a defense mechanism when the enemy planes would show in the skies. I don't know how effective it was. As well there were power outages due to shortage of fuel for power plants. Also there was this rummer, once I remember clearly after all these years, that the enemy bombers have bombed, for example, this power plant! I don't know how true it was. There was never an official explanation or alert
2- After the war: The power outages were very rare but occurred. The reason, if I remember correctly, was indicated as some technical difficulty.
An oil lamp similar to what I, at times, used in the old country to study. Something similar to this goes for $100 or more on websites
With that in mind when I saw the power outage I was not prepared because an incident of such here in Canada could be fatal while in the old country you only lose a couple of hours or more of TV program! As unimportant as that! I remember that there were even night that I studied using old oil lamps and it was okay. Here as soon as the power is out, if you don't get out of the house, if you can(!), you're dead! You cannot cook and eat because the damn stove or range is powered by electricity. You cannot check anything because both your computer and internet are powered by electricity and you might even not be able to get the hell out of the house because your garage door is powered by electricity as well! 
I was lucky on that day because I had parked in front of the house. So I jumped in the car and went to the first McDonald's but before that I called to report the outage and I was told, after calling the Calgary area number, that I should have called Fortis. I was given the number and I reported the outage to a, of course, automated system! In the McDonald's I realized that Fortis Alberta handles the power generation and supply at parts of the province and I saw a map with good detail including the time that the power would be back on: 18:30. 
So I said to myself that the entire afternoon is gone! I wanted to do some job searching and application and instead I contacted Lazy Ass and went to his place. This time though, unlike the other times, he took me to damn Burger King and I had an awful meal. We were supposed to watch a movie on his big screen TV which he had recently bought but a buddy of him called and he ditched me with some bullshit story but I think it had something to do with an illegal way that he makes money! I said: f*ck it! I headed back home and luckily, as the website had said, the power was back on but the damn internet was down! That is the subject of the next post! 
(Photo, top: A resident, with the help from a military person, is covering their windows during the WWII in the US in order to protect the property from the anticipated Japanese bombing in California. I remember that we did the exact same thing during the devastating 8-year war, especially the first year) 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

My Experiences with POF

I decided to try POF once back in 2016 and the result was quite disappointing. Only met one woman and that was a disastrous meeting. I, on that time, was in much worse shape (shit!) that I'm now. So I didn't care much. The woman was ugly and I mean really ugly and at time we spent some hour or so outdoors in chilly whether, walking! At the end I gave her my e-mail address but she never contacted me!
Then I decided to give it a try two months back and I had a couple of good starts which didn't take me anywhere and eventually got to meet two women at the same day! The first one asked me to join her " for a walk ". We ended up walking up and down the damn hills of Nose Hill Park for 1 hour and a half! If it was a normal day and normal life, I wouldn't mind that but for someone who works 6 days a week and normally between 8.5 to 9 hours, the 7th day is usually a relaxed day. Then another stupid thing happened. I asked her if she wanted to join for a coffee and she said she only drank coffee in the morning and for contacting, again, another stupid idea: Join me on Whatsupp! Can you believe this crap?! The other thing that I forgot to say is that was the same freaking woman that I had seen back in 2016! I asked her if we had met and she denied! My assumption was either she had amnesia or pretends not to remember me! 
Anyways the next day I installed the damn app and she added me and we exchanged a message or two. But then I told me: What the hell are you doing?! Are you so desperate to associate with someone as crazy as this old woman who instead of exchanging numbers wants to communicate through mobile apps?! I deleted her from the list first and then eliminated the app from my phone! I always hated these seasonal and frequent changes in the silly social media: Facebook, Whatsupp, Instagram, LinkedIn and all the similar shit. I never had a profile on any and despise them all. Why the hell would I violate my own rule just to possibly be with a crazy old woman! Fuck it!
I didn't get the chance to meet the other one but at least she gave me her number and we spoke! Her craziness has probably another shape!
(Photo: Nose Hill Park which used to be called Nose Hill Environmental Park in a cold fall day. I did so much cycling back in there back in early 2000's when there was no sign, bench, garbage bin, etc. put there by the municipality. I had a 9.1 KM walk after 6 freaking days of work with this woman who said we WERE GOING FOR A WALK! It was not simply a walk and it's not the only reason why I prefer not to see that woman again!)

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Lazy Ass's Long List: Uptown Pizza

I, now, have visited Lazy Ass three times in his new place and every time we go out to eat. That's mainly because he has a long list of good places that we can enjoy food, mostly East Indian. This time he suggested to try Vietnamese but I'm off Noddles and that kind of shit but the place we went to had no less carbohydrate than the place we were supposed to go, firstly! 
We went to this bistro/cafe in downtown called Uptown Pizza where they serve East Indian food and drink alongside Pizza! I left it to him to order our food as he's the expert. We got a Rice dish, which contained colourful Rice and meat, possibly Lam(!) and a tray of two bowls, one contained Ground Meat and Potato with a sprinkle of Parsley and the other one Split Peas with a plate of Bread. The food was hot, spicy and delicious but it had so much fat, carbohydrate and oil than I didn't have anything but water and coffee the next day until 05:00 PM! Lazy Ass had even a bottle of Mango Drink which was from there for $2.99 but I guess they had bought it for $0.30 probably! It was bottled in Pakistan, I later read. 
A rice dish from Indian sub-continent is called Biryani and contains White Rice, some vegetables and a sort of meat. The interesting and totally coincidental thing is is a completely different dish which is only served in Isfahan, Iran is called the same!
The funny thing is on the way home, Lazy Ass stopped at a Burger King and got himself two Cheeseburgers, a large Soda and a Hershey Pie! I first thought he was joking when he said he was going there but it was no joke! I got a pie as well for tomorrow but if this guy gets any sort of serious illness in about 5 years or so, I won't be surprised! 
(Photo, top: The dynamite tray, I would like to call it. It has so much fat, cholesterol and carbohydrate that could stop some people's heart!)

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Peanut Cookie

The disgusting, nasty, redneck previous owner of the property didn't live any of the appliances manual for me. I really wanted to use the oven of the electric range but didn't want to cause any damage. So I decided to ask the neighbour who seems a nice lady and we once have talked. I heard noises from her place one day and I realized he was moving stuff around in the balcony. I asked her from my side if I she thought our appliances were the same. She did not think so but agreed to lend me her range's manual. I quickly took a look and found the document and returned the original to the neighbour.
That's when I baked the Peanut Cookies. But then I thought to myself: If a Peanut Cookie, according to Kraft, is simply made of Peanut Butter, Brown Sugar and Egg, why don't I eat it the way their are mixed, without baking?! I mean we all eat the three ingredients, some on daily basis. Don't we? In that case I not only save electricity but can enjoy a sort of raw food! 
Peanut Cookies under the dome! The muffins are store bought and they're not by the way. Raisin Bran by Compliment
Anyways the result was not bad. I think I just have to bake less, if I'm baking it at all. I will give a few to the neighbour lady as she said that she would look into anything that I may bake and of course a number for Mom and Farzin. I stopped eating Butter years ago perhaps 15 years ago or more and switched to Peanut Butter because a good Peanut Butter, not a disgusting once which is made by No Name or other fraudulent, disgusting, commercialized retailers, has no Cholesterol and even has good Protein. This was something never known in the old country and I'm happy to enjoy that. At times, at work, two teaspoons of Peanut Butter and I'm good to go for another 2 hours. 
However because of what I wrote above, I think, I would bake other things in my oven rather than Peanut Cookie. I would go for Pizza, Pita and even Subway Bread
(Photo, top: Peanut Cookies before they're going to the oven)