Sunday, February 27, 2005


Rafig Hariri was assassinated a few days ago in Lebanon and most of the politicians point at Syria as the planner and beneficiary of this crime (If I can call it a crime!). The US withdrew his ambassador to Damascus and there was demonstration in Beirut. Everyone blames Syria for that. I really don’t know Hariri very well but know that he was the Prime Minister for a few years and also read that he was a very wealthy man and had good relationship with different sides of the conflict in Middle East.
Today Saddam’s half-brother was handed to American forces by Syria! It’s all clear that they try to calm the Americans down and trade with them. Ten out of fifty five most wanted Iraqis are still at large.
(Photo: Saddam and his regime, mostly comprised of his family and relatives, are known to be responsible for mass murder of the ethnic Kurd. Here a mass grave is found and the remaining are dug up)

Bored, Sick and Tired!

There's no motive to write this blog any more. I'm frustrated, bored, sick and really tired of this shitty life! I have to do something to my life but I'm not able to! All I'm doing now is working and assigning a short period of time during the week to CQE studying.
I'll go to Iran as soon as I get my passport but I'm sure it won't happen in the next 12 month! Besides I have to relocate because the contract for this townhouse which I'm sharing with Resurrect will be over in the coming June. I may move to High River as it's close to the plant and I'll be able to save time and money, both. Downtown Calgary and Okotoks are the other choices. Everything is close accessible in Downtown and I may have a ride if I settle down in Okotoks. It's between Calgary and High River. I need to talk to Ali G. about that.
I was trying to find someone for me and that's why I used to talk to N. N., a girl from Polytechnic days who lives in Montreal, every evening. But I found her boring, unattractive and inexperienced. So I told her that and stopped talking to her!
There are only two choices left now! M. T. and F. J. None of them are really serious, as far as I'm concerned. But I like them both.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Saint Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's day today and I'm sitting at my desk, studying, eating occasionally(!) and wasting my time! I sent Valentine e-cards to the girls I like: M. T., N. N. (I'll write about her later), and Denise. I also sent one to Z. B., the girl from Kashan, my new friend Leonara (The Filipino girl) and F. J., the one I'm gonna start talking about a future life. I wrote Denise and also the other girls that I wish I could have given the roses to them with my own hands and Denise e-mailed me back and wrote:

... the day will come when you get to give it to me personally ...

But I'm not very optimist. How can I? She's one of the sweetest girl that I've ever seen in my entire life. All of them mean to me and if one day I have to choose one of them I know It'll be very hard.
I think I have to do something to my life very soon. That's enough of behaving crazy. (I just did one of the craziest things in my life yesterday!)
N. N., the girl from Polytechnic days, who lives in Montreal now, e-mailed me a very nice song with a rose.
I really miss Renay now. What kind of stupid am I? I bothered her a lot for my own favour. I never forgive me for that. Victoria, also could be the girl that I have been looking in my life. But she's gone forever. Although she's the closest one to me, in terms of distance.
God forgive me for all I've done in my life, which is a lot!

Snow Cycling!

P. M. called me yesterday and we went for a ride. I was supposed to meet with him in Dalhousie C-train station but all the pathways were so slippery and it was so cold and windy that I couldn't make it! By the time it was 14:40 I was in SAIT station and he called and then we met at Lions Park. It was not so bad yet. Therefore we decided to go to P. M.'s get the camera, return and have some photos. We took the train to Dalhousie and then rode to his place. We headed back after having a cup of coffee and meeting with his parents but the weather got so crazy I couldn't believe it. We took the train to Lions Park and just spent about 15 min. there, took some photos and split. That was the worst cycling experience I've ever had.
(Photo: P. M. took this one right behind Lions Park Station after the weather turned really ugly and started non-stop heavy snowfall)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Big Fight Over The Net!

I was talking to N. N., a gal from Polytechnic days whom I found her through Orkut and Renay suddenly came up and started talking and apologizing for what she did to me. I was so angey with her and gave her shit and swore at her! I felt much better while felt sad! She lied to me several times and changed her word as well. That was her who asked me to move to Edmonton and get a job there, used to read job postings to me on the phone. I got rid of her forever. I'm happy and sad both. Sad because she is pretty, sweet, young and lovely and sad because she's moody, a liar and can't make her mind. It's over now.