Sunday, October 23, 2022

Good but not Enough

All the recent demonstration in Iran, which has entered its 6th week, is a surprise to me. It is not a surprise that people has risen against more than 40 years of brutal dictatorship. It is a shock that it has been going on for this long. That is not the only part which has taken me aback. It is the movement of very young people, most notably the young girls, and I must stress very beautiful young girls, with their long and lovely hairs. These young girls have stood against a regime which has not hesitated to do everything which strengthen their pillars and at the same time spread violence all across the world. The Government of Islamic Republic has spies and terrorists all around the globe. The bombing of the Jewish center in Argentina has been tied to the Islamic Republic. That happened in 1994. The fact that this place so far away from the region which the Islamic Republic has influence, makes one thing, at first, whether that was them. Other acts of terror has been seen at other corners of the world where the investigations later led to believe that Islamic Republic had somehow either directed it or been involved directly. 
Islamic Revolutionary Guard played a major role in Syrian civil war and there should still be a good number of them there. This picture has been taken in Aleppo a city in north of Damascus where a Revolutionary Guard was amongst a few which have been killed so far. I visited Syria many years ago, way before this manic chaos and we were going to go to Aleppo to but didn't. I regret that to this day
Now imagine the people who show any opposition to this regime. It requires a lot of courage. I'm really proud of them. The Government of Canada has banned the entrance of a big number of high ranking officers of The Revolutionary Guards, in a reaction to these recent uprising. This is a good move but too late and too small. The Islamic Republic has already, most likely, have many spies in Canada who have traveled in form of student, merchant or who knows what. My hope is that the people can get something now that they have sacrificed the best, the youth. I'm afraid that all these efforts goes to vain and that is because of lack of leadership. 
When a group does not have a good manager who is able to give them direction, help them at the time of derailing and give them courage, what happens is what has been happening at the project that I work on. Delays, chaos, incidents, unnecessary cost, you name it. 
(Photo: Lion and Sun is one of the oldest Persian, now Iranian, symbols. It used to be on the flag until the so-called revolution in 1979. I like it)

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Worse than Child Labour in Canada!

These Western countries, all of them, from the biggest one, the US to the tiniest ones such as Holland and Belgium are all hypocrites to the fullest. I'm not saying that the other countries don't do awful things. They don't broadcast against it the way these ones do. One of the subjects is Child Labour. They name African, Central and South American and Asian countries as the ones that part of their economy is handled by child labour. How about Canada? What's the difference between an 8-year-old and an idiot 22-year-old who doesn't understand things very well!? Oh! I forgot! They're bigger and are able to do things which the younger children cannot!
So as long as someone is a good slave and reaches an age which could be beneficial to the big corporations and eventually CRA, " They're not children " anymore and could be used! 
I once saw a young guy between 18 and 20 who acted like primary school kids! He was walking at the side of the site road with ear buds in his ears, marching(!) and singing loudly! Heavy trucks go up and down that road constantly and could easily run him over any minute. I yelled at him, to get his attention and the dolt didn't hear me and was lucky that no truck was there at the time! 
Isn't he a child in mind? I know it's not all his fault. Where the hell is safety here? And let's not forget the role of parents. The parents kick their children out as soon as they can. Why? It's simple. They want to be comfortable at home and have less expenses. It's not important to them weather the kid is ready to be exposed to everything or not. The ones who keep them on want their money! And the reason why they keep them on until the age of 18 is that the Government pays them child support! Who knows what that money is spent on and who cares! 
Another example is a bunch of workers, including a woman(!) who thinks she's special(!) traveled to a spot at the site and dumped a few metallic pieces!! If I had a monkey and plainly explained to him the nature of dumping and housekeeping, I'm certain that he would understand better than those morons! Someone later came and moved that! The funny thing is a stupid monkey (which I'm not going to reveal his details here because I don't want to be accused of racism!) walked up to us who were performing a test and asked what we were doing! He did the same thing to me a few hours later! I asked him if he had anything else to do. He went " I'm done "! These people are worse than children! The country needs them though! There's barely any day that you turn the news on, and you don't hear the term " labour shortage "! Where the hell do you take all these people whom you dump them on Canadian soil every month?! Why don't they want to work? 
The Government think simply by opening the door and let everyone in can resolves the country's issue or labour shortage and it's not true. The brings more issue to the country not solutions. However this fact shall not be forgotten that the Government is pushed by big corporations through lobbyists!
(Photo: This particularly is my own statement through my career!) 

Sunday, October 09, 2022

The Smart Cookie

There's this guy that I briefly worked for him in a small company back in 2019 when I had to leave the CBSA College just less than a week before graduating! I'm not proud of it. That was a big mistake and total waste of time but I'm over it.
The guy, from one of the former Soviet Union states showed signs of friendship but neither the job nor him were attractive to stay with! I made up a story and got the hell out. I'm going the skip the part that a cop was at our door because of that! I decided to contact him nearly 2 weeks ago. He, first, showed his friendly face but when I called him again, he didn't pick up. I received a call from him a few days after that and he asked me if I had a job, mainly because I had told him that I had come back to Canada, two weeks prior to that! He said he could use my help in his " Moving Company "! and added that he did not have a car and wanted me to pick him up! The Smart Cookie was trying to be smart! I told him that I was at work and could not make it! 
You see? There're people who try to take advantage of everyone the minute they can and they think they're really smart! All those signs of friendship and calling me " brother " was bullshit! He was preparing me to be his " worker " and " chauffeur "! The asshole send me another massage one more night after and said he wanted to have coffee with me at 19:30! He added that he did not have a car but he would meet me anywhere in the city! You know what that means! I would have to drive her home, had I gone to the " night coffee meeting "! I eventually told him that we could meet this weekend and has shut up since! There're people who think they're smart and can trick people to be in a situation that would do anything for them. He's one of 'em! I will send him a message about meeting tomorrow tonight because he still have a set of plate that I had borrowed from my Mom to take a sort of dessert for him to try.
(Picture: One of many know-it-all people that I've seen throughout my life. Always tried to impress me with his bullshit! If you wonder why Oriental tag has been used, it is because he originally is from eastern Asia and is considered Oriental but was born and raised in a former Soviet Union state and his family still lives there. That is my main interest in him because I always liked Soviet Union)

Saturday, October 01, 2022

Let's Grab Lunch First!

There hasn't been absolutely nothing but work for the past month or so. I t times up to 11 hours a day! I came home at around 19:30 and had started at 07:00! I will have to be at work as well but happily won't have to start early. Something really interesting happened that made me to write now. 
The Tote Lover and I were to move to the site, permanently a few times. I spend all of my time at the site. I go to the office, or perhaps I should say I used to go to the office to discuss something with The Tote Lover in person or print a drawing, get a coffee or bring a tool. So it was not an issue for me. The Tote Lover though seemed not very interested in. He told me that he was moving and asked for my help, finally this past Thu. I went to the office and helped him to get his stuff to the trailer at the site. When we put the main box I told him that I had seen food in the main office. He said: " Let's grab lunch first "! Imagine a fat f*ck who barely walk and his belly is hanging in a way that he barely can tie his shoes and in the middle of moving all he can think of is food! So we went to the next trailer and there she was this woman whom I would like to call Crazy Chatter Box (I will find a permanent[!] nickname for her if I plan to post about her) and The Tote Lover goes: It is supposed to be lunch here! And the woman says she doesn't know and all I see if an empty Wendy's paper bag! I went back to work and he went to the trailer.
He was in the trailer on Fri. when I went to him a few times to either discuss things or put stuff inside. I went in at one point and I said that I would talk to the Site Supervisor for a sign we would use to specify  our office. He said " Would we not be here for a long time ". I left while I was thinking about what he had said. Then he ask me to do a few things and I send e-mails to him in regards to them. Our system works in a way that most of the time you can see if the person is online or not. I, all of a sudden, realized he appeared offline. I thought he might have left his desk, but where to? With the reputation that he had built for himself, he was not welcomed anywhere! No one liked him and no one would welcome him in his office. I did not think that he had gone home because that was only 11:00 something although he had the long history of leaving early. I still didn't know what was going on. 
I went to the office and everything inside seemed strange! The computer was turned off, the fob and fuel card was on the desk, as well as a few other stuff. 
I went to the next office where the Construction Manager is stationed. He is a really big fella and a bit intimidating! I asked him where The Tote Lover was and he gave me a strange look! He then said: Do you watch football? He meant " football ", not soccer and although I don't, I didn't want to disappoint him and I said: " Yes. I do ". And he made the gesture of a player who is shooting the ball! I was shocked! He said that I leave it to The Crazy Boss (the nickname is used by me) to tell you. I said: " But he wouldn't be here until Mon ". He went: " Let's go out. I need a smoke ". We saw The Crazy Boss pull in as soon as we stepped out! There he was! It was then that I realized The Tote Lovers had been axed! 
The rest is talking to The Crazy Boss which it's nothing to mention but I really enjoyed that asshole being kicked out. One should really not enjoy other's misery and I, as the person who once has been laid off three times and was not able to sleep for 2 to 3 days well, knows how bad someone would feel after they were asked to leave but this pile of shit and piss had crossed all of the lines: Going early, not answering e-mails, pretending to be someone who he was not, missing days repeatedly, you name it. I really am happy that I don't have to see his ugly face although I stayed in a very good relationship with him until the last minute he was there! 
(Picture: The asshole was kicked so hard like this one which is about to. Although I am sure he would not have gone so far up, had he been shot, due to his excessive weight!)