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Wake Up after Decades of Dreaming!

Look at what just the Immigration Minister said: Immigrants who can't speak English or French well enough, should be denied citizenship(!!!!) So what are you goin' to do to hundreds of thousands of stupid, scumbag, cocksucker animals who work like horses for the minimum wages at every corner of this country?! May be they don't need Citizenship . Do they? All these filthy animals who use everything they could to get to this public dirty toilet, called Canada and made up every fucking stupid story they could, are being denied citizenship now. Ha? Some of them need citizenship 'cause their own passport worth crap if they really wanna travel around but some of them don't 'cause all they do is going back and forth to the same stinky hole they used to live in. Everybody knows this Canadian Citizenship stinks and worth a piece of shit and looks like the honorable Jason (from Fri. the 13th !) Kenny just has noticed that!

The Stupid Is Learning Life Lessons

Covering the economic turmoil that all of us have to deal with these days, the CBC , which is in deep financial trouble these days, had a report on the real estate market, last night. Real Estate business is in real trouble like every other businesses. Price of home dropped significantly across the country in last year, at least 12% in some areas. St. John’s , Newfoundland is the only city which the price has gone up and that’s because of the offshore oil industry. They didn’t say why is this happening regardless of the low price of crude oil (almost $47 per barrel)! And I’m very happy about it. I mean I’m suffering like most of the other people from this stupid economic downturn but in order to gain something you should sacrifice something else. No Pain No Gain! Right?! All those motherfucker assholes who earn money with no effort are fucked in the ass so hard that everybody at the corners of this country can hear them scream! Specially those cocksucker stupid lazy Iranian ass

Flashback (18): Undercover Cops

There’s a strip club in Downtown Calgary called The French Maid . We used to go there at times. It was close to home at the time and the admission was cheap (only $4 as far as I remember) and ... well we liked it. I went there a few times with Keiv. P. , once only the crazy guy, Ray, The Microbe (and that was the time he wanted to challenge me in Table Tennis!), once or a little more than a time with the Afghans and once or two times by myself. The street, in the Downtown , like any other city, was a center for street prostitutes. Once we were there and I don’t remember if we were going in or coming out and there were two women sitting in a SUV, an old one not too far from the club. I don’t remember how because it’s been 6 years now, but somehow we, me and Keiv. P. approached them and they offered company. I guess they priced themselves $100 and then the one who was behind the wheel gave a mobile number and we left. Keiv. P. said that they were undercover police officers and

Buy American

There was a bunch of stupid assholes in Canada as well as everywhere else (not talking about the US ) who were supporting Obama without knowing nothing about his plans for the fucked up economy and everything! Now he’s taken over the office and his words are coming out. He, as mentioned in his campaign is trying to represent a good view of America to the World. Ordering to close the Guantanamo Bay Prison was the first step. Then he presented his stimulus package for the economy. And here’s where the assholes who pack their fucking suitcases and went all the way to Washington to see the stupid inauguration she receive their beg SCREW YOU from him and his administration! He clearly states the Buy American policy in the package. That thing affects the already suffering manufacturing sector of Canada a lot. NAFTA states that trade is free in North America and project s and companies are free to buy from any manufacturer in this part of the world for their needs but the packages s

Flashback (17): The Rear Window

Perhaps you’ve seen Rear Window , an Alfred Hitchcock horror, like all of his. The story I’m goin’ to tell you now is not a horror, it’s just a regular one, the one that tell how I teased and fooled A. J. I lived in an old house in Brackendale , B. C. for a little more than a year. The main door could be locked from inside without a key. So when you were goin’ out you only had to turn the knob and that would be it. Once I locked the door from inside and got out, checked my pockets and damn! Forgot the keys inside! The closest place to get the key was an hour and half drive away! And there was no sense to drive all the way and back to get the key because obviously that would drive A. J. crazy! So I decided to check the windows and doors. None of them would be broken into unless I used a metal bar, a sledgehammer or something like that and make a big noise. That was not a good idea because then I had to fix the damn thing and didn’t know how much that would cost or what would be th

Another Bullshit Religion: Polygamy

You probably have talked to those people who say Everybody’s idea, view and belief should be respected or everybody has the right to practice what he or she believes in. Such a bullshit! Muslims have an idea or order from their holy book about non- Muslims : Become Muslim or pay us! This idea should be respected! They also believe that every man is allowed to marry four women at the time! They believe that a girl is ready to get married at the age of 9!! Respect these ideas and respect the religion! They have the right to practice their own faith! Other religions are not so good. Polygamy is practiced here in British Columbia (Sorry! Brit”SHIT” Columbia !) in a small community of Christians . They import underage girls from the US and marry them at the age of 16 or under! Bountiful a small town in south western B. C. and close to the border is where they practice their dirty affairs under the name of a religion. And when they are questioned they answer is: That’s nobody els

Chinese Massage

Recession has affected everything and most notably entertainment industry of any kind. People obviously rethink these days when are spending their dollars. I myself used to go to massage places to relax but has been a very long time that haven’t been to one. That’s shit. So I was checking the ads because I really need to get a good massage and noticed something about a masseur who always advertises in different papers, a Chinese lady. Actually most of the massage parlours are Asian s or better to say most of the cheap ones. Filipinos , Thais and Chinese and of course other one who claims that are from such backgrounds. This is funny because when there’s fame in something and you offer the same quality, people don’t believe you and still go to the same one for their need. For example Honda and Toyota have built up a good reputation in auto industry while GM , Ford and Chrysler have almost the same quality but it’s very hard for them to compete because the Japanese have gain the

Good Quality, Bad Quantity

It's been a long time that I haven't written anything in here. It's not because there was nothing to think and write about. It was because all this stress I'm under from different side, especially from F. F. and the damn stupid job I have at the moment.So time is flying by and I still haven't settled down and still looking for a job that I can cover all my needs. This stupid recession that bunch of motherfucker Americans started it, seem not goin' to be finished soon. Just listen to the new lie the motherfuckers just made up: The recession will end and everything will go back to normal in early 2010, if not in late 2009!And that was just 3 weeks ago that they said everything will go back to fucking normal Capitalists way! So motherfucker animals! Which one is false and which one true?!You cocksuckers in Government probably don't - not probably for sure - care because you animal fuckers all receive over $200,000 salaries!So back to my monthly Cooper Tes