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Oscar Is Becoming Ridiculous

I usually do not follow the Oscars especially now that I have no TV but it automatically gets followed because at the time it becomes all the newspapers and Internet web-site's headline. The most stupid thing that caught my eyes this year was selection of the dumb and ridiculous movie named Argo as the best picture! Hollywood is getting further and further from its good days on daily basis. The days that excellent movies such as Alien , Total Recall , JFK , Goodfellas , etc were being made seem so far. Nowadays are the days of stupid time-wasting movies like Argo! What a meaningless joke and Ben Affleck what a phony! I wrote about the movie shortly after I watched it and that was mainly because I live in Tehran for years. I remember those days vaguely but what I know is what was shown in the movie is miles and miles away from the facts. Besides the movie has no are presented in it. Not a significant role, not a very impressive direction, the story sucks and lacks any exci

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

We had a chance to see Inglewood Bird Sanctuary today shortly before noon. It is a quite place at the far end side of Downtown Calgary . There is no admission but as usual donations are welcomed. It's basically a park like others which at different seasons become the home of different birds. So basically all of the birds that you might see at the other corners of the city, could be seen here as well: Canada Goose , different types of Duck s, Raven , you name it. But there are other types that the Sanctuary claims that could be seen there, depending on the months you are going but we only saw 3 and one of them on different occasions got to close and that was Black-capped Chickadee . The other two were far up and I couldn't tell what they were. Anyways we will go again when it will all be green to see if we can find any other species. F. F. tried to get one of the tiny beautiful birds on her palm by extending her arm! The little birdy sat on her palm for a second and that

The Very Long and Chilly Winter

I still go for my jogging whenever I got a chance but not very regularly. This winter for reasons unknown feels longer and much colder. I had a good jog by Bow River today which took more than 22 min. but yesterday when I went to Nose Hill , it was so windy, foggy and cold that just after going up I walked a bit and headed down right after that. May be it feels longer and colder simply because I have other struggles at life and F. F. nags about the weather too! But I think it's more than that. May be I'm getting older! I have to keep up the exercises or I will be overweight and sick. I started putting on a new pair of pants which is not really comfortable. I actually wear that now because it reminds me of my size and forces me to watch I eat more than ever. For someone like me who spend between 5 and 6 hours at the desk most of the days of a week, a planned and regular exercise is a must. It was not bad going to Talisman every other day but the cost is too high: Gasoline

In Unity There Is Strength

I was reading this part of the study material for the N. P. P. E. and in the Labour Law chapter, I came across this short story of a Wal-Mart which was going to be unionized and never became! Apparently what happened was a local union tried to be the Wal-Mart employee's representative and the company immediately announce its closure. This happened in a town in Ontario . While it is against the law for the owner(s) of a business to shut down the operations in case the employees attempt to associate, the company denied any relation between the decsion and the union's representation, claimed poor market and not being profitable! Who believes this bullshit!? I never do! If Wal-Mart does not exist in Canada , a huge population of this country would go hungry and naked! How could a Wal-Mart be not profitable!? These days everywhere you go there is a Wal-Mart , even small towns! These guys sell everything and most of the the cheapest you can get in Canada and many of them th

Poor Judgement and Insufficient Punishment

There was this in the news again a week or so ago about people of East Indian , more specifically Punjabi s, have caused a domestic issue again. The problem was an old man who had beaten his niece with the help of his kids simply because the girl had refused an arranged marriage. This sort of marriage is very popular in countries like India , Pakistan , Afghanistan and so. The funny part is the way this family, especially the beater was treated by the advanced judgment system of Canada . The judge sentence the old man to 90 days in jail and then being educated in gender equality! This was funnier than many jokes that I had heard when I read it! How can you educate somebody at age of 60 and over on such a difficult topic as gender equality!? It appears that this old pad is a leader in his community meaning that many people in his family can not even drink a glass of water without his permission, that's what leadership means in a Punjabi community and the judge think he can

McDonald's Baked Pie

One of the issues here with the food industry is the amount of crap, sorry, chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavours and so on that the producers put in the food. It affects everything from fruit and vegetable to packed snacks and meat or poultry. May items go passed their expiry date and still do not have much difference. However I noticed something last week that it came as a surprise to me. I was at a McDonald's for a coffee and got myself a baked pie as well. They come 2 for $1.29 but I only got one because I really do not like them. I just wanted to try this new flavor chocolate-raspberry. Anyways I got one and looked at the label on the cartoon: Good until 04:04 PM today! It was really shocked! How could it be good only for the next 3 hours!? Is that preservative and all other harmful stuff-free or what? (Photo: Hot baked pie is available at McDonald's a pair for $1.29 and it's McDonald's food!)

Dallas at Calgary: A Fun Night

We went to an NHL game for the first time last night. As I earlier posted, It had been such a long time that I wanted to do that and then with the lock out it was postponed for the third time until last night. How it happened is interesting: I went to one of the guys to talk to him about some issue at work and happened to realize that he was talking to someone else about the NHL tickets he had. He wanted to sell them but the guy was not sure if he could go. I asked him to let me know if he didn't want it and he said that he had another pair that he would sell them if I was interested. I said to myself what would be easier than this?! Especially because he was going $20 below the official price. I was not sure if The Lady  would like it but when I called her she welcomed the idea. Anyways we left home at about 06:40 PM because the game was supposed to be started at 07:30 PM. I drove and parked a few blocks away the entrance from BMO Centre and we walked. The place was alrea

The Green Light Fact

I had this course in the university called Transportation Planning or something like that and that was among optional courses. I thought by choosing that course I would get a good mark and help my grand average.   The instructor, I assume a Ph. D. holder if I'm not mistaken had been recently moved from California , without a doubt Los Angeles . The course was basically a combination of facts and then would turn to mostly using tables to do calculations and solve traffic problems. It sounded interesting and I remember even once we went on the street and did a collection for one of the units of so. And the end regardless of I had thought I ended up screwing the final and passed with the skin of my teeth! I don't remember what happened clearly but I guess the instructor was supposed to consider one of our practical works or something like that and he didn't. So instead of helping me it dragged me lower in grand average total! But why this story came to my mind today

Olive Garden

We went to the only location of Olive Garden in Calgary in early Dec. but I'm writing about it today. We had wanted to try this restaurant long time ago but never had the chance until the date especially because we had heard rumors of long waiting. Fortunately when we got there we did not have to wait and was seated immediately and requested to be moved to booth right after that. It is always more convenient for me. F. F. had checked so we knew that there was deal with Salad and soup. So we each order foods as well as the soup and salad. The salad was good and the soup was some sort similar to Chili . I had Eggplant Parmesan and I do not recall what F. F. was having but seems satisfactory. When we asked for the second salad which was part of the deal (I guess unlimited salad and soup or something like that) the waitress did not seem to be very happy about that. I guess people do not order that much salad but she brought it in a few minutes. Most of the waitresses were teena

Unwell Businesses

I have seen the most bizarre business decisions here in Canada in the last few years. There was this Futureshop in McLeod Tr. in Calgary which was always busy, may be as busy that the store owner expected. I bought my laptop from there in early 2007 and then it was gone! Then just few months ago in 2012 or may be late 2011 they opened a new one just a few block south but I went there today to see what they got and it was closed done! The store was a brand new building with a big parking lot at the side in a commercial neighbourhood that I expected them doing really well! The other story is my application for a credit card. I currently have 3 from two different financial organizations and just wanted to get another one from a major credit company. I received this in the mail just this week that the bank regretted to say that they could not give me a new card! The next day I called my bank just to ask a question about one of the cards and the person at the other side of the li