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More on the Fruits

With the damn weather still smoky and even not breathable and irritating for many, we decided to have another trip to Red Lodge U-Pick this past weekend. It was also because we had not picked enough due to shortage of cash. This time the owner, Gary , an old gentleman in his late 60's I would say was there and greeted us warmly. We told him that we already had been there. This time he directed us to the last rows which the branches of the trees were bowing because of the number of the Sour Cherries they each had! I followed the In-process Inspection procedure(!) and checked each and every piece I picked and reduced the waste very close to zero.  The weather was better than Calgary area. Less smoke and a little breeze. We also picked Raspberries . They're much harder to pick. The bushes or shrubs, whatever is correct is shorter; so you have to kneel and approach the pieces from below. The good thing about Raspberry is if it's been ripened, you can have it in your b

Once a Peasant, Always a Peasant

I've taken this idiot with me to hiking two times so far and the only regret I have is not reaching the summit in the second which was actually my own fault although I kept him waiting for almost 2 hours! I made sure I had selected the furthest possible spot for hiking because he was the one who brought his car! I know this guy was from a village and although he has a Master's he still is a moron from a village with the slightest clue about his surroundings! Here are a few great moments with this genius: 1- We were walking up Mount. Coulthard trail where at spots shrubs of Wild Raspberry is grown. I started picking them up and eating tehm. They are so good. This freaking idiot goes: People were probably walking here and threw out Raspberries and their seeds got in to the soil and now these are grown here!  2- We went further up until we reached the DC-3 Dakota Airplane Crash Site where a small beautiful waterfall exist. He asked me: Where does this water come fr

The " Cursed " Wedge(!)

I had been planning to go back to The Wedge for over 2 weeks in order to reach the summit until I eventually was able to do that on Mon. but the result was a failure again! I woke up in the morning and look out the window and to my surprise it looked cloudy! I had checked the damn forecast in the previous 5 days, 3 times a day at least(!) and it always said sunny. What the hell just happened? I dropped The Lady at work and headed west on Trans-Canada Highway . Then I turned the radio on to see what they say: Wildfires on northwestern state of the US . I was kind of doubtful weather I should go or not and that led to waste of a lot of time. I finally reached the parking lot of Wedge Pond at about 10:40 and started the hike at around 10:50. There was nobody on the trail and it looked different from the two previous hikes. A thick cloud of smokes had covered the entire area which made the hike not very enjoyable as no view was available although I had seen everything previously. 

A Bad Day: 24-Aug-2015

I consider yesterday Mon. 24-Aug-2015 a very bad day. I didn't get laid off in that day! I didn't have a serious accident in that day or I didn't have a major loss in the day but it was a bad day because: 1- I had planned for over 2 weeks or so to go up The Wedge in Kananaskis and reach the summit. Well it didn't happen! I got one more hour up and I headed back down! The weather was terrible and I hated myself not being able to do that. More detail in the next post. 2- The price of crude went below $40 and got to $38.24 per barrel . They say it go down deeper. Who knows what is going to happen in 2016 but many believe that it will be a catastrophic year, particularly for Albertans .  Took this photo around 19:15 on Bow Valley Trail. Sun is easily visible without any protection for eyes 3- On the way back from my failed attempt to The Wedge I heard on the radio about a fatal crash near Morley . I got myself to Highway No. 1 and that was it. the tra

Red Lodge Farm

This weekend we had the plan of going to this orchard to pick Sour Cherry , the fruit which is not favoured here in West but surprisingly exists! We had picked them earlier in Surrey and The Saskatoon Farm . Red Lodge U-pick is near town of Bowden in central Alberta . It felt a little too long to reach there but we were able to find the place quite easily. The one problem was when we were almost at Red Lodge Provincial Park on westbound Highway 587 , we saw a sign which was directing to the orchard (saying 6 Km) but without stopping, in the corner of my eyes I also saw, below it: Closed! So I was a bit surprised as why it would be closed on a weekend, especially because i had called earlier and the message on the phone indicates nothing about closure. We kept going and when we reached Range Road 31 and I was ready to make a left, I saw the same sign that I had seen in Google Maps with this difference that I was able to read it, on the road. The same Closed was written but on

Evaluation without Evolution!

We have had this really ridiculous performance review once a year for the past 4 years. Mine has been steady the same, let's say B, if we have 4 groups with A being the best. This years it took me 01:15 and mostly agreed with whatever nonsense the sup. said just because I wanted to get over with it because I hardly think it affects anything, most importantly the salary. I've been on a sort of ban for over 6 months or more, simply because I disagreed with a bullshit the sup. and other said. For that reason I didn't expect a B this year but he said he was happy with my performance generally.  I had mentioned that I'd be taking a course in 2016 and he asked me whether that was mandatory or not?! I said it was, sort of, with the hope that I can get his approval to be paid for that next year. I haven't really studied well for that yet. I have to order a few (to be exact two for the beginning) books to come from the States . Due to the cost of shipping I wanted them t

Damn Fitbit Flex

I finally had to pay for Fitbit wristbands. Something around $30 or a little bit more. I bought a pack of three from SportChek . The original two wristbands both got ripped off after a short time. The first one, which was a large size and fitted me, after probably 6 months and the second one lasted even less than that because obviously it was small for me. I used tape to hold it together(!) until one day it was about to fall off my wrist on a hiking trip and that was then I decided to buy this new pack. The pack of three comes in three delicious(!) colours but the locking piece is made of very brittle plastic and it broke shortly after I bought the damn thing! I could not believe this but I was lucky that I had kept the one from the original wristband.  Now that I've been given a new tracking device I feel that it's not working properly. I feel that it shows more activity than what I actually I perform but what the hell!? It's working now and the annoying part is it

Hiking Stick

Hiking Stick or as some call it trekking pole (it has other names as well) comes handy in hiking and scrambling. I've even seen people, mostly elderly, to use them in parks. I once considered buying a pair and checked a local sport shop. A simple telescopic pair, I guess it was, cost some $80 . Although helpful, I would never spend that much on a pair of plastic/metal rods. The poles also come with a sort of end cap which is designed to be helpful in snowy and icy paths. They easily come off for normal hiking. Still does not interests me to spend that much.  I've used a wooden stick for a long time. I once found a strong and long branch beside Bow Valley Parkway . I guess it was early last year or so (early in hiking season). I've been using it since. There are a few advantages with that: 1- If you get stricken by lightning, a hiking pole could somehow be dangerous and deadly. While a branch has no issue. 2- If you drop it during your trip or forget it somewhere,

Contract Work and Death Row

Capital Punishment was removed from Canadian Criminal Code in 1976 . I don't know if Death Row ever existed in the code or not but it does in the States where execution still takes place in the country. Just a few months ago I heard on the radio that Firing Squad might replace Fatal Injection, I guess, it was in Utah ! The reason being the poison is very costly and ineffective at times! The concept of Death Row is very disturbing. According to what I've read, a person could be on Death Row for years, waiting for execution on the day it has been determined. I guess other countries have that as well, may be the UK , or maybe I'm wrong. In comparison Contract Work which is very common in West and then the fucking bastards of the old country learned from them, is quite similar to Death Row! You have a contract for a certain time to do something while you do most likely you'd be kicked out after that. What intensive would you have to focus on your job and do it the b

Returning to the Ice

This past afternoon we finished our 4th session of Skating in Olympic Oval . It is good to have the chance of practicing and exercising in a cool place where the outside temperature is above 30 degrees C . It is a small group with the majority of the people a little above beginner. This class is held twice a week which is not bad. Our instructor is a little off but overall she's OK.  The tight skates does not bother me as much as they used to do in level 1 or 2 and I don't get tired as much as when we practice in Crowchild Twin Arenas but that is basically because we stop at times and just listen to her! 45 minutes is nothing, especially if you do not have much movement for probably half of the time.  (Photo; People practicing speed skating in Olympic Oval in U of C)

Network Addiction

One of the problems that today's society is facing with, and it's not limited to North America , I even noticed that back in the old country when I visited there last year, maybe not to the same level as here, is network addiction. People barely get their electronic devices, mostly cellular phones, away from themselves. It's a part of their body now! I had cellular phone from 1999 to 2014 ! I cancelled my service last Sep. which sounded odd to many. Some didn't even believed me. thinking I intentionally hide my number from them! Even when I had the cellphone, I never had the luxury that majority people use on daily basis: Caller ID, Voicemail, Texting, etc. It was a basic service. Though I decided to get rid of it for the reasons I have explained a few of them.  This is one side of the problem. The other side is the idiots who barely make the end's meet and want always have the most updated handset and service! My last handset, which I still have it and used

Mt. Coulthard

For the second time in the past 3 weeks I selected one of the furthest possible areas that you could go hiking, simply because the same guy whom I took to Plateau Mountain , had showed interest to join! Our last trip, just to trial-head, was around 150 km , one way. This time I made sure we'd go further. I convinced him, indirectly, I would say or I can even say that I lured him to go to Crowsnest Pass area and hike to Dakota DC-3 crash site in Coleman . This was 240 km , one way! and of course the final destination was a mountain, Mt. Coulthard on Alberta-B. C. border.  With that in mind I have to add that a RCAF DC-3 plane hit the mountains and fell in the woods south of town of Coleman in Alberta in Jan. of 1946 . The plane was carrying 7 crew and was on its way from British Columbia to Nova Scotia when the incident occurred and all the poor people died. I don't know much more about the incident but since then the site has been a popular hiking, biking and of

The Ugly & Fool

There was this idiot piece of shit that I went to Edmonton with once. We were sent there by the company to do a shit job. I didn't mind it. Was go to be away from the damn office for a day even when I had to drive for 300 Km! Then a year after that, yes after a whole year, we hit it off and we decided to go on a few short hiking trips.  I enjoyed them all because he was being nice and helpful. I even said to him that I would like to go with him because I felt comfortable during the hike, beside him. I don't know what that meant to him. He finally quit the company and left last Dec. He said he would stay in touch so I told him to let me know when he's here so we could go for a few hike. The asshole was here without letting me know. Instead he hung out with other buddy of me whom he always kept our comings and goings a secret! I really didn't understand why he did that but he did it! The other guy was surprised too. The only thing I can think of is that he was offende

A Very Beautiful Storm

We went for a little walk and wanted to buy a few small things from a local supermarket. The weather was felt as it was congested. There were so may clouds in the sky and mo wind had made them stagnant. There was no rain though. So you felt a sense of suffocation with the heat. I guess in the past 3 days of the weekend it the temperature was fluctuating in a narrow range of 28 to 31 degrees C . We were waiting for a little rain all Mon. after to cool off but rather than a few drops we didn't see anything.  Today more the clouds were seen in the sky so I took my raincoat in the morning. At noon it was clear again so when I went for my usual noon walk I only had my shirt on. On the way back from work and even earlier, the weather got dark again but nothing was coming down. When I reached home and was changing to get ready for our new skating class, the storm hit!  It was so intense that it felt like being under fire of 50 mill. caliber machine gun or something similar(!) with

25 Years after Kuwait's Invasion

I have never been able to understand what possibly was going on in the mind of someone such as Saddam Hussein who kept his country in war for almost 15 years . This apparently is not considering the years after he was captured, by the US troops, tried, charged and executed. If we consider the that time, I should say that the country have been involved with in a war for the past 27 years , maybe with a few months of break in between, if we look positively! This criminal, Saddam , first invaded Iran in 1988 , thought he would be able to capture the country in a short time. They were pushed back and then when both nations were ready to end the war, a few criminals who are not much better than Saddam and unlike him are still alive, who had found out that their survival deeply was dependent an continuance of the war, Hashemi Rafsanji for example, refused the ceasefire and the proposed plan of a few neutral countries after 2 years. That resulted in having the war for another 6 year

Farm Day

We turned this first day of Aug. to Farm Day by going to different farms around Highway # 22 or Cowboy Trail in north of Highway # 1 . I had visited the road once but this time I was better familiar, as well we had destinations. The only problem this time was that I didn't have my T5 available to me because of what had happened on the way to Floe Lake , the day before. Our plan was to hit the road in a way to reach the community of Bergen and see Bergen Farmers' Market but the road was longer than what we had expected and we reached there by about 10:45 which was fine. Bergen which has the same name as the Norwegian city in the east part of that country and is be one of the cities that I will visit, hopefully soon, is a very small community close to the Town of Sundre but the farmer's market of it is even smaller!  The Lady was a little disappointed because there were not more than probably 10 merchants putting up their tents beside Bergen Community Hall .

Floe Lake

This weekend I decided to go an area that I had not been to. I checked with my buddy, Hope, whom his story will be mostly be told later, and he was not ready to join so I saddled up and left early for Kootenay National Park in eastern British Columbia . The park borders with Banff National Park so it's not very far but at least you have to drive around a little more than 150 to get there. My aim was Floe Lake, a moderate hike which found very beautiful. Although I had it in my direction guide, which I had extracted from Google Maps , the sign I was looking for did not exist(!) and I was about to miss my turn! At the last moment I turn my head back and saw a sign at the other side of the rode indicating Floe Lake ! Thanks that the road was not very busy in that time. I turned back and pulled into the parking lot. To my surprise there were as many as 10 vehicles, at least were parked! I am always the first one at a trail-head. That was why I was very surprised. My surprise dimin