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A Temporary Job

With the economy being f**ed up and not many jobs available, people, including me, these day try to hang on whatever they find. The Hope is back to the country and he told me about this safety related job that one of his friends has recently gotten. I went to the website and filled out an online application form. A person from the company called me shortly after the application was submitted and invited me to an information session.  So I woke up with lots of hope in the morning and drove to a small town near the city. There were as many as maybe 20 people there, mostly Caucasian s, an Aboriginal fat girl, a Black guy, who later we realized how dumb he was through the stupid question he asked(!), a couple of stinking East Indian s, maybe three because there was a third one who were whispering with them, a few Caucasian girls including one with a tattoo on her back above ass which I saw when she bent over when sitting in the front row!  The instructor showed a video clip first

Short Trip to David Thompson Highway

I first thought of going to David Thompson Highway area last year when I read about Abraham Lake bubbles in winter. Never got a chance until just past weekend especially due to unemployment. This motherfucker unemployed situation kills you. I hope no one ever sees him or herself in such situation. Nevertheless I talk to The Chef and we actually aimed for Red Rock Coulee near Medicine Hat but then I checked the weather and realized that would be rainy so we switched to Cline River and the area above. The Chef wanted to make some Kebab and asked me to join him for some shopping in a Safeway. While in there I told him to use the Lamb he had purchased when we went to Red Deer Lake Meats a few weeks ago. He agreed but he said he also liked some Chicken Kebab so he got a pack of Drumstick s and a few ingredients for marinating from Safeway . I told him whether he wanted any help and he said he would have been fine! OK! Good luck with marinating a big piece of frozen Lamb and

Amazing Determination

I didn't watch the NBA Finals this year. I like watching what I like on a big screen and in a quiet environment, not where people yell and cheer unless it's an arena or wherever the game is played. I didn't have the chance to either go to Oakland or Cleveland . I just followed the results through the web. This is not a news-site but sometimes I like to write about the things I like and they teach me lessons. What LeBron James has done is by all means amazing and magnificent.   He first started his career with Cleveland , the city which is about 50 minutes from his birthplace. After a few disappointing years he decided to leave the club. He joined his buddy Wade in Miami where the due worked together with Bosh and won 2 NBA championship titles in the total 4 years they played there. LeBron 's departure from Cleveland at time caused a public outrage! Fans wrote banners and burnt his jersey! Crazy! Simply crazy! I don't remember ever any player had been tr

Damn F**ing Hypocrites

These people in West , mostly American and the British and as well Canadian s are mostly hypocrites. Here's one example: I was in a local supermarket, I guess it was a Co-op when I was this chicken with a label on it reading: Certified Humane. Raised and Handled. There's this new concern within the people of Canada about the meat they eat. They wonder whether the animal is treated fairly before it is killed and at the same time it is slaughtered. They expect the farmers treat their product like, maybe human beings! I don't know. I personally don't think that even humans are being treated fairly here in this society or almost anywhere else for that matter but now you have let Muslim s in and you let them whatever they want to do. Do you know who they kill animals? Do you have slightest idea that here under your noses Muslim s put a very sharp knife to a chicken's, sheep's or cow's throat and slit it?! The blood splashes everywhere and they let the a

Lost in the Woods!

We headed to Sheep River Provincial Park to hike/scramble Mount. Burns last weekend. This still is considered Kananaskis Country but the approach is from the Town of Turner Valley and of course from there you would have to take 546 to west. The only reason I picked that trip was first that it is considered a long hike and a moderate scramble and then it was planned to be started early compare to the other scheduled trips. Our group reached the trail-head at 09:00 and we started the trip almost 10 minutes after that. This was a really fucked up group. All walking like fucking grandmas and stopping every now and then for a fucking break. Their first problem which was almost the most important one was getting in to the forest and destroying the shrubs and other plants, as the fucking idiots call it bushwhacking(!) instead of taking a trial. I could adopt myself to that. The good thing was we got out of the forest in a open ridge-like area after I guess almost 1 hour. We basical

A Good Interview Does Not Always Brings You A Job

I finally got the response from that giant company that I had interview with back in late May : Zip! I believe that I provided good answers and I also believe I would have been able to present me much better, had they met me personally but that was a conference call between me here and the manager down somewhere in the US . In her e-mail the HR lady explained to me briefly that they had selected someone from one of their affiliate companies there.  I check the main website of the company right after that and realized there were many positions in my field but in different industries and all in the US . I applied for one and I'm going to apply for more in the coming days. This is going beyond crazy now. It's been 8 months now that I'm out of work and passing or no passing interviews, I haven't been able to get anything! In my opinion there are two possibilities usually: 1) The candidate who asks for less salary is selected in many cases. 2) There always might be

Chemically Poisoned Foods

I was in the mode of a snack a few days ago and decided to go to Wal-Nasty-Mart , as it was close by at the time to see what they got. I went to their Biscuit , Chocolate and Candy Isle and started looking at the ingredients section of the boxes and wraps, something nobody does, particularly in Wal-Nasty-Mart ! People go to this place to find some fucking shit that they can fill their nasty stomachs with! They don't care what's it made of. Their biggest seller, as far as I've seen is: Soda , Chips , frozen food and shit like that but here's the funny thing: Is there any relationship between the way you eat and your health and longevity?! This question might sound stupid and some might say yes. There is but if that's so why the hell life expectancy is longer in North America , fro example to Middle East that people seem to be eating healthier? This should be the subject of another post. Anyways I kept looking and there was barely any or maybe not at all packag

Vulnerable Sector Check

I was rejected by a provincial government, late last month after a motherfucker who had been introduced as my reference provided bad feedback although I passed the interview which always seems to be the hardest part. This in fact was a lesson for me as not to give out every piece of shit's name as my reference, particularly when a permanent job by a government is applied,  Government jobs are hard to get but once you're in, if you use your head and focus on your job, you'll be set for your life. That's what my buddy A. F. and his wife did. Both work for governments in different levels. Anyways I received a letter in regards to my Vulnerable Sector Check request a few days ago asking me to go to a CPS office after making an appointment.  I went there this morning. The building seems to be one of the main buildings of CPS or maybe their headquarters now (Used to be in 5th Ave. or still perhaps is), used to be Nortel Networks Co. when I first came to Canada, I

(The Stupid) Hike of Stanley Glacier

This past weekend's hike had been planned to go Stanley Glacier in Kootenay National Park . I had been to this most western part of British Columbia earlier, in fact last year when I hike to Floe Lake and I still have the bad memory of that: My camera broke down! I first didn't want to go but then thought would be better than staying home, especially because they had considered that a great hike and a moderate one as well. Nonsense! It is neither of them! I haven't the book Don't Waste Your Time in Canadian Rockies but I certainly believe that this trip should be added to this book! One other reason that I wanted to go with these guys was that I noticed their gathering time was 07:00, unlike most of the time that they gather at around 09:00 or 10:00 which is really stupid. Anyways I was there at 07:00 and I realized that fortunately there was only 5 of us. So I hopped in one of the guys car and the others took a lift from the other fella. It took almost 01:45 h

A Beautiful Accident

I went to The Chef 's this past weekend to see him and also cook something together and eat. That was when I realized he's in worse shape than I had thought. Not that's I'm happy about it or I'm in a better shape but he said that he owed some $5000 on one of his credit cards and pays some $100 every months! I always thought he was doing well. He never buys extravagant cloths. Never goes to movies or trips. Has a steady job which doesn't pay him badly. Has two tenants who almost pay his mortgage but I know he drinks a lot and waste too fucking much on food!  Our plan for the day was to get some lamb which I will have it in another post later but when we came back we cooked some Eggplant Stew which came out excellent by the way and enjoyed it. We had a little rest after eating that with some Whisky he had bought and he wanted to by something from a nearby shop. So we headed out. On 52 St. heading south I realized a congestion and thought something must hav

Malclom X

I and The Chef went to Red Deer Lake Meats one past weekend. That is the subject of another post but on our way, we noticed a Yard Sale and The Chef ordered me to pull over and have a look! There was an Eastern European fella who had some good items and some garbage on his lawn. The Chef 's attention was immediately went to a pair of dumbbells and asked the guy how much he wanted for them. The guy stated that the pair would be his for $20 . The Chef said that he only needed one! The guy laughed and said he would not sell only one! This has nothing with Malcolm X but when I checked a box full of movies I found Malcolm X on DVD . I asked the guy how much he would let this go. $1 he said! Great! I always wanted to see what has been said about Malcolm X in this movie especially because this is directed by Spike Lee . The first question which comes to your mind, after a few minutes that the movie starts is: Why would people such as Spike Lee and Denzel Washington who hav

Dangerous Drive Back to Alberta

I drove to Coquitlam  to go to Highway # 1 and return to Alberta but due to closure of Patullo Bridge and me not knowing how to cross Fraser River and the GPS not being updated I guess I wasted some time because I went to Golden Ears Bridge first and then to Highway # 1 ! Despite this waste of time everything was going OK until I again reached a point when I had to make this decision as whether to continue on Highway # 1 or take Coquihalla Highway . The GPS directed me to the latter like the time I was going to Lower Mainland and this time I followed it and I don't regret that because it is a nice road that I had not been to earlier.  The travel went well but soon it became dark and by the time I reached Golden it was dark out and I realized I might need some gasoline and all of the station were shut down but Husky . I purchased some gasoline from them and headed east.  Yak Peak can be easily seen form Coquihalla Highway after a few minutes of drive from Hope. A p

Lighthouse Park

Lighthouse Park was the last place I visited during my recent trip to Lower Mainland . I knew there was a nice place in West Vancouver but never had the chance to go there in those years I lived there. West Vancouver is a nice neighbourhood or district itself. A city with multi-million dollar houses, nice gardens and beautiful shops. I haven't been to many places in West Vancouver but Park Royal , Ambelside Park and an East Indian restaurant which I didn't see it this time, called Handi . We dined there once with The Chef .  Anyways we headed that way the day I was going to drive back to Alberta . I took Marine Drive and headed west but eventually after driving through narrow roads we ended up in Horseshoe Bay ! We then turned back and this time I used the GPS and it appeared that we had missed the street which would go to the park. Lighthouse Park is a fairly big park and has several trails but due to lack of time we only took one and went to the end which although

Hiking in Alice Lake Provincial Park

The Lady was in a very active mode that day and suggested to go for a few hikes. I had been to Alice Lake Provincial Park before but never hiked or did any activity in there. I only had ridden my bicycle from Squamish to there which is not a big deal. We arrived in the park which is located on Highway # 99 just a few minutes after you leave Squamish . Fortunately it was not a crowded day considering it was a weekday. We went to the other side of Alice Lake , the other beach and decided to follow the trails and go to the next lake or maybe lakes. There are a few other lakes in this park but the park is named after the major one. The trail is very easy and not steep but it is beautiful, going through forest of big long trees. I'm not sure what types of tree they are though.  We followed the trail and after a short walk in the woods reached the first lake and decided to go to the next one, Not knowing exactly how far it was. We should have had a map of the area. I could have

A Good Phone Interview

I had a telephone interview with two fellas down in the US just the morning after I returned to Alberta. I arrived home at 03:30 and then woke up at about 08:00 to get ready for the interview which was a second step to another phone interview I had with a lady in regards to a position in Alberta . The person introduced himself as someone who had been with the company for 16 years . The other one had a similar introduction but don't remember much about him.  They asked good questions and I think I answered them mostly with good responses. They didn't ask anything about the technical features of the product they make such as how much do I know about that. They also never mentioned anything about the software that the HR lady had asked about in her initial e-mails. I have very limited knowledge about both but I had made myself somehow to give a satisfactory answer.  The interview took around 50 min. and at the end they had someone on the line whom was waiting for his or

Hike to Garibaldi Lake (and The Black Tusk)

I decided to have a hike in B. C. after the disappointing damn stupid examination that I wrote for the Federal Government job and they turned me down. So I set the clock for 06:30 while I was in Surrey with the aim to go to Squamish ! I know it sounds lame but I was too tired to set it for an earlier time. So I woke up and by the time I checked out of the hotel and got out it was almost 07:05. I headed east and drove towards Port Mann Bridge due to the closure of Patullo Bridge . As soon as I found myself on the bridge I saw an accident which at least 5 cars were involved in it! One of them were laying on its side and I'm not sure whether it was that or another one that its horn was honking. I continued because fortunately they had not blocked all of the lanes. It was obviously a fresh accident because I saw people running here and there.  I continued toward west and got on Highway # 99 . By the time I reached Squamish Adventure Center it was 08:55! I wanted to double chec

An Opportunity with the Federal Government

I applied for a position with the Federal Government I received a massage from that department just a few days before a Sun., asking me to to write an examination in British Columbia ! There was not much time left so what I did was I did a little search to find a hotel but I was not aware, at the beginning, that it was a US long weekend! Most of the hotels I looked at in major hotel website had a Sold Out note! I eventually found one and in order to prevent a screw-up by Internet, I called and booked for two nights. We went to Edmonton last night and while we had a reservation, when we arrived at the hotel we were told that there was no reservation under my name. I went to their computer and printed the confirmation they had sent me and they gave us a room. So this time I called to be sure that the same problem doesn't happen not knowing that they would screw it anyways. So I went to the building that they had sent its address to me in the morning and I arrived some 15 minutes e

A Long Drive to Lower Mainland

I was given this opportunity to write a test in Lower Mainland for a position that I had applied last week. I will write about the job separately but I decided to drive all the way there because there were stuff that I had to take with me. I woke up early and drove to Highway # 1 but before leaving the city, I stopped at the last McDonald's to get a cup of coffee. It was a little bit cold and foggy as well. I got the coffee and filled up the tank and then hit the road. Shortly after the start of the drive almost near Morely , which is a small Native community and part of Stony Reserve , there's a downhill and from there you could see that the whole valley was covered in fog. The first few hours of the drive was similar to the last trips I had earlier last month. Then I got to Sicomous and instead of taking Highway # 97 and heading south, I continued to east, parallel to Shuswap Lake until I reached Salmon Arms . Then a little north and again east to Kamloops where