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The 4th Anniversary

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of my weblog’s being up and running but I was too tired to write. Beside nothing special has happened recently in life to write about and not much in the country. But the reason that I was too tired is the job I normally do. That’s not something which makes me so tired that I’m not able to drop a few lines. What’s the cause is a telephone I received at about 01:30 AM . That was a girl whom has been introduced to me almost 4 months ago by Aunt I . She’s the nicest girl amongst all that I’ve met so far and I’m planning to see her soon. F. F. is almost 10 years younger than me, petite, beautiful with long brunette hair, a real craftswoman, a graduate of nursing school and someone who runs everything for the family. I’m quite optimist now and I hope I can marry her, partially because I’m sick of this lonely life. Anyhow we’re in touch through e-mail but she wants me to call her every often. Last time I e-mailed her and she didn’t answer me for a long

Devastating Punch

Mike started framing the house in Zenith Road in mid. March and for different reasons he most of the times horsed around. His initial agreement was $36,000 for the whole framing and then once A. J. increased it to $38,000 just as a boost but even that didn't help. He was either late or absent and never able to gather enough people to do the job. He went up all the way to the second floor, though. I reported every day to A. J. and sent him photos of the progress. It has really not been good in past few days. I was the only one who helped Mike in Wed. and Thu. and he didn’t work Fri., Sat. and Sun. I told him yesterday that he had already crossed the red line but he said that he didn’t care and he would walk away any time he wanted. A. J. came up with a new guy today after I said that nobody was working. The guy, after reviewing the plans and negotiations, accepted the job for a reasonable price that would satisfy A. J. . So we went to Mike ’s place to tell him what had hap

Close to Garibaldi Park

As I had decided last week I went for a ride today but couldn’t start sooner than 03:40 PM. I started in Valley Cliff and instead of taking the same road I took the road at left, the one which has a warning about the logging trucks. My plan was taking the trial which takes you eventually after a long ride to Britannia Beach , the place I was goin’ to have a post about it but that one starts at right and goes to the east while the one I took goes to the left. I confronted a few guys of a contractor company who were climbing up one of the power line. None of them told me that the road is dead end but it was just after few meters from them! Then I returned and took another route and after crossing a bridge saw a three cyclist and found out that I’m at the University Heights. Those guys pulled over after a few meters as their vehicle was parked there and I continued on my own. That was a wide and easy road but uphill all the way up. I didn’t see any other cyclist. Surprisingly when I a


Ghost is a kind of police who works undercover. He drives a car which looks, at first, exactly the same as a regular vehicle and of course dresses like a regular person. But you look a little more carefully, you'll can see his (as a Ghost is usually a male cop) laptop or the lights inside the car which start flashing when he persuades a suspect. In Calgary all the Ghosts I saw drove Crown Victoria , one of my all time favourites. I sensed a few of them around but never have been caught by any. All the 5 or 6 times that I was stopped by the cops, it was by regular city polices. Here in B. C. I have seen Ghost driving around with different brands of vehicles. Last Mon. I saw one who had stopped a driver in Highway # 1 . It was on my way to Coquitlam . Surprisingly I saw him again chasing another driver in HOV and stopped him immediately! Some drivers are just assholes. HOV is the lane which is designated for the vehicles with 2 or more passengers. So that means I must drive

Dr. S. (Dr. Ass!)

I met Dr. S. last Mon. after a few e-mails we exchanged. Dr. S. teaches in SFU and is a graduate from London School of Economy and Political Sciences . His wife is A. J. ’s sister. I’ve known her since A. J. ’s wedding. She used to be a very sociable and nice girl, full of energy, a great dancer and just a lovely girl, a few years older than me. But she’s a mess now, looks much older than her age, depressed and home sick. She had unsuccessful marriage years before coming to Canada and that’s probably why she’s stuck to Dr. S. ever since although he’s just a pain in the ass, as he’s actually Dr. Ass ! They have to girls. The girls are so shy at the ages of early high school and you don’t hear a word of them in 5 hours! Their mother believes that’s because the way her husband socializes which actually means he doesn’t! Dr. S. was sent to a university in Montreal , PQ by the university he used to teach in back in his home country and then applied for a permanent visa and was accep

Sea to Sky

I went to North Vancouver to renew the insurance of the van today in the afternoon of Mon. I could to that anywhere in Squamish but A. J. said that he wanted it done with the same company which does his all insurance needs. So I went there and they sent me to the ICBC , three streets down, close to the water front. Happily, for A. J. , I got a 10% discount based on my insurance history of Alberta . Then I drove all the way to Coquitlam to meet with Dr. S. and consult him about graduate studies (That`s a different story) when I was on my way back to Squamish it was late and Kiewit crew, the company who is the major contractor for the Sea to Sky Highway were working and they stopped all the vehicles in two spots, the second one in Britannia Beach (will be another post soon!) Sea to Sky Highway is connecting the lower mainland to Whistler , where the 2010 Winter Olympic Games will be held. Scheduled to be completed in fall ’09, the highway starts from the district of West


I really don’t feel good about myself these days. I feel that I’m not the strong guy I used to be, neither mentally nor physically. It’s mostly because the dark future that is waiting for me! I try to keep saying that everything is goin’ to be fine but I know that nothin’ is gonna be OK until I try hard to dig myself out of this shit! I called those bastards in CF Vancouver office and left a massage and also e-mailed them but no one replied back. That’s something that I still think could be a cure. I went to the project site to see what’s happening yesterday morning and I was off at about 04:00 PM and wanted to go for a ride but didn’t go until almost 07:10! I went up the same route as the last ride and because that was late and the road was so foggy, I just took a few photos and got back. I broke a sweat but hopefully I defeat this laziness and over-eating and go for a good ride today if it’s not raining. I’ve also planned to meet with Dr. S. to consult him about the possibilit

Candy Shop

I’ve been always a music lover and started listening to Pop and Rock when I was in grade 8 but I never liked Rap . Nevertheless I tried a few songs from famous rappers like Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent and surprisingly I liked them! But why I always hated Black people is because Canadians, I mean Caucasian people, especially girls worship these guys because of their strong sex drive. They are mostly criminals and ignoramus but have big, long dick and that’s what Caucasian girls really want! They hang out with their own boys and then one day they say: Why don’t I try a niggy? They don’t care how good you are at English or don’t give a damn to your athleticism and university education or being gentle. All they care about is a big stick that satisfies them. Nonetheless I met nice Caucasian girls who liked me but lost them all for a reason which is out of discussion here but will write about it later. If you look at the profile of these notorious rappers like the ones I just mentioned


I’m back to Squamish after 2 nights in Coquitlam . That was nothing special but having some food and hanging out with the relatives. In the morning of Sun. I and A. J. ’s Mom went for a walk (Can you imagine that?! I go out for a walk with a lady who's even older than my Mom! That’s what I get! That's what happening to The Tough Guy !) and accidentally watched Teddy Bear Parade which was nice. That’s for the kids but still got our attention. The Bagpipe band was the best. But my Gosh the city was so fucking crowded when first I was goin ’ to it. I don’t know how in the hell I am  goin ’ to live in a big city like Coquitlam or goin ’ back to Tehran ! I gotta find a good job that keeps me here forever, obviously not in B. C. (Photo: These little kids called White Spot Pipe Band really rock. I always enjoy bagpipe music. It was raining and they didn't care)

Dog Is Better Than God!

I went to North Vancouver to renew the van’s insurance which will be expired in June the 23rd and a dumb ass told me that I should have all the records from Alberta and then be there in a week day to go to an ICBC office to fill out the forms and get it all done. So I called A. J. and told him the story and then he invited me over to his home in Coquitlam . But when I was heading west, taking Highway No. 1, I missed my exit, crossed Fraser River and went all the way to Surrey ! Fortunately I didn’t go too far, made a U-turn and went there. I was gonna spend a few hours in the cities but spent most of my time in their house and Futureshop in the neighbourhood, playing hockey on a PlayStation 3 ! Then we went back home and watched TV , A. J. ’s Mom who has been recently arrived for a visit confused God with dog! And I said actually dog is better than God! Because as Cyrus wrote me once and I truly believe in that, God didn’t create us, we created God. But what can we do? So ma

Winner: the Ducks

It was obvious that Anaheim wins this season’s Stanley Cup from the beginning of the series in CA . Regardless the fact that they won both the home games not very easy, 3-2 and 1-0. But they were started the season very strongly and then in game 4 in Ottawa they beat the Senators 3-2 while Pronger had been already suspended from the game. It showed that the Ducks are not so dependent on one guy. Anyhow I wanted to watch game 5 but just after a few minutes when the Senators accepted the first goal left the room and went to the mower! When I got back, the Ducks were celebrating a 6-2 victory and the Stanley Cup ! So again a Canadian team didn ’t win the Cup after the last time which was 14 years ago . Last year Edmonton was the finalist and the year before there was the lock out and in 2004 Calgary lost the chance. Let’s wait for the next season, the one that I’m goin ’ to watch a game for the first time in an arena. (Photo: The Ducks got a goal by one of the Senators who pas

Don't Mess With Me!

I decided to go and have a look at the house that we’re building at the other side of the town in the afternoon. I went there and obviously nobody was working. Those bastards don’t work their regular time! I didn ’t expect to see them. So I went up the first floor and collected a few bottles and cans which had been dispersed all over and then got up the second floor that have been sheeted recently. I started looking around as it’s beautiful and then I think that I heard a rock or something falling down the house! I paid not much attention at the beginning and it kept coming. I got down and saw that all the five cans and bottles which I had put on the table are on the floor! Someone was a good shooter! I climbed down the ladder and started looking around. There’s actually no one in the neighbours who would such a stupid thing! The house in the back is belongs to an old couple. The lady went to the municipality at the start of the project and complained which led us to build a retaining

The Second Attempt: Failed!

I took the same trial that I did last Mon. And I hoped that I go all the way and come back home. I felt a little better at the beginning when I started at 11:30 and after a few hundred meters I saw another cyclist ahead of me. I hoped I catch up with him or her and say: You need a boost?! I was trying to focus on my paces while heard people are talking. I turned back on the bike and saw a bunch I bikers getting close. They easily caught up with me and left! I then reached them when we all reached a flat area but then when we get to a downhill then just let it go and got disappeared! I decided to go steady and slow. Well ... not slow, just a normal speed. Then I saw a couple and I stopped frequently for photos. When I once stopped on a bridge, I asked them if they knew how far we were from the town. The man took out a map and showed me where we were. We were half way through! They then left and stayed a little longer for a few shots and after that I never saw them again. I was sure that

Back to Ottawa with great big hope

I tried to sit on the damn chair and watch the entire game yesterday because I cancelled my cycling trip but was only able to watch the first period entirely. Then I took a break to water the trees and flowers and watched the last minutes of the third. Regardless of the controversial score Ottawa beat the Ducks 5-3 and will face them again this Mon. What happened is there was a shot from distance which then was deflected and Alfredsson , the Swedish player of the Senators pushed it in just by having it hit on his foot, something that almost happened last year. Ryan Smith had a score which the puck hit part of his chest and went in. The Oilers didn't even make it to the Playoffs this year. (Photo: This photos shows the moment after the puck went in the Ducks' net and it was 3-3 then)

Hu”Sane” or Hu”Insane”!?

I was in the shower today and for unknown reason something hit me: Is Hu”sane” was really sane or in the contrary he was actually Hu”insane”? Hussein, which has different spellings in English, as Shia Muslim s believe sacrificed his whole family for the sake of Islam . He refused to obey the one who reigned at the time, claiming that because he was the prophet’s grandchild, the sovereign should be his! The ruler beat the shit out of the whole family and followers but surprisingly one of his three sons survived! Shia says he wasn’t killed because he was sick at the time! Why he was not killed by such brutal army, as a result of an illness while they took the whole family, that’s the question which has never been answered and proves how stupid and ridiculous the entire story and the other stories that Islam has made up so far, are. Considering this is a true story, it stands by the fact that he was actually Hu”Insane” not Hu”Sane” because who commits a family suicide because of thirst