Sunday, March 10, 2019

A Stinking Piece of Crap Named WestJet!

I've been sitting here on my butt in nasty disgusting Lester B. Pearson International Airport, (not the person himself) of the most disgusting city in North America, Toronto, for the past hour, for my flight to Pierre E. Trudeau International Airport in Montreal but even the WestJet people don't know what the hell is going on! There's no plane and the nasty disgusting weather of Toronto is probably worst than ever. I don't know how people can live in this dump! 
I haven't eaten anything for lunch. All you see in this disgusting shit-hole is Tim Horton, which by the way looking at its items makes me want to vomit and the stupid Booster Juice! The funny thing about these airport stores is not their price (which by the way is twice as much as everywhere else) it's the fact that there's no price tag! So basically they can shove whatever garbage they have all the way up the customers' ass! I know there're many who like it! People here don't even look at the price tags! No wonder the majority of people are in deep shit debt! 
I called my employer but no one gave a shit! There's no one available at this hour I guess. Everyone is sitting like a freaking idiot and plays with his/her stupid phone! Of course why the hell would they be worried! They're not going to start a new job tomorrow! 
This is the second time this fucking nasty garbage, WestJet, is screwing me. The last time I was returning from the US there was a day delay. Who knows what's going to happen today.

Off to Quebec

I'm going to fly to Quebec in less than a 2 hours for the second time in the past two years with the hope that I get the new job. However this is, without a doubt, the worst time that someone could fly!
The weather is miserable. The Daylight Saving started just today and my flight is very early in the morning! In fact I don't know how but I messed up the timing and I'm in YYC one hours early! 
My only issue was my car. In a meeting with the as*hole bastard, cheapskate, The Mumbling Guy, two weeks ago, he said I could park my car next to his home. When I e-mailed him on Thu. and repeated my request, he didn't respond. So I will have a good punishment for him planned and executed later.
Then The Brave called me yesterday after the exam he had written, based on our previous conversation. I met him then at his place and we went and met The King! I paid for the supper, although he didn't much because he had eaten at home(!) and that was because he let me to park the car next to his house. I gave him the key and I'm hoping that the car is in the same situation when I come back but while the registration will be valid, I'm worried about the insurance which will be expired in April. I have to contact him and let him know about that. However I can purchase insurance before the current one expire and just send the paper to him.

Friday, March 08, 2019

The Most Beautiful Work Experience Ever

Four people have been asked to leave and one has left on his own decision since I started this job a little more than 15 months ago. However the most beautiful happened today! So beautiful that I still when think of it cannot stop smiling. Not to mention I laughed really loudly when I was at work! But what happened? The Farm Boy got himself in such a big trouble that got canned!
The first four, first(!):
The first one was a retard, and I'm not being rude or disrespectful, he truly was a retard, who had difficulty performing the simplest assigned task. It was known from the second day but the supervisor decided to keep him on perhaps because he was a Caucasian fella! He was there until he really proved himself as a slow, moron! He even refrained from making telephone calls to service providers by simply stating that he was not comfortable doing that! The interesting thing was that the guy was married and would receive job offers through telephone calls regularly! It's hard for me to imagine the woman whose married to him. The best job for him, I would say, was cleaning and even that should be supervised.
The next fella was a Caucasian as well who seemed to be reasonable and better than the first one. He had done some course in SAIT but because had not been able to find the job he wanted in that field, in the city(!), joined the company, through a recruiting agency. The guy was a martial artist and have traveled to all over Eastern Asia. He could've been a good trip partner for going to, for example, Japan one of the places that I always have wanted to go but just after the company moved to a bigger and newer location, just after he thought that he'd be a permanent team, they kicked him out! He was not a bad guy but his main focus was his training and then he had issues at work such as being slow or simply inactive. Unless you told him what he needed to do, he would wander around. He also was late at times and would overstay his breaks. Nevertheless when the supervisor told me that he would not be coming back, I was quite surprised because I didn't think that his work was that bad. Besides he was Caucasian. I have written about the third one but the last one, the forth one was a really interesting character. He was a Caucasian fella who joined while the third guy was still here! He seemed to know everything. Skilled and experienced but kind of crazy. He was most of the time late and always hyped! Couldn't sit for 2 minutes straight. Eventually after a little more than 1 month he missed a few days and was late for one and that was it. The supervisor asked the related company not to send him back here again!
Then this non-African Black fella guy joined replacing the last fired one. He seemed an understanding and nice guy. The relationship of The Farm Boy was OK with him. However I knew that was only the beginning. The Farm Boy has a nice approach for the first few days and then cannot control himself and shows his real him. So one day that the supervisor was away The NAB (stands for non-African Black) went to the area that The Farm Boy was working to get a tool. The Farm Boy made a big deal out of that and said that safety rules are violated! He then went to the manager and complained about The NAB. This issue was also brought to the attention of the supervisor the next day. It was then decided to have a safety meeting presented by The Farm Boy(!) and issues as such to be brought up to the attention of the team! This truly shows how pathetic the supervisor is because The Farm boy neither is qualified nor had the authority to hold a safety meeting. 
On the day of the safety meeting, in the morning The Farm Boy started his fight right from the beginning of the shift. I and The NAB were discussing two subjects and he went: You guys are doing nothing but yapping! I told him: Why don't you discuss that in today's meeting and invite the manager as well?! He and The NAB had a few other exchanges of words and in the afternoon things got worse. I saw the supervisor was talking to him and then the manager came out and called him to his office. Then after that when The NAB went to get a product from a shelf, he said later, that The Farm Boy had attacked him verbally again! Then I saw the supervisor storming out of the office while saying that he wanted to get some fresh air! The Farm Boy had come back and was doing something! The supervisor said that he could not take it anymore! So when The Farm Boy later asked if we were having the meeting(!) I was quite surprised! Unless you have sever mental issues you would not treat people of your work-place like that and then ask if they would attend your stupid meeting! The supervisor told him that there would be no meeting. I saw him then on the phone and then dressing to go out. The NAB was a little mad and thought that this guy was able to do anything now that he's canned! He told me that if he does anything to his car, which in fact was his gf's car (a new one!) I'd better call the ambulance! He's not a masculine guy but he's tall and has big hands and more importantly he's Black and we all now that they are mostly very strong physically. So when I told him that The Farm Boy was not inside anymore he went outside to check on the car. Fortunately, for The Farm Boy and The NAB, nothing had happened to the car but I would have loved to see what he had done to The Farm Boy, had he touched his car! He later when we all were gathered told us that The Farm Boy had asked him what he was doing " in his area "!! That was the moment that I was laughing so hard! This guy's life has been so miserable that he didn't have a $500 car to drive to work! And now he owned part of the work-place?! 
The other funny thing is he's scheduled for a training in late March and I bet he was so excited to go and enjoy all the free stuff! Now that he's kicked out, he not only has lost his job, but also his dream of a few days vacation is dead! Not to mention that now that he's without a job, he would most likely lose the battle over the custody of his children. The other thing that the supervisor said was that the current marriage of his also is at stake. 
This whole story proved to me one thing: Our supervisor, despite a few good attributes that he has, is an immature, inexperienced and idiot! I had told him on a previous similar situation, when he had done the same stupid things to, that he could not change The Farm Boy. He insisted that he would! And now less than a month he was so boiled inside and fumed that he needed to go and get fresh air! There was the same issue with the retard as well. I knew just after the third day that he would not be able to work to the level of standard that the supervisor wanted but he kept him for as long as a few weeks. And then there was this African guy who left after less than a week. The whole work does not, in fact require as many people that he hires. There are as many as 5 people at this section while it could be easily ran by three. The supervisor simply wants to sit on his butt most of the day and does stupid unnecessary things such as making useless lists that no one even looks at them or because they are not properly made, they don't work.
This was the end of an idiot who I can call him obnoxious, belligerent, stupid and finally a true nutcase!
(Photo: I selected this picture because The NAB used a good analogy when he was describing The Farm Boy: He said he was walking on the edge of a cliff. Now he's falling! He will go all the way and will hit hard)

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Stupid Money Wasting Ideas of Calgary

These days if you drive around the City of Calgary you'll see fancy things that you can't see in any major city almost anywhere else. Bus stops are now confined with glass walls and some of them have electrical heaters, framed painting(!) and florescent light! At some of them you can also see an electronic board which constantly advertises products and services. I don't know if it also shows the route schedule or not because I don't use public transport. I just drive by.
This, in every which way, is nothing but wasting the public funds and wasting the city's budget. How many people on average use these but stops every day? Everyone tends to drive because while the traffic could at times be bad, it's much better than bus and train that you have to ride them with every nutcase, hobo, drunkard and drug addict. I remember The Mumbling Guy who lives in deep south city and worked, at the time, in Downtown, used to ride the train and bus. He then bought a used vehicle and drives ever since. in 2016 more than 1,000,000 vehicle were registered in the City of Calgary. Considering that majority of them are on the road on average 3 times a week, what does this tell you? That much investment in public transport is just stupid! And who wastes all these money on the nonsense? A guy (I heard he's gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that) named Nenshi!
If you go deep, you might wonder why a guy (could be gay) who claims to be Muslim became the mayor or a major city in Canada?! Isn't that for the favor of some people? This fella officially is an Ismaili, a sect of Islam which has strong ties to the current and a some of the former Canadian officials, to name this scandalous guy, Justin Trudeau and his father. J. Trudeau spent time in the Ismaili leader's private island a few years ago and became the center of attention. The Ethics Committee went after him but I guess he got away. So with all strong concealed connections and relationships, you can probably see why Nenshi is the mayor and how he is free to spend as much money as he wants and wherever he wants.
One of the other failures of the municipality is the new program of Organic Waste Disposal. Businesses throughout the city have received a green wheeled cart and they're supposed to through their organic waste in it. Items such as coffee, vegetable and fruit skin, stone or similar and generally everything that could be turned to compost. Does anyone care? No! So this guy comes, I guess once a week, and replaced almost empty cart with a completely empty cart(!) while lots of organic garbage is seen in trash cans. There's no doubt the main purpose of programs such as these is simply just to show that the municipality works, create jobs (mostly for their friends, relatives, family members and people of their own community) and also justifying the budget so they can receive it again next year and more!
Shame on the disgusting money-wasters?
(Photo: An organic waste disposal wheeled cart. I wonder if this similar to the black and blue bins have Property of City of Calgary on it)

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Record Breaking Cold in Calgary

I woke up yesterday  morning and the first thing I did was checking the weather as I had heard that it would be very cold. Environment Canada showed -30 ℃ (-22 ℉) without windchill! I was so tired as I had worked out after work on Thu. and I think it was a very bad idea. I spent the rest of the day at home except for a minute in the afternoon that I took garbage out. It was then a little warmer, -20 ℃ (-4 ℉) without windchill and -29 ℃ (-20.2  ℉) with windchill. 
Today though it was a bit better so I'm not even going to mention the temperature because we know that the cold would not be much different. However after a coffee in a McDonald's I went to Repsol for a little exercise. I used to go to this place when it was called Talisman years ago. Now I guess Talisman Energy, one of the main sponsors and contributors has pulled out and they have changed the name to Repsol. The exercise was not bad regardless of the fact that I cannot work out even compare to how I used to do when I was in CFLRS, let alone back to 2011 which was the last year I had been to the place while it still had its old name. The place was busy but not in a way that you cannot easily do your work-outs. I enjoy going there despite its high cost and that is because I cannot exercise easily outside in the extreme cold and I'm going there only because I need to get ready a little for my upcoming training.
(Photo: Repsol advertisement near its northern entrance. I found out that Repsol is a Spanish name and is an energy company out of Madrid! This kind of stupidity is seen in Canada a lot as it, after all, is a capitalism society. China bought Nexen a few years ago, Peace Bridge on Bow River is designed by a Spanish fella, because there obviously is no designer in Canada and many other stupid things that you only see them in " ... Our home and empty[!] land")