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600 Km for 30 min.!

I drove all the way to Edmonton to see Renay yesterday morning. I've had booked a car from Hertz through the net. So when I woke up in the morning I drove to 10th Ave. SW, parked my car behind Calgary Tower and walked to Hertz and got the car, an automatic Pontiac Firebird . The road was not very crowded. At first I felt a little bit tired but got better later. I got a room in Super 8 and called her. She told me where she is and I drove to the mall she mentioned. Kingsway Garden Mall is in the north of the city while my hotel is in the south. I crossed North Saskatchewan River and headed up north. Edmonton is a beautiful city. I'll be there again in summer. We were supposed to meet in a 7-11 store. She showed up almost on time. When I saw her I gave her a hug and we went to the mall for a coffee but she didn't seem very friendly and we didn't sit as it was very busy and she wanted to go to the hospital for her training program. Although she's chubby but sh


I have lots to write today. I applied for a position as Quality Supervisor in a mine in Saskatchewan a few weeks ago. Last week I received a phone call from the company, Gogema Resources Inc . indicating an interview date set up. The good thing is they sent me the ticket. They actually didn’t send anything physically. They just sent the seat information through e-mail. As my damn PC is infected I'm writing this in SAIT lib. now! So what I did is I started preparing myself for the interview by making up a whole story about working in Sarcheshemeh Copper Mine in Kerman province, south central Iran . I was a little bit worried about the definitions and terms uses in mining industry as I have no idea about them at all! I decided to talk to my friend, Shahrokh , in Tehran who is currently working for a company involved in copper mine. I e-mailed him and informed him about my intention toward a phone conversation. There’s always a problem when I have to attend an interview meetin

Flashback (1): Tenant and Landlord Clash

Resurrect came home with her Romanian gf last night and we all celebrated the New Year with a glass of Champagne . It tastes good and doesn't have much alcohol (I guess just about 15%) and that's women's favorite. Today, 01.01.05, reminds me of a good memory of the firsts days I came to Canada . When I just arrived after 2 days staying in a hotel, I settled down in D. H. 's house, a crazy but nice in a way, guy from Bangladesh , who has been living in Canada since his high school years. In the first day of 2002 there was a very nice fight between him and one of his tenants Ali A. , a guy from Abadan who flee to the US after Iran-Iraq war began in 1980 . On that time Ali A. used to live with a black guy, Montel and what I did in just a month is ruined their reputation and blamed many things on them. D. H.  got very angry with them and they got very mad at me! So on that day Ali A. and the landlord threw punches at each other and Ali grabbed his throat an