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Ekaterina Scam

I think I eventually figured out the whole story of the Russian girl who called herself Ekaterina Sannikova and claims she lives in Tomsk in Siberia . I named her E. S. in my previous posts. This week I received an e-mail from her indicating that she’s in Moscow , has received her visa and the only thing she needed is a $220 for a return ticket! I asked her to send me the account number of the travel agency so I could pay the difference. She then send me a copy of a passport page indicating a visa starting Sep.08 and valid for a month. She insisted that she is real and asked me to help her to get here. I found a very good way last night: I e-mailed the embassy of Canada in Moscow and told them my problem. Those are very nice people, like most of the organizations and offices you go to. They said that while they are not allowed to tell me anything about any visa issuance based on their privacy policy, they can say by just looking at the page that it is a forged document. They als

Religion is Poision

It has been just revealed that Mother Teresa , a long-term Christian human activist who helped the poorest of poor in India had doubts about her faith in the last 50 years of her life! Her letters to her superiors and confessors are gathered in a book and publish although she had asked not to do so. She once declared that Jesus directly talked to her!! That was the time that the shadows of doubt had been removed for a while She says in her letters. And then shortly after the ambiguity about the existence of God came back and remained until her death. I was a little surprised but not because of what she has said. I was astonished that the confessions are released in a book and question the whole faith, the big stupid lie which is being followed by millions and used as a drug. I probably shouldn’t have been because everything is being said in this society. Even CIA releases his classified documents of past years off and on. I was reading something about Francis Gary Powers in Wikip


E. S.,  has continued writing me after I told her that I was not able to send her money. She stated that she would not give up! After a few e-mails she said that she was goin’ to Moscow for the interview and then e-mailed me from there, supposedly, if the whole story is true and she’s not making it up, that she had gotten the visa but is about $220 short for the ticket! She has written that she would get a ticket for Sep.08 and needed my help. I can’t believe the whole story. It could be a scam. “Where do you stay these days? “ I asked her in the last e-mail I sent her. Then I decided to do something: I asked her to send me the name and address of the travel agency that sells the ticket so I can pay the rest through Western Union ! I also suggested her: Send me the account number of the guys and I transfer the money through my bank! I guess I will receive her answer tomorrow morning. In the meanwhile Mom told me that F. F. had read my e-mail. She was told by Aunt I. that the gi

Doing the Right Thing

It looks like I never get along with a girl and I’ll die alone! Aunt I. called yesterday in the morning while I was working and she was yelling really loud! She said that I dishonoured her and asked me to e-mail F. F. and apologize for I had told her. I only said that there’s a cultural difference between us and that made her upset and cry. I bet that she cried for the opportunity she lost. She probably was dreaming about Canada and how she will enjoy her time in here. But I shit all over her stinky body. Motherfucker bitch always made me wait so long for a simple e-mail answer and brought an excuse for each and every stupid behaviour she had. I might have broken her heart but if that’s what happened I’m happy now because that’s a good lesson for a selfish stupid piece of crap. She told me once that she had a dream about me but was not a dream. After all I listened to Aunt I. and e-mailed her, explained and apologized just to make my aunt feel better because I don’t fucking care a

Feeling Like Shit

Mom called me tonight and asked me why I made F. F. cry! I was trying her number and found it busy a minute ago or so. I knew it happens but didn ’t know that she would cry. Aunt I. , had told me a few times that she likes me very much but that’s stupid! How would you like someone that hasn ’t been met once!? I kind of liked her a bit because she’s not bad looking, beautiful eyes and long shiny hair. But the long time that I had to wait for her e-mails and the bullshit you wrote most of the time she e-mailed, made me sick. Besides I liked her mostly because I’m lonely all the time, sometimes even at work! So I needed and still need someone at this age at my side but it didn ’t work. I don’t want to ruin my entire life by marrying a selfish girl. This solitude has driven me toward many girls recently but got rejected over and over. Even S. G. stopped answering me almost a month ago, I guess. So I just stopped trying her anymore, no phone call, no online message or anything. E. S. i

Racism (3)

I went to the damn job site today a little late and a guy who’s doing part of electrical work and used to be A. J. ’s tenant in his basement and I call him Jeff here, was working. He’s a nice guy but an ass at the same time! As soon as I entered the second level, I noticed graffiti on the floor of one of the bedrooms! You see that in the photo above. Jeff had not been realized what had happened. I wanted to call the cops but he suggested me to give A. J. a call and consult him first. I said that we shouldn’t have ruined his mind. He has enough to think of these days. But he called A. J. and narrated the story. A. J. called shortly after that and asked me to call the cops. The same officer who had been told about the problem with the plate showed up in a few minutes, asked a question, took photos from the scene and left! That’s all. She said that she would investigate later but I didn’t see anything all the afternoon in there. The officer said that the kid should have done that. I d


I have been in touch with F. F. for almost six month. She was introduced by my Aunt I ., a kind of bossy girl who runs everything at home, is aggressive. Regardless of her beauty, which has only been seen in the photos that I’ve seen, she’s a nurse and a baby dressmaker and is taking courses to be a hair stylist. She got mad at me several times and I could easily find it in her mails. So tonight I sent her a mail and wished her the best and said goodbye! Her dad is ill and her Mom is old and all her sisters and brothers are gone, so she thinks that she’s the king specially because she makes good money as a self-employed but I don’t want, obviously someone who wants to give orders every minute and then bring her old parents to the house and make a senior house! Funny thing is she called a few minutes ago, shortly after I e-mailed her. I was writing this and the phone rang and that was her, angry as usual! God helped me that I crossed her out of my list, otherwise I’d have problems eve

Nice Trick

Leaders of the three North American countries are gathered in a small town in Quebec to discuss their interests. As the province has been always a source of disagreement and challenge, protesters started their rally right from the beginning. I really don’t know what is that they are opposing, but I guess privatization is one of them. But what happened today and CBC talked about that is there were three masked men among the protesters who were trying to cause violence and turn the peaceful protest to a combat. This unusual act was caught by the eye of one of the union leaders who organizes the protest. He claims that the men could be either undercover cops or people from the Prime Minister office, trying to do their job. The short clip which is shown in CBC and now could be seen on YouTube shows one of the masked men talking to a cop! All the three men later got arrested by the police and escorted out hand-cuffed! One photos was also shown in TV indicates the identical boots that

Shit Happens!

It seems that problems keep coming sometimes and you are not able to block them. I just skipped a big problem and I tell a short version here because I want to say another ones. Hojam , my friend who drove me to Calgary International Airport when I was leaving Alberta and also who took over me at my apartment, told me that the owner of the apartment came to look around and a written warning indicating that a renovation would take place and that makes the rent jump from $695 to almost $1200 or more was received then. He also said that the designing crew came almost every day and do the measurements and stuff! God helped me! (Well ... I’m atheist!) I had left the damn place, otherwise I wouldn't Have known what the shit to do! A. J. is in so much trouble now. He has too many things to do and has no plan and in the meantime side problems, I’d call, keep coming to him. Yesterday when I just came back from a little purchase using his car (He drives a silver Nissan Maxima ) I not

Horrible Ride to Evans Lake after a Gout Attack!

I’m having a very bad pain in my left toe joint. It started almost a week ago and I have to take a capsule every night before I go to bed or I won't be able to sleep. Last night I didn’t take any and I had a light supper, hopping that I’d be fine but I had nightmares and woke up as the pain was souring. I took another capsule and the number dropped down to one. Then I felt dizzy. This damn gout attack has never been so awful since I was diagnosed in ’03. Looks like nothing works on it. I don’t eat rich food like liver, steak, brain, bacon and egg that much while at the same time I don’t do my regular exercises. This fucking damn job for A. J. takes most of my time. So because today was the second time I had that dizziness feeling, like I had two or more can of beer, I decided to see a physician. Luckily the clinic was open and no one was there and I could see the doctor quickly. But it cost me $75 because I’m not covered. Anyhow the doctor wrote me the same prescription and als


I was driving to the job site today, shortly after noon and just less than a min. after I turned left to Highway 99 from Industrial Way , I heard a siren! I looked at my rear view mirror and damn, there was a ghost! He probably had turned his lights on but I didn’t notice. I, immediately signalled, pulled over, parked, turned the ignition off and waited. A male officer came out and asked for my driver’s and registration. I asked what had happened and he said that I turned left at yellow while I had enough time to stop! That’s exactly the reason I failed my first attempt to get my Class 4 driver’s licence in Calgary ! The examiner said that I should have passed at yellow and shouldn’t have blocked the driveway! I told this to the officer but he didn’t accept and left with my documents! I had seen him before in the town. He’s a very young guy. There are too many cops in this little town and I don’t remember a day without seeing one. He came back shortly after with my driver’s and regi

Despaired Gal

I received an e-mail from a girl in Russia a few weeks ago, whom I called her here E. S. although it doesn’t matter what her name really is, indicating that she had found me in ! I don’t remember anything about that website, regardless of the fact that I used to do that kind of remote relationship game and I might have registered in it. The girl who lives in Tomsk wrote me her story and sent me a dozens of photos. The story made me really upset: A young pretty lonely girl in the wild society of Russia where girls sell their body for a couple of dollars just to be able to feed themselves with the minimum achievable food. Her situation doesn’t seem so bad but I’m just guessing based on the photos she has sent me so far: A small furnished apartment, a job that can keep you alive and probably a guy off and on to get you off. I obviously answered every e-mail kindly until the last two ones which I received them together the day before. She used to e-mail me from an Internet

Bear in the Backyard

Squamish is known as bear country but I never saw one until tonight. I was watching the news and got out to turn the water off, the one which was watering the lawn. As soon as I got out I noticed someone in the neighbour’s backyard. I thought it was Perry , late Val ’s son who lives with his gf in the suite of the neighbouring house. I got closer and he stood up. That and started walking. That was a bear! It was busy with the flowers in the trash bin. I guess that was a very delicious snack for it! It took one walked a few meters and started having it. I ran back to the house to get my camera. I took a few photos but none of them looked good. The bear looked that it noticed me but didn’t care. Obviously the snack was much attractive. I went in again and got my Yashica regular camera but that one didn’t help either. Then I tried closer shots from inside but none of ‘em worked. I needed a tripod. I didn’t dare get really close. It might have attacked me. But I guess that was a baby b