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Advanced to the Second Round

The Flames has advanced to the second round of playoff and everyone knows that. This is not a news-blog so it doesn't matter how late this is posted. They have to play The Ducks and the first two games would be played in Anaheim , California .  The Ducks seems to be a much stronger competitor for The Flames. Here you see the American guy Kesler who used to play for Vancouver with No. 8 of Calgary. This is one advantage of being a professional hockey of basketball player. You get a chance to live in different cities! I checked 17th Ave., SW after The Flames beat the Canucks 7-4 (I don't have any photos though because first of all it was very late and dark. Second of all the majority of the guys and gals where drunk and crazy and I didn't want to risk it!) which was unbelievable. They lost the first period 1-3 but won eventually. People went crazy on 17th which was predictable. Police was there but they cleaned the street from the parked cars and let these mo

Unsuccessful Attempt to The Wedge

After our walk in Kananaskis which was not challenging at all, I and The Chef wanted to do a good hike/climb. He insisted a lot and I decided to take our chances on The Wedge in Highway 40 in Kananaskis . For that plan I set up the alarm for 04:30 and headed for his place in the other side of the town. Due to the distance, by the time I was there, it had already passed 05:10 and then we headed west on Highway No. 1 . All of our efforts didn't help much and we were in Wedge Pond parking lot at almost 07:00. The first 20 minutes or so was wasted because we got on the trail which circles around the pond and heads to the highway. Then we turned back and I checked the printed information and we found the trail. The first part of the hike, maybe the first half hour or so was OK but then first it got really steep and then icy. I put my anti-slip sole on and give the other one to The Chef . The Chef 's was not as good and he had difficulty getting up but I helped him using the

When East Indians are on Vacation

This experience is part of my Arizona road trip but because it was not planned or desired, it's not posted as part of the series. While at one of the attractions previously described, I bumped to an East Indian couple. The minute I saw them I realized were they were from. The guy stuck like dish of Curry and was dressed like a hobo. Many East Indian s wear exercise pants on when they are out or in their place. It's much cheaper and they can buy it as used from a Value Village , Wal-Mart or similar store. It doesn't require ironing and barely they wash it. His accent the minute he opened his mouth you could tell he was from India but when I asked him where he was from he said Nevada !! If he had been someone who is born from East Indian parent and raised here in, I would not have had any problem with his answer. But with that appearance, accent and smell, No way. he added that his parents were from Rajasthan when I asked him if he was from Jaipour ! He either was s

Workplace Stories (21): The Scavengers

Many different types of food come to household during the year. Majority of them are bought and consumed. A small portion is given as gift or similar. This second part usually comes during Christmas season and New Year that food give-away in shape of gift is very usual. This is mostly seen at work so at times we bring it home.  The Lady brought a small box of home-made cookies last Christmas and while we ate a few, the rest were left as they were distasteful, very unhealthy or simply not our kind of snack. There were still 4 to 5 cookies, two of them in shape of human, similar to Ginger Bread in the drawer until last week when I pulled it and saw them for maybe the twenties time in the past 4 months or so and decided to do something with them. I took them to work and put them in a small plate in the kitchen where everyone could see it. I know what would happen considering I know almost everyone's character's in the company now. There are people who eat whatever you off

NHL Playoff Fever

The Calgary Flames were able to clinch playoff for the first time since 2009 and the city is excited for that. I was not here in 2009 and I don't think I was even following much of the NHL back then. I was in Surrey struggling with life! Their first home game would be held today in Scotiabank Saddledome . The first two games were played against Canucks in Vancouver and the teams are tied at 1-1 .  My thinking is it will be a chaos tonight in Downtown if the Flames win. Will be the same even if the Flames do not win because there are always people who hate quiet and peace (!) but we'll see. The playoffs I remember goes back to 2004 when they went all the way to the finals and eventually lost to Tampa Bay !  The Flames were quite a strong team back then comprised of skaters such as Iginla , Conroy , Leopold , Commodore , Kiprusoff and Turek . Today's team is comprised of young players that I barely know any but experts are very optimist about them and to my sur

A Comparison Between Crimea and Kosovo

One topic was discussed with me briefly by someone whom I'm not going to mention anything about, last week and was very interesting. I think it could be a very good topic for discussion, of course not in Canada and the US as this is where people's motto is I Don't Care but I'd like to post it here because I knew nothing about this and find it very interesting and at the same time felt bad for the one who brought it to my attention: The person is from former Yugoslavia , very heart-broken that the country is torn apart by the West 's tricks and has become more than so-called independent states. This has been a policy of West : Divide and Conquer . This is what the British did to Indian Sub-continent. They torn apart the big country of India to India , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Sri Lanka , Nepal and Bhutan . And even after dividing the country they didn't left them alone. They supported local movements for independence. Sikh s in northwestern part of the

Workplace Stories (20): Mumbling Guy Almost Wets Himself!

This fucking stupid Mumbling Guy is a true piece of shit in every and each way. His wife got a contract job with one of the giant companies last year and the next day he started showing off: 1- My wife started as a contractor but they will make her an employee soon. 2- My wife just talked to her boss and she's going to ask her to pass on my resume to the related department manager and I will work for that company. My salary would be roughly $200,000 , maybe more!  3- The company my wife works for is a terrific company. She has this and that and such!  This nonsense continued until last week around noon. This piece of crap's life is like an infant's in every way. If his lunch is late for 10 minutes, he'd be like someone whose his vital shot is late!  And if his food is different form the shit that he eats everyday, he'd be like a zombie, going bananas! Anyway I noticed in that specific day that he was not having his lunch and later, maybe after half a

What is the Situation?

Different cultures have similarities alongside their deep differences. When two people meet, after greeting, they normally ask what the news is. This is common in the old country. Here though they might not even say Hi and they go “What’s up?” It’s fine. People are different. I somehow have changed it to a punch line now which goes: What’s the situation? The people whom already are asked this question know what to answer. The ones who are asked for the first time usually come back with the question of their own: What situation? And I reply: The general situation. Some start on the actual situation and some, usually the ones who are born here or have been living here since their childhood, give a short version answer. Either one is fine by me because I know what to expect next time I ask the same. A few days ago I bumped to this guy and after a few words was exchanged he said: The situation is very bad (!) one of my friends got chopped off last week too. It means it will be soon g

TSA's Unexpected Inspection

The Lady came back from a trip a few weeks ago. She brought so much good food and snacks from her trip, mainly the items you can not find them here. While we were looking into the suitcase to check the things, she suddenly found a piece of paper, not handwritten, a sort of printed note and we were both surprised. I probably not to the same level, but immediately realized what the story was. That was a note from Transportation Security Administration indicating that suitcase had been checked! There was a lock on the zipper and according to The Lady nothing has been misplaced. It was hard for her to believe that the TSA guys had opened and inspected the baggage but that was there and that was what they had said. Luckily the lock was still good. Apparently that opened it without difficulty and put it back in! They also indicate in the note that TSA would have not been responsible for any damage. Thanks that no damages had been occurred.  I haven't had any issue with TSA guy

Arizona Road Trip (13): Crossing to Utah for Buckskin Gulch

One of the highlights of my trip was crossing to state of Utah and doing the amazing hike of Buckskin Gulch . In order to do that, I had done a little research and downloaded material including a map of are and then talked to two locals in Page . So left the motel early while the sleep of the night before was not good at all. There were two fucking bitches, possibly lesbians laughing and talking loudly in their room next to mine and they even were using a hair drier and there was nothing I could do. What a great place this Lu Lu's Sleep Ezze is! With paper thin walls, you can hear what people say in the next room word by word! But I guess it's OK for the price you pay. Anyways the alarm went off at 05:30 but I turned it off and reset it for 06:00, as I was very tired! I took myself out of the bad then and went to McDonald's to get a breakfast. Interesting thing is I paid $2.5 less for the exact same thing I got a few days ago in Tusayan 's McDonald's ! I th

Stupid and Disturbing Eating Habits

One of the things that I hate the most is the disgusting habits of eating that some people have and are very eager to proudly show them in the public! Here a list of them: 1- Eating while walking (Exactly like animals such as cow and goat on the field). 2- Eating every fucking shit that looks like food. There are plenty of them around. 3- Eating different things mixed together. I remember people having Coke , Milk , Orange Juice and Sprite all in their dinner tray where I have a post for it.  4- Believing whatever nonsense these food companies say. 5- Eating with fucking nasty plastic fork and spoon. 6- Eating at the side of the street from the nasty stinking feces of food trucks like a fucking clueless, stray, homeless, ass. 7- Eating in the fucking vehicle (Where the fuck did this one come from!!!?) 8- Eating with hands and not caring about washing before eating.  There's this movie called Food Inc. that I bought a little more than a year ago and it says

Arizona Road Trip (12): A Glimpse at Lake Powell

Lake Powell , located between states of Arizona and Utah is an amazing place but I had not planned anything for this attraction. While staying at Page , I didn't get even close to the lake as the main two or three roads to the lake shore are toll roads and I was not sure weather paying for that would do me any good because I was not looking for a boat ride unless I could get a ride from them to do a hike similar to what we see at the beginning of   Planet of the Apes movie from 1968 . So because I had not planned, I didn't spend much time. I only used two viewpoint to get a few shots. I could go on foot all the way but it was not in my schedule. Maybe next time I have a trip to Utah , I would spend a few hours in the area. View of a few properties, with Lake Powell in the back taken from a street in Lake Powell View Estates neighbourhood a few minutes away from Page Just a few minutes from city of Page where you're about to leave state of Arizona and cross to

Workplace Stories (19): Tragedy for the Poor Guy?

I just wanted to briefly post this for myself: Newlywed is back and apparently he didn't leave because he wanted to. He left because he had to. One of his parents had been in an accident and died shortly before he reaches the homeland. It still could be a made up story but then I assume he's a better player than me. He was in Jeans and a white shirt when I said my condolences to him yesterday! Perhaps that's how East Indian s mourn their loved ones and show their grief. I know almost every other nation wears black but whatever. He seemed very sad and we had a little chat. He's probably leaving but we'll see. I read that Hindu s wear casual white clothing but he's not Hindu . He belongs to a small community but perhaps they share the same dress code for grieving because I had not seen him in that shirt previously. 

Arizona Road Trip (11): Lower Antelop Canyon

I had an almost OK sleep the night before this adventure. It was a little bit cold but I managed to survive using an extra blanket which was available. I made a couple of cups of coffee in the kitchen. The motel's stuff was all Wal-Mart sub-par quality. Lucky me that I had some coffee left from Views Inn ! Before heading out I caught up with an American fella named Matt. from Phoenix , originally from Michigan . He told me about a good experience he had at Lower Antelope Canyon and I told him about Glen Canyon Dam . These American guys, some of them are terrific. He even gave me the telephone number of the tour from his iPhone ! We shock hands and he headed out.  I then wanted to grab a breakfast sandwich and headed to McDonald's but realized it had been passed the breakfast hour so I just went to the nearby Wal-Mart to break a note for the tour. I forgot to mention that I called and the guy told me that the tour would have cost $28 and would have started at around

Why is the APEGA so Pathetic and Phony?

I've written about APEGA a few times and a sane and understanding person, only after dealing with them a few times, realizes that it’s only a business. To Be or Not To Be is the title of an old movie from 1942 which I watched it once years ago, probably 20 years ago and don’t remember anything about it. But when it comes to APEGA and we want to see whether it should be or it should not be, I strongly believe that it should not be unless they change the way the manage engineering business in the province completely and fundamentally. One fact we should not close our eyes to be that APEGA has become a bit more restrict in the past 2 years or so. You didn't have much trouble to become a Professional Engineer just a few years ago. All you needed to do was providing the organization with the list of the courses you had passed during your engineering degree years and then right an exam called National Professional Practice Examination which was about Canadian laws and ba

Arizona Road Trip (10): Glen Canyon Dam and Horseshoe Bend

The first thing I did after arriving at Page was obviously checking into the motel I had booked. Being a small town which was originally founded for the workers who built Glen Canyon Dam , it's not really hard to find your motel and go around. Lu Lu's is the motel's name and when I entered there was a Hispanic lady whom I talked to in order to get my key (My review about the motel is available in Google Maps ). She barely spoke English but was being supported by a guy from the same background so there was not much of problem. I asked her if there was any tourist information office and she said no. I guess that was also the answer the guy gave me. Nevertheless I checked the information I had and went to Powell Museum , a small museum in the town which was about to close! There were two old ladies who helped me a lot and gave me hand-outs and after that I went to Carl Hayden Visitor Center . This is a huge building by Glen Canyon Dam . There was a very nice gentleman

Arizona Road Trip (9): Grand Canyon to Page

I woke up very early as a few assholes who normally have no respects for others were making noise on their fucking way out of the motel. I guess it was 04:30. Tried to go back to sleep but in general didn't have a good sleep the whole night. It was cold even with two blankets I used! Went to the same McDonald's that I had tried the day before (obviously because that's the only one in the town) and realized that a large coffee was $2.99 . So obviously the guy had not tried to take advantage of me but I'm surprised as it's always said that the food is cheaper in the US but maybe not a remote place similar to that! My destination was Page in north so headed towards the park and took Highway 64 towards east to get myself back to Cameron and head north.  I had a short stop at the visitor center and their bookstore. In the visitor center I wanted to know about the trail which takes you to the river ( Colorado River , of course!) and you can cross over from a meta

Abusing Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

One of the facts that Canada is so proud of is Charter of Rights and Freedom . The Charter starts in this manner: 1. The Charter guarantees the rights and freedom set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.  2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: a- Freedom of conscience and religion.  b- Freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including the freedom of press and other media of communication. c- Freedom of peaceful assembly, and d- Freedom of association. The entire Charter is provided in this link here: I have no studies in other countries similar law. Technically expressions such as above should be included in every country's Basic Law . However I think the freedom which is offered here and is indicated to be subject to reasonable limits is constantly abused. In fact it looks l

Arizona Road Trip (8): To Colorado River and Back Up

Hike down Bright Angel Trial  in south rim of Grand Canyon National Park is a beautiful hike and a bit tough mainly because of the heat on the way back.Unlike the majority of hikes the challenge is were you're going back! That's where you exert most of your energy and usually is hot. There are several signs in the park and it's indicated in the brochures and the Rangers also tell you not to go to Colorado River in one day and come back up but that's for the kids whom you see truck loads of them in the park and the old farts, posers and wimps who walk around with their iPad and iPhone and take photos of themselves and their partners! I started early to beat the heat and I have to admit that I was completely not satisfied with my start but it was OK. I didn't have a really good sleep the night before and was woken up but some fucking selfish fools who were going to hell, I hope, at 04:30 AM! I went to the local McDonald's , as I usually do before my hike