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Scraping Hard

I wanted to get out quickly yesterday morning to get in to my volunteer work because I only had yesterday and today and with the disappointing results of Jan. and Feb. I wanted to get everything done. So I went out I guess at around 08:00 and when I realized under a thin layer of wet snow there was a hard thin layer of ice on the windshield, windows and back glass which would barely come off!  I grabbed the scraper and in the early cold quiet morning of March tried to remove the ice. Not easy! It was screeching so loudly and coming off hardly! I had not seen such ice ever before! I even had to do the side windows because the ice was so thick that you couldn't see clearly. I eventually got as much as I needed to drive safely, done after probably 15 min.! (Photo: This photo clearly shows that there are two layers on the windshield: sticky hard ice and then wet snow)

Protected Documents

I have a bunch of documents to fill out and send back to the career I have applied. These are questionnaires in PDF format. I started printing them and filling them out. Then I said to myself why don't I type them in and then print. That'd much neater and the reader would find them easier to read, although my handwriting is not bad. I filled one form out and then took it to Staples to print it!  Damn! Everything was gone! How? I had no idea. The young fella over there told me that since they were protected documents, the content would disappear once the file is transferred to another computer! That makes sense. That's how all my personal information is protected. I wonder what would happened if I simply typed and sent to the printer at the same time. Would that print? I guess so. I will have to do the majority of the forms again. I do have enough time.  (Photo: Different logos used for PDF files. In another word this is the evolution of PDF logo)

An Experience with Autism

I wrote earlier that I and The Brave went to a restaurant . This post is partially about my experience with his son who is Autistic , a 20 something boy. The Chef actually had told me about his experiences with the boy and I knew it was bad but what could I do? He wanted to go there and I had to go because I had owed him a meal. So we're there eating and talking and the boy's sitting next to me, playing with his food. I mean he plays with food instead of eating it! He does everything but putting it in his mouth! The Brave is still patient and just gives him warnings off and on. The boy only communicates with words. He is not able to make a complete sentence and spells it out. However he understands almost everything and lack of being able to communicate, does not affect his life much. Other functions, most importantly, not being able to think rationally has made life for him difficult. We are half way through our meal and he requests another Soda by calling it. His Da

Milwukee Heated Jacket

I finally bought a Milwaukee heated jacket! I know it's too late because we have not had frigid cold of less than -15 ℃ for nearly 2 weeks now but I don't regret that because in Alberta you need jackets even in June sometimes! The jacket uses a re-chargeable battery which isn't included! You need to buy the battery and battery charger separately but since this jacket is mostly used by the people who work outside, I assume that they mostly have the tools which uses the same battery and chargers so it should not cost them extra. The cost of the jacket, battery and the charger altogether is a little less than $200 which is reasonable to me. You can't get a decent jacket for less than $300 unless it's on sale and good jackets, I've seen, cost as much as $900 ! So its worth $200 as long as no one minds the look, although it's not bad. It's a work jacket not a party or girl-pick-up(!) jacket but I don't mind it as long as it's comfortable and

CFLRS Notes (42): T. J.

I haven't written about CFLRS for awhile. It's been a year now since I went there and although I don't want to remember those days I have to say that there were disastrous ones for me! Sleep deprivation, crap food, marching in blizzard and almost everywhere in the school, dealing with asshole, rude comrades, exercising in cold, you name it. I'm so happy I got out and although I'm doing a low-paid and hard job now, at least I have my freedom! I wanted to write about this guy that I was a partner with and since I always protect identities, I only refer to him here as T. J. He was a short (nearly 5" 2" ), disgusting, jealous, low moral, selfish East Indian fella from Ontario , somewhere. It would be interesting if there was an evaluation by CAF prior to enrolling people, but then perhaps 75% of the recruits wouldn't pass even the first step then! I first met T. J. in TRP . We hung out a bit there but when I went to the second platoon we became

Keeping the Good Work!

I decided to go for jogging for the second weekend in the row(!) despite the mixture of snow and yesterday and the amount of physical work that this new job have for me. This past weekend I decided to refresh the old good days memory by going to Glenmore Park ! It was only -4℃ but a little wind was blowing. The park was not busy but there was people. I ran for 30 minutes this time although my thighs were both sore last Mon. and Tue. from the previous weekend's run. I guess if I keep doing it after only a month (4 or 5 weekends) my body will be ready for that. However I need good rest during the week and on weekends as well. This time I also had the chance to check my new Fitbit and it seemed working fine.  I need to keep these exercises as I might be needed to do the same as part of the new job training, If I'm sent for training! But apart from that exercise has always been part of my life although it has had it's ups and lows. Besides I'm not going to spend my

Back to Fitbit with Zip

My Fitbit tracking device, Flex , malfunctioned 17 months ago and my efforts to replace that did not get me a new one since the company did not accept the responsibility for the failure. I then saw the same product in the only store of CFLRS when I was there last year. The product was on sale but considering that the province of Quebec has a high PST I decided to purchase that when I was back to Alberta . Unlike what I had thought, no major retailer carried the device anymore. Similar to many other products, when a newer model emerges, the older ones become unavailable. I them checked the website and realized that product is eliminated from the company's list. On the other hand a less advanced model and the least expensive at the same time, Zip , was available! So I ordered that and here it is.  It took me a few minutes to replace that with the other model in my profile, with the help of the Fitbit chat guy and it was and still fine. Zip looks as good as Flex and of cou

Passed through the First Gate

I received an e-mail in regards to the interview I had few days ago. As I opened the e-mail I told myself: Damn! I messed up this one as well! Then I scrolled down and sighed! I passed! The interview was not very easy but it was not hard either. I only had to get myself together, read through, analyse and provide the answers. I have to mention that I freaked out first when I saw the questions which I explained why in a post but then I regain my power(!) and aced it!  The fact is I'm good both in writing and presenting, at least I think, to a certain level and I used my skills to overcome this first stage challenge. Just the way that I used the skills to be recognized for the volunteer work that I've been doing for nearly 2 years now, with a gap in between, perhaps I should add! This, however, is the first stage and I have to pass at least another 4 or 5 other ones. There's no mention of the next stage or a designated date but I was told, or I'd better say, one of

The Little Pika

I first met The Little Pika many years ago in the old country when I was still in high school and then we became friends a few years after that. He is one of the guys who has had the most influence on me. But why am I bringing this up know and here at this side of the globe? It's because he had recently became a resident of the US . I must add here that unlike many others, I'm not the one who has selected this nickname for him! This nickname was given to him by one of the guys in those years in the old country and I just translated that a bit and made it nicer! The literal meaning of the given nickname would be The Little Mouse but since I've seen the cute and little Pika of Alberta Rockies (More specifically during a hike in The Wedge ), I decided to use that for him as it's nicer! Anyways The Little Pika was contacted by me last Aug. when I still was at the CFLRS . He sounded dazed and confused (just like Led Zeppelin 's song!) and was not able to talk m

By the River After a Long Time

I went for jogging after probably more than 4 months today! With the job I've been doing and the weather which has been extreme, I became very hard for me to keep the kind of exercise that I used to perform, since I came back from CFLRS .  My problem is I can't be unemployed and use up my money until I find something. So when I was offered this job, I took it and then when I was re-offered by the actual employer, I took it as well! Since I am considered as a candidate in a much better job (with the Federal Government ) I'm hoping that after passing the preliminary steps I get myself to the training and have the job.  Anyways I went for the jogging and it was good. Surprisingly not many people were on the pathway. I did 25 min. on a considerably good pace. Unfortunately I won't be able to keep it as a habit of every other day although I can get myself to the path, every day at about 16:45 and that's because I do lots of pushing, pulling and at times lifting,

Is This Only a Resemblance?

I've met The Mumbling Guy a few times at a McDonald's  in the southern part of the city. That 's where he wants to meet because its close to his place and the cheap bastard doesn't want to pay more for gasoline! And just to let you know that I'm not lying or exaggerating, I have paid for his damn coffee all the last three times we have met! This guy makes more than $100,000 year and I have to pay for his beverage! But wait until I'm done with him. Right know I need him because I still might need references for the job I've applied but once I'm done, I will take a big sh*t on him! Or I may not! It's the subject of another post and I may do that later. Anyways that's not the point of this post but I can't resist to indicate that East Indian s are cheap, majority of them, every time I write something! Going to the main subject, this is what my eyes caught the last two times we were there. There's a tiny Oriental girl, who looks like

Stressful Days

It has been three or more stressful damn days. I've never been nervous before or during interviews but because I've been screwed over and over in the past 2 years or so, this time my level of anger went so high that I fear I might have a heart attack! In fact I have been feeling a pain at the left side of my back and whether I die soon or not, I don't know! Several factors have been involved and I never even imagine that life would be messy like this when I attempted immigration! Maybe it's not the time talking about something that happened but things have been difficult lately and I'm not complaining! I have the following issues on my hand: 1) Residence. It's a disgusting dump I live in! I hate high-rises and elevators and I have to deal with them almost every day.  2) Job and career. I missed a wonderful opportunity this past Dec. and not applied for any job in my field of expertise since. Not that there are many jobs available. The ones which are avail

Left from a Kananaskis Walk

It has been cold in the past week and snowed a lot. It has snowed so much that I had problem driving around. Last night I had to drive around for nearly 7 min. to find a safe spot to park. A corner which I can get out easily without being stock and the chance of being hit by sliding cars in slim! I wanted to get out of the damn city and do a hike or at least photography but the financial situation does not allow me to spend my hard-earned money on luxury such as that! I'm being very careful now and I only pay for basics: Food and gasoline. That's about it. I wanted to by a jacket back in December and I haven't purchased that because I thought that $200 and something, when the hard time comes, is more than 2 weeks groceries and food.  This is the shit I'm in and I know most of the people don't care about that but that's not how I live. I have 3 credit cards and a Line of Credit with $0 debt! Two of my credit cards have given me $ 18,500 and $11,800

Recognition Award for the Last month of 2017!

I again received a gift for my contributions as a volunteer to the organization which starting working for them almost 2 years ago . This time, however, the way it was sent was different and why? Because most of the businesses have turned to paper-free communication. But am I posting this today when 2 months have passed from the new year? It's because that I missed the opportunity to submit any work for Jan., due to the amount of work and taking a course and then cancelled the damn course later (which will be the subject of another post) and wanted to compensate in Feb. but when I was going to submit my work, I realized that the deadline has arrived and someone else has jumped over me!  It was quite disappointing but I'll see what I can do for Mar.  although things might change in this month (for the same reason that I will have a post for it later next week).