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One City, One World

One thing came to my mind today when I was watching a low-quality downloaded version of Spiderman 3 . This is so silly that many Hollywood stories either happen in L. A. or New York . The following is just examples of the New York ones which I remember I've watched: The Day after Tomorrow Spiderman (3 parts) I Am Legend Godzilla I mean how silly is that? Actually Pejix mentioned that when we were leaving the theater after watching I Am Legend (and it was not good!) in Copenhagen last Jan. And he’s right. Hollywood movie-makers should be more creative. (Photo: This photo shows the moments when people were being chased by Godzilla in New York. I guess it shortly after they electrocuted the monster and got out of its mouth or maybe before that!)

Sick Motherfucker Bastard

I just found this piece of news in a local paper the day before, scanned it and put it here for those who don’t believe what this civilized community of immigrants are all about in Canada . I just give you a shot of this: The motherfucker, animal, sick piece of crap had been to a small town in Vancouver Island , British Columbia , where the closest hospital is 45 min. drive away and the son of a bitch who deserves being hung, sexually touched his patients. Having this crappy justice system of Canada, no serious punishment is expecting to be read to him and he walks free probably in a few months and starts the same misconduct. (Photo: Click on the scanned paper for the detail)

2.4 KM on Treadmill

I went back to gym just the day before after probably 3 weeks lack of exersice and that made me really tired. I felt a bit better today. I did trealmill in the beginning like everyday and in the last two days I tried 2.4 KM run requested by the Navy . Here are the results: I- Sep.23.08, 13:40 II- Sep.24.08, 13:30 I'm sure I'm able to beat 13 and 12 min. easily in a few months. I only have to stop eating so much damn snacks like chips, doughnut, cookies and this kind of crap. This job takes lots of hours out of me going to and coming back home. I'mmoving to a new place at the end of this month if everything goes well. Nothing is clear though because I'm still in the process of different job applications. 5 of them! But I'll stick to my exersices as long as I'm able to 'cause after all I do that for my health and can't live without it.

A Very Big Loss in the World of Music

As I've mentioned earlier several times the purpose of this weblog is not being a daily or weekly news media. I’d like to write about the things happens daily, the ones I like them or are important to me, though. So I would like to express my sympathy to all of the fans of one of the greatest Rock bands of all times, Pink Floyd , especially PinkFloydish , for losing its keyboard player and vocalist, Rick Wright . He died after a short battle with cancer in the UK at the age of 65, last week, Sep.15. I always enjoyed Pink Floyd and I will enjoy their song always. I specially remember Rick from their live performance in Pompeii and their song called Echoes . I get that special DVD from Chapters , through their online order. Anyways, Rick was great and Pink Floyd is great and they will always be. This is nonsense that some people say Pink Floyd is out of fashioned music or so. This is real music which always be fresh and mind blowing. (Photo: Rick Wright in live performan

This Year's National Election

The Federal Government is scrutinized again because it’s screwing the country, has being said so another national election is on the way for Oct.18. I have never voted in Canada and I think I will not this time again because of moving around so much, Elections Canada has no clue where I am. Besides that I don’t know much about the parties and their plans for the country. So voting is useless for a person for me, in my view. If there was a party who wanted to stop immigration to Canada in any form, I would vote for it. But I don’t think there’s any, because they need slaves here and they don’t care about pollution, population and environment, so let’s not vote! Actually I’m going to contact both Green Party and NDP to ask them about their views on environment and immigration and then I may join one and save my vote for the next election and start being an active and loyal member. So this is it about the current campaign and will update anything I find in that regard. I’ll be a

A Little Relief on Gas

Crude Oil price has dropped to $108.38 a barrel , the lowest in last six month or close. This is strange because fall is here and cold weather is closing. It was sky high all summer long, had big effect on summer vacations, including flight fares. But that decline doesn’t help with the gasoline price. The lower the gas price is, the happier the auto makers in the world and specially the US . It makes me happy and everybody as well because I can buy a big engine car with no worry about the gas. The car I’d like to buy in early ’09, if everything goes well, is a Dodge Challenger . It’s a remade of 70s, a muscular 3.5 L engine, coupe. All I have to do is to wait 3 months, save a little, focus on job and keep job searching. We’ll see what happens. (Photo: I took two pictures of two major gas stations in Barnet Hightway, Coquitlam early this morning, around 01:30 AM and put them together. Compare it to the price of gas two years ago )

Purchasing a Vehicle in Lower Mainland, BC

Car is a definite need here in a metropolitan Vancouver . You either have a car or waste most of your time. So I hope this information here could be useful for the people who are planning to live in Brit”shit” Columbia and specifically “Shit”couver . My point here is the more you ask people not to do this or that, the more they avoid you. So I’m not trying to do that. I, at least, can tell you what to do to ease your life a bit. So I was goin’ to buy a used one and talked to different dealers. Here’s what has happened so far: 1- I exchanged e-mails with an Asian guy in a Toyota dealership. I was goin’ to buy a Prius . I know that sounds a little (may be not a little!) too much for me but I thought I was able to get that job with McElhanney and I’d fine. But as I mentioned earlier the guy told me that I should have waited may be up to 3 months. So I changed my mind and then he introduced me a 2004 Corolla , the car I always hated! Luckily his manager said that I could not f

CF Medical And Else

I went to the CF office in Vancouver today for a medical examination and interview. The medical exam was performed by first a woman and then by a man. They asked questions and filled out forms. Fortunately there was not any health issue but the side of the toes inflammation (I don’t know the medical term for that). I explained to him that the physician sent me to a lab for a blood test to see if the Uric Acid level had exceeded normal. He then told me that I have to go and get the information and bring it to them. He gave me a form for that. So I have to go to Squamish to the walking clinic. He said because working in the Navy requires long time standing and walking he wanted to make sure that it won't cause problems later. Then when I was leaving the medical office another officer came to me and asked my name. I found out soon that he was the officer who wanted to give me information about my career. He said that my background check had started in March of 2007 and may tak

Jesus Helps You!

I was sitting in a Tim Horton’s , having a cup of coffee and reviewing the material for tomorrow’s interview with CF and one Asian man approached me and started a conversation after sitting at a table beside mine. He introduced himself as a Chinese-Malaysian and started bullshitting about Jesus and how he helps him! That started when he asked me how I was and I said I was very bad and he asked why and I answered that that’s how people sometimes are: They are sometimes bad and at times good. He said that when he is bad Jesus helps him. When he goes down, Jesus let him go down but that’s only because he wants him to experience and then he helps him out! He invited to join him in a church, the church that I know in Johnson Street and Walton . There’s another one a block away and he said that one is a Catholic church while his is a Protestant . Two other guys joined us in the mean time, an Italian born here and a guy from Hong Kong . The Italian then said that they both believe

The Coffee Woman

I was walking down the street to work, last Sun. morning and a woman jumped out of a house and ran to a car while saying to her: freaking coffee drinkers! She was goin’ to get coffee probably for her friends or may be a boyfriend in that morning of Sun. It could have been a night sleepover. I thought she was talking to me and excused myself and asked what she had said. She repeated it. I said that I was goin’ to work and I had no time for a coffee. She asked where I worked and I told her. She then surprisingly asked me what kind of coffee I liked?! And I said two creams in it and continued my walk. It was not more than 10 min. after I arrived at work when I saw the woman with a double cream large Tim Horton’s coffee! I was surprised. So did Wolfe , the old and tough guy. The woman said that she might have needed us later. And that makes sense but she didn’t have to. Some of them are very nice. But you know what would be really nice? She giving me a room in her house and full servi

Cooper Test Results and Stoppage

The gym has been closed since Tue., Sep. 03 according to an annual maintenance program. It will be opened Sep.09 again. I practiced Cooper Test at least 5 times but never got better than 1995.59 m which is considered average. And that Average was repeated in 3 consecutive days. I’m sure I can do much better than that and at least get myself to Good but that needs more practice, losing a bit more weight and planning. You have to know how to divide your energy during the 12 min. period to be able to beat the desired length. I usually go 6 mph for the first 6 hours and then every 30 sec. I add 0.1 mph to my speed. That’s what gave me that average score but obviously won’t get me to level Good. I don’t know how far I am from the physical ability tests of CF but have to get myself prepared.