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Hard To Find

It's been more than a month that I'm trying to find a place to live. Everywhere I call they say there's no vacancy. I even tried 2 bedrooms but only one responded and that's $800 which is too much for me. Then I tried a 1 bedroom in Chinook area and finally after 5 phone calls yesterday I booked an appointment for today to see the apartment! When I got there at about 18:30, there were at least 10 other people waiting! Fortunately most of them were gone one by one, after a few minutes and only two applicant left: Two Canadian women, seemed a mother and daughter, both very pretty and me. The others didn't like it. The agent lady also said that the basement of the same size with no balcony is available and is a little cheaper. She then gave me an application form with over 15 questions! I filled it out and gave it back to her. In addition was a cheque of $200 as deposit. The apartment is available in July the first. She said the selection process would take 48 hour

Junk Yard

I've done things in Canada that had never been imagined before my immigration and had never been done in my version 1.0 of life! Today me and Hojam went to a junk yard to pick and pull a few parts for my Caprice . Junk yard is a huge place full of old and crashed cars but is very organized. You go in there and you need a box of tools ( Hojam had one). The admission is only $1 and the time is unlimited. Cars are seen in rows and columns, separated based on make. We walked between the corpses(!) and finally found a Caprice but a little different from mine. That was Ok and Hojam started to take the windshield wipers off and then we got the other parts we needed. Hojam changed the broken wiper (The one at right side) and put the front hubcaps and we left the other things for a later time as they needed tools and longer struggle. Rear defog and central lock switches must be replaced. We'll get to that later. (Photo: Pick N Pull where you find parts for your old or new ca

Mid Western

I received an e-mail from a guy called Stephen (pronounced Steeven!) regarding a Quality Control Inspector that I applied in May.16. He's the plant manager of Mid Western Machine Works in Foothills Industrial Park, South east of Calgary . I called him today morning and the appointment was set at 10:00 AM. The mentioned industrial park is a very busy place, many companies and plants are located there and trains and trucks are continuously going and coming. I was there on time and Stephen , a P. Eng. , showed me their small workshop. It's as big as, probably Sanay-e Gaz-e Iran plant, the company I used to go to for my training when I was in the school. The workshop basically comprises of a few big machines including CNC, lathe, mill and so on. He explained the processes and introduced customers and then we sat in his small office and he asked questions directly by looking at what I had claimed in my resume. I don't think he has any academic background and his P. Eng. l

Western Conference Champion

I didn't watch game 5 of western conference finals between the Oilers and the Ducks because I went to Keiv 's place to help him with his moving but then when I got home and noticed that Edmonton had beat Anaheim I was surprised and happy, both. This is the second consecutive season that a team from Alberta , Canada goes to Stanley Cup Finals . Last season was locked out and Calgary was the finalist in 04-05 season. The eastern team would be either Buffalo or Carolina . (Photo: Fans stormed to the streets after Edmonton won western conference finals yesterday and set fire to phone booths , wood pallets and street signs. Police arrest two fans as seen here)

Aroused Emotionaly Not Physically

I was roaming around in downtown tonight (I mean Sat. night) and then parked for a short walk while it was raining. During the few seconds that I was waiting for the green light, a pretty, tall, Caucasian girl approached and this is what happened: The girl (pointing at the other side of the street): " what is that red sign over there? " As she was too close to my face and looked a little drunk I thought she's talking about the traffic light and replied: " That sign says you can't cross! " The girl: " No! The red sign. " Me: " Let's go there and see what it is " and grabbed her arm and we crossed the street. She didn't resist but was walking fast. So I said: " Don't rush. It's slippery " The girl: " I'm an athlete " Me: " What do you do? " The girl: " Professionally Volleyball and Tennis " As we were walking I noticed that I'm hard and there was a time, a second, that I was

Disappointing Game

I didn't watch none of the first three games of western conference finals between the Oilers and the Ducks but today I decided to watch game #4 as it could be the last game of the series. Edmonton won all three games and was just one win away from the finals but there were disappointing. Anaheim won the game 6-3 and that was the first win for them in last 7 years ! I watched the first period completely and then the second period partially but couldn't handle the last one! The Ducks won the first period with a score of 3-0 and also outshooted Edmonton 25-3 ! I didn't have much hope for the Oilers to be able to beat the Ducks and that happened. Now they have to go all the way to Anaheim this Sat. And the Ducks are strong. They are not going to give up easily. (Photo: Anaheim goalie, Giguere, came back to the rink today after a long time. He hasn't had played since the Ducks defeated the Flames)

Flashback (9): Expensive Recruiters

I remember when I first started job haunting, and that was before I attended SAIT , once I encountered an advertisement in Calgary Herald indicating that the company provides kind of service to people to be employed. So I wrote them but I don’t remember if I sent my resume or not and shortly after I received a call from them and an appointment was set. They had a very nice office in a tower in downtown. I guess it was 1st St. If I go there I can find the tower easily. There are four of them together. I went there and I met a lady called Heather . She explained to me that it was a company who help people finding careers through making them ready for interviews, preparing their resumes and get them connected with companies through the network they have. She then showed me a letter that she claimed it was written by a customer who had have a job from them and appreciated them. She then left the office and wanted me to read the letter. I didn’t get much from the letter, firstly because of

The Code

I watched The Da Vinci Code (why it's written in its Italian syntax, I have no idea! because in Italian c is pronounced as ch in English ) today and honestly didn't understand much. It's not because of the dialogues which is basically the movie is founded on. It's because I know nothing about Christianity and its history. The movie is banned by some Christians and even some Muslims support them and condemn the way Jesus is portrayed in the movie. The whole story started a while ago when the novel was released. And then the movie now. Obviously it's a fiction. The movie is saying that Jesus was married to a lady called Maria Magdalena , one of his apostles and the actor and actress finally find out that the descendant of the actress goes to Jesus and she's his granddaughter! That's all the movie is about. It's all figured out after a series of investigation and travels in Europe . I might buy the book to understand the whole idea of the story. Of

Freaky Gauge

Hojam came over in the afternoon (I'm writing this while the time's passed 12:00 AM and is Sun.) for a chat and a movie. We watched The Driver . I picked the movie for him as I know he likes cars and driving. Then we take a look at the Chevy . We opened the hood and did a little cleaning and checks. He changed driver’s side wiper blade with the other side's as it is broken and had a look at the central lock switch, engine oil and air filter. Then we decided to go to junk yard next week and get a few things for the car. Here’s the list: 1- A pair of hubcaps for front tires. 2- Wiper blade. 3- Battery (I guess all batteries are 12 V. specially for a big car like this). 4- Central lock switch, driver’s side. 5- Sealing rubber ribbon for driver’s door. Then after Hojam left I drove to Talisman for exercises and work out and something really funny and a little bit scary happened. I just exited Deerfoot Trail and as soon as I turned left to Heritage Meadows Drive I

Fish Creek

I spent a few hours this morning in Fish Creek Provincial Park for walking and photography. It was nice and mild and mostly cloudy and not many people were seen around. Fish Creek is one of the largest parks in Calgary and you can see a wide range of wild life in it, if you look around carefully. There were still signs of last year's flood everywhere. It was not sunny enough for perfect photos but I took a few. I met a Canadian guy in, I'd say, his early 40s and we had a chat for a few min. When he learnt my nationality, he mentioned the new dress code which is believed is going to be confirmed by Iranian Parliament . The rule says that non-Muslims must be easily identifiable from Muslims by the way they dress! A colour ribbon must be worn by them! I guess the news has no reliability and that's the way they try to ruin Iran more and more but foreigner, I mean people in North America and Europe believe it easily and quick. The news firstly was posted by National Po

The Sharks Were Drawned in Oil

Hockey is really a complex sport specially for someone like me who is not patient enough to watch the whole game and listens to commentators and also is new to it. The commentators were discussing about the face-offs and what is the chance of a right-handed player against a left-handed one and I didn't get much! So what's I'm gonna do next time (prob. next season!) is being a good listener in addition to being a good audience. Anyhow I missed most of the game tonight because I thought it starts at 08:00 PM while that was 08:00 ET! So I just watched the last period and missed the second goal of the Oilers too! I just went to the kitchen for something and Boom! They scored. Regardless of all that even the few minutes I watched were so exciting and worth watching. The Oilers never gave up and were fighting to the last min. They beat the Sharks 2-0 and advanced to western conference finals after 14 years ! The first game will be in Anaheim this Fri. against the team who eli


I finally bought a used car last Sat. and registered and bought insurance for it today. It's parked by the house now. It all happened with the help of my great friend, Hojam . The car is a 1986 silver Chevrolet Caprice obviously by GM . Hojam told me about a website called usedcalgary .com and I found a few cars for me in there. I e-mailed two owners, a Mercedes and that Chevrolet . Just a few days before we go to see the car, Hojam called me and said he had received a message from Resurrect indicating that he would be here Fri.!! I didn't know I'm this much unlucky. Anyhow I met them both in Marlborough Mall and we went to see the car somewhere in 20 th Ave. NW. Hojam , as is an expert in cars, tested it and confirmed. We, then, set an appointment for around 02:30 PM at Hojam 's place as I didn't have any cash or cheques on me. When I tried to get the money from an ATM, the answer was negative because the ATMs usually just provide $20 bills. Resurrect

One Win Away form the Western Finals

That was a very nice game tonight in San Jose and I was a bit more patient during the game! Prob. because the Oilers had control over the Sharks . They played better and had the first goal and amazing penalty killings. I didn't watch the last period though! Eventually they won 6-3 . The next game will be played in Edmonton this Wed. and the Oilers would be faced the Ducks in the Western Conference Finals if they beat the Sharks .

Nice and Ugly Downtown

Downtown has two different sides: The poor and the rich. And I think you see that in every North American city although I just have been to Calgary 's and Toronto 's So far. Here in Calgary you see fantastic shops with luxury merchandises, pretty women with handsome guys sitting in the bars and cafes and enjoying their time. You also see skyscrapers, banks, engineering and insurance companies. But you also see homeless people, street prostitutes and crack smokers. And that’s the part I don’t like. I’m not saying that I don’t like that people because I believe that this is not what they want. They must have had something happened to them to led them to such a miserable life. 7 th Ave. and 8 th St. SW is a juncture that I don’t like and is usu. busy in Downtown. There’s LRT station and a Mac’s convenience store and McDonald's , a few bus stops around and some oriental and other kinds of stores. So it’s always crowded. Today I was waiting for the train when I got bac

Cultural Discrepancies (4): Calmness

May be calmness is not related to culture but I guess the way people live and behave could be a factor here. People here are very calm. That’s a great thing in a society but yesterday there was news in Calgary Herald indicating that violence booming with economy. Solicitor General Harvey Cenaiko says Alberta ’s growth may be part of the problem. I haven’t seen any violence in the public places and what’s mentioned is related to domestic violence. I give you an example. This is what I experienced yesterday: I was in the Bay in my neighborhood yesterday afternoon and was looking around checking the merchandise and price tags. When you go to a big store like that and see all the nice cloths and everything, you’re tempted to buy something for you. But I resisted and didn’t! The reason I was there is I wanted to buy something for Mom as today is Mother’s Day and also Farzin . But didn’t. I’m goin’ to buy something today. Anyway I was roaming around and noticed that two young Canadia

Resurrected Oilers

It seemed like the Oilers are more confident to beat the Sharks after they won Wed.’s game in the 3rd OT. But San Jose is a very tough team. And they proved it. They were ahead in the first period with a 2-1 lead. Edmonton ’s defense men were hundred percent guilty on the second goal and I said to me: Oh God! I can’t watch this game! They’re gonna lose! And I went to bed as I was and still am very tired today (I write later the reason why I got exhausted) But I couldn ’t sleep and got back and started watching the third period and the Oilers accepted another goal! It was 3-1 San Jose and I didn ’t see any possibility that the Oilers can get back. So I turned off the TV and went to read the news on the net. (I wonder what would happen to the team, if the fans did the same!). Then after a few min. I checked the game through the net and that was tied 3-3 at the end of the 2 nd period. Then I told me: Let’s get back to the rink! Those guys haven’t given up and they’re not going to,

Flashback (8): Burglary

This short story goes back to the days I used to live in The Brave ’s house. I’ve called him a few times lately but seems like he’s not back to the city. Here it is: Once I got back home and noticed he’s not home but someone was in his bedroom which was being used as a small office by him, upstairs. There was a giant Caucasian man with a coverall on. I don’t remember exactly what I asked him as that’s a long time ago but he said something like he works for Shaw Cable and was there to fix the things. I guess I asked him to wait for the owner and he got disappeared immediately. When The Brave  was home he said he had never asked anyone to come over to fix something! That guy must have been a burglar. The main door was not locked most of the time and anyone could go and come easily. I saved him a few hundred bucks that day.

Up and Down in The Game

After a disappointing second period, the Oilers tied the games at the end of the third period of the 3rd game against the Sharks in Edmonton . The 2 nd goal of Edmonton was one of the most beautiful ones that I’ ve ever seen. I did not watch the first period but the second one was just irritating and bothering and I kept telling me: Is that the team who eliminated the Red Wings ?! They played so awful and Roloson was hundred percent faulty on the second goal. He didn ’t even see the puck and seemed nervous all game long. Actually he was under so much pressure and I guess many other goalies would have had the same feeling. Anyhow the game is going on now in the first OT and I feel sleepy and think better to hit the bed and find out what happens in the game tomorrow.

How Does a Stupid Scum Act?

There’s a motherfucker, moron, son of a bitch who reads my blog off and on and tries to be smart. Actually there're lots of them here but I always try to stay away from them. That scumbag is so coward that doesn’t dare introduce himself. As I’ve noticed that he got interested in my posts but doesn’t have the balls to introduce himself (or may be herself) and always hides behind an Anonymous name, I would like to tell him something like the one I had for him regarding his last comment: 1- Yes. I didn’t know anything about hockey 5 years ago. I also didn’t know that your mother used to be a street whore and you were born in a barn beside bulls and cows and was grazed by them. And I didn’t know that you get fucked in the ass every night before you go to bed and I’m sorry that I can’t send my dog to fuck you in that hole as he doesn’t fuck animals like you. 2- I also didn’t know that you want to suck my dick and I have to disappoint you because I don’t want to be infected by all the m

Oilers Got Bitten

Edmonton Oilers was in San Jose today to play the first game of the second round against the Sharks . I only watched the first period completely and part of the third one. I don't know how they survive more than an hour and a half in the arena!They had a good start with scoring early in the game but then accepted a goal in the first period and the second one in the second period and lost the game. Next game will be in the same place tomorrow! (Photo: San Jose Sharks logo. One of the most attractive NHL logos to me. Last year I was going to order a shirt with this logo but changed my mind in the last steps!)

The Flames is Put Out

I knew it happens! Right from the beginning. The Flames lost to the Ducks and said goodbye to 2006 playoff. They're shot-out. A 0-3 defeat! I couldn't watch the game because that was disturbing and boring for me. Calgary was so dependent on Kiprusoff and he disappointed all the fans who were waiting for an easy victory and ready for celebrate.

Dead Wings!

I was very tired last night and there were two important games I wanted to watch: Detroit at Edmonton and Calgary at Anaheim . obviously the second one is much more important to me specially because I had a bet on the game with Lazlo . It was only $20 but that was what he accepted. I was talking about $100 . Anyhow I did a few things and was watched the singer sang both national anthem and I thought: I can't even sit on the chair! So I turned off the TV and did a few more things fast and then checked YAHOO Sports: Detroit was ahead of Edmonton 2-0 at the end of the second period! I told me: It's over. They'll be kicked out of the playoffs in a period. And went to bed. When I woke up I guess it was 10:30 PM or something and checked the result: The Red Wings are eliminated!! I couldn't believe that and was so happy! They lost 3-4 and got kicked out by the Oilers . But in the other game the Flames lost to the Ducks and everything will be clear tomorrow in Calgar

It's a Sin

I downloaded a song of Pet Shop Boys a few weeks ago and transferred it to my iPod . I was listening to it on my way home today and found out it's almost me singing the song! The song's called It's A Sin . I, first time, listened to this song when my friend Farhad S. gave me a cassette of the band years ago. I think it was 1989. Then he became a student in medical school of University of Tehran . Last time I saw him was a day in Polytechnic ! That was 1993 I guess. I was surprised seeing him over there. He told me that he had come over there to see Islamic Republic and its roots ' course (What a crappy course!) instructor to talk to him about the mark he had. He, on that time, believed that he should have gotten a higher mark! The fucking instructor who I even remember his filthy surname, Nakhaei , was a chimp with a pair of glasses, shabby cloths and a beard like a mop! We used to whisper a lot in the classroom and that drove him extremely mad! He had no idea h