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David's Point

In a scene of movie Prometheus which is a prequel to Alien of Ridley Scott , David , the robot, played by the German actor Micheal Fassbender , asks the scientist Charlie , played by the not very well known actor Logan Marshall-Green , what he had hoped to achieve by coming all the way to the outer space. He answers that they wanted to find their makers. Then David asks: Why did you make me? Or a question with the same point. Charlie simply replies: We did because we could! David turns back and says: Can you imagine how disappointing that would, if you heard the same from your maker?! Charlie goes: I guess you cannot be disappointed and it's good! Or something like that because I don't know all of the conversation in the movie by heart. This is what many religious people have answered me when I asked them why their so-called god has created us. They normally say something like that, the same thing that Charlie said or a similar nonsense: He created us because he was

Wasootch Peak in March

After the easy but beautiful like of Burstall Pass , This past weekend an opportunity presented itself in the from of doing a hike/scramble in Kananaskis area with a group of 8 others and go to Wasootch Peak . We started late but I was part of a group and didn't have a choice. Although it was not very far from the city limits we only were able to start at 09:30. The first part of the trip was from inside the woods and easy. Then we hit the trail on a rocky area and on a ridge. We had to use our micro spikes because of the ice. The weather was good and although cloudy, there was not much wind. That's what made the trip easy. It required route finding which I always like as long as I don't waste too much time and get lost. Finally we reached the summit at about 12:00. A few of the people wanted to walk on the nearby ridge and reach the next summit which is known by a number and I don't remember it. I found it useless. The route was very exposed, the snow just was star


I got this old bike when I was in B. C. from a municipality. When they find a bike, if no one claims it for a certain number of days, I guess maybe 90 days, the bike is either donated or goes to auction. So I got that after that time period. When I used to work a job in the evening shift, I'd put it on the bus, the rack in front, to work and on the way back, because there was no bike, I would ride it, most of the time all the way back home. It was some 30 Km ! Then the bike got a problem, I was thrown out of that job but I kept the bicycle and never used it. Moving back to Alberta , The bike was outside in the balcony for some 4 years and that is in addition to one year in British Columbia ! Last week I decided to bring it back to life because this mountain bike I have and that has a separate story, is heavy and not very good for pathways and roads. This Steve Bauer is a very light bicycle with very narrow tires but the poor thing has so many problems. The fact is when I got

The Very Messed-up Europe

I sent an e-mail to my cousin who lives in Denmark , a few days ago and his response came back shortly from an airport in Italy where he was with his family for a short Easter Holiday . I wrote him that these recent terrorist acts in Europe , more specifically in France and Belgium , is the result of not having an actual border in between the countries. People can freely travel in between different countries, most of the time, as long as they enter one! How ridicules is that? I really don't know what was the idea behind that? Encouraging people to freely travel to Europe for business and tourism? Lowering the costs by removing the required inspections at borders? Anything else? Neither one and not any other reason justifies what they have done. I'm sure having no border is not the only reason why terrorists transported explosives from France to Belgium or traveled freely from Turkey to Syria , to ISIS territories and back to Belgium . The main problem is European coun

Ghomeshi: Not Guilty

Jian Ghomeshi  was a  Canadian radio host who is from Iranian  descent. He was born in London , England and then was brought up in Canada . Of being an Iranian the only thing he had is his name and surname. Everything else of him is  Westerner . He has a warm voice and good features and used to be invited to many occasions and for these two reasons, and for that I'm sure, he got many girls. Girls in West and even in East look for fame and wealth and he had both at the time although it's less appealing in East . In West as long as a woman is in need of sex, they don't care who their partner is, where they are and what situation they are in. They have to have it. Man, woman, under-age, old, young, Black , in the office, in the car, on the beach, on a park bench, you name it. There's no shame, there's no red line, there's nothing but a strong sexual desire that they have to satisfy that under any circumstance. I'm hundred percent sure that these women

10 Cloverfield Lane: A Strong Movie

I watched the first movie in probably 6 month this week finally. After ignoring two major movies, I watched 10 Cloverfiled Lane with my brother. I have to say that I'm really impressed. Such a strong movie: Great plays, great story and good direction. I have not seen Cloverfield although I own it on disk but it is said that this new movie has some connection with that. The movie does not have a slow start. That's what's good about it. It doesn't throw you out of the chair. There are movies that you need to wait for minutes for them to actually start. This one pulls you with you right from the beginning. The other thing about that and I'm writing all these without revealing the story for the ones who haven't seen it yet, is that it's very scary. I'm not a fan of scary movies, particularly the ones with lots of blood and gore scene, but this one is a good one without those ugly scenes, in a sense quite similar to The Shining which scares you with

Tim Horton's Pulled Pork: Not Good At All

I don't usually eat out and that's not because of the higher cost. The health problem is another issue but I've made myself busy with these coupons which are pouring in, recently! One of them which is very rare actually is the Tim Horton's . This cafe, turned to fast-food franchise do not provide many discount coupons unless they're introducing a new product. One I and The Lady tried their Steak Sandwich with a buy one get one free coupon which was not bad. This time they had a coupon for Pulled Pork Sandwich with the same deal. This one was quite disappointing compering to the last time. First of all they use a sweat sauce which makes the sandwich awful! The shredded meat is obviously cooked weeks, maybe months ago, got frozen and brought to the location, thawed and heated up in a microwave. All that's part of Tim Horton's food business and understandable but the whole process was apparently bad because the meat was bland and you could easily tell that

Extremely Slow Website

I finally reached the date that I was allowed to file my first report to receive E. I. So I got on the computer and logged in. The system did not let me file the report stating that I was not allowed to do that before 08:00 AM Central Standard Time ! So I waited a few more minutes and logged back in again. I started answering the questions and the system was so damn slow. Al of a sudden the system showed a message similar to This is not responding or This website is not responding! I was pissed! Tried that a few more times and although the report was going through step by step, I feared that everything is lost at the end and I would have to file again or won't go through and don't get paid at all! I was right but not because the system didn't accept my input. What happened was that I got tired after almost 45 min. and decided to call. I waited for about 10 min. and a representative answered. She said that the report would eventually go through, although slow. I experienced

Took a Good Care of the Trout

This past weekend I was at The Chef again. We chatted a bit and then we headed for a little grocery shopping so we can make something for dinner. He was skeptical about our dinner. First he simply wanted to get a rotisserie chicken and then changed to Salmon. Considering that we had that the week before I suggested to have Trout . Being from the south of the old country, near Persian Gulf , The Chef is not much familiar with river fish such as Trout but he accepted. I wanted him to make something similar to what he had made almost 10 years ago but he didn't any recollection of that! Trout is actually a very different fish compare to Salmon. It requires less time to prepare because it is lighter and thinner. He wanted to put it in the damn oven but I asked him to fry pan the fish and he did. When it finally was ready it was very good but I realized that I don't enjoy food that much anymore! My exercise level has been reduced significantly and he fools around during cooki

Went Berserk in a McDonald's!

I drove The Chef to a hospital for his injury examination a few days ago and we stopped at a McDonald's location for a little breakfast. I ordered a Sausage McMuffin with Egg and I wanted that on Multi-Grain Bagel . These freaks have been trying hard to force their customers to use the newly installed machines in the restaurants. In order to prove it to them the machines are useless, I decided to order the above sandwich. At the end they realized that their high-tech machine does not have a choice of changing the bread! So the woman said that should would ask someone to do that at a till! There's this woman whom I would not reveal her ethnicity in order not to be pointed at a a racists and she looks that she knows what she's doing!  I go to the table where The Chef has already parked himself and sip on my coffee, wait for the sandwich to arrive. This woman hands me the sandwich and apologizes for the delay. I unwrap it and it's an English Muffin , the usual br

How Eventually Wasn't I Rejected in an Application?!

When you're out of work and nothing's happening for a long time but a few interviews which led to nothing, and then all of a sudden something positive comes up, it enlightens you! Here's what happened: The Lady encouraged me to do some volunteer job, indicating that it would do something positive with my time instead of lazing or wasting on unproductive and unnecessary things. I applied for two different position within two organizations. The first one, a sort of charity indicated that due the overwhelming number of applicants, they would accept volunteers based on short time request, meaning that I notify them that for example I would be available next week and if they had empty space, they would notify me. Fair enough. I haven't send them any message yet.  The other one, more important to, as it is a professional organization, had a more restricted rule: Fill out this form, prepare this and send it to us to review your request. I worked on it and send it back. I

How to Ruin a Salmon?

After skipping the previous weekend's dinner or lunch together, I went to The Chef 's this past weekend when he called. When got there he said we could cook there instead of going to my place. Fine by me. We went to a nearby Superstore to get some Salmon. His plan was to stuff it with herbs and bake it in the oven. I'm not a fan of oven baked fish because it becomes sloppy. I like it fried with Olive Oil in a pan or breaded or both at the same time but didn't argue that because that's what he was insisting on. We got a bunch or Cilantro  and at home he mixed them with Onion , Garlic and Turmeric and fried them in Olive Oil . Then rubbed more Olive Oil , Turmeric and Sea Salt on the fish, added a few pieces of chopped Ginger (I had not seen anybody doing that. I have always seen it being added grated), made a few cuts on the fish and put it in the oven after stuffing it with the mixture.  This is how the fish looked like when brought out of the oven. It l

The Saddest Area in Alberta: Ghost Lake

This past weekend I decided to have a hike in Ghost Lake area but it turned to a waste of time and gasoline, unfortunately. I woke at my usual time 05:30 and headed west. After buying a coffee and gasoline I got into Highway 22 and then 1A and finally 40 . There was no problem until I tried to find the trail-head for Devil's Head , my final destination. It was very early so there was nobody on the road but then further up in north on the gravel part of Highway 40 and near a branch road, that I can't remember the name, I saw a guy warming himself beside fire! A small tent was seen near him. I turned back and asked him whether he knew where the trail-head was. He had not heard of Devil's Head but he had a good map book. I realized that I had to get on Wiparous Creek Road which goes parallel to Waiparou Creek and head west as far as I can and then walk or hike south but there was no way to actually find the trail, if it existed! I did that and it turned out that

Buying a Property: Right or Wrong?

After more than a decade living in Canada now I realize how important owing a property is and what big of role it can play in someone's life. At this time which the economy is devastated and people are being laid off on daily basis, it might not seem a very good idea to purchase a dwelling. The people who have done it in the past 2 years or so, some regret that now because they are in the verge of losing it. For me it was possible to buy an apartment or even a small house years ago but I was slacking and was not thinking of future. That's why I'm in such a shit now! I remember clearly once back in last 2006 I received a call from a lady the bank I have all my accounts with, offering me home loan. I don't know whether I was employed at the time or not because I was unemployed during the last few months of 2006 but I turned down the offer. I have a little saving now and if it's not wasted in the next 10 months of 2016 and if I get a job, I will definitely purch

Disappointing Winter's Ending

I went for a little walk last Sun. on Bow River Pathway . Walking toward west and after Crowchild you could still see some ice and snow on the path but generally this winter was just a joke! I remember last year and the year before you could go to the designated place, to outdoor rinks and skate. This year it was warm and all the outdoor rinks, except for a few times that we went and enjoyed , were a mess! Here is the thing though: When it's too cold, you really don't want to go skating but when it's not cold you wish it was so you could go skating!  (Photo: This part of Bow River Pathway at the south bank is so frozen that I decided to turn back. This is where you're getting close to Edworthy Park)

Lack of Morals and Decency in the Society

Two piece of shit got wasted a few weeks ago in C. O. P. because the crooks had broken in to the park to use the facilities for free after hours and people called this tragedy!!!! What kind of disgusting, piece of shit you have to be, to break and enter??!! If they had entered to someone's property for any reason and fallen and broken their fucking necks and died, would that also have been considered a tragedy???! They were burglars and landed on a wrong spot and got killed. They deserved that. Same there. The guys were so disgusting and cheap to pay for the facility and I don't care whether others including the staff had done that, and fucking killed themselves!  Why don't you accept that there is no moral and decency in this society of Canada within the youth any more!!?? The young people think of nothing but drinking alcohol and getting wasted, smoking weed, having sex with multiple partners and from different genders, playing with their stupid phones and all simila

New Help for Aboriginals?

I probably have written this earlier but Aboriginal people of Canada , the majority of them, don't live in a good condition. Apart from a small number of them who have good jobs either in private sector or governments, including their own assembly, the rest live in Third World conditions: rundown houses on Reserves , wandering around the cities looking for change, bottles and cans, intoxicated, getting in to fights and often getting stabbed and killed, you name it. All bad things that you can imagine happens to these poor people. Aboriginal s have been in fight with the Federal Government over land, for decades. And these fights are over certain areas. Parliament Hill in Ottawa where the House of Commons is located is one of them! Can you imagine? This country has been established or confederated more than 148 years ago and they are still in fight with original settlers over land! And wasn't all the land belong to Aboriginal people? Why then they have claim over s

Used Stuff Market In Canada

Used and second-hand as some might call it, have a huge market in Canada . I never bought anything used before my immigration. Here neither but I sold many. A large population here prefers used items before that saves them plenty. Used cars, used cloths, shoes, furniture, you name it. In fact the only used item I've bought so far have been a few DVD movies and maybe a few books that all and that was mainly because I was not able to find them new. It's very displeasing fro me to wear someone else's shoes or pants or sleep on a mattress which has been used by other for years! Anyway I said that I've sold many things and I'm going to tell the story of the last one here: I had an IKEA sofa-bed that we bought with the intention of sleeping together in it but we couldn't. Between me turning, tossing and moving a lot during sleep and being a little heavy (some 190 lbs.) and The Lady being very fragile and petite, it was almost impossible to enjoy a good night sle

Camera Out and In

I bought this EOS Rebel T5 in June of 2014 and was working fine for a period of 13 months . Exactly 1 month after the warranty was expired! I took it on every hiking and scrambling trip and took wonderful pictures. In my hike to Floe Lake in Kootenay National Park just shortly before I reach the lake, the camera got disabled! I mean it was totally off and wouldn't work! You imagine how disappointing it is that you walk for hours and when you reach your destination, you don't have a camera to take your favorite photos.  I checked it back by the lake and on the way back and a silly message appeared on the screen. I don't know if it was the extreme heat or something else that had caused the problem but the camera was useless. I contacted Canon Canada and I was told that I should send the camera to their office in Ontario for repair using their designated courier company. The total charge for sending the camera and repair went up to some $300 or more and when It cam