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Interesting Bow River

I went for a run to the Bow River Pathway but it was so damn cold that I decided just to have a few minutes of walk, take a few photographs and go back home. There they are: Round Ice! This actually was taken yesterday in Fish Creek Provincial Park, of course by the Bow River. It was spinning at the same spot seen in the photo!  There are a few signs similar to this put up at different locations around Bow River. Each has a question. You can find out more about them at: A teacher discussing a topic. Very convincing. Funny! Someone drew this funny cartoon showing a middle finger indicating they not caring about defacing city walls!

Not a White Christmas

I went for a walk and run in the morning today and although it had been said that there would be a chance of snow or flurries, I saw mostly a partially cloudy sky by Bow River . I start my walk at Carburn Park at the east side of Deerfoot Trial , went north on Bow River Pathway and went back. I ran a few last minutes of route and went to the other side of the river where there is a fenced off-leash area and I assume it's Sue Higgins Park. At least it's what Google Maps shows! This actually is a very good idea that has been executed by the municipality because at times it's really frustrating dealing with the dogs on the pathways. They come to you and some expect you to pet them and some look for treats. Just today I had to watch at least 4 damn dogs that the idiot owners did not have them on leash. Anyways the weather was cold and although I had enough on, I wasn't very comfortable but finished my exercise. Workers were working on the ice rink to make it ready,

The Nosedive Continues!

The price of Crude Oil continues to go down and subsequently is the gasoline price. Many might like that but many might lose their jobs as a result of that. Nothing has been announced by my employer yet and people are generally stay positive. We'll see in the next few months. (Photo: A Shell gas station in Calgary shows 87.9 Cents per liter for regular gasoline. That might encourage some to take a trip outside town including me who is looking for a short hike this week, if everything else goes well)


Finally watched this new movie that almost everyone is making a big deal about and it has been in the news for weeks: Interstellar . First of all Interstellar means something situated or occurring between stars. For someone whose first language is not English , I think, it is important to know what the name of the movie means, first. Second of all this has brought attention and interest because it is a Nolan movie and its lead actor is McConaughey . So what’s the big deal with this British guy, Nolan ? He is the director of The Dark Knight series (or trilogy as most like to call it). The movie was a commercial success particularly because of the now deceased Australian actor Heath Ledger and of course the fact that the movie is about a superhero, Batman ! Ledger , I guess had been walking on a ledge for too long and eventually carelessness or maybe just bad luck made him fall to his demise. No! That’s not what happened to him, unlike other starts! I don’t think he had a drug or

I Like the Crude Price a Lot

The price of crude oil is going down on every single day like a big piece of ice melting and going down the drain! There's nothing like that in life that I like better. I will laugh at all the idiots who bought 600K+ homes after only a year and and a half working for these stupid Downtown companies. A society which is based on fake price of not such an important commodity, deserve collapsing. Housing market is going to crash and other industries will suffer as well. No doubt that this City is in a catastrophic situation and needs it. Maybe that's how  people stop from coming here and turning it to a big toilet it is now! It's said that different factors play in this significant decline in crude price: 1- Saudi Arabia deliberately did not agree to reduce production in the recent OPEC meeting. 2- The US 's production has gone up.  3- There's not much demand in the market. I wonder if it has to do anything with the weather which has not been cold in the p

German Trip (10): Unknown Soldier Tomb

The tomb was originally erected in front of the former Army Museum in Munich , the building which is the State of Bavaria administrative department, the government similar to the provincial government in Edmonton , for example. I was coming from the other site, on the sidewalk parallel to Franz-Josef-Straus and noted the building and not knowing what it was, wanted to enter because the building with its nice architecture was very welcoming. An old police officer, in full uniform, was coming towards me when I was getting close to the entrance and I noticed that he was looking directly at me. I asked him a question similar to if public access to the building was permitted and he told me, in very fluent English , that it was a government building and not open to the public. I went around the building and found myself in Hofgarden . It was when I realized the structure in a sunken part, surrounded by thick stone walls. When I went inside, and it seemed to me that no one else wa

The US Sanctions

The US has economic sanction in Iran and a few other countries for years. I don't care about the other countries but would like to write a few lines about the Iran 's. Has it been hard on Iran in the past 30 years and so that the US has started them? Yes. Without a doubt. The country has probably lost billions of dollars to that. No one is actually able to calculate it but it's a lot. This is one example: A few weeks a buddy of mine contacted my and wanted me to get a quote from an engineering company that he had already found on the Web in regards to an equipment that they are to fabricate after the bid they have won. He explained to me a bit and I e-mailed the guys. They requested a few detailed drawings of the items. My buddy sent a bunch and I asked her to get rid of the logos, any name or in general anything that associates with Iran. He said he did and sent me a few files both in DWG and PDF formats. There were a few times of corrections and a few revisio

Roosevelt in Calgary after 71 Years!

This weekend we tried something new which ended in a happy result. We went to Roosevelt in 17th Ave., SW for drink and dinner. Roosevelt is not new to the neighbourhood. They used to operate under Jack's name but when they renovated the whole place, they changed the name as well. I guess it was 2 years ago. Maybe 3. I'm not sure whether there's a relationship between this Roosevelt and the former presidents of the US , Franklin and Theodore   Roosevelt but this one might not be as famous to outsiders. Even I, as an outsider, didn't know there were two presidents of the US named Roosevelt and the only reason I even knew there was a US president named Roosevelt is that him, Josef Stalin and Winston Churchill had a sort of conference in Tehran  during the Second World War . According to the history documents, they gathered in Soviet Embassy in Tehran to discuss the ways to defeat the then Nazi Germany . That was 28-Nov-1943 surprisingly and almost 71 yea

The Second Wave of Cold

Arctic hit Calgary for the second time this year yesterday. I was snowing all day and wind was blowing the snow in to the face of a few pedestrians on the sidewalks. I didn't want to go anywhere like the last time so I went to the exercise room on the treadmill. It was warm and cozy while outside was dark and scary cold. Even I didn't want to risk it!  The morning was not so bad. Only -24 degrees C (!) but I easily got the car started and take The Lady to work. The cold just make you lazy because you know you have to put a whole lot on and you are too lazy to do that so don't move much. That's probably why the coffee houses and bars gets packed jam in winter days like this.  (Photo: The bedroom window was seen frozen from inside for the first time. I had seen something like this before but not in this building. The exhales are warm and as soon as they hit the chilly window all the vapour crystallize and stick to the glass)

Flu Shot: A Big Scam

For people who come to Canada , there are many new concepts. The majority of them good but there are a few evil ones that they have to be smart enough to stay away from. I'm not going to talk about the obvious ones but the ones that people are not aware of and there's lost of advertisement for it, will be hopefully explained and opened up here, as much as possible.  One of the biggest scams in Canada is Flu Shot . Influenza is a type of sickness, if I could call it, which could be caught through virus. So if virus is the cause of this illness, why all of a sudden in winter everyone hoists the flag! I have been living over 10 years in Canada (the exact number of years is irrelevant here) and of course many more years in Iran and never got any Flu Shot and never got sick that bad. The worst that has ever happened is that I had a soar throat and runny nose which went away after 2 or maximum three days of eating hot soup, fruits and maybe at the most, taking 1 or two pil

Cell Free

I have been cellphone free since I returned to Canada from my trip and I feel really good, actually much better compare to the time I had a cellphone. I do not believe you find anyone without a cellphone these days, even among the elderly or very poor. I have to following reasons as why I feel so much better without a cellular phone, or as some call it in other countries, a mobile phone:  1- I don't have an extra bill to pay every month. 2- I don't have to be worried about delayed payment which might affect my credit and get daily calls. 3- I don't have to be worried about forgetting my handset somewhere. 4- I don't' have to charge the battery every few hours or days. 5- I don't have to pay for a new handset every few month or year. 6- I don't have to be worried about overcharges when I am out of the town.  7- I don't have to be worried about the calls that I might receive while I'm driving. 8- I feel free and there's nobody t

Deutche Telecom: A Brutal System

One of the problems I had during my trip to Bavaria was making telephone calls, either nationally, to my cousin whom I couldn't visit eventually and internationally to my family. It's rather stupid that there is no telephone in rooms of Bold Hotel! It means the hotels is designed for locals who have mobile phones only while I saw foreigners in the hotel as well. It is obvious that foreigners could simply get a SIM card or local mobile phone but that would be an extra cost which normally you do not want to pay if there's a telephone in the room. So every time I needed to make a phone call, I would go down to the reception desk and made it from their phone! Good thing is they had two sets! Once I tried to make a phone call from a telephone booth of Deutsche Telecom , as soon as I picked up the receiver a message on the display asked for 20 cents and by 20 cents I mean 20 cents of Euro . I guess that was how much it asked and then I dialed the number and started speaki


The 80th and 90th , I believe, was when the good movie era was about to end. Nowadays you barely find any movie that you go to and come out satisfied. I have had terrible experiences in the past few months; regretted wasting money and time on trashes such as Monument Men , Godzilla 2014 , Fury , Elysium and such. The good thing is there are lots of movies from those days and before that I haven't seen them and now I can purchase their DVD in a reasonable price.  Awakenings is one of them where Robert De Niro and late Robin Williams work together to make this magnificent movie in 1990 . De Niro has been always one of my favorites. His performance in Goodfellas and Cape Fear is unreachable. Williams, on the other hand, has never caught mu attention. The only good movie that I had seen from him was Mrs. Doubtfire prior to Awakenings . His abnormal and psychotic behaviour in his stand up comedy using too much profanity, jumping up and down and screaming and screeching wa

Workplace Stories (15): A Blast to the Mumbling Guy

This fucking stupid stingy animal, The Mumbling Guy , has gone too far recently. I hate him so much and I'm just looking for an opportunity to give him a good lesson. Something just happened last week that made him a bit disappointed and I got happy! We were sitting and talking in his disgusting office and Newlywed , his protege I would like to call him was there as well. A New Message reminder popped up meaning that he had just received an e-mail. He looks and goes: Idiots! I didn't know what it was but by looking at him holding his head in his hand I realised something not pleasant had happened and couldn't help with smiling! He had been scheduled to spend 4 days down in the US for a sort of meeting and the cheap, stingy, fucking bastard was so happy that he would enjoy free food and accommodation for 4 fucking days as well as being away from the office. The new message apparently had changed the venue to somewhere in Canada not too far from the office and reduced th

Johnston Canyon's -24° C Walk

It has been exactly   1 month   since I had a hike today. Unlike my hike to  Kehlsteinhaus   as as it is said in   English -language countries   Eagle's Nest , although that is not its literal meaning, hike to   Johnston Canyon   near town of   Banff   felt like my morning walk to work, in another word a child's play! I truly have no idea why in the hell   Johnston Canyon   has been given this much credit! My guess is the trail is a perfect hike for kids age   4-10 ,   seniors 67+   and of course the wimp, puss and not to forget the pretentious!  So in order to give the hike a little meaning I woke up at 05:30 AM this morning, grabbed my gear and walked to the car. Ignited the engine and did a little scrapping to have it ready for a ride. I wanted to purchase gasoline. Therefore I checked the gas stations on my way to   Highway No. 1   and saw a few of them showing  ¢ 99.9   per liter which is the result of new drop of crude. Happily I drove to the last Shell gas station

Conquering the Cold

I finally overcame the cold and my feat today and went for a run. It was as cold as last night but the good thing was that the wind was not strong and I was able to run with a good speed for 22 min. on the Bow River Pathway ! Although it was around -17 degrees C , I was relaxed and running comfortably. However I had to wait in the damn car for about 7 min. to warm its engine up and defrost the windshield! It was frozen from inside because of my exhales of last night and I had to scrape the ice!  After shower and dinner I went to a local Safeway to buy a little food as the refrigerator was and still is mostly empty. There was barely anything in produce and fresh vegetable section that you could buy! Tomatoes were horrible which mostly are at this time of the year and I guess $2.29 for a Lb or something. The were only two Iceberg Lettuce s left and each $2.99 !! Grapefruit s looked old and the rest were not so appealing so I quickly bought what was available and got out! 

One Hour of Walk in -14 °C

Today was a little bit better than yesterday so I promised myself to go for running. I washed the cloths after work and while the exercise room was available I felt that I could not stay inside so I put my cloths on and went out but this time I went to the east side of the  Downtown  when they are going to have the luxury East Village . The temperature was around -14° C and wind was blowing off and on. I soon realized that I would not be able to run! Therefore I just decided to walk around and see what has happened in the east side of the Downtown . I was hoping not to see Vancouver 's Downtown East Side although the rehabilitation is right there. There were barely anybody out but I saw two runners and one homeless who was wandering around. The pathway and all the surrounding is impressive. They have reconstructed the St. Patrick's Bridge and are in the process of building high-rises in that part of the town, I believe.  I intended two spend more time out but the cold

The Real Canadian Cold

I wanted to go for my usual jogging tonight so waited until almost 06:00 PM for the traffic getting light. And although I check the weather a few times before going out I thought to myself that it should not be very bad. I put a few layers on and went out. It was brutal! I cleaned up the car and headed for Bow River Pathway . I parked and got out. There was absolutely nobody on the path. It was intolerable! I was out for only 5 freaking min. and that was all! I had to go back to the car and drive back home! The temperature was and still is around -17 degrees C which the wind chill brings it down to -28 degrees C ! The wind is of course always worse by the river. A Monkey Hat would help but what the hell! It's funny that I was thinking of going to Jasper this weekend! I don't think it will be possible!

A Redneck Stupid Disgusting Woman

There's this woman who was hired shortly after I was employed and was placed in the work station next to me. We do not work in the same discipline but she was located there in the beginning for a few weeks or months, I don't remember exactly as it was quite a long time ago, due to limited available space. This fucking whore is crazy: Talking to herself, laughing hysterically loudly, you name it. She gets a Starbucks coffee in the morning, of course before stepping in the office and then warms it up in the microwave to drink it! Once we were talking and somehow we got to this discussion of buying property in this city and I go: It's not very good idea to live here forever due to its extreme arctic weather condition, 8 months long winters, etc. The bitch says: Yes! You should leave the city soon! It's obvious she has a problem with foreigners. But how the hell can you make me leave the city moron?! How about thousands more who live here and has no plan to leave? Ea

Back to the Old Country: Day 5 (Fri. 02-Oct-14)

*** This is a postponed post *** Woke up early because we had been to bed early. Fri. Is a disastrous day in Isfahan , I should say. The majority of the businesses either public or private are closed, I would say 99% . We just spent our time on chores. I turned the old PC of The Lady and we did a clean up for that. Then she wanted to scan a bunch of documents of hers and her siblings from the time they had been to primary school, junior, etc.  A few of the documents belong to the time that I had not been born! Food, or better to say homemade meal is usually the best time of the day in Iran . For today’s lunch we had Barely- Mushroom Soup and Eggplant-Whey Meal , both incredibly delicious. I call this photograph The perishing and the unborn . I took it from the small garden of my in-laws in Isfahan. For other flower photographs from different places refer to: In the afternoon I thought I should take a w

Planet of the Apes

I was finally able to see a good movie after a few disappointing ones ( Godzilla , Fury ) but this one is a movie from 46 years ago which I bought from HMV : Planet of the Apes. It is such a brilliant movie that makes it hard to believe that it has been made over 4 decades ago ! Most of the elements in the movie are awesome. A great location is chosen, although even for me who has never been to Grand Canyon , it didn't take long to realize they are there. The story is good and the acting is acceptable for the time. The dialogues of the movie, especially for someone who his first language is not English is a bit hard to understand because they use the words and terms which are barely used in today's conversations.  A question might be what is the sequence of 1) Planet of the Apes , 2) Rise of the Planet of the Apes and 3) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes , while they are other movies in the franchise as well? There is no doubt that movies number 2 and 3 above come after

Changes in Weather

It was said that this last Sep. was one of the warmest in Canada . I didn't feel so much warmth particularly when I went to the old country. The weather was not hot and intolerable. Unlike Sep. and Nov., this month, Oct. started itself with rain and snow right from the beginning.  I went for a little walk yesterday and it was lightly raining but I got socked after a few minutes. So I went back and put proper clothing on so I could have a longer walk.  I started from Stanley Park and headed south. By the time I reached Sandy Beach Park , the snow had been changed significantly by mother nature! You could barely see around yourself and in a few minutes the ground was covered with a layer of snow.  I noticed something moved very fast when I was at St. Mary's Cemetery looking over part of the city and Mission Road. It was this little cute bunny. I could not get closer and having this little camera did not give me a better shot. Unfortunately the trial is closed after t

German Trip (9): Königsplatz and Propylaen

Munich is the birthplace of National Socialist German Worker's Party and there are still many buildings which have survived the fatal battles of the WWII and remind of German Nazis presence from late 1930s to mid 1940s. Berlin , of course, was damaged more intensively compare to other German cities and town but I don't know how German s were resisting during the Allies invasion. I do not remember much about Koln as I didn't get the chance to view all around it due to being with a fucking jerk in my trip to that city but I will check at least 2 or 3 other German cities including Berlin and will read about them.  Konigplatz or King Place or better to translate to English  The King's Square is one of the places in the city that has surviving buildings which were very liked by the Nazi s and is still standing after 69 years of war and 152 years passing their construction. The place's history goes back to King Ludwig 's era. He was one of Bavaria 

Back to the Old Country: Day 4 (Thu. 01-Oct-14)

*** This is a postponed post *** I guess we eventually got our sleeping pattern back. It was disturbing and distasteful. Today was basically spent on more administrative stuff but surprisingly the bank service was really good. The Lady wanted to pay for her passport renewal and we went to this branch of Melli Bank in Saadat Abad St. where we received professional and prompt service. Not surprisingly most of the services work half-day hours today as tomorrow, Fri. is the weekend, unlike West which Sat. And Sun. are the off days of the week. For lunch today the mother-in-law prepared Sweetbread in traditional way which was pleasant. The weather is remarkably mild and I even wear a running suit when I go out because I don’t want to be exposed to extreme sunlight. We went to this confectionery across from the street, called Sogol in the afternoon and purchased a box of pastry (around 1 Kg ) for approximately Rls. 155,000 which equals to almost CND$ 5 . Pastry is a very comm

Fury: The Most Stupid War Movie Have Ever Seen

One thing for sure I did when I returned from my trip was to check what's on the big screen. I realized a few movies and added them to my schedule to watch them all. Fury was one of them which I caught today but DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON FURY. IT IS A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!   This is supposed to be the story of an American tank commander who leads his crew through the WWII and promises them to keep them alive. The story has a very slow beginning and is nothing but a few soldier talk full of profanity and that is it. Then there is a battle scene almost after 45 min. which reminds the audience he or she is watching a war movie.  At this point the American s reach a small town and capture it with not much difficulty and then settle down for a rest. I forgot to mention that before this scene, the Sergeant, the commander tries to man one of his new crew up, the one who's a young fella and has no war experience and for that he forces him to shoot a captured German

Back to the Old Country: Day 3 (Wed. 31-Sep-14)

*** This is a postponed post *** I woke up once around 02:30 AM and went back to sleep. Woke up for the second time at around 06:30 AM and noticed The Lady  was up as well. She said she had been up since 02:30 AM! Obviously we both still are struggling with jet lag phenomena.  So we both went for breakfast. We had our breakfast finished by 07:30 and decided to go to another shopping spree. My mother-in-law’s idea was to take BRT (Yes BRT and that is the exact way they write it on the buses, stations and announcements, in English !) while The Lady insisted on taxi. I didn't know Esfahan even had BRT and to this day I do not know what BRT stranded for. I have seen buses with BRT sign in Calgary but all I know about them is that they were a kind of fast service bus with limited number of stops because I do not take any sort of public transportation service and intend not to do that ever! BRT in Esfahan though, l have to admit its excellence: first of all you have a ca

What Has Canada Done to Itself?!

With these all recent terrorist acts in the country, I hope Canadian s open their eyes and ears and understand this is not 70s and 80s anymore. The Government has let many people in that they simply do not belong. All they care about, and they are people from Pakistan , Iraq , all other Muslim countries, etc, is making money, go around the law and skip income tax, buy a property and scam the Government and charity organizations and get money from them. And of course every now and then, show they hatred by killing a soldier or shooting a bystander.  Do you really think the Muslim community does not know what is happening with its members?! Do they not know who goes to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS and who is planning for the next attack on a CFB or Parliament Hill ?! They all now about these plans. They get together more than once in a week and review things together, whether in a mosque or a community center or simply someone's residence. I really don't know what the

Weaselhead Park

I went to Weaselhead Park for the second consecutive day! It might sound stupid but the second time was for two reasons: 1- I could get enough exercise for my Fitbit monitor. 2- I could take a few photos. Both of them took place but it was not as exciting as yesterday. My yesterday's plan was to go to Glenmore Park and walk for 1 hour and then 1 hour back. Over there when I was simply walking Elbow River Pathway I realized Weaselhead Park as an extension to Glenmore Park , its south part. I went until the I reached a pond and a bridge beside it. My guess was as Google Maps shows the park or Natural Area extends further to west so I decided to go again today. For that reason I started earlier compare to yesterday, garbed my camera and put warmer cloths on. I had reached the pond in about 01:04 hour but this time I don't know if it was tiredness or boredom that caused me to reach there in 01:20 hour! I then realized that the pathway turns and becomes maybe a loo