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A Cutie

A few weeks ago I received messages from a very young girl, only 20 , in Vancouver and shortly after she started calling me and we got in touch. She's originally from Isfahan and for that I thought may be Sunny and Sammy , my distant cousins, have tempted her to bug me. But she then sworn that regardless of the fact that she knows them, that's not them who asked her to start a relationship with me. Their fathers used to work for the same company and are friends but that didn't make any relationship between the three girls. One reason could be the ghost of jealousy! (A very popular, excellent music video of late(!) Michael Jackson ) The girl is so cute and lovely and as far as I know those girls, they must have had an awful feeling just by sitting beside her 'cause they just look average! I really don't know what she wants but looks like she likes me 'cause she asked for my photos and wants me to meet with her in there! I would be happy to go there and meet w

Fun with Dick and Jane

Last night me and Ali G. caught a new movie of Jim Carrey called Fun with Dick and Jane . There were three choices in my opinion: King Kong , Memories of a geisha and the one we watched. Ali G. said that Kong would make him sad and geisha wouldn't make a good movie so we went to Carrey 's and that was so hilarious. A story about a normal American family, living happily. Mom, Dad, kid, their pet and a Hispanic nanny. They both have a good job, a house which it's mortgage is being paid and they constantly looking for promotion and having better life, like all North American s, bigger house, luxury cars, more vacations to resorts. And when Dick suddenly get promoted and then in a very short time encounters lay off as a result of scandal in the company. That's the time they start to lose everything and that's exactly what I'm scared of here in Canada . You can have a dream life here but if you lose your job, everything turns to disaster in a sec. North Ame

490 is Failed As Well!

I received CQE exam. result yesterday (I mean the day before because it's 12:19 AM now!) by mail and I f**king failed as I was informed by e-mail. I got 490 out of 550 which is the passing score and that's 30 points more than what I had the first time I wrote it but the distribution is different. Now I know what to do to pass the exam: I should focus on quantitative methods and particularly DOE . It has been an issue for me since I was working for SAIPA . When I was there, I had enough free time so most of the free time would have spent on studying English or other favorite subjects, mostly IE , QA and QC and politics. Once I tried to start DOE but didn't find any good reference and I promised me to find something when I'm in Canada . In SAIT I had a DOE course but the damn instructor (with a big belly!) was not good at all and I not only learnt nothing but also passed it with the skin of my teeth! ...Well not really bad. Then there was the first exam. and I d

French Maid

I was so tired in the last two days that I went to bed at about 08:45 PM ! I don't know if that was because of the job or blood donation. Also last night my head was about to explode! Lazlo , my buddy from work (He's Hungarian ) suggested to go to French Maid , a strip bar in McLeod Tr. for a few beers and seeing the girls. We went there and it was open at about 04:00 PM ! But who really goes to a strip bar anyway? I mean no matter what time it is. There were all workers as far as I could look around and one or two guys in regular dress and may be two stupid Oriental old men with wide open mouth, gazing at the girls! I had been to the Downtown location of French Maid few times and that was a long time ago but this one is much bigger place with a large stage and the girls ... God! I couldn't believe my eyes! I mean I have been to nude bars and seen many girls but the two ones I saw last night were incredibly slim and pretty: Long sexy legs and small butts and pussies a

Doepker: SK. or Not?

I was driving home today and as soon as I passed Anderson Road, my phone rang and that was a guy from Doepker in Saskatchewan . I applied for a Quality Assurance Manager in Dec.05. He asked if he could ask me a few questions. I pulled over and here is the summary of our conversation: Q: Why did you chose our company to work for? (I've heard this damn stupid question in almost every interview!) A: I found the position pretty much similar to the previous job I had and believe that I can handle it very well, using my education and valuable experiences. Q: Do you know where we are? (What a dumb question!) A: I guess you are located in west Saskatchewan . (He said that they had three facilities, two in SK. one is the same I mentioned and another one in the south, close to Regina , in Moose Jaw and the company is planning to have the third facility in B. C. soon) ... and a few more stupid questions like the ones I just mentioned and don't remember 'em! and don'

It's in You to Give!

I really didn't wanna go home after I got my car back today. So decided to go to the Government building and ask about my citizenship and sponsorship situation. But then found myself in front of Canadian Blood Services ! I went there to donated and most of the people in there were kind of surprised and were gazing at me because I was the only non- Caucasian who was there to donate. I really don't know why I did that because I normally run away from the needle! But I felt good emotionally after that, not physically! I don't think I'll go there again!

There's No Way Out

I didn't want to write this here because I was so upset and depressed but today feel a little better and think am able to post it. I was driving home from Talisman like every Sat. and in Macload Trail just after 39 St. saw a police cruiser in lane 3 a few meters ahead of me (I was in lane 1, doing 45 Km) I thought it's better to turn to a street but there was no alley in front and then thought better to just drive like that, he would be gone. But as I passed a light, he turned on his lights and I had to pull over. Actually I didn't feel to go back home. I wanted to have a beer and I was gonna give A. Palani a call but didn't! It was very cold and I rolled the window down and after a few seconds an officer showed up. He asked me: Do you know why I stopped you? I answered: I guess that was a yellow light sir! That's not why I stopped you. Your sticker on the plate is two months old, he said. And that was it. After a few min. of explanations he made me wait and

Christmas Gifts For Me

I received two valuable Christmas gifts this week. The first one is from CNH which I received the day before, indicating someone else had been chosen! The second one is an e-mail from ASQ mentioning that I failed CQE exam.! If the result is calculated based on the number of correct answers, there's a chance for passing the exam. But that's not how it works. They assess you based on the percentage of difficult questions that you answer correctly. Would it be any better than this?! My only hope is receiving a phone call from Cintas in the coming week.


While I haven't heard anything from CNH yet, after that stupid and ridicules, snowy phone interview, I got another one today but it was just a few formal questions. The main interview will be performed later, if there's any. Most of the companies in Canada , no matter what industry they are in, are originally American . I mentioned that earlier here but that was focused on the companies we deal with in our daily life, like fast food chain restaurants and supermarkets. One thing before I get to the main point and that is Superstore is not American ! When I came to Canada they didn't even have a website! Now they got one! Cintas is also an American company in apparel industry. I applied for a position as Production Supervisor last Sun. and had a message from them yesterday. I've mentioned in my resume that I used to have the same position in Almase Saz Co. for about 6 years ! The truth is I used to work for them as Production Planning Manager, which is almost t

The Cops

First of all, The Cops is the title of an old comedy. I see many cruisers these days, Ford Crown Victoria and also Vans. They are everywhere, looking for violators. Last Sat. night when I was driving toward home from Talisman , in Canyon Meadows Drive , just one block to Bow Bottom Trail , I saw a cruiser sitting behind an evergreen, hiding from motorists who were driving toward west! Also a few weeks ago when I was driving down Macload Trail , just before Glenmore Trail , I saw a cruiser was really cruising to the street, no sound or light. I passed it by. They turned to Macload , caught up with me and in a few seconds made an old car stop!

Christmas Lighting

I tried to convince me to get an tripod from London Drugs or anywhere else but couldn't. The new neighborhood I live in is a different one which I used to share in a townhouse with Resurrect . People are richer, houses are bigger and as this is Christmas season, many houses are decorated by lights and most of them are so beautiful when I'm driving by in the evening and at night. I would like to take photos as I have a roll in my camera and I love photography but need a tripod for that and that thing costs me at least $60 . I can buy one from Blacks for $25 , even $15 but can't be sure whether or not they are as reliable as the expensive one is sold by London Drugs . May be I change my mind during the week!


I talked to Ali G. to find a game in Saddledome to attend and I picked Ottawa at Calgary but when tried to get the ticket, didn't find any available! I also tried the other games as well, even the games in coming Feb. but didn't see anything matches our criteria, not more than $100 ! So after wrestling for more than a week, he called me today and said that he has found two tickets for section 226 on eBay and he would bid on them. That's an OK section not a very favorite one. The better ones seen in pink are much more expensive. That would be Boston at Calgary in Dec.17. at 08:00 PM. The last bid is $51 for a pair and there are four days left. Let's see what he does. (Photo: As you see the best seats are in purple but we'll be really happy even we get any in blue!)

The Researcher

I, at times, listen to the radio while driving, instead of music. It's usually CBC , I guess. Last night there was a very interesting interview, I'd say with a professor who researches about the effects of global warming on water supplies. He said, at the beginning, that global warming does not lead to what we saw in The day after tomorrow ! " That's a little science and a lot fiction " he said. This is what I got from his explanation: Most of the rivers in Canada are fed by snow melted water. Global warming makes the rivers deeper in early spring compare to June and that effects irrigation, water supply for residential purposes, hydroelectric facilities (As this is one of main sources of electricity supply in Canada ) and may be more as I can't recall everything he mentioned! But what's important is the way they pay attention to detail and apply the results of researches in their life and don't just archive them in the library!

Exam. in -26 ºC!

I went to Keiv. M 's place Fri. night to borrow his scientific calculator while it was very cold, almost  -24 ºC and after 1 hour took him to Sunny Side Safeway for his grocery shopping. Then drove to H. Jamalnia 's place to stay overnight as it's closer to SAIT , where I had to write the exam. He was not home then I went to the bakery. Roads were so slippery and very dangerous, especially in that neighborhood, Forest Lawn , where police cruiser are patrolling all day long. As soon as I got close to 48 St. SE , I saw a cruiser sitting there with all light off. Didn't notice that until I was about 5 m. clsoe although my eyes were continuously scanning front and behind while I'm driving. H. had to drive a co-worker home so when we got to his place it was almsot 12:00 and I went to bed but didn't sleep enough, partially because when I sleep in a different place I'm not comfortable. I woke up and got to SAIT on time but it was so damn cold: -26 ºC ! The

Phone Interview

I should have left Canada long time ago 'cause what has happened to me in last four years, I don't think has ever happened to anyone else! Today is the forth anniversary of my arrival in Calgary and here's what happened: A lady from CNH left a message for the second time indicating needs me to give her a call regarding the position (QA Engineer) I applied online. I called her back and she set a phone interview for today at noon with another lady from quality department, presumably. I talked and talked to supervisor and superintendent to get today off but didn't work. I told them that need to renew my car registration and insurance. What he suggested is to leave at 11:30 AM and back for the third shift. So I did and sat in the car waiting for her call while it was snowing! Besides I spent most of my evening time yesterday to get ready for the interview. I prepared a short history of SAIPA and what I did in paint shop and press shop of the said company and how I ap


There are three groups of aboriginal people in Canada : First Nations , Inuits and Mites . The first group are the people who live all across the country from east to west including Cree people. Inuits are the people who live far up north in Canada and Greenland . Greenland belongs to Denmark and is very close to Canada in north. A few month ago, when I was in Toronto , the two countries had an issue over a very small piece of rock(!) called Hans island . The last categorized aboriginals are Mites . These are people who their ancestors are French fur trades and English traders. My buddy, Al is a Mete but got a German family name, Schumacher , meaning shoe-maker. He says his real names is something else and he changed it to Al because didn't wanna get shot by Cowboys! (Photo: I took this photo that shows first nation people, probably chiefs as they dress like that, in Stampede parade in summer of '04 when we went there with dear Mom)


I applied for a Quality Assurance Engineer position in Saskatoon on Nov.20 and when I was calling Telus to cancel a service of mine noticed that have a voicemail and that was them. They called me on Nov.23 which was two days ago and me, the idiot(!) didn't notice that! Seems CNH is a company in agricultural equipment industry. I'll call them tomorrow and if nobody answers, Mon. will be the time. I also started playing chess through Yahoo and today when playing with a Latino guy who even was not able to speak English (and I finally beat him) Farbod appeared and we chatted for a few min. He is in San Jose now. He moved there right after he finished his degree in University of Waterloo . I should call him and ask about more detail. It's a good base in case I wanna travel to the States . Also my aunt called exactly at the same time I was talking to Farbob through the net and playing chess! Last time I was talking to her, was the time he was with his son in Denmark,


Two different news in vehicle industry hit me today. The first one says GM will close many facilities in North America which results in 173,000 job cut including its plant in Oshawa . There has been news about huge loss of the three giant vehicle manufacturer of the US , Ford , GM and Chrysler in last few month, partly because of high gasoline price. Meanwhile Chrysler confirmed a new $768 million investment in its Canadian facilities including Windsor , expanding a paint shop in there. So what does these two different stories indicate is what I have no clue!

The Tongue

There's a proverb ... well may be it's not a proverb, just a saying ... in Persian which goes: The red tongue makes the green head demolished. That's the best translation I can get! And that's what happens often to me. I can't keep my tongue from saying unpleasant things and automatically ruin everything. I guess that's why I'm in a situation like this at this age! And the problem is once someone is born like that, it's very hard or almost impossible to be changed. Besides that's like an inherent quality in a troublemaker like me who often makes trouble for himself as well through using his very red tongue! As I'm getting close the 4th anniversary of my immigration, I've decided what to do for rest of my life. First I get rid of this goddamn monthly payment of car and in order to do that I don't pay insurance then I save a few thousands of bucks. If I get a job, I'll be fine. If not I try to go back to school or home, either one.


Jar is a cylindrical vessel with no handle and Jarhead is someone whose head is as empty as a jar, presumably. US Marines are called jarhead and as said in the movie, it's because they are dumb people who don't think and have to just follow the orders. I went to the movie last night with P. M. , the genius (!) and that was not what I expected. The movie was a combination of Full Metal Jacket , Platoon , Saving Private Ryan and may be a few more war movies. Doesn't present anything new but a few desert scenes and strong coarse language. The film is not considered a comedy but you can laugh time to time your head off. That's the only good thing about the movie as you don't find it in the previous said ones. (Photo: Jamie Foxx is seen here through a gas mask while directing the soldiers in a anti-chemical drill)


We went to Metropolitan for the second consecutive night and what a night! After we had our workout in Talisman and then our dinner at Thai Tai , we went there and there was a line and had to wait for about 40 min. ! As we were closing to where the bouncer watches people I heard a fighting and a bottle of bear flew, hit the ground and and was smashed! The big guy claimed up to separate the fighters prob. and went back in a few Sec. while grabbing a Canadian guy in her late 30s. The guy didn't look good and sober. I was a little surprised because the bouncer just escorted him to the main door and left him out! I was expecting more. Then we got in and P. M. went to the stage immediately! I started warming me up with a pint of Kokanee Gold and watching around: There was a Canadian woman who were dancing so sexily and also a cute oriental girl. When I finished my second pint went on the stage and asked P. M. if he drinks anything and he said no! But gave me a $20 bill and I got

Tired of This Stupid!

Last night after working out in Talisman and having a good supper in a 24 hour downtown restaurant (Formerly Husky 24 hour restaurant), me and P. M. went to Metropolitan Bar and Grill as that's his favorite hang out place. There's no admission fee and that's why he likes it. Like every time I go out with this ass, he proves that he's a real jerk and a complete moron! First he was late about 20 min. Then we went for supper and took her truck (from work) and he was so worried for being caught or having an accident. Then we went to the bar and as soon as we reached the line he said he had to take off his pullover and disappeared for about 10 min.! I was in the line and 2 Canadian guys were behind me. One of them was really big. I mean huge. With a shaved head. We finally got in and P. M. went on the stage immediately. I stood at the deck and ordered my favorite drink and started watching around. A few girls, once, came close to me and they were kind of watching m

Operation Flashpoint

Operation Flashpoint is one incredible PC game that can not be compared to any other one and I, myself, although haven't tried many games but are so addicted to and interested in this one. The game is so real that you feel like you're actually fighting. The other good point is most of the time, there's a different game. I mean depends on the situation, you gotta fight in a different situation. I must confess that unfortunately I used to spend too much time on this but not recently. I just give you examples: Once I was hiding in the bushes from a tank and it was so close to me that I heard the engine although I was not able to see that. I slipped forward to see where it is and saw it's long cannon tube right over my head. I was so scared that I slipped back suddenly and sighed! Another time I was running and noticed a soldier is coming to me I hit the ground and threw a grenade while hold me rifle ready to shoot him if the grenade didn't work on him. I saw him

The Greatest Canadian

Last year, CBC had an announcement indicating that the greatest Canadian is goin' to be selected by people. I followed the nominees and their story but not completely. I, too, forgot to vote as I was willing to. Today I just searched for the result and this is what I found:   Top 10 greatest Canadian 1- Tommy Douglas 2- Terry Fox 3- Pierre Elliott Trudeau 4- Sir Frederick Banting 5- David Suzuki 6- Lester B. Pearson 7- Don Cherry 8- Sir John A. MacDonald 9- Alexander Graham Bell 10- Wayne Gretzky I know all of them except for the 1st and the 4th. But my information is limited. You can read the complete profile of each by clicking on the name but this is what I know:   2- Terry Fox was diagnosed cancer and after that he started raising money (by running) for cancer research until the day he died.   3- Pierre Trudeau was one of the famous prime minister of Canada and that's all I know! I guess his photo is in one of the bills.  

A Friend Indeed is a Friend in Need

As I close to the fifth year that I've been living in Canada, I more and more notice that a good friend, a good companion could change my life or at least help me a certain ways. A quick look at the people that I hang out with or I used to just shows me that none of them are my type and I only see them because I have to. Sociability is a need and ignoring that will definitely causes problems and obstacle in life, although having a bad one might cause serious damages too! Lets review the people here: 1- P. M. : He's a very nice guy and much younger than me, may be 10 years but he's very slow! He's really slow! 2- Keiv . M. He just moved to Canada and we went out 2 times. God! This guy is a complete ass! Once I went to his place and he said he was fasting. Before we went out and after he broke his fast he prayed and then we went to a bar and drank beer!! Make up your mind you idiot! What the f**k is that you're doin '? He's also very nervous. Doesn't

Flashback (4): Tonisia

When I used to be a tenant in D. H. 's house in Calgary 's NE, where is a poor neighborhood, I saw too many different crazy people! One of the tenant's of him who used to live there for a short period of time was a young Jamaican girl called Tonisia . According to D. H. she was brought over by Ali and Montel and I think they were going to f**k her like what they did with all Black girls. She was a pretty young girl in her early 20s and had a Black boyfriend (Or as D. H. used to call him, her f**cker!) who was a married guy! He argued with the guys several times because he was worried about his rent and also was jealous at them and the girl as they almost used to f**k whoever they want and he got nobody! The girl was not home most of the time as far as I remember and used to sleep in her boyfriend's. I just saw him once and talked to her for a few min. at breakfast table. When I asked her what she did, she said she was a hair stylist. But I knew that she just s

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

I was studying for my CQE exam. (frankly I'm not doing well!) and reached Maslow 's theory. This American psychologist believes that every person has a series of needs in his or her life which have an order of priority. They are: Basic physical needs. For example food, water, sleep and sex. Safety and security. Need to feel secured and free from threats. Economic or job security are examples. Belonging and love. need to be belong, accepted and give and receive love. Esteem. to be regarded with respect and be recognized. Self-actualization. need for personal fulfillment. To fulfill one's potential and the best one can be. People are mostly deprived of the said vital needs in countries which don't matter here what they are! The important point is a lower-level must be relatively satisfied before a higher level need can emerge and the lower-level always have some influence. Also when a level is reached sufficiently, it loses its motivating power and next highe


I was told several times, even before I arrived in Canada that racism is a m ajor problem for immigrants here. I, myself, experienced that after I came here but it all depends on how you behave toward them, how you are looked to them and who you are dealing with. If you show that there's no difference in you and them and basically you're one of them and you respect what they respect, act very friendly, make them understand that you like what they like and you do what they do, they finally believe you and trust you a little bit. Also if they believe that you're good at what might be beneficial for them, they'll trust you. But regardless of all what just mentioned it takes very long to be accepted in their society, may be even impossible. I was surfing the net for information I need for my citizenship test as I checked my status and learnt that my file has been sent to Calgary office and I'll be contacted soon for my test and oath and found out that the new Go


Todd Bertuzzi had to face Colorado Avalanche and its fans for the first time after he punched Steve Moore in the neck and sent him to the hospital. Moore is still not able to play. In this game in Denver , Avalanche scored 6 times while Canucks did only 2 times. Regardless of this loss, Vancouver is leading Northwest devision with 17 points from 10 games. (Photo: Fans were ready for Bertuzzi, booed him or expressed their feeling with a placard like the one seen here calling him a coward!)


A few days ago I wrote about my life and said it was not how a human being lives. I compared myself to an animal(!) and then a robot. I guess being a robot is more realistic, especially after I watched I, Robot on DVD. The movie is a good science-fiction as it's title indicates and is basically pictures the world in year 2035 (...well actually the US in that year or better to say Chicago !) In that time robots are seen everywhere and they are part of human's life, serve people like their servants. Will Smith is a detective who tries to find out how USR's (United States Robotics) most important scientist and I'd say founder has been murdered. He doesn't like robots and suspects them right from the beginning of his investigation. He, with the assistance of a lady scientist of USR, finds out that a robot of the new generation NS-5 is the key. The whole idea of the movie is based upon Isaac Asimov 's three laws of robotics. I knew them from years ago when

Hockey is Back on the Ice

NHL is back on the ice after the long lock-out and Calgary lost to Minnesota , in the first day of the games, yesterday, 3-6 . I watched the last 3 minutes of the third period of Montreal and Rangers tonight in TSN and that was as marvelous as usu. Montreal was winning the game, a 3-2 victory but in less than 3 min. to the end the Rangers tied the game. I finished watching the third period but could not watch the overtime. In the new NHL rule, there's no tied game. The teams play in overtimes (I don't know how many!) and then there's shots, I guess. I, then, found out that Montreal won the game in the first overtime, beat New York 4-3. (Photo: One of the six scores of Minnesota against Calgary in yesterday's game)

The Library

I go to Fish Creek branch of Calgary Public Library for studying and should admit that it's so amazing. There are so many things that you can do and mostly free with registration. You can listen to CD music or books on CDs using the provided CD players. You can borrow CDs, DVDs or videos. There are different activities for kids and teens. For example celebrating Alberta 's 100 years, guiding to buy a digital camera and many more. It's most of the time busy. People come to borrow books and other stuff or just sit there and read. Reading is something that people are very interested in. You can see the top sellers in Calgary Herald every week and Chapters , the most important bookstore in the city, is always busy. I should find out how many copies of each book is usually published. I looked at one of the books I've bought here but didn't see anything.

Green Day

Green Day is my new discovery in the world of music. They won 6 major awards in 2005 MTV Video Music Award. Wake me up when September ends is among the songs that I like a lot. Wonderful! It's vidoe is very nice too. There are also Boulevard of broken dreams , Holiday and more. Here is what they say in the first said song: Summer has come and passed The innocent can never last Wake me up when September ends Like my father's come to pass Seven years has gone so fast Wake me up when September ends Here comes the rain again Falling from the stars Drenched in my pain again Becoming who we are As my memory rests But never forgets what I lost Wake me up when September ends Summer has come and passed The innocent can never last Wake me up when September ends Ring out the bells again Like we did when spring began Wake me up when September ends Here comes the rain again Falling from the stars Drenched in my pain again Becoming who we are As my me

LA for Louisiana Not Los Angeles

America 's costs usually are hit by different types of hurricanes. I don't know how they are named by meteorologists but a few weeks ago New Orleans in LA was hit by hurricane Katrina and more than 1000 people got killed (Out of more than 450,000 pop. while the whole city was drowned). Texas was hit by another one last week, called Rita . I don't know what exactly happened in there but know that they were ready and based on the experience they got from the last one, were pretty prepared. This story being told every year. But what links this to another post of mine which is goin' to be told here is the movie JFK . I bought this movie I don't even know when! May be 2 may be 3 years ago and just finished watching it tonight for a few reasons. First of all it's a long movie: 03:01 hour ! Second of all as the whole story happens in the South (Reminds me of Southern Comfort , another movie which the story happens in LA !), it's really hard to understand t


Ali G. called me yesterday around 12:30 PM to plan for a chess game and catching a movie. When he was here, at my place, to go together it was almost 06:15 PM! First went to a Safeway to get a Calgary Herald as he's looking for a house to buy (We didn't take a look!) then he took me to a Burger King and honestly the burger was really tasty. I've never tried that. Then we headed for Chinook and played chess. I lost both games but was better in the second one! Flightplan was the movie we were there for. Incredible movie! I never was able to predict what would happen in the next few min. Ali G. is a nice guy but like most of Iranian guys who have spent most of their life at this part of the globe, is kind of abnormal. He doesn't have a friend, his brother in B. C. is the only one who he usu. talks to on the phone, he usu. is not well-dressed and although has been living in Canada for more than 12 years , has never had a gf. Actually he found one, I mean a prospe

Eaton Electric

There was a job posting in Calgary Herald a few weeks ago indicating that Eaton Electric needs a Quality Champion (The one who supports quality) for their office (Or plant) in Airdrie (A small town just a few min. up north Calgary ). I applied for that job, sending my resume by e-mail (It was Aug.29) and the day before when I checked my voice mail box, I noticed that have a message from that company. I called them and a woman called Debbie asked him to call back at noon and indicated she's in the US , somewhere in a Central Time division . I don't remember the city she mentioned. I told her that I'd call her again at about 12:45 PM which is 11:45 AM their time. When I called again she apologized for not taking my call and said that can't take it now either! She said she would call me. But she never did! Strange people!

Quarter A Century

Today is Sep.22.05., 25 years passed the day Iraq invaded Iran in 1980 which led to an  8-year devastating war. I feel so sad and almost burst in to tears by looking at the war photos. What happened to my country and innocent people is unbelievable. I can't write. Just adding a photo and leave. It's -1 ºC now. The first night that we get below zero temperature here in Calgary . The first day of fall is tomorrow. (Photo: Brave Iranian soldier defending his country, fighting against Iraqi tank with a rifle and wearing runners)

Human or Machine?!

I was thinking about my life compare it to the others I know or I don't. I mean a normal human being at my age: I work a hard job 8 hours a day, sometimes 6 days a week and stay overtime off and on! I barely see people, I mean as friends of mine. May be once a month! Most of my social life is through the net which is not considered sociable at all! I have no girl in my life or better to say my sexual life is completely shitty! I don't eat good food most of the time! It's mostly healthy food but no taste or variety! My hobbies are mostly watching movies or going to a movie theatre once in two weeks or e-mailing my friends and surfing the web, going to gym and running like a kicked dog(!) or lifting heavy plates(!) while people come with the most beautiful girls and of course the ones who don't have their own after work out! I wonder how I do this at this age after working so hard! The place I live in now is not a place that a human lives! No one else w

Shalimar the Clown

I usually buy Calgary Herald on Saturdays for it's working section. There's an interview with Salman Rushdie, the Indian novelist who was sentenced to death by Imam Khomeini in 1989 , in the last issue. The interview indicates that Rushdie , lives in Manhattan , NY , now with his forth wife and uses his real name and goes everywhere freely, while keeps his flat (apartment [ us. ]) in London , England . The reason that he was hated by Muslims , especially the ones in Pakistan , Britain and India is his book called The Satanic Verses . But the main reason for the recent interview is not that book and his years of disastrous life in Britain . It's about his new book, Shalimar the Clown which is about Kashmir . I haven't read The Satanic Verses but I'm gonna buy and read after I finish the two books I'm currently reading. Kashmir reminds me of my Kashmiri friend in here, R. K. , who his story will be told later. (Photo: Portrait of Rushdie)


I bought a Philips DVD Player from Bestbuy a few months ago and paid, I guess more than $90 just because I wanted something to play my DivX movies which has been downloaded from the Internet. But that was just waste of money! Many functions of the machine is not applicable for DivX movies, including fast forward and rewind! So basically all you can do is just sit in front of the TV and watch the whole movie at once! Or if you're lucky pause it and continue in a few min.! The salesperson also sold two sets of cords for a better audio and video!!! Can you believe this??!! You buy a DVD Player because you believe that DVD has a better quality compare to video tape and then you have to pay a few dollars more for cords and connections! I didn't even open the packs. Returned them in a few days!! But the truth is, I think, the sound quality is very bad! Explosion, engine noises of the cars and all other loud sounds can be heard properly but dialogues, the most important parts of


I had a phone call today from Minacs , the company I applied for a position as Quality Specialist, online, last night. That was a short phone interview and looks like I might get a second call from them but not sure. The headquarter is in Toronto but they are opening a new office in Saskatoon . It's a office job not a plant job and I'll be lucky if I get that, regardless of the fact that the office will be in Saskatoon . The likely interview will be in Toronto , I guess. So may be another chance to go there, if they send me the ticket. I have to go anyway, if they send me nothing, in case of an interview! I have to be very careful, not to mess this one up again like what I did last week!


Sometimes I'm about to believe that I'm a very unlucky guy! I received a mail from CIC indicating that they need a finger print from me for my citizenship purposes!! And that's because They f**king think that my names resembles somebody else's who might have done a crime or has broken the law!!! They didn't mention that but implied it! I call one of the places which do finger print and was told it costs about $26 but I'm goin ' to call them and ask them for the reason, although I don't think that I can change anything. I'm sure it's because of my name 'cause I haven't done anything. Paying $26 for nothing and taking one day off the work just because they don't like my name! That's all. They also started processing my application in Aug.26 which is almost 6 months after I sent the documents. I guess It'll take one full year if I'm lucky enough!

Absolute Mess!

I didn't want to write about the interview I had last Tue. and messed it up so bad but thought should write 'cause it's a good lessen for me and also experience. As I mentioned earlier that was an interview for a ISO Auditor with a big oil and gas company called Worley Parsons . I was on time and two ladies, one from HR and the other one the Quality Manager interviewed me. It reminds me of the period I used to work for EIED , a branch of OIEC . The Quality Assurance Manager over there was a lady too and I had a good time working with her (Well most of the time I made up stories and fooled her!) Anyway she started asking questions about ISO 9000:2000 and I didn't give her good answers as I didn't expect her to ask me technical questions. The HR lady asked a few questions too that I was better at. Here are a few of them which are considered new: Did the company only send you for further education or there was somebody else? (I told them that I got a certific

A Sound of Thunder

I watched A Sound of Thunder yesterday in Chinook . I enjoyed a lot. Good movie. And I was also scared a little bit. The movie is based on a short story by Isaac Asimov which I read it years ago in Daneshmand monthly and I enjoyed a lot on that time too but nothing is mentioned about Asimov in the movie, as far as I remember. The only week point (in my opinion of course!) is one of the actresses ( Catherine McCormack ) has a strong British accent and I didn't understand the most part of what she said! It's a story about a company, Time Safari, which arranges dinosaur hunt in million years ago. There's a scene that a big dinosaur is approaching and they receive the fire order but the laser guns malfunction and they are in trouble. That scene was so exciting because I forgot the story I read years ago! (Photo: Time travellers have their jump suit on and are ready to go back to million years ago) Correction (Wed. Sep.14.05): The story is by Ray Bradbury . He wrote it

The Cable Guy

I watched The Cable Guy for the first time through Movie Central when I was a roommate of Resurrect . The movie is one of Jim Carrey 's that is not as popular and likable as the others of him like Dumb and Dumber, The Mask and Liar Liar . Then I bought the DVD (Only about $14 ) from a&b Sound and watched it a few more times and I like to watch it again. The more I watch the movie the more I understand that the characteristic of the lead actor of the movie ( Carrey ) is close to Resurrect in certain ways! Of course the main difference is the cable guy suffers from a disease that makes him in need of speech therapy and because of that problem the guy is lonely and desperately seeks for friends while in the other hand Resurrect is an angry, ugly, unsociable, thoughtless, crazy guy who nobody is able to tolerate him for a long time. I used to live with him for a 12 months period and the only reason is we didn't used to see each other very much. Hojam used to be hi

Twin Bed

One of the things that I've seen a few times here and made me surprised is that most of single people here have either a twin or bigger bed! I don't! The following people are among the ones that I have in my mind: 1) Resurrect 2) M. M. (The girl I dated briefly in Toronto) 3) The Chef 4) The Brave Obviously all of the said people are single but they need a company for a few minutes every week! So I totally understand their need! I haven't had even a single bed until last June! I used to use a mattress on the floor when I was a roommate of The Brave  in his house. Then I moved to a one bedroom suite which there was a bed in there and I moved that bed to the townhouse I used to share with Resurrect . That bed was old and noisy and its mattress was not good. In order to get rid of that, I made up an story and sold it to Resurrect and he bought it! (Such a naive guy!) I said that a physician banned me of sleeping on this bed. We threw it out and I used an empty bed

Damn gasoline price is soaring

I bought $20 gas last night from Esso as I've been driving to wrok since Mon. and it was 97.4 cents per liter. Today I was passing by the same gas station and it was 114.4 cents per liter! God! I think I have to cut off some expenses as when the one who gives me ride comes next week, she'll ask for more. Soaring gas price affects everything. For example many items in Safeway is more expensive now. I have to spend less on food and other things. Also I don't pay for car insurance but what if I had to? Only the new career might help me. I called the lady and she arranged the interview for the coming Tue. at 09:00 AM.

Aug.29.04 to Aug.29.05

I have applied for 29 different positions from Aug.29.04 to Aug.29.05, one full year, and have been contacted 9 times only! (only 31.0% of the requests!) Today I had a message from Worley Parsons MEG (What an odd name!) for a position I applied as an ISO Auditor, almost 2 weeks ago. I'll call them to see whether or not an interview is arranged. Regardless of the only position that I applied in Ontario and there was a little chance of having interview for that (Although once I had a phone call from Winnipeg ) all other positions were offered in Alberta or neighboring provinces. The chart pictures facts about the applications. (Photo: This little Pie Chart shows the dispersion of the jobs I applied in a year)

The Package

I just joined a few new friends and we, every weekend gather and talk and have dinner together. There's me H. Jamalnia , H. from Bandar -e-Abbas and another guy called Hamid which I don't like him but tolerate him because of the other guys but may not invite him to my place as next time is my turn. Me and Jamalnia went to H. 's house last night which is located in Downtown. I saw H. was talking to two girls while standing in the balcony. I got close to them and thought there are hookers. One of them was extremely ugly and the other one was really cute, both Asian . I talked to them for a min. and invited them inside. They said it's a package and they work together for $100 ! and then asked me if I'm a big guy and wanted me to show them my penis! I told them that my ex left me because it's small! Then we went to a corner where seemed dark so no one could see us but an automatic light suddenly turned on! Then we tried the other corner which was right in fro

I Missed Again!

I've missed another opportunity and M. M. insisted in her last e-mail that she's not the one whom I'll be married to! I just keep you as a friend, she said. Last time I was talking to her in Toronto she said that I could travel to Toronto again to see her. So I thought there might be still a chance to date her, know her and finally marry her but it's over. R. S. my friend, who does his Ph. D. in Universite de Montreal wrote me in his e-mail last night: Never fall in love with a girl if you don't want to suffer. Most of them ain't worth a nickel! Actually I was not in love with M. M. We just met three days but was so impressed by the way she treated me. She was so nice, kind and friendly and it's really hard for me to find a good match because she should be at least as pretty as her and of course nicer, kinder and smarter. What she did is snap judgement! I guess she thinks that I'm not kind of party guy and who hangs out in the bars and plays card


I have a collection of Iron Mike Tyson 's fights in my PC which have been downloaded all through Kazza . The one that I just had it finished yesterday and watched for the first time is his fight against Donavan "Razor" Ruddock an originally Jamaican boxer who used to fight for Canada . That's one of the most interesting fights that I've ever watched. Ruddock has been knocked down twice during the fight and at the end lost by TKO . At first I wondered what TKO meant and then found it in American Heritage Dictionary as it has got almost every word and phrase in it. Here it is: TKO= Technical Knockout (n.) (Sports) = A victory in boxing, with immediate termination of the match, awarded by the referee when it appears that one fighter is too badly injured to continue. As result of that decision, people rush to the ring and you can't say who's who. Regardless of the chaos, Tyson and Ruddock hug at the end. Seemed someone was objecting the referee'