Sunday, November 29, 2015

14 Years

Today marks the 14th anniversary of my arrival in Canada. This weblog, partially of course explains what has happened in this period. However I have selected a song, which I found a weeks ago from one of my all-time favorite bands, Guns and Roses. This a very beautiful song and is very unrated, called 14 years. You can watch a clip of it on Youtube. Here is the lyrics:

I try and feel the sunshine,
You bring the rain
You try and hold me down
With your complains
You cry and moan and complain
You whine a tear
Up to my neck in sorrow
The touch you bring
You just don't step
Inside to, to 14 years
So hard to keep
My own head
That's why I say
You know
I've been the beggar
I've played the thief
I was the dog
They all tried to beat

But it has been
14 years of silence
It's been 14 years of pain It's been
14 years that are gone forever
And I'll never have again

Your stupid girlfriends tell you
That I'm to blame
Well they are all used up- has-beens
Out of the game
This time I'll have
The last word
You hear what I say
I tried to see it your way
It won't work today
You don't just step
Inside to, to 14 years
So hard to keep
My own head
That's what I say
You know
I've been the dealer
Hangin' on your street
I was the dog
They all tried to beat

But it has been
14 years of silence
It's been 14 years of pain It's been
14 years that are gone forever
And I'll never have again

Bullshit and contemplation
Gossip's their trade
If they knew half the real truth
What would they say
Well I'm past the point of concern
It's time to play
These last 4 years of madness
Sure put me straight
You don't get back 14 years
In just one day
So hard to keep
My own head
Just go away
You know
Just like a hooker she said nothin's for free
Oh I tried to see it your way
I tried to see it your way

It's obvious that like most of Guns and Roses songs, this one also shall be about one of the band member's girlfriend as I know many of them are about Axl Rose's. This one might be about one of the Izzy's and he sound mad but mine is not about any girlfriend there are parts which are similar! I'm pissed at all the bastards who denied a job because of who I was not what I knew or capable of doing particularly the motherfuckers in the past 4 years or so, as the song states. Part of the things happened was my own fault. The majority was my own fault but this is who I am! Perhaps there are still chances to rise like Phoenix!
(Photo: This still shows Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin singing 14 years in Indiana in 1991 when the band was at its highest level of popularity)

Thursday, November 26, 2015

IMRI is No Better Than ISIS

These recent terrorist attacks in France and Africa by ISIS affiliated groups and all the commotion in the world, from downing the Russian Su-24 by Turkey to low price of crude which has affected many economies, has distracted the world's attention from the barbarism of Islamic Murderers Republic of Iran (IMRI). In fact what the governments of the IMRI have done in the past 30 years or so is no better than what Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS have been doing but why is that Iran's government has been punished to the same extent at the other extremist group have, so far? Maybe they have but the pressure is of course felt by the people not the government. The aim might be to pressure the people in the manner to make them rise against the government. Something like that happen a few years ago but because it was not well-organized and there was no leadership, led to nothing.
Here is a list of great things that the Murderers of Islamic Republic has done in the past three decades:

1- Murdering all of their opposition leaders all around Europe. The first 2 decades of existence of IMRI was very busy with sending terrorist groups to Germany, France, the US and other corners of the world to eliminate the opposition leaders such as former prime ministers, leaders of minority groups, activists and such.

2- Sending terrorists to nearby countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya and others to establish terrorism cells which are still active today.

3- Killing of of Jews in Argentina

4- Lengthening Iran-Iraq War beyond Khoram-Shahr liberation which led to millions of dollars more damages and hundreds of thousands more causalities from the both sides. 

5- Oppressing minority groups in the country such as Jews, Sunnis, Armenians, Arabs and others and depriving them of their basic rights which has resulted of many of them leaving the country after generations of living peacefully with others. 

I pity the ones who think that changing a president could change the system. Everything is ruled by the Supreme Leader in the country and the rest are only puppets of him. The country will never see signs of progress, happiness, freedom and good life as long as Islamic Murderers Republic rules. 
(Photo: A cartoon compares the murderers of ISIS who behead their opposition and the murderers of Islamic Republic who hang whoever stands for his or her rights)

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fitbit Flex not for Biking

The Chef called me this morning and said that needed my help. I didn't want to drive so I got on the train and headed NE. He only wanted me to buy a few things for him. On the way back I decided to ride his bike back as I consider it a good exercise. Since I had talked to him earlier, he agreed and I got on the bike and headed back south. Although I had not ridden a bike for a long time and I didn't have comfortable outfit, I was OK. The challenge was where I had to first cross Deerfoot Tr. and then Bow River! I got myself on a pathway parallel to both and then used an underpass to go to the west side of Deerfoot. It took me a while until I realized I had made a mistake! The pathway would run parallel to Deerfoot to reach Peigan Tr.! I noticed instead of closing to Downtown, I was departing from it, going south! Ithen turned back and went all the way to 17th Ave. SW and continued toward west. There I realized it would have been much easier, had I taken that route earlier. I cross both Deerfoot Tr. and Bow River and passed Fort Calgary and got myself to Downtown. By the time I reached home it was 16:52 and considering I had left The Chef's place in NE at 14:25, I had been on the road for almost 02:30 h., pedaling! This is considered a good exercise because according to the map it's some 22 Km ride and considering the part that I went and returned, I guess I traveled at least 25 km but this stupid Fitbit Flex doesn't show it was my daily exercise! When I checked the website for this information I read that only Fitbit Surge is designed to calculate the energy spend and the distance traveled in a bike trip. Fitbit Flex is basically useless. So today while I could be on the top of my group, I remained as the 9th! Does that make me change my Fitbit tracker? Not now! Maybe not even later although I liked biking after this long time. 
(Photo: The pathway parallel to Deerfoot Tr. looking south. Deerfoot Tr. is on my right. This reminded me of the time I used to live with Microbe in the nearby neighbourhood)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why Paris?!

In the past few days after Islamic Terrorist Attacks to Paris I was thinking to myself, asking this question that why Paris out of these many cities in the world? I know other European countries have let Muslims in as well. Germany has about 5 million Turks but they are not extremists. We never heard of any Turk being a terrorist or fundamentalist. They have Muslims of other nations as well but never heard of any act of terrorism in Germany against Germans although the Islamic Murderers Republic of Iran assassinated many of their opposition leaders in Germany back in 80's and 90's which a completely different story and does not concern Westerners!
The US has plenty East Indians: Hindus, Pakistanis, Punjabi, etc. They are all fine but Pakistanis but maybe MI5 or other similar British services have a close eye on them although I have heard of Muslims whom have gained the control of their neighbourhood and want to enforce Islamic law in the country!
Scandinavian countries have Muslims of different background and I don't know how bad their status is. In Denmark I know a population of Kurdish people live. When I was in Copenhagen two young Kurdish boy helped me when I was lost. My childhood friend, Sol, lives in Sweden but I have never had a chance to have a talk with him. I should contact to see what he says in this regard. A few years ago there was a terrorist attack in Norway but that was taken place by a Norwegian guy whom presumably had gone mad! Belgium and Holland are no good. They both have fucked up, crazy, maniacs from African Muslim countries who almost could do anything you can imagine.
France has the same problem as the last two countries I have mentioned here. France in fact has the biggest Muslim population in all European countries and they are from these nasty shitlands. France's role in Iran-Iraq War is never forgotten. France was one of the biggest of not the biggest suppliers of weapons, ammunition and such to Iraq during the eight-year devastating war. Delivery of Super Etendard plane assumed to be a major breakthrough for Iraqi Air Force although they were loaned at the time. With no intention to derail from the main subject France has been the asylum for a large population of Muslims from former French colonies such as Algeria and a few others. They all live in a Ghetto neighbourhood of Paris, well not all and left isolated. While I have no sympathy for these Barbarian brutal murders, I put the blame partially on French people as well. They screwed these people for years and years and when the era was over, they let them in! Of course those people never forgot what France had done to their ancestors and when they were let in the country, they were kept aside and many of them were never given a chance that a French person would be given. The frustration and anger built up for years. These are people with strange culture and restrict religious beliefs such as Niqab, prohibition of out-of-marriage sex, domination of male in the family which are all in contradiction with French culture. They would never be changed and then the revenge is planned. Attacks on civilians and innocent people whom are enjoying a meal in a restaurant or a beverage in a cafe. I hope it won't get worse but it's far from over because there are millions in Europe who have the same ideas and beliefs of these killers of Paris who slaughtered  innocent civilians.
(Photo: German troops entered Paris in June-14-1940, Adolf Hitler ordered not to damage Paris. He, I guess admire its beauty and did a little tour of the city and took a shot in front of Eiffel Tower. I chose this photo to indicate that Germans captured the city but did nothing to the civilians and the city itself, of course regardless the continuous conflict they had with resistance group. These ISIS people have been living there or near and use every opportunity to harm people and ruin the city)

Friday, November 20, 2015

How Does Alberta Health Services Spend?

I took my buddy, The Chef to an Alberta Health Services clinic as he has been injured recently at work, as I mentioned earlier and while he was being treated inside and I was waiting I thought I should charge my telephone's battery. Sockets are usually available in public places such as cafes these days but when look around I realized the the outlets are covered with a sort of plastic cover and locked! A telephone is available in the hallway of the clinic but in case you need to respond to a family member's call and you're out of battery you can not charge it! 
An adjacent cafe, I guess a Good Earth probably provides an alternative to this but I had to wait out until The Chef would come out. With thousands of dollars every month a big clinic such as that spends on utility bills, I don't think it hurts much to let people use the electricity a little. On the second thought why don't you provide charging stations and bill the customers for their usage per Watt? You made the service of A. H. S. free and now you're facing problems. Charge them for the electricity they're using so you gain some back! On the other hand the whole coverage and locking could be for some protection or something else. I didn't ask and I don't think there had been anyone available to respond, had I asked.
(Photo: An electricity outlet in an A. H. S. clinic is covered and locked. That cable is going to a vending machine standing nearby)

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Alberta Health Services Promotes Healthy Eating!

I took my friend, The Chef to an Alberta Health Services clinic as he has been injured at work and when he went in, I was waiting in the main hallway and noticed a vending machine that you see in many places. A machine which sells all sorts of Cancer causing and other types of diseases-causing(!) snacks. Real smart and real mature A. H. S. this really proves that you are nothing but a bunch of mindless, greedy, piece of amphibious shit, particularly the province's Health Minister whoever that pinhead is. This is a very good system: instead of promoting good and healthy food, this A. H. S. assholes feed people with all sorts of oil, salt and additives and when they get sick, they try to treat them. They don't get well because they have taken so much of these craps to A. H. S. requests more budget for their research and they probably get it. As well they keep their jobs and salaries high! What a disgusting people you A. H. S. top managers are. You have more disadvantage for this province than any other criminal who is active.
(Photo: A vending machine full of potato chips, candy bar and other sickening snacks is sitting in an A. H. C. clinic)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Finally A Real Calgary Winter

We finally got the taste of winter in Calgary today. It was not such a deep snow but it was closed and the roads where slippery. I probably spent 15 minutes or so to clean the car off of snow. All the windows and the windshield were covered with frozen snow. It was only -5 ÂșC but with windchill it felt much colder. I regardless went for jogging around 09:00 alongside Elbow River. There were not many joggers or walkers but the cold was perfectly bearable for Nov. I ran slowly for about 23 min. but I think it would not have been more than 20 min., had I not ran slowly. I usually run better in cold. Warm and sunny weather makes me tired fast. I was jogging a bit slower than usual due to the icy pathway. On the way back home the car slid and I hit the curb! I was lucky that no car was parked at that corner. I might have dented the front right rim. I didn't even bother checking! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Trip to Iraq

The Lady often calls her Mom to check on her and see how she's doing. Last week she called a couple of times and her Dad said that she was not available! Finally at the third call she was told that her Mom has traveled to Iraq to see the holy shrines! She had told The Lady that she would be going and she advised her against that with all the conflict in Iraq and terrorism but she is an persistent old lady! For many Iranians the holy cities in Iraq are like their dreamland. They must visit them at least once in their life. I guess my Grandma took my father to Iraq some 60 years ago when he was a little kid, to see the holy shrine of Imam Hussein in city of Karbala. I have to check that whomever is left from the family!
In my personal opinion it was such a brave action from an old lady in her late 70's to do that. In The Lady's stupidity! Karbala as the holiest city in Iraq have been targeted a few times by Sunni militia and suicide attackers, I guess. This conflict of Shia and Sunni in Islam seems never ending. It's said that ISIS mostly comprises Sunnis but we know they have even Westerner fucked up fools among them. Some Sunnis are against ISIS. This in fact make the whole conflict more confusing for an outsider, particularly a Westerner who knows nothing all these different sect. Kurdish people who fight ISIS are mostly or maybe even all Sunnis as well! Many Sunnis don't even believe that Shia people are Muslim and if I want to write about this, I would be writing pages without stopping! During Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh region, Iran, a mostly Shia country supported Armenia a Christian country against A majority Sunni country of Azerbaijan! So you can imagine how fucked up things are.
Anyways my mother-in-law also traveled to Najaf, another holy city in south and Samara in north. I guess the most dangerous part must have been going to Samara which is not too far from ISIS forces. She's back now. The Lady was very mad at her and told me that she had a big fight with he over the phone as why she had done such a irresponsible act. I would talk to her to ask about the places she travel to. I guess her trip took a week of a little longer. 
(Photo: This map shows the major towns and cities of Iraq and who controls them. ISF stands for Iraqi Security Forces, ISIS is know to everyone, Peshmerga is Kurdish armed forces and ISW is no army or armed unit. These are areas under study by the institute who has published this map. The map and the area under control different groups are changing but no significant change has been seen in the past few months or so unless exchange of a few small towns and villages between different groups)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nasty-Mart (Wal-Disgusting-Mart)

With me being tossed out of worked, our life style has been changed in the past month. Now I don't go buying stuff and when it comes to buy something, essential needs, we'll go to Superstore or Nasty-Mart more often compare to other supermarkets such as Safeway and Co-op
There's no doubt that a company such as Nasty-Mart has had a huge negative impact in North America's market. Thousands of people who could have been small business owners, are out of job simply because dirty Nasty-Mart purchases the same item that they make or produce much cheaper. For example in a little town which could have as many as 10 little stores, now there's a Nasty-Mart providing every crap from disgusting cancer-causing potato chips to other sicking stuff such as canned vegetables and processed meat. These stores are normally managed by a guy who basically knows primary school stuff and English. The staff consists of table-cloth worn African or Arab refugees, stinking cheap East Indians and some silly Caucasian guys who either have nobody to recommend them for better paid jobs, are very dumb or have done something wrong that better-paid jobs for some reason, won't hire them. A regular employee of Nasty-Mart normally earns up to maybe $12 an hour. Of course night shift or more experienced guys make a little bit more. 
We were in a local Nasty-Mart yesterday and the surprise was although it was weekend the place was not so crowded that we finished everything in probably less than 20 min. Basically the only stuff we buy there, most of the time is fruits and vegetables. When I was waiting for the lady to come out because she was waiting for the dumb cashier to find the code for some vegetables I realized this sign beside customer service section which was referring to the available positions. 
This type of job is actually not bad for a disgusting, ugly, stupid Filipino who otherwise had to work as a prostitute so when she sees 10% discount on merchandise and Be the Spark won't think twice before joining! The fact is the majority of this disgusting animals do nothing. They pretend they're busy but they hang out at a corner and talk their annoying language and if you asked them a question they either pretend they are dumber than they look so you regret asking the question or give you a meaningless answer! 
I looked at a few of the stupid positions that Nasty-Mart has posted with the hope I would never have to take any of them:

1) Cashier. This one is fine and there are many nice, polite and courteous cashiers in the store which is a surprise to me. At the same time there are a few lazy disgusting human-like animals as well. 

2) Store Standards. I wondered what this position might be but luckily I didn't have to ask anyone because I would have probably not received a meaningful answer! The answer was in a parenthesis in front of the position: Cart-Pusher!! This poor guy has to walk all they around the store, mainly parking lot to collect the cart that silly, lazy, stupid, human-like animals leave wherever they feel, after they are done shopping and they call that Store Standards!! What a fucking piece of shit these top managers and executives of Nasty-Mart are! 

3) Overnight stockers. This perhaps is the best job in Nasty-Mart. You work at night which is quiet and don't have to deal with customers. Your wage a little bit higher, I guess, because you have you work nights, maybe not and that's about it.

4) Overnight Lead Maintenance. This one sounds very promising but of you look at the next job, you probably feel cheated and disappointed! 

5) Day Maintenance. By looking at this position the first thing comes to mind is a technician or journeyman who makes some $20 an hour or so but stop day dreaming! The real job is written in parentheses: Janitor!!!! What a piece of shit considers janitor as a maintenance guy!? Being a maintenance guy requires experience and expertise while being a janitor needs nothing. How disgusting you can be to to mislead people with this stupid wording you select for your disgusting jobs you offer?!
(Photo: A sign in customer service of disgusting local Nasty-Mart advertises a few top salary positions of all time by using the work SPARK!)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Heart Check

I had a little problem with my heart a few times and it was my own fault, I know. One morning I woke up and I felt a bad pain on my left shoulder, left side of the chest, upper part and my left palm a little bit. It gradually went away but then I went to a clinic. There a woman physician recommended me to go to an urgent care center. In there unlike usual, I didn't have to wait long. They took blood samples, did cardiology and other examinations. Everything was normal. 
I was then introduced to a specialist and luckily I didn't have to wait very long there either. The first test there was an exercise on a treadmill. I wasn't expecting that to be tough but at one point my heart rate went up to 151 and it was a little bit scary! Even thinking of that know gives me chills! The green colour of display at the time turned red when the rate went up from 148 to 151! And then they did a type of Ultrasonic Test. Before all that another heart reading report was taken and I finally met the specialist. He said there was nothing to worry about and I have a healthy heart! He didn't recommend anything and only suggested to be relaxed! I don't know how I can be relaxed now that I have been kicked out of job for the past month but what can I do? I do job searching and I also am doing an online course. Wouldn't this be enough?

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Celebration by Asshole Hypocrites

I always have been of the opinion that one of the worst human beings, if you can call it(!) a human being would be a hypocrite and there are plenty of them around. This recent rejection of Keystone XL Pipeline project is a good example how big of hypocrite the US government is. Adding this to their other attribute, being assholes, make them greater than ever! It could be a response to election of J. Trudeau to the Prime Minister as The Liberals had always their differences with the Americans. Or it could be a proof that they are simply hypocrites! 
The US always condemns Iran for aiding Hezbollah in Lebanon since they fight against Israel. For years and years the Americans supported, funded and aided the so-called Mujaheddin in Afghanistan in their ridiculous war against the Soviets, the very same people who majority of them turned later Taliban and similar. That support of Iran is wrong but support of the Americans is or better to say, was fine because now Afghanistan has been turned to a rubble! For years and years Americans aided the South Vietnamese and eventually sent soldiers there. That support was wrong but sending Russian troops to Syria is wrong simply because they are guarding the regime that the US does not favour! A referendum in Crimea which resulted in being part of Russian Federation was considered illegal and unacceptable but the same referendum in a small area called Kosovo which resulted in separation from Serbia is considered a democratic act and legal! 
So this is what Americans are, well not all of them of course. Only their government! In the past few years they were concerned about the environmental impacts of Keystone XL Pipeline project and denied that for different reasons while themselves are responsible for many environmentally damaging acts that if someone wanted to count, would not end soon! Just as an example recycling programs which are very normal and common across Canada, do not simply exist in the US! Beverage bottles, cans, jars and cartons is one of them. I heard that in Las Vegas which could be considered one of the most beverage consuming cities of America there is no recycling program in place. The Lady traveled to Chicago to visit her siblings a few months back and in their she had been told that they did not have any recycling system in place for beverage containers! The US is probably one of the biggest consumers of gasoline with so many SUVs and trucks running here and there every day, not to mention thousands of flights from this corner of the country to the other corner and what has been done to reduce the environmental affects of billions of liters of gasoline consumed every months? Perhaps very little and now they are concerned about a pipeline which is taking crude from Alberta to Gulf of Mexico! I'm not a big fan of the pipeline or for it in a way that I would devote myself to it but I simply dislike hypocrites who happen to be assholes as well! 
(Photo: A gathering of assholes possibly people have nothing to do(!), in front of White House to thank Obama for rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline project. I remember seeing same kind of smile on a monkey face after it was given a banana which had been taken form a chimpanzee!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Too Good to Be True

There are a total of 14 positions that I have applied so far in the past month that I am out of my job. It's just the fact that there are not many jobs available and there are way too many applicants. Or perhaps I'm not very qualified or over-qualified or maybe the available jobs are filled within the companies and through family members and friend. The last one is a big yes. 
So I applied for this job in British Columbia and today I was going to go out and my telephone rang. There was this guy who wanted to talk to me in regards to the position I had applied. It was not a bad conversation but to me it sounded a bit too good to be true, although nothing happened. What he said was that he would talk to his manager and they would probably get back to me for another interview. What surprises me a little bit is that the job had been applied probably less than 24 hours ago and unless they are desperately looking for a replacement, they wouldn't contacted me that fast. He also asked a question which is normally not asked in the first interview, I guess, and that was about the salary. I told him that as long as my salary was in the normal range of the industry, I would be fine with that. The amount he mentioned is of course way better than what I used to get but then the position is a higher one in the organization chart. I don't want to get ahead of myself and I know it will be a challenge but not a challenge that I would not be able to handle. If it doesn't happen, well then I will go back to career hunting.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Cargill's Nightmare

I worked for Cargill Meat Solutions for a little over 4 years and a half. That was my first job in Canada and the pay was not bad particularly because there was lots of overtime available at the time. I don't think it's as good. I remember because of the high market demand we worked 6 days a week for over 2 years and a half and other than that most of the time if I wanted to stay for over time it was possible. I should also add that I got seriously injured a few times due to the hardness of the jobs. I was treated by physicians and physiotherapist and eventually was fine. 
My relationship with the supervisors and superintendents was not so good though. While I joked with many and laughed, they really didn't like many, the majority of them. They suspended many a few times and I remember one time I was suspended indefinitely! The union helped me a lot and although there were bastards who disliked me as well, they kept me on the job until I resigned myself. That was more than 9 years ago! I guess if someone is really looking to see who I am he can contact them to see who quit his or her job 9 years ago. They would have a list and then they can narrow that down! 
Anyways with that in mind I just wanted to say that I had a kind of nightmare about Cargill the night before. I was there and I guess I was working as a cleaner and the entire time, the entire night it was in my dream! I don't recall much detail because if I don't right down the dream right after I wake up, most of it gets faded in my memory but that was it!
I hope it doesn't get to the point that I have to work for them again. It's not the physical pain that I'm worried about. It's just this sense of going backward, frustration and humiliation that keeps me back. Not to mention that they would probably never hire me again because I'm sure the majority of the supervisors and superintendents are still there and they can easily remember how much trouble I used to give there when I was there. Something that I'm not proud of.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Another Blow to Alberta's Devastated Economy

The relationship between the US and Canada was not the best years ago back to 2002 and 2003 when The Liberals were in power and led by Jean Chretien. Canada did not participate in Iraq's the US led collision attack. For that the US-Canada relationship was cold. Other factors were involved as well. When the Conservatives led by Harper came to the office, Canada become the best friend of the US all of a sudden, better than ever I would say. Israeli officials would often visit Ottawa, Iran's embassy was shut down, all sorts of things that the US would appreciate was done by Canada. Nevertheless the big problem of transportation of Alberta's crude to south, Gulf of Mexico, through Keystone has never been resolved despite the good relationship between the two countries. Obama believes that what is being said about creating jobs in the US and other aspects are not entirely true and the project does not have those many benefits that are said. Hilary Clinton a candidate for the 2016 presidency of the US has announced this a few months ago that if she was elected, she would not support that project either. 
So Albertans, including myself, sorry for all of you! Low oil price has already done lots of damage to the economy and lots of revenue is gone. This decision made yesterday would, with no doubt, has affects on the economy of the province and the country as well. I guess I have to go back to those $12-$13 an hour jobs that I did them for years! 
(Photo: A pile of pipes which is supposed to use to complete the Keystone Pipeline to take Alberta's Oil Sand crude to Gulf of Mexico's refineries are sitting idle somewhere in North Dakota)

Friday, November 06, 2015

Liberal's Rediculious and Stupid Show

The Stupid Liberal Thoughtless Party of Canada started their ridiculous show right at the beginning by introducing a Sikh as Defense Minister!!!!! Appointing a Sikh, a person from a community that their ridiculous, selfish, gender bias culture is known around the world, obviously to the people who keep their eyes open, is a stupid gesture that this ridiculous Government has shown so far. 
I remember the time I used to live in Surrey, British Columbia a town a good population of it are Punjabi Sikhs and see their odd behaviour in a country which is supposed not to give any preference to anyone of any race, colour or background. If you're in Surrey and you're not Sikh and go to businesses that are ran by Sikhs, don't expect any service! They show their animosity very clearly and simply ignore you. Slogans such as Sikh is Unique is seen in the back of vehicles without any shame or regret! A good portion of gang is British Columbia is from Sikh community. They are in drug dealing and all sorts of illegal activities. Do not forget that the Air India bombing in the 80's that killed all those innocent people and eventually no one was charged! 
I'm not saying that other people with other background do not have similar issues. I'm simply saying that the Sikhs are probably the worst. 
One of the things that they say about this fella is he has had three tours of Afghanistan!!! So freaking what?! What does that make him now? If I go to a casino three times a week, does that make me a good gambler? If I go to a local gym and run three times a week, does that make me a good runner who could win New York Marathon?! It might help a little bit but it does not necessarily prove a thing! This guy was a soldier and then was promoted and asked to go to Afghanistan. As a soldier he had to follow the orders and he did. Everyone else would have done that. I would have done that. So what does that make him? A hero?!
We all know by looking back and referring to history that Sikhs has always been a good ass-kissers of the British and Canada still is under the Queen's rule although may not be the same way as 1800's. The British created all sorts of stupid sects and religions in Indian Sub-continent and western Asia to differentiate between people. weaken them and then rule them. Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims has been fighting and killing each others for years in that region. Indian Sub-continent has shredded to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc so people fight each other, not their common enemy. Who known how many reports of domestic violence is seen every months in Sikh community? Is this guy different? Of course not. I bet he rules at home as tough as he rules at his unit. The stupid Liberals just putting up a show saying Oh! look at us we are so diverse! They practically are trying to save votes for themselves from some specific foreigners! We love the people who beat their wives and know themselves as unique and better than anyone so we selected three of the community! I really hope this piece of dung and his stupid cabinet screws big time and gets humiliated.
(Photo: No you're not mistaken! This is not Amritsar! This photo is taken in capital of Canada, Ottawa and this is the new Defense Minster! I wonder what is that he's going to defend? Sikh culture? Just looking at his face freaks me out)

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Shameless People

Look at these disgusting pigs!! Apparently they are so happy that now their $150,000+ salaries are guarantied and they don't care about anything else! In the country that people lose their jobs on daily basis they shall be happy because they are settled at least for a few next years. All the expenses covered and regular deposits every two weeks. Shameless people!
And shame on those idiots who were talking about change! Lets see how this change, if ever occurred, would affect them! Handing the country to a guy just because his father was once a Prime Minister a few decades ago makes sense! Just the same way that importing more than 25,000 Syrian will make sense soon! 
I know some sensitive drunkard, weed smokers might like my criticism but hey that's me. if you don't fucking like it, you don't have to read it. Go to your local bar and drink yourself to death! 
(Photo; This is selected from today's ceremony in Ottawa when the new Government sworn in. I don't know who these guys are, I don't want to know and I don't care. I just despise them. I dislike them for the fact that they seem so careless and all they hug is the glory they feel they are part of. I hope they fail in a way they can not ever stand on their feet again)

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Stupid Complaint by Stupid Person

There this news yesterday that a waitress who works for Bier Market was unhappy with the uniform she had to wear and went public about it!!! This stupid low-life was probably is frustrated with something else and now is trying to vent off and get others attention so others say what a brave girl! If she has no talent and brain, at least she is brave and stands up for her rights! According to this moron the uniform is too short and sleeveless! One of the stupidest complaint that I've ever heard in Canada. In this country the majority of women use every possible opportunity to show their body! In summer sometimes you feel you should not go to public, crowded places! Girls mostly are in shorts and sleeveless T-shirts and flip-flops! Even in winter they mostly wear Yoga pants and similar outfits that shows their butts and thighs! Why all of a sudden a bar girl complains about her uniform?! 
There's no doubt that the bar has this idea of attracting more customers but isn't this the whole idea of going to a bar in Western culture?! You go for a drink or two and you meet people. relationships, many of them, start from bars and other social drinking places. Some end the next morning, some in a few months or year. It's for bar girls and patron. So you stupid, you think you've accomplished something significant in your life when they showed you on TV?! You know go to your boyfriend and watch that clip on The National together a few times and feel proud that you have defeated a big business?! Is that what it is moron?! Well you defeated nothing. You just contradicted yourself and opposed to the very basics of your own culture! And don't give me that cliche crap of violation of human rights and such. It has nothing to do with that. Your rights basically is violated when you come to this world because you're a slave to Capitalism. They give you a little room to maneuver and clip to be shown on TV but they eventually own you and move you the way they want but let me stop right here because I bet you wouldn't understand. Go back to your job! 
(Photo: This stand taken probably from the clip shown on national TV shows the hero of human rights in Canada and the only functioning brain in law business at left!)

Monday, November 02, 2015

TSD and Others

I did the TSD (Trait Self Descriptive) questionnaire of CAF today. It was an easy but interesting computer based type of test. I'm trying to reactivate my CAF application and that was the second step. A lady from the recruiting staff talked to me after that and indicated that my references were not good. At first I thought she meant that the references had not provided good feedback but then I learnt that they were not considered good references by CAF standards. They normally shall be from past instructors, supervisors, mentors, pastors and such people. I have to change them then.
Then she mentioned that I would have to write an exam which to her it was hard and I would receive more forms to fill out.
CAF and jobs such as that normally have a long process. All I have to do now is to wait while I'm applying for other positions. I think she said something such as I would have to write the examination for the job I have applied in March but I could be wrong because here I found what she was saying a bit different from the way people normally pronounce as March. There were another form to fill out and that was for drugs. There was a long list two-sided and I realized a few of the applicants were struggling with that. We were on this day a total of maybe 8 at the most. One of them couldn't help it and showed his dislike for me. I was talking to another one telling him that instead of paying for the expensive parking in Downtown, he could have parked outside the city center area, parked for free and taken the train. The guy just jumped in and said that he would have spent $8 to find the free spot! I ignored his offensive tone and said that he would have been able to find a free spot in a very short time. I also learnt through one of the guys that Basic Training is held for 32 weeks which equals to almost 8 months. I guess that's good to have 8 months of paid training but it's pending my acceptance to the forces! 
(Photo: CAF logo has symbols representing the army, the navy and the air force)

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Mt. Ware

I had a conversation with The Hope after we finished our easy hike of Bull Creek Hills to see whether he wants to do another hike before leaving the country for his trip to Down Under. He first said that he would like to do another one. Then he said he preferred to go bicycling and then he came back and said he would join me for another hike! I was going to say to him he should have made his mind but then I thought: What the hell! He brings the car. He drives and he's a good companion. So I don't care if he's moody!
Our plan was to go to Mt. Ware first and then he said he would want to see whether there was anything else available! I gave him the chance to check the other local hikes and then he came back with this message that he would go to Mt. Ware! So we set up everything for that! Gosh! It's just a pain in the butt to deal with someone who cannot make his or her mind up! I had The Lady as someone constantly changes her mind. Now this guy has been added too!  
We headed south toward Turner Valley in the morning and I have to add that I was not able to convince him to start earlier than 07:00 AM although he told me that he had woken up at 04:00 and was not able to go back to sleep! On the way from Turner Valley to Sheep River Provincial Park we were lucky that he missed a baby Deer on the road! He's generally not a good driver but this time luck was with us otherwise our trip would have been changed to a tragedy. Then when we entered the park shortly after the daylight was upon us we saw a pick up truck that as soon as we approached he put up his lights. A guy from Alberta Parks approached us and said that he was looking for hunters. We told him that we were going hiking up Mt. Ware and he said goodbye to us. I don't think Alberta Parks takes a good care of the Alberta parks because when we were out doing our hike of Bull Creek Hills we heard noises several times that to me sounded like someone was shooting rounds. Also when we went to Ghost Valley area, on the way back, we saw a guy with shotgun and the bastard gave us a fake smile but unfortunately we were not able to report the motherfucker. 
You have a 20 minutes of scrambling on a pile of lose rocks before you summit Mt. Ware. Some of the rocks are covered with a type of beautiful green moss
Finding the trail-head this time was not very hard. We drove to the end of a gravel road and parked in Gorge Creek trail parking lot. No one else was there at the time and I guess we started our hike around 08:30 or so. We simply headed west on the trail, parallel to the creek. It's a nice area but lack of snow and rail will have a significant affect in the wildlife and vegetation, if this goes the same for the next few months. It's now Nov.-01 and we have not had even one snowfall! After walking for a while on the easy trail we headed north this time to get ourselves to the foothills of Mt. Ware. Here The Hope believed we had been distracted from the main trail so we cut in to the trees and walked back toward east for a while until The Hope said that we were on the main trail! He has bought this application that apparently has many trail available to us and we can simply follow it although I have done all of the hikes without any map or tracker! 
The last half an hour of the hike or so was interesting. We had to climb up a pile of lose rocks to get ourselves to the summit. Before that we we walked up the mountain to get ourselves to the ridge on the east side. The view to the vest is nice and on your east or better northeast you have city of Calgary easily available to your view. North and south do not provide much. We had a short break, took a few photos and headed back down the mountain. 
A small pool of water in Gorge Creek from top o the trail looks like. It would have been of course much nicer, Had we seen it in early summer or late spring
There was nothing special on the way back to the parking lot. We saw a type of flightless bird, similar to what I had seen on The Wedge but he messed up the photo and I had sent my camera to Canon in Ontario so there's not a clean and nice shot of that available! No one was seen on the trail the entire time and just half an hour to the parking lot a light rain started but it stopped as soon as we reached the car. Generally Mt. Ware is considered a very easy hike with its half an hour just being fun. Gorge Creek is nice but nothing significant that wows you. Maybe its nicer when it has more water in it. Sheep River Provincial Park is not taken care of as good as other Kananaskis area parks maybe because its smaller and does not have as many trails as the other parks and not many businesses such as restaurants and cafes are available close to it. The only place that you can sit for a beverage or meal would be in Turner Valley or Black Diamond and I don't really know what is available in these two small towns but I know they are not as fancy as Canmore. Longview is a bit further and has a few famous restaurants and cafes but I haven't check those ones either. We headed back to the city directly after that. We sat for a latte in The Hope's favorite coffee shop Starbucks. I didn't particularly liked it. It was some $3.45 for a small cup. Maybe I should have added some raw sugar but generally I don't believe paying more than $3 for a small cup every time you want to have a coffee would be a good idea unless you have an income as much as The Hope's! 
(Photo: This was taken by my buddy on the summit of Mt. Ware looking west with Blue Rock Mountain in the back. You can see me behind the summit cairn with my back turned to the camera, taking pictures with my Sony Cypershot)