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Follow up on Winners

I finally received an answer from the customer service of Winners last Wed. They asked me about the size and colour of the scarf and the store which sells that stupid Arabic Scarf, the one that is worn by young boys and girls. It was more popular in Cologne but I didn’t ask any of them but here, where I live, I go all the way to the bottom and will fix this. I just don’t want to cause any tension between me and the people that may offer a kind of service to me later. The young pretty girl whom was seen by me wearing the scarf works in a nice little hair salon which I would like to go for my haircut ever since I found it good, although it’s expensive. So I gave the customer service lady a bit of information and send her 2 photos. But what I also did is I contacted the Liberal Party office in southern Calgary and asked them about the MP for that area and said that there was an issue which should be discussed with him/her. I don’t know if they do anything so I decided to follow the

Winners Is A Looser

I went to a small but expensive hair salon today to get a haircut and I saw a girl with an Arabian Scarf around her neck. She was gorgeous: Blond hair, petite, brilliant white smooth skin, beautiful legs and in one word super hot. I asked her, after I was done with the haircut, if she knew what that scarf means? She said that she didn ’t know. I said what it was and asked when she got it. She said that she had gotten it from Winners . I asked if she liked it. She said she loved it. Then, in the evening, I e-mailed this to Winners : I was just was informed that Winners has recently started distributing a kind of scarf which is popular among Arab terrorists and their supporters in Al- Qaeda nations and so on. As this act is a kind of support of those brutal barbarian behaviours, I would like to ask the management about his purpose. Regardless of that I will follow this case through the authorities in Government of Canada . I will wait for their reaction and decide what to do after

Stupid and Coward (2)

I said about how this capitalist society has turned me to a conservative who barely takes a risk. I also said that because of the jobs I have had so far, I either have no time to study after work or so tired to open a book. So I might be a complete idiot if I do nothing soon. But the real stupid and coward is A. J. Regardless of all the stories I’ve narrated so far which tell how big of asshole he is, this one is worth saying. It was me and he ready to drive to Lower Mainland and he said that he would drive because I drive not fast enough. He was driving like crazy, saying the van goes as smooth and fast as a sedan! An E-250 Ford Cargo Van in a mountainous road like Sea to Sky Highway was being driven as a sedan by a maniac! Anyway we got to our destination, we did what we wanted to do and we headed back to Squamish . We bought two head sheep and two dinners to go and I was just about to live West Vancouver where the Service Engine Soon light came up! A. J. didn’t react as usual

Horrible, not Holy Matrimony

Immigrants and refugees are fucked here in this part of the world in any possible way, almost every day. Marriage is one of the most challenging efforts they make in their bumpy path of their life. Unlike Canadians , most of the foreigners, for example Iranian s, Punjabi s, Chinese , Korean s, Afghan s and others would like to marry and have their own family. You probably have heard lots of stories of fallen marriages and the girls who come to this part of the world as a spouse and leave their husband shortly after and go their own way. This one, the story of S. J. ’s marriage is quite interesting and worth reading: First of all I would like to introduce S. J. to you: He’s a nice guy in his mid 40s. I met with him first time in front of the Embassy of Canada in Tehran and that was probably 8 years ago. I noticed his accent and I asked how everything was in Esfahan . He thought at the beginning that he knew me from somewhere and surprisingly he gave me his number which is way far f

Stupid and Coward

I think I’m becoming more stupid and also coward day after day! I don’t see that Tough Guy inside of me that often. I, at times, am the same person I used to be a few years ago but I’ve lost my confidence. That’s because this fucking Capitalist society has kicked my ass badly a few times. I can’t risk anymore while I have too or I’ll be fucked forever. I have a little plan to go to Kitchener , ON. and start my M. Sc. in University of Waterloo but I have to plan for it in detail and be extremely cautious. But why this idea of being dumb and becoming more afraid of everything hit me is I spent last night in A. J. so do I tonight and in the evening he asked me to drive to the east when we got to Lougheed Highway . He was on the phone with a relative. I, soon, passed Shawnessy and then crossed the little bridge and then found myself in the way to Maple Ridge . That was the exact same road I took a few days ago when was driving Hodani to a hotel and you have the story in the previou

All Around Greater Vancouver in One Day

Hodani called me almost a week ago and said that he was going to B. C. to spend a week or more with me. I didn ’t say No while I could. He booked his ticket online through a friend of him and landed in Vancouver International Airport at about 17:25, last Wed. I had told him to give me a call when he lands, so I could pick him up. I got a document from a landscaping company in North Vancouver and then headed to a food store to buy a few things for A. J. My telephone rang before I step in the store. That was Hodani . He was in the airport. I didn ’t know what to do. I faced a dilemma: If I go to the airport to pick Hodani up, what would happen to A. J. ? If I go to the next store, and then A. J. ’s and then Surrey , wouldn ’t it be late for Hodani ? I eventually decided to buy the grocery for A. J. and leave Hodani in the airport. I drove as fast as I could in Highway Number 1 and got to Coquitlam . I spent an hour or two and then a guest of him, S. J. who I know from

The Troublemaker's still Causing Trouble!

I went to the fucking Tim Horton’s in the town in the evening of Sun. for a cup of coffee and I had my last paper cup with a donut win! I’m talking about roll up the rim to win contest. I got in and after a few sec. In the line found me in front of the counter where a teenage girl asked me what I would have liked. This is almost what happened between us: Me (M): I’d like my navigation system here The girl (G): l can’t touch that (the cup was squeezed and looked like it was picked up from the street!) M: I was joking it's just a doughnut but why not? G: Sanitary reasons. M: Last time I was here the other girl did it. G: She wasn’t supposed to do that. M: That’s what you have to do. So do it! It was not in the garbage. G: Oh my God! (She takes it, ripped the rim and threw the cup into the trash bin) One woman steps in and says that they don’t have to serve me! She takes the cup out of the bin and put it on the counter! The girl asked the next one in the