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The Comeback

I was driving in the city a few days ago. It was dry and warm. I was going home. At a moment I looked into the mirror and I saw an old black Ford Mustang . The way it was being driven and scenes of movie Death Sentence immediately caused me to believe that it was probably crooks who were in the vehicle. So I'm driving and these guys are behind me and unusually close but not doing anything stupid. I turn my signal on and stop for traffic to go so I can make a left turn. These guys are stopped as well but apparently they intended to go straight. For a second I get a chance to turn as there is no upcoming traffic but I lose the engine! It goes off! The guy behind me honks his horn and I quickly turn the key and pull it out and jump out of the vehicle! I walk toward them while shouting What the Fuck is your problem!? At the same time I hear one of them is saying get out guys! get out! Encouraging them to come out and face me. The driver was a young Caucasian - of course - fella in

Olympic Plaza

Olympic Plaza in Downtown Calgary was one of the first attractive places that I noticed them in Canada probably because close to the LRT rail and everyone easily sees it because you travel to Downtown a lot when you first come to any city in Canada for different business purposes. But it took me more than 10 years to be able to actually use it for its main purpose: Ice Skating!  We decided to have regular skating practice between the sessions that we attend the U of C course so yesterday and also last Sun. we practiced in Olympic Plaza . There used to be even a train station by that name but the developments in the Downtown area have made many changes which eventually led to removal of the platform.  The ice in Olympic Plaza is rough and cannot be even compared with the U of C 's which has World standards and sometimes it get busy but it was quite fine in the past two days we were there. The Lady complaint about the texture of the ice and she's right. We will

The Poor, Silly but Nice Fellow

I met M. P. after almost a year and a half, last night. I had been ignoring him for a few months but then I thought I should have gotten back to him. I was simply bored and needed someone to hang out with. He showed up at the location, late, as usual in an old, used Honda Civic that he said he had purchased for around $5000 but wanted to sell because he simply assumes it was too much for him! We sat and I realized after a few minutes of talk that he was collecting E. I. ! Not that made me very surprised but I expected him to have a position. He's young and fresh. Then he said something that made me really shocked and brought tears into my eyes. His Dad had passed away. I remember the time that I was on the phone with him and I don't recall whether it was me who called or him had called but he said that he had to leave the town but didn't tell me what for. I met his Dad once and talked to on the phone maybe once or twice. Very nice gentleman. I helped him with the ga

Stamp Collecting

I went to a local post office to send a couple of letters last week and came across these nice stamps. Canada 's stamps are most of the time very nice. I used to collect stamps for awhile and that was probably more than 20 years ago ! But over the old country it was mostly the used stamps. Local stamps barely came in nice pictures, the foreigners were mostly used but I liked them. The albums must still be somewhere in my parent's house, more specifically in the storage room among many other personal belongings, books, video tapes, magazines, etc. The Little Mouse (barely the translation of a good friend's nickname!) was a big contributor to my collection. Mrs. Bank was so. She now resides in Orange Country but I have lost her phone number. I hope she or a relative of her reads this and get us connected again. Great lady. I should go back and get all of my stuff from there one day again, if they are not so perished that deserve to be thrown out. (Photo: There are set

One Tough Sport

I and The Lady went for skating to U of C yesterday. The very same place I had a course 2 years ago. It was fun. Everything came back to me quickly but I, as repeated over and over, need lots of practice. It's about all of the sports but this one is tougher. The problem with this, that I have not experienced with any other is your foot is under constant pressure. You have tie your skates really tight and that is what causes the pain. Falling has not been a problem for me but she fell once and injured her hand a bit. Nothing serious though. She liked the entire practice. I did too. I'm just hoping that I get chances to practice. As I regularly exercise I didn't think this first practice makes me tired or my muscles sore but it did and I was sweating like a pig but was not a big deal. I just have to change my pants to something more comfortable and get enough practice. (Photo: People seem to be enjoying themselves on the ice in Prince's Island Lagoon in a sunny da

Shopping after the Holidays

We went to a Canadian Retarded Store at about 06:30 PM yesterday and it was like a cemetery! Obviously most of the people have spent so much that it will take up to June to some of them to pay that shit off! Some live in debt continuously! I did that too for a while! I have to admit that was stupid! I could have paid the damn statement off and put an end to it. Instead I paid a bit every month. I don't even know how and when I paid that off as it was 2005-2006. That credit card does not even exit. At least I don't have it. It was a Citibank credit card and that was a first credit card that I received apart from my own bank and its story will come later but I had it from 2003 to 2011. In that year they transferred the account to CIBC and I cancelled it shortly after I received it. It was being funny at the time of usage. I just got rid of it after a few months. Speaking of constant debtor reminded me of this guy at work who is not a bad guy but is slow. He purchased a luxu

Moose Mountain with Moose at the End!

This last weekend I decided to hike Moose Mountain so I headed towards Bragg Creek area. My only fault in this trip was timing. I had to drop The Lady at work so by the time I got there it was almost 12:10 . Unlike the other trips I found the parking lot easily although the damn sign of Paddy's Flat  was broken. I found it first by knowing how long it was from the Information Center  and then by looking at the sign at the opposing direction! The other issue was that where I parked was just way away from the actual trail-head! But I learnt later that the gate to the Access Road is closed the winter. Only in summer the hike becomes so pleasant and popular to wimps and pussy's because first of all there is no cold, ice, snow and wind and second of all the gate is open so they drive up the road and do the majority of the hike driving their fucking vehicles, the stupid! Anyways I parked at the lot and as I said the gate to the road was locked but there is a kind of gate in

Vantage Pointe

We were shown a unit in Vantage Pointe the other day. Vantage Pointe and the entire Co-oP property including its parking lot and Liquor Store didn't even exist when I first came to Calgary . That was the third time we intended to rent a place in that building. We decided not to and this time I told myself that I should writing about this. The building is nice and of course the unit we wanted would have been quite. I do not think there would have been any noise from the street but the plans are so stupid! It is a small unit probably around 700 ft² and the made it 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom! Who the hell needs 2 bathrooms in a small apartment?! The second bedroom is really ridiculous. You probably can fit a single bed and a drawer and that would be it. The kitchen is so freaking small which it would be good for dickheads who just stick something into the microwave to thaw or heat up and then get it down! Even the stacked-up washer and dryer is in the kitchen. If it was in

N. L. Road Trip (19): Persian Hogweed (Golpar)

We had seen this type of plant in other provinces but when I came across it in Gros Morne National Park I decided to pick a few stems. I told F. F. it was Golpar or Persian Hogweed , an amazing herb which is used for pickling as well as cooking. She first doubted that but when she smelled one, she agreed what it was. As I said it's amazing in pickling as well if you have Pomegranate seeds in a bowl just sprinkle some Golpar and a little salt on the top and mix and then enjoy. Also Baked Potato is very tasty when a little Golpar and a dash of Olive Oil is added.  Here in the second photo it is clearly seen how it will look like when the stems and other parts are removed. This is how it is added to your pickling jar. To add to food it should be finely ground. Always keep it in the box or jar with closed lid and away from direct light, cool and dry. (Photo, Top: Persian Hogweed plants beside the road in Gros Morne National Park)

Winter Limitations

Unless you're a drinker who likes to hang out in the bars or a coffee maniac who loves to spend hours in a cafe, a shopaholic who goes to a mall at 11:00 AM and comes out, with many bags as 06:00 PM, or a wealthy person who doesn't mind spending on winter sport equipment, there is not much you can do in the long winter of here, which every year is about 8 months, at least. I'm none of the above but like to be active. The past two bad experiences in hiking made me think yesterday morning that I should not try it again especially with the recent heavy snowfalls. In addition to that if you really want to gear up, your cost for a simple hike or walk in winter would not be less than $300 , I believe. Nevertheless it seems that doesn't bother many here. I went to MEC the other day to check on a few items and the line was so long that I made that as an excuse to buy something. I checked Snowshoe s, Gaiter s, Hiking Pole s and other similar stuff and then walk out empty h

Cross Country Skiing in the City!

I used this opportunity in the afternoon of today, the first day of 2014 , to have a walk in Glenmore Park , beside its the reservoir. Nice, sunny and warm day and although I started my walk at around 12:25 PM there were not many people in the park. I started from Heritage Park and then crossed Glenmore Tr. and went close to the dam, the damn dam! There was too much snow but it was plowed to the side so there was not a problem. Anywhere else it would have been a nightmare just like last Fri. in Baldy Pass . I tried! The wise way was the way a few guys where following: Doing Cross Country Skiing ! Good exercise and fun too! I wish I had a pair of those or at least Snowshoes. I'm bored with just walking, jogging or hiking! (Photo: Cross Country Skiing beside the frozen Glenmore Reservoir. There is too much snow and you can't go without those things. I tried! This guys are smart walking besides the bank as you don't know whether the ice will break or not)