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Security Certificate

People study hard, pay hundreds even thousands of dollars and spend days and months behind desks and tables to get a certificate. They hope the certificate help them to get a job or get promoted. I myself tried to get CQE (Certified Quality Engineer) of ASQ , 4 times but haven't got it yet! I had to reschedule the exam. two times and failed it in the two other times I wrote it! I needed 550 and got 460 and 490. I'm saying this here because I have to register, write and pass the exam., eventually! But there's a certificate presented here in Canada that you don't have to spend money on it or burn midnight oil. That is called Security Certificate and is really pleasing and interesting to me! But I'm not receiving it! Here's how it works: Security Certificate is used to detain suspected terrorists indefinitely without any charge. The complete term is National Security Certificate or NSC. At least six Arabs are being held under the said certificate in Canada since


I spent a whole lot of time at Ali G. 's place in Okotoks today. A buddy of him, David , a Czech guy joined us shortly after my arrival. Looked like the guy and Ali G. know each other through flamenco guitar practices. He was a quiet and nice guy, although looked a little tough to me at the beginning. That's may be because he shaves his head and wears a small beard and looks like skinheads, pretty much. He's a lifeguard, Ali G. said. I thought he was there to help us to paint the walls, as that was the main reason of my travel to Okotoks but the guy just was watching an instruction clip on Ali G. 's desktop and practising the guitar. I did most of the painting and although that was my first time but did well. I used a roller and painted part of the kitchen and living room. Ali G. bought that house a few months ago but told me that he would sell it and goes to Calgary as he's already bought a house in there! I was surprised 'cause that was not I expecte

Jehovah Witness

There're different sects of Christianity. One of them that I got familiar with when I had an ESL Advanced course in U of C , is Jehovah Witness . I remember on that time all of the students had to have a presentation and somebody picked that subject. I don't really remember what she (I guess that was one of the girls) was talking about but the story was about a follower who died because s/he needed blood transfusion and as it's not allowed in that faith, s/he refused and fucking died! I also remember this is how I reacted to the presentation as students were free to ask questions or comment. Religion is supposed to be something helpful in your life, show you the right path and prevents you from evil doing, I said. Not something that make you act like a freaky jerk. And that's what all religions are. Christianity , Islam and Judaism , they are all craps. Ruddy , the smoker guy whom I sometimes talk to, said something nice a day, last week: Religion ruin the world. Even

Wild Rose Country

It had been a long time that I wondered why Alberta is called the Wild Rose Country . You can see it as a slogan on number plates. Then I thought that must be because there are wild roses in this province. But why haven't I seen one yet? Today I went for a short walk to Fish Creek Provincial Park and that's where you can see lots of them: Wild roses. Small and tiny, pinkish and incredibly good smelling. I hadn't been to that part of the park since last year's flood. The bridge over Bow River is fixed now. So I crossed the river. When you're on the bridge there's a cool wind caressing your entire body and it's really pleasing. I stayed there for a few min. and cooled down while was looking at birds diving to the river or just surfing the wind. That was so nice. (I forgot my digital sound recorder again! Damn!) Then I headed up north the park until I get to where Deerfoot Tr. goes to the south, to Highway No. 2. But that was the end. Flood has washed

A Joke Called Democracy

Zahra Kazemi, a resident of Quebec was killed in 2003 in Tehran . She was taking photographs of prisoners' families who were demonstrating in front of Evin prison. What has happened to her is not known by anyone yet. Canada accuses employees of Iranian Ministry of Intelligence of murdering her and Iranians say the woman fell down and her head was hit to a hard thing and died! And that was because she was on hunger strike and the sugar level of her blood dropped drastically! I like this story. They're good at making stories like that. I can narrate as many as 20 from the ones I have in my mind from the days I used to live in Iran . But one thing they don't know is not everyone is as dumb as the fucking stupid scums who voted for them and will, in the next election. I think it doesn't matter how Kazemi died. What matters here is Kazemi was an idiot and she was the one who caused that trouble which led to her death. Everyone around the world and in Iran , obviou

Carolina Won

I didn't have the chance to watch the last game of 2006 Stanley Cup Finals tonight as a result of exhausting but Carolina Hurricanes won the cup after defeating Edmonton Oilers 3-1. I only watched the last 01:17 min. of the game when it was 2-1 for Carolina and Edmonton had pulled out its goalie for a man-advantage but that didn't help as usually doesn't and Carolina had an empty- neter and everything was over for the Oilers . That was the second consecutive year which a Canadian team from Alberta was fighting for the cup in the Finals. There was Calgary in 2003-2004 which they finally lost to Tampa Bay in game 7, just like Edmonton tonight. And 2004-2005 season was locked out. (Photo: Captain Rod Brind'Amour of the Hurricanes originally from Ottawa hoists the Stanley Cup after defeating Edmonton)

Discover Calgary

I borrowed P. M. 's digital camera today (Sun.!) and tried to get familiar with it's features and functions. It's an HP Photosmart 320. I don't know much about digital cameras and after Resurrect 's, this is the second one I'm using. So I went where I always wanted to be: Spiller Road where Calgary cemeteries are located! You can have a nice view of Downtown , Stampede Park , Pengrowth Saddledome , etc from there. I started walking in the tombs and how beautiful, quite and peaceful it was. After taking a few photos I noticed a building like a house at the other side of the fence. I asked me: Who lives here besides a cemetery, although it's very beautiful and quite!? Then I got closer and noticed that there's a path with a board indicating Reader Rock Gardens . That was a restaurant in a magnificent, beautiful garden full of different flowers and planets! There were a few people inside but I didn't go. I took a few photos and planned to be back w

Almost a Complete Game!

Game six of 2006 NHL Finals in Edmonton is probably the only game that I spent the longest min. on it! Except a few min. of the first period that I was in the shower (and luckily the period was scoreless!) I watched the whole game. The first thing I noticed was the Prime Minister in the crowed when Canadian national anthem was being sang by everyone in Rexall Place , including him. He had his glasses and suits on! It's OK to have a pair of glasses but why would you wear a suit in a game? Just to say you're Stephen Harper ? Anyhow Edmonton had a good start and the first intermission finished, as I said, scoreless. Markannen suddenly jumped out of the net in the period to get the puck and that was going to cost the Oilers but didn't. The first period was finished with a 10-3 shootout for Edmonton . Piasani who made the Hurricanes to travel all the way to Edmonton for the sixth game, scored in a powerplay in the second period and that was the opening for the Oil

Back to Edmonton

After missing the 4th game which ended to a loss for Edmonton , I promised myself to watch the whole 5th game between the Oilers and the Hurricanes tonight in Raleigh , North Carolina but couldn't keep my promise! I started watching and in 16 sec. , Edmonton scored while I was in the washroom washing my hands! Can you believe this? And I was elated and said to me: " They're determined to beat them. " Then Carolina scored 5 min. later and all I said was: " Shit! " and noticed that can't watch the game and turned the TV off! After a few min. I went to bed. I guess it was around 07:00 PM and woke up with my cell phone's ring around 08:40 PM. That was Mom . At first I thought it's 08:40 AM and I said to me: " Oh my God! I missed the work. I'll be in trouble! " After a few min. of confusion, I found out that it's still Wed. afternoon. I got back to the TV when I finished talking to Mom . It was tied up 3-3 and OT was about to

Micro Fail

I was so confident and determined in the morning and was dreaming about what I'm gonna do after get the job in the small plant as a quality inspector! That was specially because I studied enough about calipers last night. I even went to Keiv 's and got confirmation from him about the way I use imperial calipers. Then when I got to Mid Western , Stephen referred me to a motherfucker Indian guy with a golden earring and he introduced me to a Canadian guy, Kyle and asked him to show me a few parts and test me with a micrometer. I had not practiced that tool and what I told him that I was familiar with the tool but had not used it practically. Kyle show me the micrometer and explained its divisions and subdivisions. Then he made a measurement and asked me to tell him what it is. I calculated fast on the paper and showed him. He did it on his own way and confirmed it. Thou is what they use for thousands of inch! I luckily understood that but then the stinky Indian with his s

The Break-Up

I watched The Break-Up today in Chinook . Last weekend, I guess it was Fri. night when I got there at 10:35 PM, I was told that it had been sold out. I guess most of the people who catch the movie, go to a theater to see the F.R.I.E.N.D.S star,  Jennifer Aniston . Aniston is probably the most popular star of the TV show, not only because of her appearance but also because of her relationship with Brad Pitt , which ended up later to breaking up! She's also the busiest star after the last episode of the funny TV show. The only other movie with her I watched is Bruce Almighty . She's a good actress in both movies and also Friends . Her boyfriend in the movie, which is not known to me very much, performs well but the movie is just something below average and I guess that's the lack of a good story or scenario. The film, as a romance doesn't even have the usual scenes that you expect when you watch such movies, not even a kiss! Just the dialogue might be interesting

The Stressed-Out Guy

I didn't watch much of the third game of the Oilers - the Hurricanes in Edmonton , firstly because me and Laszlo went to The French Maid for a beer, as he wanted, and secondly because I usually don't watch a whole game! But let me get to The Maid , first. We only watched 3 shows. The first girl was performing when we got in and God! I couldn't believe my eyes! What a boob! Those ones were too big and so prominent. I guess they were fake 'cause no one has such a boob especially in that age. (I had a look at her face later and she was in her late 30s). The problem is I didn't get hard! Obviously it was after 8 hours work and I didn't have more than 5 hour sleep last night. And no lunch but a cup of coffee and a pastry. Besides I'm mostly aroused emotionally not physically. Then there were two girls performing together and one of them, the older one, had a perfect body, in my view: Big natural boobs with hard nipples, a little belly with a tattoo on the bel

Europe's Prescription For Terrorism

A CBC reporter has travelled to different European cities to observe how they deal with extremism in there. Holland and Britain were among the countries he reported from. He faced recently-grown anti- Muslim activities. He spoke to a few people including a British man who is fighting against fucking Pakis and a member of Holland Parliament who has recently added a test for the ones who would like to migrate to that country. She has been receiving death threat ever since. What the report indicated is Islamic extremism is growing in Europe and so does racism. I'm sure it's not only Holland and Britain . Same story is true in Germany , Denmark , Sweden and other European countries as well. But they are all late in reaction. The difference between Europe and Canada is European countries are not in need of foreigners like Canada does. So Canadians try to show a friendly face to immigrants but the truth is they hate them all. And as they stupid and let them in to

Got Blanked

When I turned the TV on to watch the second game of '06 Final in Carolina , about 10 min. had passed and the Hurricanes were ahead of the Oilers 1-0. I said: OK . It's just the beginning. I enjoyed the rest of the 1st period while both teams had opportunities. The commentator was saying how good the new goalie of the Oilers is and how relaxed he plays. Edmonton had to use the Finnish goaltender, Markkanen , after Roloson 's serious injury in game one and when they found the Alaskan goalie, Ty Conklin not competent enough. Then the first period was over and I turned the TV off to study inch and caliper a little. When I checked the score through the net ... Oh my Goodness! 3-0 Carolina and then 5-0 and the game was over! We'll wait and see what's gonna happen in Edmonton this Sat. (Photo: One of the 5 goals of the Hurricanes against Edmonton)


Last week Stephen, the plant manager of the small manufacturing company which I had interview with, e-mailed me and asked for reference and salary I request. I introduced Keiv and Soroosh and indicated the salary range I was looking for. In order to specify what the range of salary was for that position, I did a little search on the net. Today (Thu.) I received another e-mail from him after a week indicating that he agreed on the salary I had requested and also the benefits. But he would like to see my experience in measurement! That's what I'm afraid of. As I wrote in the related post , they measure based on Imperial Measuring System and to 1/1000 of inch accuracy. Luckily I was taught that in SAIT and have references but I'm not confident. So while there's a hope for being hired, there's also a little fear. If I mess up the samples he gives me, I'll be kicked out. I exercised a little tonight but that's not enough. Eventually I was asking me if I can

Flashback (10): The Airports

Something interesting came to my mind a few days ago and decided to post it today here. That's about the airports I was in before I landed in Calgary International Airport . Here's what happened: At first in Mehr-Aabad International Airport, in Tehran when I was checking in, I noticed that my luggage is too heavy and have to pay the fee or get rid of some. I did both! But when I was moving a few things around, I tore my pants! Imagine that I boarded a Lufthansa jet and got all the way to Calgary with that pants on! Then in Frankfurt Airport where I had to wait for my flight to Calgary , for few hours, I encountered two German policemen. I was sitting, doing nothing and two or three bags of mine were with me. Suddenly two tall policemen appeared in front of me. That was almost 3 months after Sep.11 attacks in the US . One of them had a machine gun and the other one started asking questions about my destination and my documents. I showed them my immigration papers an

The Mistakes that Cost Them the Game

As I usually cannot watch my favorite team playing(!), I only watched the last period of the first game of '06 Stanley Cup tonight. When I started gluing my eyes to the TV it was 3-1 Edmonton but as the time passed Carolina got ahead 4-3! and that was the moment that I was about to leave. Then a nice score and 4-4 tied but shortly after that Roloson got injured and out of the game. The replacement was disappointing. Ty Conklin made a bad mistake in less than 20 seconds in regular time and Edmonton lost the game 5-4! The Oilers head coach later announced that the goalie is out of the playoffs! Edmonton played well though. In the last seconds of the game they had 3 chances to score. Now with Roloson out and one game lost it seems not easy to the Oilers to compete.

Home-Made Terrorism

17 People have been arrested in Toronto as suspects of terrorism. 5 out of the seventy are youths and were born in Canada or have been living here since their early childhood. As well as some others. All of them are Muslims . In reaction to that the glasses of a mosque in that city was smashed last night and worshipers in an Islamic centre in Calgary were harassed and sworn at. It's said that the accused have been monitored since 2004. Toronto Police , OPP , RCMP , CISC and other official forces raided the homes and arrested the people. CBC had reports and interviews in that regards tonight and their question (I'd say stupid question) is: What makes someone to turn his back to his country and plan to harm people of his own? The answer to this question is so easy and there's no need to be discussed with experts and analysts! I tell you how it happens: Canadians are stupid and there's no doubt about that. They let every fucking stupid ignorant in and ma

Mutual Appriciation

I've reached the part of It Doesn't Take A Hero where Schwarzkopf is back to the US and expresses his experience and the reaction of American citizens. He says: ... I climbed in to a taxi. Wearing my uniform with all my ribbons and my Vietnamese airborne beret, I kept waiting for the driver to make a big fuss and exclaim " Hey! You're just back from Vietnam, aren't you! " Nothing. So I fed him hints like " Gee, I haven't seen Newark for a while. " But he dropped me at my mother's place with scarcely a word. Or in again he says in another part: ... After two days I wanted to run through the streets yelling, " Hey! In Vietnam people are Dying! Americans are dying! How can you act like nothing is happening? " I remember years ago when I was reading Oriana Fallaci 's books about Vietnam War , Nothing and So Be It , She expressed the same feeling. When she was back to Florence , her hometown in Italy and visited a few