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Bye Free Internet

I moved to a new place last night. This new place is really old, though! It’s much like a dump! But I guess I have to stick to it until my family arrives. I also do not access to Internet in this place. I checked last night and there are at least 6 sources but all are secured. So I called and ordered Internet. I was told that I will be hooked up the coming Tue.! I’m writing this from the project site, where there’s one non-secured source available. Thanks a million to him or her. I, thought, at the beginning to come over here every night or simply do my internet needs here but then thought it’s better to order. I’ll receive a free modem but not a router. After all $29 and something is not too much and I can cancel that anytime I want.

Alice Lake Park

I had an amazing ride today after more than a month. This is probably the last time I start my ride from Valley Cliff . I’m moving to the other side of the town which is closer to the job site. I took the Powerhouse Road and then Highway 99 and made a right to Alice Lake Park . In the beginning I thought I will face the same bumpy, steep, rocky road as Evan Lake ’s which made my chain broken and had me back but this was the easiest. Fortunately it was not crowded and busy. Everywhere, fall was so beautiful with different colours: Red, amber, orange, different greens. After a few snapshots which I regretted why I didn ’t have my Yashica camera on me, because they didn ’t turn as well as I wanted them, I went to the other side of the lake and found the greatest trails ever: John’s Trail . The last time I had such an amazing ride was in Sep. of ’02 when we went to Banff , from Canmore . Obviously that was a better ride because we were riding alongside Bow River and there were 6 of us

Crow Helps Predator

Remember Predator ? That’s one of my all time favourites, except the scene that they attack the rebel base. Absolute bullcrap! Nevertheless I remember when I was watching it years ago with Mom and Farzin , we were all having our eyes glued to the screen wondering what that creature was, which kills everybody. Then what came was Predator 2 and Aliens versus Predator , which was opposed by Sigourney Weaver . But what I’m talking about here is the way the Predator growls. I always thought and still think that it’s a sound effect. It must be. For several times when I was at the job site, I heard, I know that sounds stupid, the same sound! Exactly the same growl! I looked up and saw a crow. That was it! May be they made a craw to utter that sound! (Photo: This scene taken from Predator, the original movie in 1987, shows just seconds after Predator shows itself)

Lost Reputation

Some African girls are so hot and hard to resist. Their damn smooth skin and shapely body is so amiable. I used to know a few back to Calgary and was about to have them but lost them as usual! In the real world(!) Marion Jones and her teammates of Track and Field USA was the centre of attention in past Olympics. I, once, wrote about their harmony and used them as a good example of teamwork. It’s a different story today. Jones admitted that he had doped and returned all her Olympic medals and lost her reputation. This is not the first time that an athlete confesses but there are suspicious cases. Ben Johnson of Canada lost his medal in 1988 while many alleged Carl Lewis of the same prohibited action but he jumped up one step. Floyd Landis of the States won last year’s Tour De France but was taken down shortly after and was accused of doping. He pleaded innocent. In the meantime the US cycling legend and 7 times winner of Tour De France , Lance Armstrong is accused of th

Bad Dream Again

It’s been a while that I don’t sleep really well. It’s partially because of the stress I’m under and partially because I spent my nights in front of the TV , at the desk eating or surfing the net. Some nights I have bad dreams but there was a long time that it didn't happen. I had some rice and beef last night and then a kind of pie and coffee and was up until 12:30 watching TV and DVD s. Then went to bed and fell sleep immediately and had a bad dream. I dreamt of different things, my close friend and classmate in high school, M. Sarfaraz , my dear auntie Afsar and others that I can’t recall. The last thing I remember is I was chasing a fire engine and then I woke up! I thought of the house right after I woke up. I had left heaters on to have the wallboard mud dried and I was worried that might burn the houses down. I wanted to go and check out the house but was so tired. I was depicting the images of the remaining of the houses and smoke coming off! Then I fell asleep again

The New Occupants

There is this walnut tree in front of the neighbour’s house which is the new home of a few, may be three beautiful squirrels. I like the little rodent with the long tail, jumping and springing over the trees and power lines. I didn’t notice that’s a walnut tree until the time A. J. ’s Mom told me that. The tree is mostly hidden by an evergreen. Why I didn’t see the squirrels the whole summer and before is that the fruits, or better to say the nuts, has just been ripen recently. The neighbour doesn’t care about that, like all other people in this part of the globe, seems to me that they don’t eat their own tree’s fruits may be because that’s not good quality or I don’t know. I remember back in Calgary there was an apple tree on my way to work, full of small tasty apples but no one ever touched that but us, the foreigners! Here’s a different story. The District asks the people to pick up their fruit because that attracts bears. I tried the nuts and that wasn’t bad. Just not the mark

Chronic And Sporadic Problems

There’s a long overdue problem with the two single family houses that were finished in summer. That could be one of the reasons which all the potential buyers turned away. The problem is the stupid framer – who could be a stinky Punjabi idiot (Sorry to say this!) – forgot to slope the sundeck. So obviously when it’s raining – which happens a lot in this town – the water accumulates and makes a stagnant pond! In the last two weeks, one of the realtors has been trying to sell one of the houses to a small family of his ethnicity and they gave A. J. a list of the issues that must be removed before they move in. That said problem is one of them, probably the hardest one to remove. So we put poly sheet on the top of the sundecks to make it ready for the tiling guy who were supposed to cover the vinyl of the deck with a kind of tile and slope it. He at the beginning asked me to do that just by myself like most of the hard things he wants me to do in the same way. He did the first one just

Charity Begins At Home

I see TV commercials that encourage people to adopt a child from Africa or South America (And not from Asia for whatever reason!) off and on. This type of ad usually airs in a Sun. which most of the people are home while you can watch then during the week but not that much. A new commercial have been caught by me recently and I guess that’s broadcasted for B. C. but I’m not sure because I can’t remember the channel. The new commercial says that only 1 out of 3 Canadian children are able to enrol in organized sport programs. It’s not clear why those stupid morons push people toward African and South American kids while there’re so many needy kids here in the country. Sometimes I go crazy because of these idiots do.