Thursday, February 19, 2009


I’m so tired now but would like to post this:
I went to a POPAT session of VPD last night and it was excellent. There were at least 20 people there, mostly young and a number of them young girls. I was funny how hard these short, round girls try. No offence to any of them but what’s the chance when you’re fewer than 155 cm in a police force!?
Anyway there were lots of guys who look dead at the end of the practice. I’m not saying that I was excellent but was much better than last time, which was last Sep. I got 03:43 this time and was not tired or short of breath at the end. I’m goin’ to work harder to get what I want.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Life Is So Fragile

I was walking home last night after 10 hours of work and heard sirens. Hearing sirens is not unusual during the day when you live in Downtown because that’s where the response centers are located. As I almost got to the main entrance wondered why the damn noise doesn't stop ‘cause usually it fades as the fire engine or ambulance gets far.
I got inside, took my jacket off, turn the heat back on, took my mobile phone out of my pocket and put it on the desk. I was going to change and that was the moment I heard something like an alarm, one of those old ones. I got and looked in the lobby: Damn it! That was fire alarm!
I got back in, grabbed my jacket and shoes and went down the stairs and out of the building. One big fire truck was there with all its flashing lights and firemen. Many of the residents outside as well! I said to me: That’s great. That’s the only thing I needed! Working for 10 hours straight with no lunch or anything and now this damn fire. What if the entire building burns down?! Where the hell do I go? Where in the hell do I have to go!?
An ambulance and two RCMP cruiser arrived shortly but there was no major danger involved. The crew just got the smoke out of the unit and the fire chief said that it was safe to go back. But I had a very strong feeling for those people, the firemen. These are the people who endanger and risk their lives for the others. They are all strong, well-trained and well-chosen and also fully equipped. It’s a very hard job especially because they have to attend 12 hour shifts.
Anyways we survived this time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Police

No! This is not about the band. It wouldn’t make a good post after all, if it was as I know nothing and have never been a fan of the band.
This is about the way law enforcement officers provide their services to the public. There have been so many controversies in last 5 years. The ones I recall and are known to the public include a Calgary Policeman who killed an African guy at his doorway. It’s said that the guy appeared at the door with a knife and the cop reaction were known as a reaction to his safety. African community of that country, which really is not important what it is at the moment as they’re all the same, protested and demonstrated but the copy was clear later of any charges.
Then there was that asshole, the fucking animal, Polish guy who was throwing chairs in the Vancouver International Airport. The RCMP officers gave him a good lesson: They fucking tasered him and fucking died. Bunch of assholes who are always around tried to show sympathy and say how human-driven they are, including a fucking Iranian bitch and said the guy was calm and friendly! May be there’s a different definition for being cool and sociable. I’ve seen people who had to wait in the airport for hours and never acted like that motherfucker Dziekanski. The four police officer involved in that incident, are being trailed now. Different people have testified and have been questioned by the investigators. There have been positive and negative against Dziekanski so far. A limo driver testified that he saw the guy blocking the entrance and he asked him to move because he wanted to go through and pick up passenger but the asshole didn’t understand. He then called 911 but when he was put on hold, he hung up. A fireman from Richmond described the Polish fellow handcuffed laying down on the floor and said that he asked the officers to uncuff him but they refused. The fireman then was kicked in the ass by the lawyers of the RCMP and shut up.
Then there were three off duty police officers from three different districts in Lower Mainland. They beat and cursed a probably Pakistani newspaper delivery and told him that they didn’t like brown people. What happened to those guys is no forgotten as all you hear in the news these days is how bad the economy is and this company is laying off this many people and that company is closing that office or that plant.
But listen to this one now, which I just found it and is actually very funny. The title is: Man shot dead by Mountie in B.C. Interior after domestic dispute. This brings no surprise to you. You might think that ... well there were probably a man who were abusing his wife or children and then he went too far, the woman called the cops, they came, tried to calm him down and he was uncooperative, they gunned him down. Simple as this. But look at the terminology the RCMP uses:
1- We attended the area and a man allegedly exited a residence armed with a shotgun (!!!!)
2- An RCMP member discharged his service pistol at the man, striking him and the man was pronounced dead at the scene (!!!!)
3- When asked if police attempted to strike up a dialogue with the man before he was shot, the RCMP spokeswoman said it's still very early in the investigation (!!!!)
4- Those details are not available at this time. We're still in the process of interviewing everyone involved," she said (!!!!)
They make a big deal out of everything when they make a mistake and just by complicating it, try to avoid an answer because when they get time, they can make any story up! She talks about the detail in a way that a scientist talks about a space shuttle main booster rocket details!
Anyway gangs have gained control over the Lower Mainland and kill whoever they want, even in broad light in public places. The four men who were killed in last 2 weeks, and they were not the only ones, they were all were shot during the day and all in busy places. All the major police forces in this part of Canada and also the RCMP are hiring because they want to control the situation before the Olympic starts next year. Imagine one of these stupid things happens during the games by foreigners or the won gangs! Canada’s already diminished reputation will be endangered. And for the last word I should add that it’s much safer than anywhere in the US and I’m happy about that. It’s just that the police forces are not as good as they claim they are and they take no step to improve the quality of the service and characteristics of the officers. The three cops who were from Delta, New Westminster and West Vancouver told the guy that they were cops when he was yelling for help and asking bystanders to call the police! Do you think someone with that kind of attitude could ever be a public servant who his duty is to protect and serve!? Two of those guys were suspended with pay and the other one was assigned to a desk job!! It means they actually were appreciated for what they did. I most definitely would like to be suspended with pay, which is exactly as a paid vacation while I know that I will be clear from the charges after I come back to work. And being assigned to a paper job!? That would be lovely too; much better than driving around and facing crazy people or offenders. Ain’t it?
(Photo: We should be fair when we're talking about people. I said all the negative points of the police but also at the same time should say that this asshole really deserved what the RCMP officers did to him. I neither have seen nor heard in my entire life and traveling everywhere including the Third World countries anybody acting like a wild animal which was just got out of a cage and attack the other creatures like this motherfucker Polish animal did. Look at that ugly crazy face when he's throwing the chair)

Monday, February 09, 2009


I’m completely fucked up! You might say: It’s not new. You’re entire life has been fucked up! But it has never been this bad. Regardless of all the shit, including financial and career, I have this new problem that has never been an issue in my whole life, not even in worse situations. Not even in the worst!
I have been always calm, even in the horrible situations. I mean nothing has ever affected my sleep. But this shit almost started in Feb. and I’m suffering. When Tehran was a target for Iraqi surface-to-surface missiles, people mostly, including my family left the city and went to towns and villages. I was the only one left at home and slept tight! Then I came to Canada almost 7 years ago, knowing nobody, having no job and slept well. Then got a crap job which was a very hard on my soul and body, both but never affected my rest. I guess this new job has lots of stress. And stress is one of the causes of Insomnia which could be what I’m suffering from. May be it’s just a little sleep disorder only. I’m not gonna take any medication. Just might alternate my program and meal. The goddamn sleepless affect everything including this blog!
(Photo: Controversial Australian actor, Heath Ledger, who got famed staring in two feature films, Brockback Mountain and The Dark Night [I've watched none of them! I see nothing interesting in a movie about homosexuals and Batman is too boring for me] is said died from sleeping disorder, possibly a sort of insomnia)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Jan. Result: A Bit Better

I'm usually tired or frustrated these days and although I want to write here about different things but I can't. Today I went to gymnasium and the work out was not bad but I'm tired and the reason is that I can't have a good solid workout program and schedule. The reason for that is that I'm still stuck to that stupid crap job which at most of the time starts at 12:00 and finishes at 20:30 and basically the whole day is fucked up. The second reason for that is lack of vehicle. I waste too much time on my way to work and back and also obviously doing shopping and other stuff which at the same time make me tired.
Regardless of all that shit, Jan. was not so bad in terms of workout but could have been much better both in regards my Cooper Test results and number of days I do my exercises. I was thinking of getting a vehicle especially now that the prices are down and dealers are offering 0% percent financing plans but I'm so uncertain about future.
(Photo: Jan. chart shows that I, again, failed to finish one day's exercise but the number of has been increased to 9 compare to the month before which was only 5)