Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Being Shy or Lack of Confidence?

I have been wanting to go to this blue-eyed lovely lady's office for the past 1 months and so and ask her out but I don't dare! I've been to her office to talk to her to see her reaction to my presence is but I think, I think, I'm not sure I've received mixed messages. I'm even not sure if she's single but the fellas at work say she is and I wonder why. They say that's her attitude. She's brutal and aggressive at times but I personally haven't experienced anything like those. Beside someone in my situation(!) wouldn't care much about that! What percentage of married people have real peace in their lives?! People get into arguments here and there but it doesn't mean that they hate each other. In Canada it's a bit different because you could be single and fuck around as long as you want and one day you realize that it's too late to be someone! 
I even had convinced myself to go and talk to her yesterday but couldn't! I know MAKE HAY WHEN THE SUN SHINES and the sun has gone down long time ago(!) but I still might have a chance. What is that I'd lose If I went? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! If I don't go I won't know that I will have her or not. So I'm gonna go tomorrow, no matter the result! I will keep my positive attitude and will try my best.
(Photo: The lady, to me, looks like is in a non-accessible spot!)

Monday, August 30, 2021

Stupid Dreamers!


At times I write about subject that they don't relate to this part of the world but indirectly they do, particularly to an immigrant, who I am one of them. It was in the news today that the American forces left Kabul one day before their deadline arrives and Taliban, in response to that, celebrated by shotting in the air! 
When the US and their allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001, their goal was to deafet Taliban and capture Osama Bin Ladin. The second one was achieved 10 years later, in 2011 and although they had no plan to stay in the country for such a long time, they did. Then they invaded Iraq, for the second time in 2003, went all the way to Baghdad, overthrew Saddam and settled down there. It was at this point that a bunch of stupid Iranians as well as a number of other idiots from other parts of the world(!), came up with this idea that now that Iran has been surrounded from three ways (they considered the American ships' presense in Persian Gulf to be the third side), this means that if Iran does something that the US Government doesn't like, something as much as a terrorist attack or cruelty to its own people, the US will pour forces into the country and will LIBERATE(!) it from the Islamic Republic regime!!
Two members of Taliban with their American(!) rifles and their white flag in the back
What a stupid bunch of idiots and day dreamers! 17 years has passed and the US not only hasn't done anything (rather than killing a top Revolutionary Guard commander, Ghasem Soleimani, and that was because they blamed him for a number of Americans' death), but also has withdrwan from both Iraq and Afghanistan
They left Afghanistan in limbo(!), in a such a socking situation that after a week people still don't know what to do!!! Banks are closed, universities have no classes, women and girls are barely seen on the streets, people are being killed here and there by Taliban and yet Iranian people are waiting for Americans to come and save them!!!!
Let's hope that people learn this lesson that if something has to be done, it must be done by themselves. relying on foriegn forces is just a dive in vain! As we say in Persian: If you wait for youir neighbour to bring you something, you'll go to bed hungry!
(Photo: Just to show where these three countries are located to each other in western Asia, where some idiots call it Middle East!!!! Where the hell then is upper and lower East?! Assholes?!)

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Mission Impossible 8: Escape from Afghanistan

Afghans racing to catch a plane to the US!
I'm sure most of people have seen at least one or even more parts of Mission Impossible movie franchise. I only have seen the first one and as it was in the old country and long time ago, I barely remember anything. I'm not a fan of shit show movies (call it action!) so if there's a movie without a good story but lots of shooting, explosion and such, I won't bother watching. I'm not sure if that applies to Mission Impossible series but the last one that I watched a clip of it, was the one that Tom Cruise was hanging from a plane and then the plane took off!
There was another movie in the 90's which I actually saw in the mid 2000's(!) after I bought it's DVD here in Canada, called Escape From L. A. This was quite entertaining but due to the lack of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), the special effects look ridiculous, maybe to today's eyes!
Now imagine these two movies combined and you don't have to have watched any of them! There's a mission that it sounds impractical or you can even call it impossible. That mission is escaping from Afghanistan, a landlocked country with nothing! The movie's screen writer is a group of American politicians and it's director is Joseph Biden! There're a few idiots, in addition to the main idiots(!), here and there, who have little roles or responsibilities, such as Little Justin Trudeau
The movie is now in theatres near you but you have to run because there're a few days left only! Taliban, who have gained control of most of Afghanistan have set up a deadline for evacuation of foreign forces and their allies and that is, I think, is August 31. It's funny that the entire Afghan National Army, after being supported and supplied by Americans for nearly 2 decades, gave up and the Taliban took over the entire landlocked country(!) in nearly 10 days! There's no doubt that there has been talks and negotiations behind the scenes but I don't understand why countries, including the US, Canada, and others should waste their resources and supplies for 20 years and then give up everything in a week! But I do understand that it's a business. Many companies benefited from these 20 years of conflict and many businesses were running, money was in circulation, jobs were created and so on. From a Capitalism point of view these all make sense. It's all about money. When money is rolling, it is okay to do whatever that causes the circulation and once it's not worth it, everything must stop.

(Photo, top: Tom Cruse in a scene of Mission Impossible 7. Don't ask me how he has pulled off this stunt as I've neither seen the movie nor the stunt clip. It's available on the net. I guess Afghans saw the movie and then said If Tommy can do it, We can do it too! We'll hang onto the plane and we're gonna get us to the land of dreams!)

Friday, August 20, 2021

The Little Girl

I was having supper today when the doorbell rang. I was going down to see who it was but I thought I could just check through the balcony. I saw a little bike parked in front of the door. I asked who it was and a little girl came out. I asked how I could help her and she said that she was selling cards. She asked me if I wanted one. She was a little girl with long dirty blond hair coming out of the sides of her helmet. I couldn't say no. So I asked how much they cost. She said $2! I asked if she had any birthday card. She said she didn't think so but she also went to the little basket I font of her bicycle and check the little box she had. 
In all these years in Canada I had never seen anything like this. I felt bad for the little girl. What can you possibly do with $2 even if you sell 20 cards? Has she been forced to do so by her parents or someone else? I told her that I had a birthday coming in December and added that she could drop by if she was in the neighbourhood. " I would like one ", I said to her. And thanked her. " No problem ", she said and I went back in. I hope she's okay and nothing bad is going ion her life. I should be positive but I know kids usually do things like that together, for example if they have a Lemonade Stand or usually their parents supervise them or watch them from close distance. There was no sign of anyone else. I think I'm going to discuss that with the RCMP, just to be sure.
(Photo: A simple design Birthday Card. I asked the girl if she designed them and she said no)

Thursday, August 12, 2021

A Private War

A Private War is a type of movie that you can see it from all different angles and ask many questions about it. First I have to indicate that if I like a movie, I usually watch it way more than 1 time. This one, I originally I thought I would because it's about a female reporter who goes to a number of most dangerous places in the world to report what is going on in there but when I saw a typical Caucasian female who continuously uses coarse language, smokes like an old locomotive and does many other things that we all know and there's no need to mention them here, because they believe they're free and independent(!), I got turned off and couldn't watch it any more. I'd like to elaborate on what I mean: I'm not against free and independent women. I'm against turning to a trash! Hanging out in the bars, smoking cigarette and Marijuana, having casual sex regularly, like it's your daily coffee(!), swearing constantly, there all are not signs of being independent and free! These are signs of going down in a stinking toilet that coming back up is very hard if not impossible! I, in fact, faced one of these women the other day. I was driving home and there was a pothole on the road. I saw it on time and slowed down and the car behind me, which was being driven by a Caucasian woman got so close that I thought she's hit me. Then she immediately showed her real trash side of her, which by the way is the whole her! She extended her middle finger for no reason! So here, I have a different reaction and it doesn't matter if the driver is male or female. Here is what I did: I got out and approached her. She rolled the window down and I asked her what the problem was. I asked also if she had seen the bump. She said there was no stop sign there and asked why I had stopped?! I said: You're setting up a good example for your son and pointed at the young blond guy, probably 12, on the passenger side. The trash at this moment says: He's not my son! I said: Whoever! You're a wonderful lady! And she rolled the window up! I went back to the car, put the hazards on and just sat! If people become asshole trashed, then I will become a pain in the ass! I simply sat there and eventually she had to back up and fuck off! 
Now with that short story in mind, the main character of A Private War is a woman quite similar to the character that I've explained above. 
The first question coming to mind is why a movie of such should be made?! I know nobody in the States would like to watch a movie about what is going on in Afghanistan or Iraq unless there's some (fake) heroism and firefight in it! Remember The American (Hoax) Sniper?! Or Lone (Fictional) Survivor?! These are stories about Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively, which the American audience watched, praised and I assume, enjoyed. Regardless of the fact that it was known, publicly, later that Chris Kyle was a lair and apart from what I believe about the main character of the second movie, Marcus Lutterll, and that is, most of the things we see in the movie is based on the guy's imagination and his ability of making up stories(!), A Private War, has none of them. So again the question is: Who would be interested in a movie about an average American woman's last 10 years of life?! She was a war correspondent who travelled to Sri Lanka, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria but she went there because she was not able to live a normal mother's life! No that because she cared about any of those people. She had nothing else to do and her marriage was broken, so she thought she'd get as far as possible from her failure (I'd probably do that too!) and make herself busy with something. 
I wonder if she wanted to become another Oriana Fallaci! I haven't read her complete biography but I think Fallaci and this woman, Marie Colvin, had a few things in common. Would I recommend the movie? No! Not only for the unlikable (to me) character but also for the same reason that I explain why there was no need to make this movie in the first place! I always admire Fallaci and I enjoyed, very much, her books including Nothing and So Be It and If the Sun Dies but that's not relevant. I'm going to end the post here and ask you not to watch the movie! 
(Photo: Rubles in the city of Homs in Syria where Colvin was killed in 2012) 

Monday, August 09, 2021

Is Putting Meat Away, Completely, a Good Idea?

The health problem that I have been suffering from, is having excessive Uric Acid in my body, at times, not that anyone cares! It became a serious issue this year. I can't recall how many times I have been to a clinic. None have been able to cure it. Even following the diet has not been so much helpful but I know another factor which was a major contributor to this: Stress and anger. Both would mostly occur at work but I also noticed that even when I play chess, at times, it is a contributor! Then what I did was quit playing chess and stopped eating any kind of meat altogether! 
The following is generally the list that a person who suffer from a problem such as mine, should avoid:

1- Red Wine
2- Beer
3- Shellfish and Seafood
4- Red Meat
5- Poultry
6- Asparagus
7- Spinach 

All of the above food create Uric Acid in the body and the acid accumulates and crystallizes at the joints. It's been easy for me to follow the diet. Items 4 and 5 are the only ones which I tried here and there. Having more Gout Flare led me to think cutting even those items and as I mentioned earlier not playing chess and taking it easy at work. It seems to be working but I still will have to see another specialist in a Rheumatology clinic. But before going there the question here is could meat be completely away? It'd be extremely difficult for the majority of people to remove meat from their shopping list. Not only because it adds taste and joy to eating, but also because they believe they would lose a good source of nutrition, particularly Protein. For me these are the things that I've eaten for my three meals a day and snacks in the past 2 weeks that I haven't had any sort of meat:

1- Fruits
2- Salads
3- Nuts
4- Home made breads
5- Yogurt
6- Boiled and Fried Egg
7- Beans
8- Pasta with Mushrooms

It's worked for me so far and I feel that I sleep more comfortably but am I going to put meat away completely? No! I will eat meat very rarely just to enjoy something different. I will see what the specialist say.
(Photo: I made Whole Wheat pasta yesterday and used White Mushroom instead of Ground Beef. I mixed the mushrooms with Red Onion, Garlic and a little Jalapeno and eventually Pasta Sauce. The result was not bad. It was good but it could've been much better. I know what I should do for the next serving of the same dish)

Friday, August 06, 2021

Another Termination

An East Indian from northwest(!) India joined the company a little more than a year ago. From the get go I had issues with him! This, actually, is my problem! I have issues with most of the people at the beginning unless they're really tough! And almost every one who has come to the company after me, has complained about me! I guess I'm lucky that I still for the company. I was not going to write about this issue, specifically but I now I am:
1- This filthy East Indian apparently had gone to the supervisor to complain! Once I saw the supervisor was approaching me. He told me that people had complained about the way that I talk to them! I asked him who was that. He said: A few! I immediately recalled that I had a sharp answer to the guy a bit earlier! I made the supervisor sure that I would revise the way I talk to people.

2- There's this short Filipino guy who thinks he's such a hot shit! Once he had done a silly mistake and I told him that " he had forgotten his vitamins "! I didn't know that he was upset and then I saw him " training " another guy on a machine. This time I said " What makes you a trainer "! That was it! He was furious and he not only complained but also claimed that I was " about " to hit him with a sort of vehicle that at times we use at work! I had to apologize to him and promise that I would not joke anymore! Such an immature idiot!

3- A Korean guy, apparently, complained about me once! I was at work and saw the lead hand approaching me. He asked me " if I had any problem with ... "! I said: No! He said something that I don't remember but that was another complain about me!

- Another Filipino fella complained about me the first day at work! He claimed that I had almost hit him! I told the lead hand that he could check the camera if he wanted to! 

With that in mind, to explain to you, that I'm a trouble at work(!), I'll go back to the East Indian fella's, who happened to be a Class 1 driver, story. This guy was so proud of his background and said that as soon as he gets his driver's license back, he would go back to his old job which makes a whole lot more money.  I had a few more small argument or unpleasant conversation with him and then it went away until about 3 month ago that he started showing signs of exhaustion and discomfort. He used to miss days and his work schedule became an absolute random! He said that his son had to be sent to India (I guess with his mother-in-law) because he was sick and they couldn't take care of him!!! I wonder what kind of mother can have his kid thousands of miles away from him! I'm an adult and if I my Mom doesn't see me at least once a day or talks to me at least every other day, she'd very upset! When the Caucasian guy was axed, we were a bit surprised as why that happened to him while this East Indian guy's attendance is way worse. 
The last time I spoke to him was his last day or, I can't recall clearly, a day before that. For some reason(!) we had become close! It's because I showed (pretended!) that I care about him and his family and praised East Indian food a lot! He offered me things he was eating three times, which is rare from East Indians but know I think about that, I feel bad. That day he looked tired and I asked him if he was okay. He said that he had not had enough sleep because his little daughter wakes up at late nigh, from the long day sleep(!) and wants to play! We even had a meeting the other day and I saw, or he looked like, he was napping! 
Eventually it happened the day after the meeting. He was working among others and I heard that the supervisor asked him how long it would have taken to him to finish what he had started. He said: " I'm just started !" Here's the thing and I know the guy is from a small village in India, an over-populated, illiterates country. If you cannot speak simple English, the basic English at the age he is, after years of living here and there and the official language of your country is English, then you're nothing but a filthy animal! 
Anyways I saw the supervisor was out of his office and waiting for him to come after he was asked to. I don't know what happened and later when I went to the break room, one guy told me that he just had been escorted to the door and let out! That was it. He had been terminated. Most of the guys felt bad for him. Even me! He had lots of problems originating from poverty and he had never been able to overcome them. But I also believe it stems from greed too. If he had stayed in his village with his family and relative, he might not have had this much problem and how he had driven himself to here, still is a question for me, although I'm quite familiar with all the tricks that East Indians and other people use to get themselves to Canada and claim refugee status and benefit from the stupid system!
(Photo: I just use this cartoon to depict what happened to the guy. No offence is intended. I don't think he had expected that but one fella, who was quite close to him, told me that he had been given warning for his absence. I don't know if it's true or not. Doesn't matter now)