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XL Foods (XL Fools)

There is a long time problem with the beef industry in Canada and most specifically Alberta and apparently it comes from the processors not the producers and this is not the first time but seems now the CFIA is waking up and wants to do something about it. The poor ranchers, I believe, are the ones who suffered the most. Their loss was something around $2 Billion last time. I worked in cattle industry for nearly 4 years and I used to see the   CFIA guys all the time. There were there and they had an office there but I can not tell if they were doing their job! If I refer to my old post, you will see that I have written 1 out of 3000 cattle gets inspected here in Alberta while in France this inspection is 100%. As a Quality expert I know that the smaller the sample, the less trusty the result will be. For a big population of cows in Alberta , for sure the number of inspected ones in every processing plan should be increased in order to obtain the good result. Rather than that

Short Trip to Edmonton

I had a short trip to Edmonton yesterday which was very tiring but overall positive. I was there for the Steel Day and visiting one big manufacturing facility in the industrial district of Edmonton . It was a bit silly because I had to wake up at 05:00 AM and if it was not because of the Hodani 's GPS , I would have been lost and never made it on time! I am not going to name the company that was hosting the event but it was well organized and rather than a few small flaws, the people were very friendly and polite. We spent only an hour and a half in there and at the end there was a Pizza truck that we could get two slices of Pizza but I preferred not to stay in the line. Instead I had a short drive around the Downtown area and walked in Queen Elizabeth Park at the south shore of North Saskatchewan River . I had two other short stops and because I had to return the damn stupid car. It was a very hot and sunny that and UV rate was so high. For that I really suffered. Then

Wild Mushrooms

If you are used to hiking you probably have seen wild mushrooms grown in the jungle under trees and everywhere else, depending on where you are. Some of these mushrooms are toxic and not edible of course. Trying to eat them raw or cooked has no consequence less than a painful death. You have to know how to distinguish toxic mushrooms from the good ones. Then you can go and pick mushrooms. F. F. told me once that a colleague, an old East European , possibly a Russian lady once told that they normally go to pick mushroom. Although she never told her where they usually go, she said that they could tell good from bad because where they lived there was basically nothing to eat but wild mushroom and what they would do, in the few mild months of year, was mushroom picking and storing them for winter because the winter was so cold they could not find anything to eat and had to live on mushroom. I don't know what part of Russia or Eastern Europe  she comes form but this story is the

Worries Over Nexen Inc.

The recent bid from a state-owned Chinese company to buy the Calgary -based Nexen Inc. has made headlines across the country in the past 2 months. $15.1   Billion is what has been offered for this company which is active in oil production in Canada , the US , Africa and  North Sea . CSIS has warned that it could pose a threat to national security. Technology transfer by the foreigners is one of the major concerns. But I think there are enough foreigners in Canadian companies here in Canada that if any of them wants to transfer any proprietary information, they could easily do that. They do not have to spend $15.1 Billion ! They would copy everything for free and send it over electronically or in binders! But I would not feel comfortable if I was a Canadian and I had to work for a company owned by foreigners in my home-town. Constitution of Iran prevents any foreign company owning any major asset including natural resources and in the first glimpse everyone appreciates th

Hate My Job

For years and years I have been trying to get a secure job that I also like it but never happened. I worked for two major food processing companies in Canada , in three different locations and while I could keep those jobs, in one I never was given a chance to advance and for that reason I was stock, in the other one I quit after about a month because it was so fucking stupid and i had to do evening shifts and in the remaining one I was kicked out! As well the other ones that I tried there were not many but I always had an issue. This one which I had barely or better to say I didn't have any issue at all, I was just given an opportunity of having a life-time position with the possibility of advancement but I began to hate it a while back! My only hope is may be I can sew my ass to the chair and focus on the damn material of ASQ and APEGA so I can pass at least one and the best both to help me get the hell of this hole I am in at the moment.

Saddledome's Retiring Soon

  It has been now almost 10 year that I wanted to go and watch a game in Saddledome ! I first talked to Andrew F . about that and I was supposed to get the ticket but his then-wife opposed for whatever reason and we never went. Then never was a circumstances which under that I could watch again. I have been inside a few times during Stampede though. So I decided to go with Farzin this season, 2012-2013 but had not planned for it until a week or longer ago when I heard that the Flames lease with the building is about to expire and at the same time the arena itself is reaching it's retirement and the team is looking for a place to build another one. Ken King indicated that the lease could easily be extended since there is no rush but no word has been given as where the new arena will be. Having said all that this new dispute between NHL and NHLPA about salary cap has not been resolved yet and there apparently is no plan for further negotiations! It is not clear if the s

Running and Jogging

I decided to document my exercises and I started in mid. Aug. I started running after canceled my membership with Talisman . I was a little more than $60 to pay every month plus the cost of gas of course. So I said fuck it especially because it gets really crowded in the winter and that is when you want to be there. I spent the entire winter of 2011 outside and in U of C for skating which cost less and was more effective. I have not decided on going back to U of C for skating yet but want to organize my jogging a little more. For Sep. I had a good start tehn I felt a bit shaky last Thu. so I have not been out since. This table here is the summerized table and I had to cut a few columns to be able to fit it here and the reason is it's in Word. I guess I may go tomorrow and then will see how I can improve my running because as it can be seen, I'm stuck at 25 min. It is obvious that heat decrease the perfromance but other factors are invloved. Look at the table and se

Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka has been the most attractive to me in Banff National Park and there is more to do. We had bought the tickets in May and finally used them today. We were there at 13:45 and in 5 minutes sat in the boat, in the back! It was a good seat regardless of the noise from the engine because that is where you can stick your head out and also take photos not from behind the glass and breath fresh mountain/lake air. The surrounding of the lake is very beautiful. The boat goes for half and hour until where you can see there is no more mountain and then turns back. When we were heading for the National Park in the morning, there was such a heavy traffic that I wanted to go back but then decided not to make a rush decision and continued. The town was really busy too because we spent about an hour in there. Almost the same problem on the way back but I didn't want to fall back so I pushed the pedal and passed almost everyone I could by doing 140 KM at times! Overall Lak