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A Handfull of Sour Cherry

There are a few wild Sour Cherry trees close to home. Just a month ago they were full of blossoms, so beautiful. Now they are filled with sour cherries, black, red and pink. We stopped by and picked a bunch. tasty. Of course it's not as good as what you get from a real orchard in old country. Not bad though. (Photo: Small sour cherries taste not bad)


I was at work on Thu. when F. F. called me and said about Michael Jackson 's death. I was surprised and shocked. It was very unexpected! He looked fine just a little more than a month ago on TV when he was talking about his concerts, This Is It , in London , England . Now he's dead at the age of only 50 ! I really felt bad for him when I heard that. He was in so much mental and physical pain in his last years of life. It seems nobody ever believed him. I remember when he was being tried for child molestation I saw his pictures on the net showing him ill and exhausted and said: What a liar! He's playing to get away from the punishment! Now I see that the poor guy was really sick. I also remember the years of his Thriller album and the excitement in the society and the young. The clash between the police and his fans who would dress like him and listen to his songs, the principal of the school trying to ban the fanatic students, us getting his album on cassette, pining hi

The Three Unpredictable Ws

We were at a Tim Horton's with J. W. , talking about businesses and everything and he mentioned something rather interesting: He said that in Canada there're three important and at the same time unpredictable things, all starting with W: Weather , Work and Women ! He's absolutely right but I would like to add that those are not only unpredictable. They're also inevitable! Of course the middle one is the most important one for every one including me. The third one is not as important as the other two but it helps to have a better life and the first one affects the daily life and changes the expenses! Let's analyze them one by one a bit: 1- A large population of Canadians work in tourism industry. If the weather is not pleasant, these people get nothing. Restaurants, parks, shops and many other businesses suffer form that, enormously. White Rock is a good example: In a sunny and nice day you see herd of people walking up and down promenade, sitting on pati

Amazing Photo

Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup surprisingly last night. I didn't watch game seven but watched a few others. Detroit looked so determined and as strong as last season at the beginning and I was a bit shocked when I read Pittsburgh 's victory today. I just picked this amazing photo of the game seven and as this blog in no way a news blog I refer you to NHL 's website and other related sites for the news. Just enjoy the art of photography. (Photo: Fleury, the net minder of Pittsburgh blocks a shot in game seven of 2008-2009 NHL season. The penguins won the game 2-1 and as well as the Stanley Cup in Detroit)

Introductory Trip

We took the advantage of today's off and first had a short trip to White Rock . It was nice, sunny, quiet and not very hot like a few days ago; just mild lovely weather. We checked the Tennis courts and then followed a path through the bushes and trees to the West Beach. The tide was out so we enjoyed walking on the beach and also watching a couple making sandcastles. Then we walked back uptown and took a bus to Vancouver . Route 351 takes you through Delta and goes to Richmond and eventually Vancouver . I had never taken that road. It's scenic. Anyways we spent a little more than hour in Pacific Centre eating and window shopping and then went to the waterfront, Vancouver Convention Centre and Water St. It was just an introductory trip to to just see what we're going to do and where we're going to go. So this is where we're goin' go to in near future in B. C. : Downtown Vancouver , Vancouver Aquarium , Ambleside Park , Grouse Mountain , Squamish , Whistler

Getting Worse!

Looks like the amount of my Cooper Test exercises are getting smaller every month! I only was able to finish 3 days in May! There're two reasons obviously: 1- The nights that I have to ride my bike home. There's no sense doing exercise. 2- The other days of the month which I usually am tired and lazy at the same time! Today I went to the gymnasium to do the first exercise of June but after warming up and a couple of minutes, a short chubby Oriental woman showed up and asked me to leave the damn treadmill! She said that she had signed and I simply left with a smile and tap on her shoulder! Then I spent a few minutes on different machines and left. The gymnasium was busy because of the late hour and also the hot summer. I'm going to increase the number of days in June (the same promise was made last months as well!) (Photo: I only concluded three days of practice on May. You can see the dates on this month's chart)