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N. L. Road Trip (8): Twillingate

Although we realised that we were in Twillingate at the wrong season but we had a bit of joy by looking at the beautiful rocky beaches and we were lucky that it was sunny all day long. Breakfast was served by the inn we were staying at which was not bad. I really liked the homemade muffins and I guess I had as many as four with my coffee. I will write about the detail of our stay, alongside with other hotels in a separate post called Where Did We Stay, later.  So we again geared up and headed for the end of the island to see Long point Lighthouse , Crow Head and the small islands. It was a very windy day so we were told by the inn crew that the normal bout tour would not going to take place. The cliffs and  trials of Twillingate are so beautiful but we would have seem much more beauty, if we had been there either in May , June or July . Iceberg s could have been seen from the inn's balcony, we were told. Anyways we tried to use the best of it so we covered most of the tria

N. L. Road Trip (7): The Scary Drive to Twillingate

It was dark when we reached Gander and we had not eaten. So first we looked for a place to chow on something. F. F. suggested to get some pizza. So we went to the nearby Greco Pizza and ordered a party size vegetarian. It was not bad but it was white flour crust which I hate but F. F. was too tired and hungry to remind me to ask and it was too late and the order had been put. We knew that chances that they have it is very low. We had part of the pizza and we struggled really hard with the damn G. P. S. to take us to Twillingate which was the next stop where we had a room booked. According the the map we had to take NL 330 but the fucking G. P. S. was pushing us to Trans Canada Highway . I realized that we had to go to Gander Bay first so started asking around, maybe two places how to get there but people were giving direction by naming the streets that I had no idea where they were! We wasted a total of half an hour at least that way, if not more. That was including filling

Pigeon Mountain

I got a chance today to be a bit free so I thought I should use it for a nice hike. I chose Pigeon Mountain in Dead Man's Flat . I was in the parking lot at about 10:10 AM and started following the information I had downloaded from the net and quiet frankly it worked although the grammar of the writer sucks! There were a few vehicle parked there and it meant people were already going up. The signs that the guy refers to them are a bit vague, mostly. For example he says you pass couple of ravines but I guess I passed at least three, may be four. And the information board she showed in his note was never seen by me so I was a bit confused. But then he was right: After about an hour and a half or a bit more I got out of the trees and a steep trail started. The view of the surrounding mountain is very beautiful and the weather, as I had read, was partially cloudy. So sun would come out and it not only warmed me up in that windy weather but also helped me to get a few nice shots.

N. L. Road Trip (6): Terra Nova National Park

We stopped at Terra Nova National Park on our way to the north side of the island but because of the distance and construction on Highway No. 1 we were late. The office was open only because there was a cruise from Greenland there! I thought to myself: It would be amazing to be on a ship from Europe to here. So tried to use the best of it and took the closest trial and hiked for a bit. I just about 1 hour we were there we saw beautiful nature of the park as well of a few kind of birds, the first one similar to Pheasant , from that family of course and another one, a wading bird, from Sandpiper family and the other one was a diving bird circling above water, looking down and diving to catch its food which most likely was a small fish. I'm not sure if I can call it a diving bird though because it comes out quickly while a diving bird goes deeper maybe. Not quite sure!  It was getting late and dark and we had to go to our next destination that we had a hotel room booked so we

N. L. Road Trip (5): Cape Saint Mary's Reserve Park

Being in Placentia gives you the opportunity to check out a few places including: 1- You can get on the ferry and go to Nova Scotia . 2- You can go to Avalon Wilderness Reserve , and 3- You can have an Ocean View drive and go all the way to Cape Saint Mary's Reserve Park . We chose the last one as it had been planned.  The drive so long and the road is so quiet but you drive through small communities and you wonder what people are doing there and how they manage their life because it truly looks like the end of the world! After more than an hour drive which felt much longer to us we reached our destination which looked like it was the end of the world actually: An area of high rocks and cliffs which only consists of  a lighthouse and a Parks   Canada office with a tiny gift shop. There were only a few people around and obviously all from Newfoudnland . The park guide gave us a bit of explanation and guidance and told us that they would be gone by the time we were b

N. L. Road Trip (4): Placentia

We headed west after spending 2 days in St. John's , not that we had seen everything but we simply didn't want to limit ourselves to one place. Placentia was our next stop. It is fairly a small town and that is where Castle Hill , another national historic site of Canada locates. I checked that first and we realized that the main gate was closed so we thought the place was closed as it was Sep. but it appeared that the gate was closed to the vehicle and we could simply walk up which is not more than 15 minutes. Castle Hill was originally build in the then Placentia as a French and English fortification. I think it was first occupied by the French and they were protecting the French fisherman and they intention was to colonize  Newfoundland and Labrador and then were driven out by the British and both the fort and town became a British settlement. Today there is no French spoken resident in N. L. but there are some in Nova Scotia  including a colleague of mine

N. L. Road Trip (3): Cape Spear

I always wanted to see what's left from the Second World War . When I was in Cologne I didn't get a chance to see any but in Copenhagen I briefly saw the air raid shelter. Then after knowing that many bunkers have just emerge in the west coast of Denmark I planned to go and see them. It has not happened yet but a few weeks ago I contacted the Danish Embassy after reading an article about demolishing the bunkers and they confirmed that. They will probably leave a few. The whole process will cost millions of dollars but they will do that for the safety of the people, they say. One of the Misch 's arguments was to leave these building untouched because they are part of the history and he was right.  So when we went to Cape Spear we did not know we were going to one of the defense sites of Canada during the Second World War . Cape Spear  is the most eastern part of Canada and for that reason the country had equipment and troop in there. What is left today after 68 ye

N. L. Road Trip (2): St. John's

St. John's was our first stop in N. L. It was a very long flight and we were tired but the rental car had been booked and the hotel reservation was complete; considering the size of the city which is fairly small we found ourselves in the hotel shorty after the airport. It would not have been possible to reach there and go anywhere else if we I had not purchased a G. P. S. but that was not free from issues which I will either have a separate post for it or describe when necessary. There is a lots of history to the city and N. L. in general and that is because it has been one of the first settlements of the European s with ties to the UK . Newfoudnlander s also were volunteers for both the first and second World War s. I did not have time to read all that in such a short time but we first visited Signal Hill which is a national historic site of the country.  One thing I realized a little later and it was late was that the trip should have been done much earlier, as earl

N. L. Road Trip Short Post

I will write about the different days of the N. L. trip but just wanted to mention this here that it's almost 00:30 hours on Wed. and I am in the northern town of Twillingate writing this using high speed wireless on my old laptop. It was a crazy night but we are here now, Safe and sound. Will write all the detail later.

N. L. Road Trip (1): The Only Foreigners

The first day of the trip which is about to end, because I'm going to the bed soon, was a complete waste and the only thing we accomplish was getting here! We were so tired as a result of steepness that I fell sleep in the afternoon. I guess flying all the night not only has the affect of losing sleep but the time difference or jet-lag causes a huge problem. There is a 3.5 hours difference between Mountain Time and N. L. Time and that itself is a big issue. We had a good start in Calgary Airport by easily finding an economy parking but changing 3 flights to St. John's and then getting a damn heavy useless Edge make thing sour. We found the hotel easily using out newly purchased G. P. S. but then the damn S. U. V. has lots of complicated features which someone like me who always has driven basic vehicles is an issue. The hotel is only OK, a 3 or maybe a 2.5 star but I will write about Capital Hotel after I stay all the booked nights. The driving system seems a bit

In the Airport, Heading East

I just got a chance to turn the old laptop on and get connected to the YYC free Wi Fi . Heading East we are going first to Toronto and then to Halifax and finally St. John's , NL . It's a few minutes left so I'm goin' 

Flashback (25): Orientals on a Bus

You hear so many different languages spoken in the public place every day in this country. A few of them are so annoying. The sound of it is to the ears resembles a dual saw on a piece of oxidised metal! Or even worse than that. If I wanted to name a few, I would start with the languages which are spoken in China , Mandarin and Cantonese , not sure which one is more disturbing because I have no criteria to distinguish this from that. Generally the Oriental s' language are all fucked up and so disturbing: Languages spoken in Vietnam , Cambodia , Philippines , Korea and so on. I do not know why European languages and Spanish which is widely spoken in South America do not sound bad. Arabic just simply causes hatred, disgust and dislike. There so no doubt about.  So I was on the bus a few years ago and annoyed and exhausted from I don't know what.  There were three fucking Orientals in the last long seat, most likely Chinese , talking and laughing loudly. I put up with the

Messed Up a Bad Interview

I've had recently an interview which I should not probably taken it easy in this situation and I did. I think that I messed it up. This one as well was with a major Client company and their building was as clean and nice as the previous one, if not more. There were these two fellas in their mid thirties I would say and someone else joined us a bit later, in the same age.  I very soon realised that I not going to get this but sat to the last moment. There was this one who mostly was just sitting still and gazing at me. I thought he was just watching me and my reactions. He barely asked any questions and did not even present a card. I cannot tell what he was doing. They asked a bunch of unrelated questions that I did not have good answers for. As well asked a few questions that I was not prepared for! In the meantime the questions that I had myself prepared for were not asked! So the overall result was bad. When I looked at one of the guy's card later, I realised that he was

Workplace Stories (7): The Chubby Chicken

There was this fucking slow, lazy, bitch, working with us who barely moved her big fat ass or any other part of her nasty buddy but a finger! I did not have to correlate with her, happily but during the course of her sorry tenure I had a few short talks with her, of course all work related. Once I and a colleague asked her to rent a vehicle as we were going to visit somewhere, of course a business trip. The fucking bitch booked something that cost almost $70 more to the company and I had to go at least 4 times longer to get the damn car.  Every time we had a mail, she would never notify us or bring it to our work station. If you were lucky and passing her desk she might have told you about the letter! She was to a few guys though. I think she had crush on them and was trying to get them. One of them told me that she had bought him Slurpee and stuff like that and the guy has a girlfriend. I'm not sure if she knew but it is very possible. One day we all received this message indi

Miner's Peak

I finally was able to find the damn Ha Ling Peak yesterday. Quiet honestly it was a disappointment! The biggest challenge was to find where the mountain and the trial was! Rather than that a 70-year old woman or a 10-year old kid could go up there and in fact I saw people like that!  Anyhow I left home early to be able to go back early and when I finally found Goat Creak  parking lot, there was only a vehicle parked there. So I geared up and walked up to a road with a few construction vehicles. Over there I realized an old red Pontiac parked. I at first though it was just simply parked there but then I saw someone in there with a Security note on the windshield. Apparently he was watching the machinery over there and point at the trial head. I found it a minute and started going up. The trial is nice and it was a foggy and cloudy day so the sun didn't bother me. After awhile I head someone was coughing and I turned back thinking someone was behind me but in fact that was an

Rochus Misch, A Loyal or Simply a Soldier?

One of the few people who was with the Fuhrer when he and his wife were about to commit suicide died last Thu. at age of 96 in Berlin. Rochus Misch ( German spelling, in English it would most likely be Rokhos Mish) was the telephone operator and bodyguard for Adolf Hitler and was captured when the Soviets stormed into the last standing of the Nazi s and sent to camps. Surprisingly he survived and was released after doing his time and went back to Berlin where he lived the rest of his life! With Israeli s, American s and British all hunting former SS officers and soldiers all around the world, keeping some of them like Rudolf Hess in jail to their 90s until the guys gives up and hangs himself, it's almost unbelievable for me that Misch was untouched and died of natural causes at that age! Was there anything special about him that the Soviets let him free no media ever points at that.  Misch , a low rang SS officer, denied any direct involvement in any war crimes


I'm try not to jump in to conclusion about Elysium . I think I have to watch movies more than once in order to understand what the message is about. First off let's see what Elysium means. Basically in Greek mythology it is a place of ideal happiness that is promised; in other words, paradise. And in the movie it is name of the space station that the rich have chosen to live in there to escape from disease, pollution, dirt, poverty and so on. The movie has exciting scenes and unpredictable story at the most of the time and that is what makes it attractive. The end is too near in my opinion. When you create a new world, a new environment, you need to give enough time to the audience get gets him/herself familiar with that. Unfortunately it is inevitable in most of the movies, unless the movie has a sequel. For example in Waterworld you explore the world which people believe there is no land and they are searching for a possible one and then when they find it and while you

Failed Attempt to Hike Miners Peak

I had listed a few mountains, peaks and ridges in   Alberta  and decided to hike them one by one as long as the time and weather allows so yesterday woke up very early and headed out. The   fool  had postponed the plan twice already so I didn't even bother telling him this time and decided to go by myself but everything started wrongly! I'm not superstitious but first of all before getting to   Highway No. 1  I had a near miss! A fucking fool, I guess a   Native  woman was walking barefoot on   16th Ave.  in the dark. I always watch my speed so I was able to see her and go around. Then I found the weather cold and people were driving like fucking maniacs is early dark morning using their high beams behind me! The temperature even dropped to   5 ̊ C  at some point. Then I missed   Exit No. 93  which is the first one to   Canmore ! I was watching the signs and for an unknown reason the exit number dropped from 98 to 93! So I had to take 91 and assume that going the opposite d

Quiet South Country of Alberta

I have been trying to get enough information about hiking in the past month so in case we are going, we will have no issue but it seems there are not enough. Yesterday i decided to go to southwestern Alberta and get as close possible to Holy Cross Mountain so when the time comes I know where we are going as well I did not want to spend the day at home. I unfortunately miscalculated and started a bit late because I had to do a tiny amount of shopping so when I got back to the City it was already dark. I first drove to Okotoks and then to Black Diamond . The second tiny town is not comparable to the first one and I guess it is because Okotoks is closer to Calgary and many people who have high paid jobs live there while generally country people in Alberta are well off but the difference is obvious. After Black Diamond you drive south until you get to Longview and there you turn right onto Highway 541 and that is where the number of vehicles reduces to 1 in every half an hour