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A Trouble for Troublemaker!

I was caught by the cops the day after I get my car! I was driving to Anderson C-train Station and noticed that a police car is behind me. I didn't have the registration, my license still has my previous address on it and the serial number of insurance card doesn't match with the serial number of the car! So I'm a potential money maker for the police. I slowed down and continued to drive while I was looking at my rear-view mirror. When I reached a cross section and it was green I stopped and waited for their reaction while was thinking of my mistake. I didn't find anything wrong with my driving so started driving and passed the cross section. As soon as I did that, the police car turned it's lights on and also a big bright light! I got timid and pulled over immediately while using my signal. I knew from before that when I'm caught by the police, should not leave the car in any circumstances. So stayed in the car and was waiting for him or her. Actually both.

Brand New 2003 Toyota Echo

As I promised, (Did I!?) I'm writing the postponed important events. After my visit to Royal Tyrrell Museum I called Heninger Toyota to talk about a Toyota Echo which I paid for last Feb. Actually I just had paid a little amount as deposit but never went to get the car although they called me and left messages at least 3 times. I made an appointment and talked to the Chinese guy, the sales rep. Although it's a Japanese car but there are many Chinese guys in there. Anyways I made up an story for them and excused for my 7 months delay! I added two more options (Air Conditioning and power door lock) and get the car after all necessary bureaucracies on Sep.16.03. I asked for a silver one and the second choice was black. So what I got is a black one. It's a regular car and compare to what I have driven after I had my driving license in Canada , is something ordinary. I have driven Chrysler Sebirg , Jeep Grand Chrokee , Chevrolet Malibu , Pontiac Grand Am and Pontiac F

The Royal Tyrrell Museum

The first thing is I went to The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller on Aug.31. I rented a Chrysler Sebring and drove all the way to the museum. Although that's a very comfortable and reliable car but the road made me very tired. It was all wheat farm in the way and nothing else. Highway number 2 was very busy till Airdrie but when I turned right to highway 72, it was very quiet. After highway 72 there is highway 9 which takes you to Drumheller . It's a town with all facilities and services like any other town in Canada . Actually after High River , Canmore and Banff , this is the forth Canadian town I've been to. I've never been to a city but Calgary so far. The Royal Tyrrell Museum is 10 min. driving from the town. A very large and fantastic building. It was busy as that was the last long weekend of summer. Many families were there with their kids. It's a very good place for kids to learn about dinosaurs and their life. There is something like a remote con

Postponed Posts

Although many things has happened since that last day I wrote here which was Aug.24.03, I have not written in this page. I waste too much time on PC, reading news, sending mails and surfing. Have to stop this. My exam. date is close. I just got 2 months and a couple of days. I write everything one by one. I mean the important ones.