Friday, May 29, 2009

Inturrupted Journey

I've been riding my borrowed(!) bike from work to home for the evening shift works since April. It's not so bad. It's almost 20 KM and there's a big hill that I have to climb up(!) Everything was fine from Mon. to Wed. this week. But disaster showed up last night: I was so confident and feeling good, no sign of tiredness and I was almost halfway and boom(!) got a flat tire in the back! So I simply started walking at probably 02:00 AM in the middle of the city where there was nothing but the main road (152nd Street) and rows of houses at both sides!
There was no public phone and I surely had no intention to get a cab. First of all because it's would be very expensive. Second of all they mostly have no bike rack or something like that. And the last but not the least they don't trust someone at the side of a road at that time of the night. So I kept walking till I reached King George Highway. There's a gas station at the northeast side of the intersection, probably a Petro-Canada. I saw a pay phone by the store. First I noticed that the phone only accepts credit cards(!) and I said to me: ... well that's fine. Then I tried the number 2 times and when I got connected I noticed that there was no microphone on the phone! Everyone has a damn mobile phone these days. So why would the companies invest on pay phones?! especially with all the jackasses around trying to break in to them for a Quarter or so!
So I, again, started walking while swearing and cursing at everything I could, including me! Then at the corner of 104 Street, where there's a ESSO gas station I found another pay phone. I knew it was there. I dialed the number and the automated operator asked me to deposit 10 more cents! Damn! I fortunately had a few. I try to take one out of my pocket and dropped a few on the ground and eventually deposited one. The call was successfully made while I was only 15 min. away from home and it was almost 03:30 AM, almost 1 hour late!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Worse than Winter

Everybody complain about the long winter of Canada and the cold weather, snow storms, white outs and other climate catastrophes. I say summer is worth than winter!
Why? It's summer is so looooooooooooong! Damn it!
I usually have sleep problems is summers! Take an example: Today's sunrise to sunset is 15.68 hours and civil twilight is 1.34 hours which in total makes 17.01 hours! That is 70.875% of the damn 24 hours of a day!
How the hell am I supposed to sleep? So what I do is I usually put a few curtains over the main curtain of the window to block the light!
Long days is not the only problem of the summers. People usually go crazy in summer as well! It's like an animal who has been put in a cage for a long time and then you release it! It wants to jump up and down! climb up everything and run around! People are like that here in Canada. They storm out after 8 months of either snow and cold weather or pissing rain! I don't blame them entirely for their mad behaviour!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Battle Starts!

Just one day after my post about the green action of Superstore regarding the plastic bags I noticed a little online poll in YAHOO Canada about plastic bags asking: Have you started using reusable grocery bags?
75% have answered YES so far. and there's a little report on the bags below reads that the reusable bags are dangerous because they are infected by a kind of bacteria! It says that the plastic industry hired labs and they investigated and concluded that 65% of bags are contaminated by harmful bacteria! Obviously the guys are losing their business and millions of dollars every year, if not billions, and although it won't be very hard for them to invest on something else but because it needs time, money and effort, they're not happy about it. Many people still are using the plastic bags because they're simply easier to use. Every time you're leaving home you gotta remember to take the damn bag with you and you might wanna buy something on your way back home and you have not the damn bag on you so simply, again, get a plastic bag. Also they could be used as trash bag.
So who's gonna win?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

One Step Forward, One Step Back

I like the new policy of the Superstore: Plastic bags now 5 cents each. That still doesn't help much but it's a good beginning. At the same time McDonald's just presented the new coffee cups which are phenomenal and that's one action not green! The new cup which actually should be sent to the market in winter, keeps the coffee hot, it doesn't spill and the cup does not burn your palm. But all these means that it remains in the cycle for a longer time and that's what we doen't want for the environment.
That's one thing I wanted to say about to say in this post and another one which I would like to stress is that the cup is another reason that go to McDonald's for a cup of coffee. In compare to Tim Horton's and other coffee shops, McDonald's coffee's healthier because of the type of the coffee they brew which has less caffeine, it's in a better cup, they charge you less, refill is always free and at the end you never get tempted by those stupid sugary, greasy doughnats! I don't even mention Starbucks because that one fucked up company: The coffee is horrible and the people with their nose in the sky go in there as they believe they get styled!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It Takes One to Know One

I was reading the news in Vancouver Sun today and something interesting got my attention. It was actually about members of UN Gang had been arrested by the police. But one thing before I get to the main point is that UN Gang is called UN Gang(!) simply because it comprises of people from different ethnic backgrounds. It's amazing how people got together in such a group because being member of a gang group requires more relationship and interpersonal skills. It's not working in a office or in a workshop that you might talk to your partner once a day or just discuss matters. It's more than that. That's like being members of a platoon, you work and live together.
But let's not go too far. One of the guys who's in police custody now is Soroush Ansari, brother of Sasan Ansari who is spending his jail time now. Animal Ansari was trialed for murdering his friend and was sentenced to only 5 years in prison. One proud member of Iranian community in West Vancouver, where the supporters of the fallen Shah live!
So having Soroush Ansari arrested by the police as a member of the most notorious gang in B. C., while we already know that he testified in his brother's trail, can lead us easily to who these people really are.
It's so unfortunate that the ridiculous justice system of Canada does not punish these types of people to the right extend. It actually encourages them to do more.
(Photo: Soroush Ansari first from left among the other members of UN Gang have recently arrested by the police. An Arab, a French Canadian, a Chinese and other people from different backgrounds could be seen in the list)

Avoiding Income Tax

I've written about different types of taxes which are applicable to different people here in Canada and also have told stories. Things that really have happened. But what I haven't mentioned yet is how people avoid paying income tax.
I remember once I was told that Vietnamese guys in Cargill bring young girls to Otto or at least offer him and others regularly! I was surprised because someone who actually works as a pimp makes enough money that has not to work a hard labour job. Not to mention that type of the guy is not a working type. So I asked that question. They said that was a great income without tax on it!
The convenience stores you see all around the city and are mostly ran by Chinese or Koren people, those are also amongst the tax skippers! If you have noticed they rarely accept credit card and even a debit. All they demand is cash! I never step in one because I know those motherfucker's stories. Nevertheless the prices are unreasonable. Why the fuck should I pay $3.5 for an ice cream cone while I can simply buy it on my way home from a supermarket and along with other needs for only $1.85?!
There're many people who have incomes from abroad and obviously they never reveal that. I know two motherfucker pieces of crap, stingy shitheads who are still receiving their pension while having jobs here. There might be many people who have to work after the age of retirement but the CRA is aware of that and has control over it but these cheaters hide it:
One motherfucker used to work for a bank and now runs a restaurant in Calgary called Atlas. God knows how much he makes every year! The other one, you wouldn't believe this one, used to come and go until he got retired from his job abroad and here he bought an eighteen wheeler and does driving to the US, back and forth! And the guy used to be a factory manager! I once saw him with my own eyes doing cleaning for probably $8 to $10 cash an hour! Money is everything for some people. They even sell their wives to obtain more.
There are probably many other ways to avoid paying tax but these are the only ones that I'm familiar with and none of them work for me!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Tripods

I'm a big fan of science-fiction and have a big collection of books and movies. One of the books that I enjoyed a lot reading it and that was years ago is The City of Gold and Lead. It's part of a trilogy, three books written by British author, John Christopher, which actually is a pseudonym for Samuel Youd. The other two books that I enjoyed as much and probably have read them more than 20 times each are The Pool of Fire and The White Mountains.
I always thought that must be movies made based on these fantastic stories. War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise is based on a story by H. G. Wales, Soylent Green is based on a novel by Harry Harrison and so are the others. So why not the tripod trilogy? Even War Games had been made.
But didn't find any answer to that! May be because the characters of the story are kids in their 13 or 14. But so do War Games actor and actress! I really should find out! Nevertheless I found out that a prequel was published in 1988, called When The Tripods Came but obviously I never noticed until now.
With all the movies are being made these days are mostly prequels, sequels or remakes why is nobody thinking of turning these tree wonderful stories to another Star Wars? May be I should contact Steven Spielberg or James Cameron!
(Photo: Cover of the last story of the three books of John Christopher)

Keep All the Options Open

I have applied for quite a number of jobs in the last 10 months. The best one that I lost after 2 interviews and I regret a lot about it was the one with McElhanney. I almost got the permanent position but at the end the interviewer decided to go with someone who also has Civil Engineering knowledge.
Then the rest are mostly categorized as enforcement. I failed three, have three in progress and one is in unknown. One of the assholes that I'm not going to mention the name says: ... manage your life based on the fact you may not achieve your goal with us ...! And then adds: ... these words may sound discouraging to you ... !
What an ass! Of course it is. And why do you think they say so? Because these people is so fucking stupid and lazy at the same time! They say to themselves: We send this letter to the applicants and bunch of them don't show up at the exam! So a huge load of work is off of our shoulders!
So the challenge must go on until the day that the desired position is obtained.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Huge Lie from Capitalists

It was provincial election day yesterday in Brit"Shit" Columbia. It was an ordinary day for me though! I don't believe in any of these crap! Election, democracy, freedom of speech, human right! These are terms that these motherfucker rednecks use here in this Capitalist society to fool us people.

But let's have a quick look at the stupid election of yesterday, not to mention that BC Election sent me voting card or whatever that fuck is and I threw it away:

Like the national elections, there are candidates who are representatives of parties in the election. The party which wins more numbers of seats, represent the province, the Premier. So in this election there were only 2 parties competing! What a great democracy! Even the Conservatives were out! And then finally the fucking animal piece of shit, the drunk driver, Campbell was elected for the third term!

But what impact it has for me and people like me? Nothing! We're all being treated like we used to. The general rules of the society remains the same: You're a foreigner, you're an immigrant, you're different from a Caucasian Canadian. You'll receive a different type of service, which I should stress, lower quality service it is, from Caucasians.

Anyways that's how it works and I'm sure that I will never vote in any provincial or national election until the day it literally proves to me that people, the candidates are doing something for me and people like me. That day, I assume, will never come.
(Photo: This is Hawaii Police mug shot of Campbell from either 2002 or 2003, when he was arrested for drinking and driving. This piece of crap is the Premier of a Province!!! How could you show your fucking stupid face, you motherfucker animal, here in Canada after that incident?! You, prick, are shameless!)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Canucks Out!

I went to do a little shopping last night and it was like walking in a cemetery during the week! Yes! It was shortly after the professional hockey team of Brit"Shit" Columbia had lost to Chicago and had been eliminated! Everybody was shut up! They lost in Vancouver while having ice advantage! Now there's a good solution for the homeless people of this province, specially the Downtown Eastside: Just vacant the GM Place and make it a big shelter for the poor people! Send those twin assholes back to Sweden, Luongo to Florida and the bald guy to Toronto 'cause this team is just a shame!
(Photo: Checkmate! Luongo is frozen solid after the Chicago's win! He's thinking of going back to FL!)
(Correction: That was not the last game, actually. The asshole Canucks got eliminated the day after the game. They lost 2-4 to Chicago)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

What the F is Wrong?!

Over the few years that I've been living at this part of the globe, I've witnessed so many problems, the ones that threaten people's well being that I think it's now the time to write a bit about it. I'm not trying to be a critic all the time but I wondered why.
First it was SARS and then Mad Cow Disease and then Avian Flu and now Swine Flu! Why so much shit in here, in a country that is called a wealthy and developed one!?
I believe there are a few factors involved:
1- Due to the high labour rates, most of the industries don't hire enough people in inspection areas.
2- Most of the animals grown here in North America are feed anti-biotic, by-products and other chemicals. So do the fruits and vegetables. Then you can see what kind of shit you have to digest and absorb, most of the time in your daily meal!
3- Again due to the shortage of workers, which comes from the saves that the governments make, there are not enough qualified and honest people at the borders. So every crap could be slided in and who knows what kind of bacteria or virus they carry!
So you see while in a Third World country people might not do their job appropriately because of not receiving enough remuneration, here in North America there are other reasons that trigger a problem.
I just pointed at a few things but the issue could be analyzed more in depth and other factors could be brought up and discussed.

Big Mistakes

I look at me and my situation now and I see shit! And then I rethink and ask why I am here? I have the answer: Because of the stupid mistakes I made. I'm naming them for you so you don't get into the shit I'm at the moment:
1- Moving to Brit"Shit" Columbia was one big mistake. There's no fucking job in here unless you work in a supermarket or coffee shops! Don't get fooled by the assholes you might see in Downtown Vancouver, having their nose in the sky, sipping glasses of wine or chewing on $6 breakfast sandwiches (which you can make it tastier and healthier half priced!) they either have these job through their fathers and friends or fucked their way all the way up. This stupid province is overpopulated and the weather is miserable. It's just good to visit.
2- Selling my car. I sold my brand new car after only 2.5 year while had under 30,000 KM on it. I had paid most of the payment and my insurance was reasonable. Now I have to start over and a brand new car will cost me at least $400 a month while the motherfucker thieves in ICBC will charge you a lot for the insurance as the company is run by the motherfucker Government of Brit"Shit" Columbia!
3- Staying away from my field. I failed a few exams and interviews. I was so discouraged and disappointed that I put everything down and went for the shitty jobs that take me no where. It's no so hard to go back though but I wasted so much time and lost so many opportunity.
Learn from my mistakes and save yourselves from shit!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Good Kick

I watched part of the game of assholes of Vancouver and the guys of Chicago Blackhawks and must admit I enjoy a lot. A team which uses bunch of Swedish pricks deserves a 3-6 loss in his hometown. I really wanted to be in Downtown and look at the faces of those jerks who wear that stupid Jersey of Vancouver! That old scum, what's his name? another Swedish twat who's playing his last games where supposed to help these losers but he passed out!

Anyways enough of showing hatred! I hope the "Shit"couver loses the next two games in Chicago and then they are out of Playoffs.
(Photo: Roberto Loser watches the puck going in to the net in the disgraceful loss to Chicago)

Fire Alarm

I was about to get ready to go to bed a few minutes ago and suddenly: Rrrrrrrrrrrrring! That was the fire alarm. I said: Damn! No again! Someone's playing the stupid game! This, actually is the third time since I moved to this damn place.
The first time something was really burning in a kitchen in the first floor but the second time it was someone who pulled the lever and started the alarm. He or she has been already warned but I don't think they can find him or her. There's no surveillance camera and it usually happens at the quiet time of the night.

Friday, May 01, 2009

April's Practice

I have to post the results of Cooper Test practice for the month of April as usual. It was not good again, both in terms of quality and quantity. The best length I've ever had is 1.45 miles and last month I got only 1.44, three times. I'm goin' to need 1.5 at least. But the only good thing in March was that I did 5 nights in a row of cycling. It was almost 20 KM with a long hill to pedal up and I did it between 01:20 and 02:30 AM! Sure it was very hard but I accomplished that and I hope it helped to get better time on my practice.
(Photo: Bar chart for the month of March)