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I don't know what the hell is wrong with Blogger as I can not access to my posts. Therefore I'm writing what I was gonna write yesterday and was not able to. It's been 3 f**king years that I've been living in the cold country, Canada and the question is what I've done and what I'm gonna do? The following categories arr the ones that I review myself according to them: Education  Social life Career In Education category I'm a complete loser (Like the other ones! you'll see!). In a couple of month after my arrival, I started an ESL Advanced Level II course in U of C and that was not too bad. I learned something and found new friends but lost all of 'em as usual! There was a very sweet Korean girl that I took her to lunch once but she got upset over me and I never saw her again! I even earased her e-mail address from my address book and don't even have a photo of her! There was also my good Chinese friend, Dr. Quping Hu . He mov

Upset and Frustrated

I was so angry and upset in last 2 weeks that was not able to write here. First of all I f**king failed that stupid APEGGA exam again. I got 6 out of 10 but they wrote me that I need 65% to pass and 6 means I might got 64% as I am failed! So what I'll do is I'll never f**king write that motherf ** kers ' exam and I will not spend even one f**king single penny on APEGGA again. They sent me a membership fee invoice for $110 , 3 times and what I'll send them if they insist will be this T-shirt. Secondly Renay e-mailed me and also told me that on the phone that I shouldn't expect anything more than friendship from her! I was so sad after that. I also called her today morning and left a message but she didn't call back. I think she's trying to forget me, and wants me to forgets her. She said her heart is belongs to her ex-boyfriend and she'll never marry, although she said that I could go there and visit her and we could even go for a dinner. Well she


I called Renay , the East Indian girl from Edmonton today (I mean yesterday 'cause it's about 12:55 AM now!) It made me so happy. She's so sweet, with a very warm, smooth and pleasing voice and lovely accent. We did kind of break up last year. She got upset over me as I called her my dear! She asked me no to call her that as her ex-boyfriend, who left her, used to do that. I told her that she has to forget him but it made it worse. So I asked her not to call me again or e-mail me. I sent her a card for her birthday, though! But she never replied back. Last week I invited her to Orkut . Although she didn't join but she replied back and asked me to call her and I did yesterday. I told her that I was goin' to see her. And she OK'd. I told her that I'd be there but not just for a cup of coffee (That's what she said last year when I was goin' there and I didn't finally) She said OK, We'd go for movie and dinner and... God! I'm so happy. She

Double Jeopardy

I was driving home a couple of hours ago and suddenly noticed that there's a police car behind me but not in my lane. It passed me and I sighed! My heart beat raised for a moment. Jesus! for a minute I told me that they are reading my plate and would catch me. My registration was expired on Oct.31 and I'm also not covered with insurance. Therefore if I'm caught, I'll be right in the world of shit! It's double jeopardy! It's a %99 possibly of instant death! It'll be a criminal record for me, Ray said that once and I will know what really a trouble looks like! But it comes with that. That I accept that. I like risks! Even when they are this big!

Quality Needs of an Organization

As I failed CQE exam (Damn me!) I have to write it again and I started studying this week. The interesting topic I was just reading is the quality needs in an organization. I explain what I get from the text: There are different ways to find out what the quality needs of an organization are, obviously. Surveys, department meetings, interviews, focus groups and external benchmarking. Focus group is an assemblage of persons who gather to determine the needs of the department. benchmarking is determining the needs using a specific method and a rival's information or data. (For more information on benchmarking go to the books offered by ASQ ) If the departments come to QC for more needs, you should know what their needs are. QC forward the following information to them, so they are able to formulate their needs: Company vision, mission statement and quality policy. Emergence of new competitors, product lines, markets Status of customer complaints, returns and warranty claims Results o

Bush is Re-elected

George W. Bush is re-elected as the US president for the second time. More than 59 million Americans voted for him. John Kerry (I don't know why I so much fucking hate him. May be because he's ugly and yells a lot!) got more than 55 million . I'm very happy because Bush is who invaded Iraq and killed many of 'em. I hope his re-election concludes to killing of more Iraqis and Arabs anywhere in the world. (Photo: The map of the US shows the final election results. Bush won the red states and Kerry the blue ones. I don't know what does a white one, which is Iowa means here!)