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The Feeling of Walking in -25 ℃

I went out this morning and it was really cold but it seemed that the extreme cold doesn't stop people from getting out. They go out but not on foot, mostly! They drive! And these days majority of people either drive an SUV or a van! There's barely anyone who drives  sedan unless he's broke or he has a modern sedan with good winter tires on. There are some in between.  I wasn't out for a long time. I wanted to do a quick shopping and then spent an hour or two near the store in a McDonald's and worked on my volunteer job.  In the evening though, after hours of sitting at the damn desk I decided to get some Olive s for my salad. So I walked to a local grocery store for about 15 min. and bought some. It was not so bad. Then I decided to have a longer walk. That was not bad either. I was out in -25 ℃ (without wind-chill) for nearly 45 minutes !  This picture is not clear but you can see the Owl almost in the centre While walking on the sidewalk before

Is This the Coldest Christmas Ever?!

I'm sitting here at the desk and doing nothing but wasting time, mostly! I decided to have a walk in the afternoon and got around 14:00. It was brutal! I guess I was out for nearly 50 min. and I was about to be frozen. There was barely anyone out. I went to Bow Trail Pathway and there was a girl running(!) and a couple walking! That was it! Then a few more, maybe. The roads was empty too. I guess it was around -17 ℃ but if you consider the damn wind, it's much worse. My memory is not really good these days but either I don't remember such cold or my brain cells are dying one after another! Weather Network has a full detail about the local weather including the forecast. Here you only see the latest data.  I know we are getting old. The Chef who usually does not show signs of weakness, complained about cold last night and even didn't want to go for a 10 min. walk. He refused to get together for the same reason today. It's hard to stay home even if you&

Christmas Eve Besides the Rivers!

I came back after eating at Five Rivers Restaurant with The Chef . We started going back to the place last week but last week their buffet cost us $10.5 each while this week went up to $13.65 ! We were told that it was because they had added meat items to the menu! The Chef tried some of those. I didn't.  I went to a Mark's Warehouse in the west part of the city and came out empty handed because what I was looking for. I later though I had it at home(!) instead took this photo with the pile of snow in the parking lot. The photo also shows the slippery ground. Alberta's winter finally came after a week of disappointment Anyways it was extremely cold in a way that The Chef wanted to go back home after the dinner. We walked to Apna Punjab grocery store (we didn't but anything and that was because we both were so full that we couldn't even think of any type of food) and then we wanted to go to McDonald's and hang out and have a hot beverage. He firs

A Long Hiring Process With No Result

I called the company that has interviewed me twice, a few weeks ago and asked about the status of the position. I was told that no decision had been made and there were two more candidates who would be interviewed in the coming weeks. The lady who interviewed me over the phone said that. She also added that there was another position that she thought it would fit my qualifications better. She said she would forward my resume. That was more attractive to me considering it would be in Calgary .  I sent an e-mail to her later regarding the position. No response. I then applied for the position directly, mentioning the discussion in the Cover Letter . No response again. I now am disappointed and hopeless. I guess I have to work harder. For that I have registered for a course which I'm taking it online. That is because the classroom version of that would take 2 weeks and I'm not in position to quit my job and attend the course. I'm hoping to finish that as soon as I can and

Home Poor

The ultimate goal of every one in life is buying a property and enjoy the possession of that. Although it's much harder now but people still have the same mindset. I remember volunteering for this organization when I overheard a young girl, probably not older than 24 or 25, telling someone that she had purchased a condominium. I never thought of buying a property until recently and that was mainly because I never liked the job I was doing. I always thought if I don't like the job and one day had to quit, what would I do with the damn property!? Many may say sell it! But it's not always as easy as that. If you lose your job and the market is down and there are no buyers, you end up on  streets! I am also very conservative when it comes to purchases of big items. An example of that would be selling my brand new car back in 2006 . I had a brand new Toyota which somehow I decided not to buy insurance for it for nearly 2.5 years !! Of course I got caught eventually and had t

A Nice Catch

I and The Chef were in a Safeway supermarket a few weeks ago when I saw a guy jumped out of the door and grabbed a basket which was being carried out by a man! It was obvious that the man was steeling the food but I don't know what he was thinking taking the basket out! They would stop you even if you paid for the grocery and were walking out with the basket in your hand. I was looking and the thief (or shoplifter) smiled when the Loss Prevention guy caught him! He then simply walked away in bright day light and the catcher did not! I only grasped the story when the Loss Prevention guy walked backed into the store with the basket and I asked him what had happened. The thing is he did nothing after that. I guess this is common practice that when a person is caught shoplifting, they would let him or her ago as long as the item(s) is (are) available. The basket then was delivered to the Customer Service desk and I saw him explaining to the staff.  However the climax of the s

Alien: Covenant, Not as Bad as It's Said

I finally got the chance to watch Aline: Covenant . I borrowed the DVD from the library. I was in CFLRS when the movie came out and never got a chance to catch it until this past weekend. The movie is not as bad as it's said. In fact it has new things which were not provided in the previous stories. There are other versions of Xenomorph and they are much scarier! Two synthetic persons, one from the previous story, Prometheus and one a member of terraforming group headed toward a specified destination face each other and eventually got in to physical altercation! That is the unexpected and interesting part but not the physicality of it. What is interesting is what the first robot, David from Prometheus , has done in the past 10 years, prior to the arrival of Covenant and what he has in mind and how he handles the new robot, Walter .  In this scene from the movie, a new form of Xenomorph (which literally means something with unusual form) has attacked one of Covenant'

Strange Latino Fella

There was this guy in the building gymnasium whom I saw during work-out a few times, last year. We eventually got to talking and exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers to become buddies. Something that rarely happens in Canada or perhaps I'm the one who had not experienced that. He, surprisingly, sounded a very nice guy. In fact too good to be true. We met for a coffee once and then he invited me to his apartment once. We remained friends until I went to Quebec for my training and that was where he helped me with my car issue . We met once again after I failed finishing(!) the training. I was somehow deterred by his behaviour then. He said he wanted to do some religious program, something that I hate the most and then he had comments in regards to my career indicating that it was dead(!) and then the way he dresses is very displeasing and he goes to Starbucks ! Fix your damn cloths and don't dress like a freaking hobo, then go to Starbucks and spend $3 on a coffee

A Beautiful Attack!

I came back to the vehicle of mine which I park near work one day around noon and I saw that someone had thrown a cup of coffee at it! The coffee was over the side door and part of the window and the cup was resting on the ground, next to the car, a Tim Horton's !  No vehicle was parked in the stall next to mine. There was usually a Toyota Rav and I had seen the guy a few times and I even had a little chat with him once. I guess that was him because I never saw him after that day!  I guess he either didn't like me parking next to him or didn't like my comment about him smoking! I sarcastically told him that he should have smoked more once!  I still have that coffee splash at the side of my car and I will most likely won't clean it soon or maybe never! I have no covered parking and parking on the street no only exposes the vehicle to theft (which happened once) but also make it vulnerable for anything else from being scratched or having a part being broken, let