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13 Days Out of 15

Yesterday I had my last day of jugging practice in Talisman for month of Dec. Although I was tired as that was the third consecutive day, I gained an almost alright time. But what I started doing after Dec.08 is instead of running the short lane which takes 12 laps to finish 2.4 Km, I performed the exercise on the longest lap and did only 10 lamps which makes 2.33 Km. This month’s performance is not so bad but the question is how long I can and I should keep this up? CF answer to my application for that job in the Navy is very unclear. If what that man in recruiting centre said is true and the background check takes a long time, I think that’s just stupid. Thanks to Kamix who told me not just to rely on that job. I’ve applied for other positions as well and waiting for the holiday is over and then continue career hunting. Anyhow this is this month’s performance. I’m not goin’ for work out and exercise today as I was up until 12:30 at Hodani ’s place (Thank God he didn’t get drunk t

Christmas Eve

I was at Hodani ’s place on Christmas Eve for dinner and Hojam was there too. We were almost done with our dinner and Hodani was almost drunk and started to act wired. I asked him to stop drinking but he was not himself. Then I grabbed his glass and took it to the kitchen. That drove him really mad. He then asked me to wrestle arm with him. Hojam quoted that he was very strong. I don’t know if he wanted to make me scared of him, boost his spirit or just simply prevent me from doing that. When I saw that Hodani was insisting, I thought it was better to give him a good piece of advice. I hoped that make him sober. We sat at the small dinner table and I easily defeated him but he got angry and said that I was cheating! Then I asked him to do that using the left arm and beat him again! This time he was really furious and said that I use my hand in an inappropriate way and also use my shoulder and everything! I think he didn’t expect that from me. He probably had thought that I was a w

Faded, The Same or Increased?

I did the CF Aptitude Test today. It was harder than I thought but I passed. There was nothing to write or check. The test was provided through a computer based system. The vocabulary part was really hard and there was so little time to do that. The questions compare to the examples we have been given already were very difficult. For example they say " What is the opposite of sad? " and the answers are busy, happy, active and real. Every one is able to pick the right one easily but in the test they, for instance, say " What's the synonym for pseudonym? " Anyhow I passed it but something else came up after that. An officer, a captain, a French-Canadian , I guess, because he had strong accent (I speak English better than him!) explained a form to me which is called Security Clearance Form. This is the way that the Federal Government scrutinizes your life in past 10 years in order to find out what you have done and whether or not you are clear. I don't ha

Stranger Than Fiction

I spent the last discount ticket from my previous job on Stranger Than Fiction tonight. First I was going to watch new Mel Gibson ’s movie, Apocalypto or the new comedy, The Holiday . Then I thought it’s better to catch the movie I wanted to a few weeks ago. And luckily I didn’t get out unhappy. I was sad off and on during the movie but I was happy at the end that I didn’t waste my last ticket and time on some shit movie. First of all it’s about average North American people movie, single, middle aged, doing the same shit every day, machine life. And that’s what makes me puke. And there’s how they fall in to a relationship, seeing someone regularly and then sleep with her or him which leads the person to a patron! All of these are the things that you either might do or might see in your daily life in any corner of North America . But what is amazing about the movie, is the author lady who narrates this story and the way the main character finds out about the story and reacts. S

Luck and Chance

I never believed in luck before my immigration and living in this part of the world. All I always believed in was how hard I try, study and work. But that is gone now. What has happened after wasting 5 best years of my life here? Nothing actually! So many good opportunities and interviews are all gone and I'm at the verge of losing everything. Alfa , whom I wrote about his defeat and return to Iran , is back to the US and has a good job in MA now. He was completely broke and was using his credit cards and his visa was expired. Now he's back on track and got a visa for three years. When I was talking to him last weekend on the phone he was complaining of loneliness but he'll be fine. He's not a special guy. Even his language is terrible but ... you never know. That's where luck helps you. I still have a few opportunities waiting for me, which I'll write about them in detail later but there's no guarantee. Besides that Dec. and Jan. are not hiring months

Gift Cards

When I opened my mailbox today, I noticed there's a mail from my landloard. And as I'm most of the time and habitually a pessimist (damn me!) I thought that's a warning or something worse! But what I saw was completely surprising: A Safeway gift card! Gift cards are common here and you can buy and give it to someone you like and he or she goes and buys whatever her wants and enjoys. Most of the famous franchises have gift cards with different values. I was really happy. It's absolutely rare to receive something like this in Christmas season from this cold people in this cold country. Although I'm sure the same thing has been sent to the other tenants as well (may be not) but I remember the people in Amhurst Property Management Ltd . have been always nice to me, esp. the lady who showed me the apartment at the beginning. There were at least 12 people and I was finally chosen to be the tenant. I guess the people in the company, I mean the main people are original

The Real 2.4

I ran the inner lane of the track today and that was 12 laps. That was the real 2.4 KM and I didn’t better than 11:59:799 . It’s quite far away from what I claimed in my application form for the position in CF . That’s 10:50 or 10:40, as far as I remember! Almost 1 minute longer! Hence I have to work my ass off to get as close as possible to that damn time. I don’t know my chances but what I know is I have to tell them that it was a syntax error! (Photo: This photo, taken by P. M. months ago, shows track No. 1 of Talisman Centre and all its lanes. The closest to the guardrail is the one I'm talking about. It's 200 m long. If you have keen eyes, you'll see a shadow of a runner in lane 2! That's me and that's how a stupid takes a photo!)

Liberal Leadership Convention

The Liberal s have been busy with choosing a new leader for themselves in last few months. There was no one as the head of the party after they were defeated by the Conservative s and Martin stepped down. It's being said that the Liberal s has given almost everything to this country in last three decades including the Charter of Rights (that's the only thing I can recal and I thing is a very important asset) and all of a sudden the Conservative s took over! Thus the Liberal s tried to elect (yes elect!) a new strong leader who's able to defeat Harper . There were a few candidates of course and only one of them was known to me: Michael Ignatieff . He made a few comments during Israel-Hizbollah conflict a few months ago which was not wise, in my view. He once said that bombing a small village in southern Lebanon , where Israel claims that's where Hizbullah guerilla used to hide and ambush Israeli troops, was a war crime. That made him a bad guy in Jewish community

Nov. is the Best So Far

I'm getting better at running and my total time is decreasing as it's shown in the above chart. That's probably because I'm losing weight. This month I got my best time and that was in Nov.30 as I wrote in the previous post. I probably start running in the inner lane this month because I know the exact length (Every lap is 200 m) and that helps to record the time. I have to make 12 laps instead of 10 that I have been doing so far in the second lane. Or may be I find out how to measure the area of that oval shape track and stay in the second. I will have a four months comparison at the end of Dec. (Photo: The chart for running in Nov. of 06 shows a downward in the total time. Day 8 should be omitted based on special cause law. The number of days also went down due to my illness in this month and unemployment shock)