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The 19th is Finished

It was the 19th anniversary of my immigration to Canada and I had wanted to do something fun but ended up meeting The Mumbling Guy but that was basically because I has asked me to join me for a coffee so I can get a few advises for my upcoming interview. The guy accepted and we met in The Cheesecake Café .  I ordered a cup of Coffee and a slice of Callebaut Chocolate Cake for me and an Espresso and a slice of White Chocolate-Raspberry Cake for him. This was my second time in this café. I came there year ago once with The Lady but it was too long ago to remind me of any memories(!) besides I was focused on the topic which was the interview. This is what I like about The Mumbling Guy : Despite being cheap and looking for possible benefits in you, if he can help, he, most of the time, would. I had not told him that I would take him to a luxury café. We were supposed to meet in a freaking McDonald's but I wanted to spend a little quality time in a nice and clean place and The

A Good Opportunity

The recruiting lady called me in regards to the position that I had refused earlier, yesterday after work. I explained to her why it would not worth to go all the way to that corner of the town to do that job for only about $2 difference in an hour. I cited uncertainty about the length of the position, my long daily commutes and the fact that I would have to work under the supervision of a Punjabi Indian and I told her directly that I had very bad experiences working with those people. I explicitly said: Unfortunately East Indian s have built such a bad reputation for themselves in this country that if there was an honest one, no one would believe or trust them! I at the end told her that if there was something that she thought it would fit me, to give me a call. Surprisingly today when I checked my phone before noon I realized that I had a message from a lady who worked for a company in Edmonton that I had earlier sent my resume to, the exact same day that I had my interview for th

The Wrap

There were these fella brothers that I had breakfast with almost everyday until last Mon. Not that we went for a breakfast together. I would arrive at work at usually the same time that they would go for their breakfast break. We chatted, shared a laugh or exchanged food and at sitting next to each other. They always offered me food and I always accepted. Anything from Boiled Egg to McDonald's breakfast sandwich and that was I got last Mon. from one of the fellas whom I would call him One-Man here. I usually don't eat McDonald's breakfast sandwich and that's not because of its sausage. It's because of the White Bread. When they served their Whole Wheat Bagel I used to get that from time to time. Now that they have discontinued, I don't eat much of their breakfast sandwiches, let alone the other sandwiches they offer.  Anyways I got the breakfast sandwich from One-Man . It was a Egg & Cheese and that was the last day he came to work! I saw him in the af

An Interview after more than a Year

I keep applying for positions and earlier this week I received a call from a lady from a recruiting company who wanted to ask me questions about my current position. There was a QC position but at a low level and a similar industry that I am in at the moment. I even had doubts that they would give me a chance to be interviewed because I am not working as a QC in the company but they did. I first was interviewed briefly over the phone and then went to a industrial area in southeastern part of the city where their facility is located. It is a huge place probably twice as big as where I currently work. However my first impression was that now I would have to drive nearly 45 km, and most of that in the city, to get to the damn place!  The lady, which buy the way had an excellent body, tall and very slim, asked me all sorts of questions and I think the interview took nearly 50 minutes if not more and she was continuously taking notes into his computer. She then asked me to participate in a

You Are Terminated!

The Chef was supposed to call me after his meeting with HR yesterday which was supposed to be at 11:00 . I didn't receive any call and that automatically told me that he had been kicked out of the company he worked in for nearly 15 years ! You really must be stupid to get fired from your job after that many years and at the age of 61 and he really is! He thinks striking others in the face is joking around. In fact when he told me that the HR had asked him to meet with them on Tue., I sort of knew that they would get rid of him. Otherwise they'd ask him to start on Mon. Even the union didn't help him. They were all sick of his all years of stupidity. Have a look at his brilliant(!) performance in the past few years: 1- Suspended for unauthorized use of the company's property, a sort of vehicle, and causing damage 2- Received a warning due to repetitive late attendance at work 3- Fell into a hole in the yard while it was barricaded because while under the influence o

The Blocked Fish!

  I tried to take our relationship with Fish # 2 (!) to the next level after our first meeting but it didn't work. I'm not sure why. Except for one time that she said we would go for a walk on a Sun. , which was sunny and nice by the way, every time I brought it up, she never replied! She never said no or anything else. She just said different other things! Completely unrelated! Once she said her telephone had died and once she was not well and someone was taking care of her, her son she said. Then after one week of disappearance, a photo popped up in my phone: Something about renovation! What the hell?!, I said to myself! She said that she was doing repairs and renovations, herself! I didn't know if I should believe that or not but offered my helped. No direct response again! Then a few days later another photo, this time the finished repairs(!), I would think! I offered help again and said I would like to see her. I added that we would relax(!) after that. No direct respo

Will The Chef Survive This?

I installed WhatsApp on my phone for the second time because the woman I dated once(!) wanted me to be in touch with her through that. I got connected with her and then deleted her ID (!) from my list but now I'm connected to a number of relatives and friend who communicating with them is easier this way. The Chef is one of the active guys on this media. He sends photos and clips and messages, time from time. It's silly for the people who live within half an hour, sending text messages to each other especially if they know one another for years. One day I saw him online at a time that he usually doesn't appear. He usually is at work or asleep at the time. I asked him if he was at vacation. He told me that he had been suspended!  Imagine someone in his early 60's , few years from retirements, have been working for the same company for almost 14 years and be suspended for a stupid act! I asked him what had happened. He said that he touched a co-workers face with his fi

Addicted to Gambling

When I was in grade school, in the old country, every time we would go to my oldest aunt's, gambling was going on, if it was a Fri. and we always were there on Fri. because that is the weekend in the old country. When I say gambling was going on I'm talking about a big, probably 12-seated dining table in the big dining room that many of the relatives sat around it and play different card games or perhaps Poker only. I'm not sure because I never part of it and never have been interested in any card games. My father never played but because we were very close family, we went there to see aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives. My oldest aunt's husband was a realtor and to be specific was a wealthy realtor. I can fit my entire first floor in their kitchen! That's how big their mansion was in a good neighbourhood of the capital, Tehran . The house had a swimming pool, gardens full of beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees, fountains, you name it. It even had a caretak

The Trouble with my Licence Plate

I decided to change my licence plate and go back to what I had on, screwed to my older vehicle,  before leaving Alberta for British Columbia , back in 2006 in Sep.. So I went to the local registry, about two weeks before expiration and told them about my decision. " Yes. You can do that ". Said the registry lady. I got the label and paid. When the time came to take the plate off and replace it with the old one, which would have been new(!), the problem started! I used Philips  screw driver but couldn't get it off. Then I went to The Chef , as he is a strong guy even in his 60's and even he couldn't do it. I then bought a small bottle of DW-40 , with the hope that it loosens the screws and tried again! No luck!  We then went to Canadian Tire in Marlborough area but there was a motherfucker white-headed Caucasian old fart there who refused service! Even guys at work tried it but no one had a chance. Then one guy got an electric screw driver and the idiot, who

One Year at the Job

I just reached the one year milestone at this job on Fri. I was expecting them to perform a review or at least address that somehow. no action! I have been working 6 days a week , except for one week, for a year now. It doesn't make much but it's much better than being unemployed like many. The benefits are not so good but that's all I can have now. It's partially or perhaps mainly, my fault. I wasted so much time when I could study good courses and elevate my resume. Now I'm doing this shit job and every week look at my account to see if I have enough money to pay my bills and at the same time buy essentials for my house or not!  I've applied for as many as probably 5 jobs in the past 3 months or so but not even a damn interview! I doesn't mean that I will stop but I'm mentally exhausted. Perhaps I can do this exam., pass it and add something worthwhile to my resume. (Photo: There is no celebration but I'm thankful that I've been able to have an

Stupid and Disgusting Delivery of Food

One of the most disgusting things that I hate it the most (used most twice in a sentence!) in Canada is food delivery. Many disgusting cheaters manage part of their disgusting lives through food delivery. One example of that is the filthy fat-f*ck named The Fisher who I used to know through Hojam and I, in fact, probably met him once only. This nasty animal, who by the way probably made up a story about cult of Bahai and sold it to CIC to settle in Canada , lived his disgusting life by food delivery and avoiding paying income tax for years. This piece of sh*t, as far as I remember was either drunk or high on drugs! According to The Chef he always had a handful of Marijuana in his glove compartment when it was illegal, of course. Once I was at Hojam 's, he had invited me over for dinner, which was by the way was a simple meal comprised of Shirazi Salad and Bandari Hot Dog (!), and it was years ago, probably 2006 and the telephone rang. I remember Hojam didn't have a cel

My Second Experience with POF

I don't know if POF pays some of employees to contact people or not but I got hooked up with a woman about three weeks ago and we exchange messages until she asked for my telephone number. Here is the thing: If i can simply exchange telephone numbers with a woman on POF , why would I pay for membership?! That's why I think these women could be planted by POF . They contact you or respond to your messages, you see them somewhere and then they leave. That encourages you to buy membership! You gain confidence and you are more willing to pay!  Anyways this woman kept a nice contact and eventually after about a week she said she would meet me in a Tim Horton's . Here's when you can know a woman a little better. A classy woman would never see you in a cheap, garbage-maker low-class coffee shop like Tim Horton's ! I said yes, though and went to the location that she sent it's address to me. I arrived there a few minutes to have the first good impression. She looked a

Chicken from Wal-Mart!!

I don't like shopping at Wal-Mart for so many reasons and one being their prices is not very different from other stores but the other day I walked to this location which is very clean and organized to see what they got. I saw Rotisserie Chicken in their food section. They didn't look much different from the Chicken you'd get from other supermarket but the price tag was reading $7.5 ! I told myself: Let's give it a try now I'm here. Surprisingly it was good. It tasted fresher and at the same time tastier and more delicious in comparison with the Chicken s I have tried from Safeway and Co-op . I don't know if that is in that location or other locations have the same level. (Photo: Wal-Mart chicken comes in two falavours in this undisclosed location!)