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I’m so tired now but would like to post this: I went to a POPAT session of VPD last night and it was excellent. There were at least 20 people there, mostly young and a number of them young girls. I was funny how hard these short, round girls try. No offence to any of them but what’s the chance when you’re fewer than 155 cm in a police force!? Anyway there were lots of guys who look dead at the end of the practice. I’m not saying that I was excellent but was much better than last time, which was last Sep. I got 03:43 this time and was not tired or short of breath at the end. I’m goin’ to work harder to get what I want.

Life Is So Fragile

I was walking home last night after 10 hours of work and heard sirens. Hearing sirens is not unusual during the day when you live in Downtown because that’s where the response centers are located. As I almost got to the main entrance wondered why the damn noise doesn't stop ‘cause usually it fades as the fire engine or ambulance gets far. I got inside, took my jacket off, turn the heat back on, took my mobile phone out of my pocket and put it on the desk. I was going to change and that was the moment I heard something like an alarm, one of those old ones. I got and looked in the lobby: Damn it! That was fire alarm! I got back in, grabbed my jacket and shoes and went down the stairs and out of the building. One big fire truck was there with all its flashing lights and firemen. Many of the residents outside as well! I said to me: That’s great. That’s the only thing I needed! Working for 10 hours straight with no lunch or anything and now this damn fire. What if the entire buildin

The Police

No! This is not about the band. It wouldn’t make a good post after all, if it was as I know nothing and have never been a fan of the band. This is about the way law enforcement officers provide their services to the public. There have been so many controversies in last 5 years. The ones I recall and are known to the public include a Calgary Policeman who killed an African guy at his doorway. It’s said that the guy appeared at the door with a knife and the cop reaction were known as a reaction to his safety. African community of that country, which really is not important what it is at the moment as they’re all the same, protested and demonstrated but the copy was clear later of any charges. Then there was that asshole, the fucking animal, Polish guy who was throwing chairs in the Vancouver International Airport . The RCMP officers gave him a good lesson: They fucking tasered him and fucking died. Bunch of assholes who are always around tried to show sympathy and say how human-dri


I’m completely fucked up! You might say: It’s not new. You’re entire life has been fucked up! But it has never been this bad. Regardless of all the shit, including financial and career, I have this new problem that has never been an issue in my whole life, not even in worse situations. Not even in the worst! I have been always calm, even in the horrible situations. I mean nothing has ever affected my sleep. But this shit almost started in Feb. and I’m suffering. When Tehran was a target for Iraqi surface-to-surface missiles, people mostly, including my family left the city and went to towns and villages. I was the only one left at home and slept tight! Then I came to Canada almost 7 years ago, knowing nobody, having no job and slept well. Then got a crap job which was a very hard on my soul and body, both but never affected my rest. I guess this new job has lots of stress. And stress is one of the causes of Insomnia which could be what I’m suffering from. May be it’s just a little

Jan. Result: A Bit Better

I'm usually tired or frustrated these days and although I want to write here about different things but I can't. Today I went to gymnasium and the work out was not bad but I'm tired and the reason is that I can't have a good solid workout program and schedule. The reason for that is that I'm still stuck to that stupid crap job which at most of the time starts at 12:00 and finishes at 20:30 and basically the whole day is fucked up. The second reason for that is lack of vehicle. I waste too much time on my way to work and back and also obviously doing shopping and other stuff which at the same time make me tired. Regardless of all that shit, Jan. was not so bad in terms of workout but could have been much better both in regards my Cooper Test results and number of days I do my exercises. I was thinking of getting a vehicle especially now that the prices are down and dealers are offering 0% percent financing plans but I'm so uncertain about future. (Photo: Jan