Saturday, June 29, 2019

More Lesbians and Guys

Homosexuality, for a reason, has become more popular in recent years. I'm not writing this because I have something against the people who prefer the same gender as a sexual partner. In fact in my opinion people's choices of companionship is their own and nobody else's business but I have read and heard that many do that to experience new things. Of course the openness of some societies (including Canada) and availability of Internet and more specifically social media should not be ignored.
Some countries still are not OK with homosexuality and even have laws to limit or forbid that.
Russia passed a law a few years ago which does not make homosexuality illegal. However propagating it would be a unlawful act. Homosexuality is not socially accepted in Russian society and there was once a documentary, I guess, on CBC which showed young Russians portrait as homosexuals and then would humiliate and even beat the people who would appear on date.
An still image from an episode of Seinfeld where a reporter thinks Jerry and George are guy couples!
There were a number of homosexuals in the training center. There was a guy whom actually looked good and I later realized that he was a gf of a gay guy. He would hang out with the girls in the class mostly at exercise guys and once when the instructors changes the seats and one of them said that there was no queen at one side of the class he (or perhaps she!) yelled " there's a queen here! "
There was also a girl who had apparently seen me during one of the test sessions and told me when we started. She was a nice girl. When I heard her a few times saying " ... my wife " I got the point. She then started hanging out when another girl whom later said she was married (to a guy) and they spent a lot of time together. I don't know what happened between them or what was going on but they seemed quite close and happy with each other.
Then yesterday I went to get my car back from The Brave after renewed the insurance. The Chef gave me a ride and when we were in the house and eating, the autistic son of The Brave joined and sat next to The Chef. They had some history (don't think it as a homosexual way!) together. The Brave used to hang out with The Chef with that boy with the hope that The Chef one day be hired to take care of the son. Anyway the boy (who by the way is in his early 20's) came and wanted to touch The Chef! He was sitting next to him and holding his arm! His dad had to tell him a few times to let The Chef go and even asked The Chef to sit on the other chair but that didn't help. When we were about to leave, he wanted to give The Chef a hug and that was when I told myself: That's it! The boy's gay!
He's a young boy with no sexual experience but urges of course. I don't think he has had any issue with the girl maid that helps family but clearly has fondness toward The Chef, an old bald man! If that's not homosexuality, what is?! I wonder what The Brave thinks of that. He was clearly upset and angry at his son but does he think what I think? The other thing I realized about the autistic boy was that had had nail polish on his nails(!) the same colour of his shirt and jacket! This could be another sign that he, now, is guy and a receiver!
(Photo, top: A protester are pulling the guy flag out of the hands of a supporter. This cannot be in Canada because then you'd be in jail! It must be Russia. I think I can see a Russian flag on the background building. By adding this photo, I insist, that I'm not condoning this act) 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Failed the Program

I'm writing from Trudeau International Airport in Montreal, waiting for my flight back to Calgary. I failed again and wasn't able to finish the program. It was hard and I had difficulty with remembering things again. Physically it was hard as well. I was practicing shooting yesterday and my arms and my legs were hurt. I needed to get at least 200 and my best was 183. I was on my feet for nearly 3 hours and then in the afternoon a sort of physical defense for another 3 hours. I then went to class to get help with the exam that I had failed and I would write this coming Sat. 
Eventually I got back to the resident at around 18:15! I took a shower and went to AB&B (the acronym I created for cafeteria and stands for Awful, Blend and Boring!), ate something disgusting and went back to the residence again. I was so tired but couldn't sleep. It reminded me of what Mon always says: If you're too tired, you can't sleep well at night. I was up until probably 23:30 and would fall sleep and would wake up frequently. My mind was going everywhere: to the upcoming examination, the things I've done in the past and I regret now, particularly with The Lady, shooting, physical activity, you name it. And then it was so hot. 
I guess in total I only slept for about 3 hours. I shaved went to AB&B and sat with 3 of the fellas and then when I was getting ready to go back to the range and start practicing shooting, the Supervisor came and told me that the Chief wanted to talk to me. At the beginning I thought that only would be an assessment and warning but then I realized because I had failed a written examination for physical activity of some sort the day before, that would be considered the end of me in the training center. I then was escorted by two ladies to my resident and I packed. 
I guess it's now OK to say that I was trying to become an employee of CBSA and failed because I'm not going to go back and I'm not revealing anything secret. Four people had failed before me and except for one who the others were saying was a crazy woman and over 40 (I'm only quoting and no disrespect to her or anyone else) 3 other people had left, all Caucasian and all below 25 years of age. My only recommendation to people who are applying to CBSA is that they would need to work hard. It's not an easy program. I will answer question but not in regards to what I have signed a privacy statement for. 
(Photo: Canada Border Services Agency offers lots of opportunities. However the program is a tough one. Be prepared to face everything when you apply)

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

We did our written exam today. Practical yesterday. For practical, which is consists of three segments I need to pass only one but I'm hoping to get at least 2 or even all 3. I don't think my performance, analysis and decision was bad, particularly in the last 2. For the damn written examination, though, it's different. A four-hour, 100-question examination. I was quite alright on the topics that we have had practiced enough. The other courses, small, useless courses(!) I would call them, not that much. I need to get 70% and this sounds easy but it's not. I know there were many who felt really good at the end. Some who didn't at all. If anyone fails, he/she will get the second chance. We'll see this Fri. I was kind of hoping that I didn't have to go through the process of re-writing the damn test but now I'm not so sure. I hope I can pass but if I can't I get the chance to re-write)
(Photo: Despite this picture, or cartoon here, I stayed calm during the exam. What could I have done? How could that have helped, had I lost my cool?!)

Friday, June 14, 2019

Heart Attack

I called The Chef a few days ago to see how he was. We had not talked for a long time. He got very happy! Being lonely and without many friend, family and relative, I understand how someone might feel, when they receive a phone call. That was not a surprise. What surprised me a little, and not a lot, since I know The Chef's life, is that he told me that he had a heart attack!
The Chef has been drinking for years and years and at times excessively. Eats lots of meat and even used to smoke. Someone with that history and in that age, should expect to have a heart attack. I feel bad for him. My situation is not much better than him! I mean I haven't had any heart attack. YET! Or if it has happened, I was not aware of that. I have Gout and possibly other issues(!) but since these are not pleasant things to write about, and no one would like to read, I'm going to stop! 
(Photo: The Chef has been given two weeks off work. This is not the first time he's been away from his job for a quite long time. I think if it had not been because of the union, he would have been fired years ago. He has been working for the same company since 2005 or 2006 and will, most likely, retire with them in a few years)

Monday, June 10, 2019

Disgusting, Selfish Pig

The training center, that I am at, these day, has different programs and people from different organizations come to attend different courses or get qualifications. I even have seen other nationalities here. I remember back in CFLRS* we had people from Jordan, Georgia and perhaps other countries as well. 
Once I was in dining area and saw this fat, disgusting, filthy pig approaching the cooks behind the counter. This animal, whom I realized was from another agency attending a program, usually had a pair of slippers on and showed her disgusting nasty feet with filthy toes, hair not comb and basically like a hobo, dirty and shabby cloths, big belly hanging in front of him and at times showing his nasty disgusting belly button. . In short a true nasty repulsive creature. 
He approached the kitchen and asked if they had Chicken Wing! I wasn't spying him and for that matter anyone else. I just couldn't help listening. At the same I couldn't understand the fact that someone could be so disgusting, motherfucker and selfish, particularly at that age, early 60's, to allow themselves in a training area, which they serve food base on a budget and plan that is dictated to them and certainly is not a restaurant, to go up to a cook and ask for a specific food. Not just that. Every available food is displayed and available to the learners. 

I'm a calm person but I really wanted someone, not me, to hit him on the hard so hard that he goes on the ground and possibly does not get up until paramedics arrive and bring him back to life. 
We have been told that we cannot ignore the stereotypes. We only have to make sure they don't affect our judgement and behavior towards people. I'm going to drop the case here and not revealing the background of that nasty animal but would have been happy if he had been kicked in the nuts so hard that he couldn't stand on his feet. I just don't like selfish and self-centered people who think of nothing but themselves.
* For CFLRS stories just simply type CFLRS in Search box and it gets you to a number of stories that I have had back to the years I attended the school in 2017.
(Photo: I personally don't have any issue with pigs. I don't eat as much as Westerners, Chinese and other Southeast Asians. I don't use them as insults either. That's a Western insult! I thought I could use them as a picture for this post particularly because it reminds me of Pink Floyd's song Pigs, three different ones, from the album Animals which was originally released in 1977) 

Friday, June 07, 2019

Body Measurement

There's this sort of machine available at the training center which performs different body measurements. I think it's called InBody. I had not seen something like that anywhere else before and I have been wanting to do that in order to see in what shape, really, my body, is since I got here. I finally got the chance to do it this week. I think that was a quite old version of what the company makes but probably still valid. I was quite surprised by the results thought!
I had not exercised for a quite a while when I went there due to the knee pain I had. The measurement indicates that 24.9% of my body is fat! I do have a little, not even sensible by eyes, belly but my expectation was only around 10% or perhaps a little more! There are also other information available to the person there, which eventually shows on the printed report, including:
1) Basic Metabolic Rate. This one I like. This is the minimum number of calories needed to sustain life at resting state. It's said that it's directly correlated to the body mass. Mine is only 1695 Kcal which is surprisingly low because of the body mass I have. 
It's a good set of information, especially for the younger people who take fitness and physical activity seriously and eat healthy. Give it a try when you have the chance. 
(Photo: This is the machine but you need to feed that with basic data before the person goes on and hold those arm apart from his/her body and wait until the calculation is done)