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One of the biggest issues of the people here in Western societies, I’m speaking specifically about Canada where I have experienced it and seen examples and also the US is instability in life. I give you examples by numbers: 1- Resurrect has been living in Canada for more than 15 years now and has changed his job several times. He served the Canadian Forces in the Navy , Worked for a Pizza Pizza (he claims that he owned it!), he co-owned a small bakery in Calgary and now the last thing I heard about him is he teaches in a UBC branch in Kelowna . 2- Keiv. P. used to have a Canadian roommate back to the time that I was hanging out with him and the guy had so many different licences and certificate, possibly using them each when it’s the time! 3- Dr. S. (Dr. Ass!) who’s got a PH. D. has been living in Canada for more than 6 years now and has no job yet, teaches in different universities and colleges off and on. They used to live in Montreal and now they live in B. C. ,

NHL in the Last Days of Regular

We’re goin ’ to know the teams who’ll fight for ’07-’08 Stanley Cup soon. I didn ’t spend time on NHL this in this season, mostly because I have Cable TV now and not stuck on CBC and its Hockey Night in Canada . I’m not saying it’s not good. It’s my favourite but I mostly watch comedies, especially Seinfeld . That’s my new discovery. Although the show is old, ended in 97 but still attracts audience. Anyway there are a few teams in West fighting for Playoffs, as usual. Vancouver , who had a good start in the season, now is in the verge of losing the Playoffs. Good! I always hated Canucks especially that asshole, the fucking goalie. The stupid guy had a trip to Florida where his wife lives. The woman gave birth to their first child and he then flew to Minnesota to play against the Wild. That’s where they got fucked in right in the ass! They lost 0-4 to Minnesota and now are standing in 9 th position in Western Conference. There are four games left to be played by them, 2 of them

Trip Coverage, Story 7: The Queen's Palace and Sculpture Museum

This story covers what happens in a Tue. of last Jan., the 22nd day of that month. I didn’t know where to go in that day. Actually I wanted to go to some place (I can’t recall where at the moment) so I was just walking the street when I encountered a kind of old big building with sculptures all around it. I walked in and asked an old man what that building was. He told me that it was a sculpture museum. I got a ticket (for only 50 DKK as far as I remember) and got in. There were too many things to see, mostly sculptures and tombstones from ancient Greece , Roman Empire and Egypt . The museum was not too crowded just a bunch of school kids and a few old Danish couples and me! I spent a considerable amount of time in there until receiving a call from Pejman on Ane ’s PDA which had been lent to me. He told me that he would take me to the Queen’s Palace . I was there in a few minutes right before the guard gets changed. First of all, the streets ending to the square were blocked by p

2007 Tax

I went to H & R today to file my 2007 income tax. There was a very old and fat guy who drove me really crazy. The more he was talking the angrier I got but couldn’t say a damn thing! I got there first yesterday and he noted down my basic information and then today when I got there he opened another file because yesterday’s was missing! Then when he wanted to type something he was really struggling and sometimes squinting to find the key! Once he said: Six ... Where are you? ... There! I barely listened to his explanation and just nodded! There were 4 tax associates, I believe, in there: Three old men, all in their sixties and after and one extra-heavy woman in her mid-thirties. I was thinking of complaining to the headquarters right after I finished but thought who would listen to me. Isn’t there any tax person who’s willing to work in a small town? I filed my income tax through Quicktax last year and ’05 but am too mentally tired this year so I preferred going there.

Good Fri.

It was Good Fri. , the last one. I never paid attention to the reason why they call a Fri. in March a Good Fri. This year I just found out. This is the day that Jesus was crucified! So that’s why it’s good! Probably because Jesus was crucified and returned to his father! And if you think people are crazy in Iran lashing themselves on the back look at these ones! The funny thing is Filipino s, Korean s and South American s, the people are not originally Christian are more Catholic than Pope ! There was news of people in the Philippines or someplace like that where people were being crucified. The TV also showed half-naked young men with bloody backs, lashing themselves with bamboo sticks or something like that! So don’t worry about the jackasses who cut themselves, beat the shit of themselves with whips or lift heavy stuff just to show how mournful and sorry they are for the death or Mohammad ’s grandson, Husain . Obviously you never see something like that in Canada , the States

Norooz (2008)

Thanks that I'm fucking far away from the fucking shithole that I was born in and don't have to fucking attend those stupid Norooz parties or do the stupid Norooz shopping! Nevertheless I had to call F. F. because we're considered engaged and I did yesterday to say Happy Norooz to her. I send her a text message before that. She asked me to say Happy Norooz to her Mom , brother and sister-in-law, the fucking bitch that I hate the most. I said OK. She also said that she would answer my e-mail as soon as she got home. Then I checked my e-mail and noticed that she had not said a word about what I had earlier mentioned about Peoples . That drove me crazy. That’s what she always does. She either doesn’t read the mails or reads and doesn’t care. So I didn’t answer back. Today again she e-mailed and asked where I was. I decide not to answer and then give her a good piece of advice. I don’t care if I lose her. I think she loves me but her carelessness makes me angry. I like

Trip Coverage, Story 6: Hamlet’s Castle in Holsinger

I woke up on Sun. of Jan.27 and I felt that I needed a little exercise after a few weeks of eating, sleeping and vacationing. I just had one day of gym in Koln . So I went for a little jugging. I went close to the station and came back. That was not easy. I remembered the days I used to go to the nearby gym at least 5 days a week in Calgary . Sweat old days! And me, the idiot, ruined everything and trapped myself in the hands of stupid A. J. ! Fuck! Anyways when I got back I noticed that Pejix and his family were waiting for me to join them for breakfast! I had a good breakfast and then I, Pejix and Anne drove to Holsinger , a city in north of Copenhagen , a coastal city where Kornborg Citadel or castle is located. Kornborg is one of few historic places which is registered within UNESCO and is located, where Hamlet story, by Shakespeare , took place. I wonder why a British playwright and poet should write the story of a Danish prince! I asked Anne but she had no idea! So

From Fundamentalism to Capitalism

I and A. J. went to a financial institution in Downtown Vancouver for a loan. We talked to the guys for a few minutes, gave them the documents and left. The office was by the shore and the finance people had a very nice view of harbour, mountains and everything. A. J. started complaining right after that. He was talking about his big house which has been bought 3 years ago. He explained to me that when someone borrows money from a financial institution or a bank to buy a property, he or she has to pay the interest, firstly and finishes it up and then his real instalment starts! This is actually a very simple presentation of what the banks do to buyers. A. J. said that even he didn’t know the complex mortgage system of the banks after years of construction and dealing with financial institutions and banks! He said that after 3 years he just had paid off $2000 of his property price! The rest is interest. I guess he and everybody else has a long way to go. Paying $3000 monthly to

Flashback (15): Bear and Girl

As I mentioned before in earlier post I lived in the basement of a fucking Uzbek family, the guy who used to be a principal. I had a several problems with that family because they just did whatever they wanted but there’s no point to mention that time of turmoil here. We had a very friendly relationship at the beginning but the more we went through, the more complex the situation was. I remember once the guy I call him here W. W. asked me to join him for an afternoon walk. His house is located in a nice neighbourhood by Fish Creek Provincial Park . So he ordered me to drive him to the park that day and I had to obey because after all he was my landlord and besides he was an elder friend whom must be respected and obeyed all the time, in their culture and ours, of course. Anyhow I was driving down the road and passed a local pub. You know how local bars advertise: ¢10 wings, Happy hour, $1.5 jar of bear and so on. This pub has Bar and Grill written on the window which was read Bear an

Trip Coverage, Story 5: Erotic Museum and The Royal Copenhagen

The first day in Copenhagen which I was on my own, Mon. Jan.21, I went to the tourist information today and told the lady over there that I wanted to see the aquarium beside the other attractions in the city centre. She told me that it’s a bit far from the most-seen parts of Copenhagen . It’s funny that I’ve living in B. C. for more than 8 months and never been to Vancouver Aquarium once and wanted to see the Copenhagen ’s! So I decided not to go and spend most of my day around. The information lady gave me an illustrated map which spots important buildings of the city, shops, restaurants, attractions, museums, etc. What caught my eye was Erotic Museum in one of the walking streets in Downtown! Downtown in European cities, at least the two ones I spent more than a week in them, Cologne ( Köln ) and Copenhagen , doesn’t look like a typical Downtown in North America . In a city like Calgary or Toronto you see all the skyscrapers gathered in a few streets located in the centre o

Mission: Impossible, Extended

I don’t watch CBC that much I used to back to the time I used to live in Calgary because now I have cable TV and different channels so why would I limit myself to the 3 or 4 stations? Nevertheless last week I was watching The National and it was said that the mission to Afghanistan is extended for two more years. Canadian Forces were supposed to live Afghanistan in Feb. of ’09 but the parliament voted for extension. It’s said that both the Liberal s and the Conservative s (the current Government) vote in favour of extension. NATO also was supposed to have a meeting in Bucharest to discuss the Afghanistan mission and the possibility of sending more troops to the conflict region of south, after that but I have no news on that matter. 80 members of Canadian Forces have lost their lives so far in Afghanistan but not much progress has been made. An Afghan was shown on TV, talking about the mission. He said that the extension was good but the strategy should have been changed

Trip Coverage, Story 4-2: I Am Legend in Copenhagen

I know it's too late to write about a movie which was distributed in North America months ago but I'm posting this because I watched the movie during my European trip, in Copenhagen . I and Pejix  were discussing which movie we should go to. He wanted to watch 3:10 to Yuma and I wanted to watch I Am Legend starring Will Smith . 3:10 to Yuma is a Western . Christian Bale and Russell Crow perform in it but I don’t like the first one. His performance in Batman Begins was horrible or maybe the screenplay was so poor that everything else was affected by it. So I said that I would watch I AM Legend and they could go and watch fucking Christian Bale in his stupid Western ! Anne got the tickets and then we went to an Iranian restaurant in Copenhagen . The place probably was originally an old apartment in the second floor of an old building in Downtown . Sasan , one of Pejix ’s friends, whom was met by me the first time in that little birthday party and his family,

Trip Coverage, Story 4-1: AVP-R in Copenhagen

I went to a Cineplex by a shopping centre one station to Copenhagen Central to watch Alien vs. Predator 2 . That’s, I guess, what they call it there in Europe or may be just Denmark . The movie originally was in theatres in North America last Christmas Day but I didn’t have a chance to watch it. It’s called Alien vs. Predator Requiem back in the US and Canada but for unknown reason they changed it to the simple one just mentioned. The plays are so ordinary and so does the screenplay but the scenes involving the Predator and Aliens were original, scary and exciting. The movie was originally being played in English and was subtitled. I caught it at about 12:15 PM so there were only two other people in theatre!

Trip Coverage, Story 3: Sweetie

I’m telling the story of that Black woman, who called herself Sweetie (although she wrote it as Sweety when she gave me her number!) in this post, separately. When I first got in the train car in Hamburg , there were not many people on board: An old Caucasian lady, an old Caucasian man, a young Caucasian man, an Oriental girl and a Black woman. I decided to sit at the table across from the Black woman’s. She didn't even look at me at the beginning just once I smiled at her and greeted, she smiled back only. I made myself busy with the laptop, listening to music, writing and reading Alien III script, also as I said, took photos and made clips. She was on the damn phone all the time, speaking either in English or an African language. But I noticed that when I’m looking around to look for possible shots, she was looking at me. I didn't do anything. What could have I done?! Then there was the time that we got in to a ferry, crossed the sea and returned to our seats. I

Trip Coverage, Story 2: How did I get lost in Denmark?

This is the second story of my European trip. I don't think I'm able to post them according to the time of occurrence . After all they are not related, so there wouldn't be a bother! Pejix showed me the train station and bicycle parking yesterday. Hondgie is the closet station to home, some 15 min. ride or 25 min. walk. I rode the old bike to the station, parked and locked it and took the train to Copenhagen . When I got back to the station in the evening it was almost 06:30 PM. I unlocked the bike and tried to find my way home but was not so successful. And luckily the bicycle’s chain got off! I fixed it a few times but happened again. Now I had my hands smudged and my laptop briefcase was pulling me down. I tried all the routes that I thought may take me to the house but didn ’t find it! One hour passed! Once I tried to make a phone call through a bar but I wasn ’t welcomed in there. Then I asked an old guy who was jugging but that lead to nothing. I found the sch

Trip coverage, Story 1: Excellent Travel Services of Bahn

As my computer was down during the time that I was in Denmark , I decide to publish the stories hereinafter, titled Trip Coverage and subtitled, obviously: Story 1: Excellent Travel Services of Bahn I woke up at about 07:30 and looked at my mobile phone and noticed the clock is still set back to PST ! So if I have not been woken up by the unknown mysterious sense, I would have missed my train to Hamburg ! I grabbed my baggage and left. Cyrus was up possibly just to make sure that I’m leaving! I rushed to the station and was taken to the Cologne Hbf (Central Station). I had quite enough time so first I went to Bahn office and get confirmed that the train will stop at the station Pejix asked me to get off. That’s just one stop before Copenhagen central. He notified me through e-mail yesterday. Then I made a phone call to let him know that I will be where he wanted me to be. His wife picked up and I told her the story. Then there was a time for a quick breakfast and I got in

Different Feelings

I’m finally returned to Canada after a month and a half. I have totally different feelings at the moment. The bastards searched my entire luggage in the airport! Only, I guess, because I told them I was to Tehran . I was calm all the time. There was an East Indian fellow who also asked a few stupid questions but was nice to me. I have different feelings, as I said: I’m sad because I left Mom and Farzin behind. I feel sad because I left my love behind and I’m sad because I know it’s not going to be easy the next few months: Shitty stupid low-paid job, loneliness, not much to do in free time, struggle with A. J. , etc. But I decide to make this period different: Eat as less carbohydrate, fast food and sugar as possible, finish Project 2007 and have myself fit before I see F. F. my pretty little dove again. I’m optimist about her regardless of the fact that many girls show their real face they get off the plane at this side of the globe. There was a guy from Isfahan whom was met