Monday, August 24, 2020

A Chance of 1.45%

The job market is really bad these days but there're positions. I started looking again and I will be looking more seriously starting September. My source is Indeed and at times I get good messages from them. 
There was a position in southern Alberta nearly two weeks ago and I applied. Not very attractive but better than the sh*t job that I've been doing for the past few months. Indeed sent me a message last week indicating that the employer is still looking at the candidates and no decision has been made. I also realized that I am amongst 68 other people who have also applied for this position! This means that I have 1.45% chance of being picked for the interview! That's how bad the unemployment rate is at the moment. I have to keep applying though. Never stop fighting! 
(Photo: A U of C economist named Trevor Tombe has presented this graph which shows the gap between the population growth in Province of Alberta and the available workforce [in red]. The difference is significant. I think the data has been provided by Statistics Canada)

Saturday, August 22, 2020

What Canada Has Become

I have written about stereotyping in Canada and how the governments usually condemn that. Wrong! When you let cheap, low-moral, human-like creatures in the country in hundreds of thousands, you are making a mess that you would never get out of that, even if you did your best. The stupid Government of Canada, for profit purposes has let so many people in that the demography of the Canadian society has been changed drastically! 
This could be seen in communities such as Surrey, Brit " SHIT " Columbia(!), Abbotsford, Brit " SHIT " Columbia, Brampton, Ontario and Northeastern quadrant part of Calgary, Alberta. Not to mention that there are literally thousands of other neighbourhoods, communities and perhaps towns in Canada that now when you enter them, as my buddy, The Mumbling Guy, said it once, and he's East Indian himself(!), you don't feel you're in Canada!
Filthy streets, rundown houses, beat up vehicles, men, women and children with strange and usually shabby cloths. long beards and filthy shoes, tiny fraudulent businesses which only serve their own people, you name it! 
With that in mind it was in the news recently that a newly opened store in northeastern quadrant of the city of Calgary had promised top the first 100 buyers that they would get a free pressure cooker on the grand opening day. Thousands of people showed up and a melee started! People were rushing to the door and the store staff had to eventually and out of desperation call CPS before anybody got killed! 
I guess it was out of luck that no one lost their lives but consider another factor: Coronavirus and social distancing!! Do these people understand or even care?! No! All they care about is their cheap disgusting life and saving a few Cents, not knowing that their low life now could be seriously in danger if they do not consider the pandemic fact. I felt sorry for myself that waited 5 years to get my visa to the country that all their Government care about is increasing the population so they can get more tax, destroy more of the nature and make more money.
(Photo: East Indians at the entrance of the newly opened grocery store in northeastern quadrant of city of Calgary, hoping to save a dollar or two and get a free pressure cooker. I bet many of them got pressured and almost got cooked!) 

Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Signing (Not The Shining!)


I went to a property lawyer's office yesterday for what's called signing. It is basically a process that legally transfers a property to you. There are endless number of papers that you'd have to sign and the so-called lawyer just gives you a hint as what it is and slide it over you to sign. Paper for your bank, paper for the Provincial land title office, paper that you need to confirm your marital status, etc. At times you need to sign 4 copies of each because each goes to one person. 
I went to a nearby bank after the session and got the money for the transfer. The money, in the form of draft, comprised of the down payment and the lawyer's fee. There's more to it but has nothing to do with this session. I will need to pay the Property Insurance and the Property Tax.
I have about 2 weeks to move and gain the legal possession. I'm hoping that I can relax and enjoy the place after that. I hope it worth all the hassle!
(Photo: My file, was literally and without any exaggeration as big as one of these which are piled up here!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Signs of Great Canadian Economy

With the Liberal government in hot water these days, after the cabinet shuffle which resulted in resignation of the scandalous Finance Minister, things do not seem so good in the country. However the Province is determined to reopen the schools in September and the majority of the businesses are back to full operation. The stupid Government of Canada thinks the more refuges they let in the country, the greater the economy becomes! Wrong and stupid. The disadvantages that the refugees and even the immigrants, when they are let in un-screened, and overwhelmingly in excessive amount, are way more than their advantages and I have seen that in every immigrant and refugee that I have met and even sensed that in Canadians.
With that in mind I'm going to share you signs of great country of Canada and how well we're doing with providing the above picture. This was taken in 4th St., SW in Calgary which is known as Mission neighbourhood. For those ones who are not familiar with Calgary, I have to say that Mission is a nice neighbourhood with big expensive houses with yards full of beautiful flowers, mostly which used to have some unique stores in the city and now they are mostly gone. Forzani Tech Shop, Urban Barn, a number of independent boutiques and similar, a few good restaurants, etc. Now look what they have been replaced with: The disgusting, filthy, nasty Dollarama and a mind-altering and addictive substance retailer, a Cannabis store! 

Bill Morneau, the Liberal Finance Minister resigned as a result of a scandal which he and the Prime Minister were part of it
Bill Morneau, the Finance Minister of the Liberal Government resigned from his position yesterday as a result of a scandal that he and the Prime Minister were part of it 

Basically the disgusting Liberal government when they won the election back in 2015, when the stupid, mindless Canadians vote for them, they legalized Cannabis in order to make people more delusional and stupid by consuming that disgusting substance so they could robe the nation much better, like they have just done recently! Kudos to you Canadians! 
(Photo, top: Canada is claimed to be a G7 country and G7 countries are the ones which are considered the major developed[!!!!!!] countries of the world. If this is developed with Cannabis and Dollarama stores, homeless people and filthy Wal-Disgusting-Mart, then Bangladesh, Burkina Faso and countries of similar soon pass Canada!)

Saturday, August 15, 2020

To be or not to be (Afraid of Failure)?

I wrote CQE examination of ASQ twice back in 2006 within a few months apart and failed both times. I was afraid of failure and postponed the exam after the failures and never wrote it again! That was stupid.  Here I am now in 2020 working a minimum wage job like an idiot, struggling in my life! That, in fact, has not been the only mistake of mine which resulted in today's miserable life but I was afraid of failure and the money I would lose. Besides I was lazy. Arnold Schwarzenegger is known by everyone around the world as a bodybuilder first and a successful actor after that. Not to mention his success in politics by becoming the governor of California and the affair that he had with his maid! I don't think he's just someone that you would want to look up to, to build up your life but he once, recently, said something really true: Don't be afraid of failure. It's easier said than done because every failure costs you. And costs you a lot. Last year I attended the CBSA College and spend more than 4 months there and just less than a week from graduation I was thrown out! I probably didn't as hard as I should have done but I tried and was not afraid of trying and was hopeful but I think that an empty hope! The majority of the students at the time succeed and they all are now working across the country and enjoying the benefits but that 4 months and few days resulted me in going back home with my tail behind my legs and starting job search again! I think going there was a mistake from the beginning . I don't perform very well in schools like that which requires you to stay in a damn dorm. Besides I'm not good at memorizing a whole bunch of items in such a short period of time. Shitty food, restrictions in the dorm, some stupid instructors who simply don't like you because you're different from others, were amongst the factors which led to my failure but these are all excuses. I should not have started that in the first place. I even at time had difficulty understanding the instructors! My mistakes started when The Lady left and I thought I could try something completely new and tried to join CAF. That was the start of downhill for me! I wasted a whole year waiting to go to CFLRS and then left there unsuccessfully as well! I was not afraid of failure but that was a costly failure! If I had spent all those months on courses, studies and job search, I would have reached some stable job by now. So should one risk or should they not? Should they be afraid of failure or not? My answer is risking and failure are acceptable until a certain age and after that would be possible to compensate. (Photo: Arnold in one of my all time favorite movies, Total Recall, 1990. One of the greatest of all time)

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Better Weather Now

After a week, or more, of warm weather, which is considered hot in Canada, It got cool again a day, or two ago. It was around 8 ℃ last night and I had to use my thick blanket. Was cold as well while driving to work but cold is always better than warm for me. I can put as much as I want on when it's cold but when it gets warm, I can't take everything off. People here, in Canada, and mostly Caucasians always complain about the weather, especially when it's a bit cold and is snowing. And I always make fun of them! I even have told a few of them to move to Saudi Arabia where never rains or snows! 

(Photo: Beautiful clouds are forming in northern Calgary. It could be the sign of a thunderstorm)

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Nothing is Free in Waterworld

A conversation with a couple of fella coworkers led to gaming a few weeks ago and I told the one, who sounded like a gaming expert(!), that I used to play Operation Flashpoint and asked him what was hot during the days. He named me Call of Duty: Warzone and mentioned that it was free to download. So I went home and found the website and started downloading: It took nearly 8 hours to download the damn game!
The next day, after work, I intended to try it. The game ran very slowly and then boom! Shut down! Apparently my Video Ram was not adequate enough to support the damn game! That was the meaning of a free game! I then found a free time and went to a computer shop. There I was told that it'd cost nearly $160 to make the PC capable of gaming. In fact Call of Duty games are not new to me. I got a kit in 2006, a set of disks and they didn't work on my PC so now I may get the chance to run it on this newly upgraded one! These days, many games are offered online. I got the board installed and then tried to play the presumed free game. Let me tell you: It is a total disappointment!
A scene from the great movie Waterworld. Costner, in a conversation at the beginning says that line which I have used as the title to another sailor in response to him saying I give it to you for free. Great movie
After spending $160 and three trips to the damn computer store, I faced with a story that I don't like at ll. First of all I have to go find cash! Can you imagine that!? You're in the middle of a firefight and instead of capturing somewhere. freeing a mate or killing the bad guys you are going to dwellings to find bags of cash and then a helicopter comes and you have to deposit the fund! The other thing is you are part of a team and you need to communicate with them in regards to your so-called mission. So you need a microphone! That's another expense for this so-called free game. Not to mention that the developer constantly offers different missions, weapons and accessories that you eventually would need to be able to fight. 
Now that I have installed the game and paid that much, I might as well play when I have time but I need that damn mic. or I cannot talk to the guys.
(Photo, top: These characters attack you in the game, violently and kill you in an instance. They look like Russian girls and the whole atmosphere of the game looks Russian or any other Eastern European region)