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Dream about the Uncle

One of the people I saw just a day or two before leaving the old country was my second uncle in the hospital. he had been sick with I don't know why and previously to that I had visited him in his daughter's house. He was laying in the bed. Never learnt what his illness was. He died shortly after I came here. Then last year the first uncle passed away. That was the one that I was close with his sons, especially the elder one. We used to spend time together in our childhood and then in high school and university years and even a little after that. There's only one uncle left now and he's the youngest brother of four and youngest in the family. I had a dream about him a few weeks back and I still remember it: I was back to the old country and was waiting or maybe simply standing in the airport and someone appeared in front of me. I clearly remember that he was the only and the only thing I was able to see. I also recall that the face of the person was my uncle's bu

Workplace Stories (10): Hired from Kijiji

It's been a little more than 3 years know that I've been working for these pieces of stinking shits. I'm expecting a sudden blow any minute of my daily work. If nothing significant happens soon, we'll be mostly out of here in a few months. All of my efforts in the past 7 months have gone useless despite the fact that I had interviews with good, stable firms which would have been turned to permanent employment, I f I had gotten the position.  Nevertheless that's not the only issue which has been bothering me. The important thing is I'm hanging out with assholes and ignorant fools and barely know their right hands from left hands. I' certain I deserve way more than this but I haven't probably tried hard enough to get out of it. The fact that I have to work with people, a few of them my superiors, who know less than me and have less capabilities than me is very disturbing. The fucking idiots that have been called by one of the contractors Hired from Kij

Flashback (29): Jimi Hendrix's Son in White Rock(!)

I've not been a die hard fan of Jimi Hendrix but I guess like a few of his songs. He is known as the best guitar player of the all times by Rolling Stone Magazine . I'm not sure if that is an accredited organization to do such a rating though!  These celebrities, especially if they are Black , either from Africa , originally or Central America , have numerous wives, mistresses, lovers, groupies, etc. that they often sleep with and at times they are kids as the result! As well there are at times people who pop up and claim that they are their son,  wife or daughter and claim royalty, if that is after they death or want to inherit their property.  This young, well almost young, possibly in his late 30s , fella that I met, I guess twice, in White Rock , when I used to work and live there, seemed not very successful in that regard. He was an almost Black guy with the features I descried. He had a guitar hanging out from his back, like a rifle, wearing beard, if I remember

The Stupidest Monuments Men

I promised myself not to judge a movie by watching it only once. It had happened many times that a movie has not made me very amused but when I watched it for the second or third time, I enjoyed it. That was why I made this decision.  This time I didn't even need to finish the movie! I was so pissed off after the first one hour that if The Lady had not been besides me, I would have left the movie house! This movie, The Stupidest Monuments Men is so messed and boring that I don't even know how to start! The movie seemed to me like a few separate clips of different events which the editor has tried to arrange them in such an order that they make sense but the chain has been disrupted! The dialogues were so boring, nonsense and stupid! I guess the intention was to make it a bit funny but whether they succeeded or not? I don't think so! The movie has good actors such as Demon , Goodman , Murray and Clooney but they all look dumb and boring! Surprisingly the director is

Bait and Trap

I wasted lots of time on Chess a short while ago. I don't believe that it's bad game. I'm just saying that it could be a problem such is gambling and I got that in summer of 2011 . That time I could have spent on something much more useful.  Nowadays I play rarely and not online anymore. At times just against the computer and losing most of the time because I simply just don't want to think it over. I sometimes ask myself why I'm doing this!?  This one which I played a short while back at level 5, the highest level I've ever played against the computer, shows the moment that my opponent, in white has moved it bishop to the side of the board. This looks like a juicy opportunity to get his knight at the center of the field, which is it's seen is unarmed and unsupported. This however is a bait for a big deadly trap! If I kill the damn knight, its next move would be simply running its rock all the way from the other side of the board and have it sit just

Canada's Next Game: Fighting for Gold

It has been mostly a three days of boring stuff. Rather than once that we went to Olympic Plaza for a little practice and was fun and today that I went for jogging, we didn't do anything special but doing some home chores and me watching some Olympics games. In the last part I got the chance to watch Canadian women fighting against the Swiss . I started watching in the second intermission when the score was 3-1 for Canada . The game was mainly played in Swiss 's half and there was not a minute passing that the Canadian s didn't have the puck shot at the Swiss net but they were all stopped by their goalie a all-smiling girl called Schelling .  I guess the most relaxed player in the game was Canada 's goalie at the other side. She only received one serious shot against her net which she stopped using her glove. Canada scored a goal in the last intermission but the referees called it disallowed after reviewing the videos. I guess it was called an interfer

Canada-Finland @ Sochi

I started watching Canada-Finland almost halfway through the first period while Canada was ahead with one goal only. Then in the second period the game was mostly played in Finland 's half but there were not many effective shots on the net. Whatever the Canadian s deposited was simply either deflected or grabbed by the Finish goalie. In the third the Finns show their power and the game played in both half with Finland finally scoring the tie. It was not a significant team or individual effort. The guy switched with his teammate, coming out of Finland's seat and shot from distance. It was deflected by a teammate and passed Price and the game was a tie. Then the first overtime started and soon after the Canadian deferenceman, Doughty shot and the puke passed the Finish goalie from underneath his left pad! In general the Canadian s were struggling with having an effective shot on the net. Crosby and the other guy who play for Blackhawks were both paralyzed(!) and


I've tried and practically participated in practices and even matches of different sports through my life. The list contains, mainly, Basketball , Wrestling , Cycling , Hiking and even Fencing but I have to admit that Ice Skating has been the most challenging one.  One reason for sure is that I started many sports when I was much younger. For instance in wrestling which was my favorite and I was good at, I never had any problem feeling tired or hard to understand how to perform. I never practices any of the above in championship but I was always good at them.  We were practicing crossovers yesterday for the third session and I was really getting to the point that I knew what was going on, what exactly I had to do and how to keep it up and the instructor was giving me tips and in between Boom! I fell and hurt my right thumb. I actually fell two times and generally was OK, stood up and carried on but my thumb is still swollen.  The problem soon would be that we only have

Canada Is Doing Well

When Canada won 14 medals, including 7 Golds in the last Olympics , Vancouver 2012 , and stood on the top, many took that to consideration on the account of the country being the host of the games. There's no doubt that it was a factor but you cannot deny all the hard work and effort that the athletes and everyone else put into this. The results show that how Canada has been doing so far. The country is the second in the standing table and has won 4 Gold s so far. Both woman and men Hockey teams beat their opponents although the men's team had a shaky start. They beat the Norwegians 3-1 . Women conquer the Americans 3-2 . So far so good. The host of the games, the Russians are no better than the 7th .  (Photo: Canadian Hokey player scores by passing the puck between the legs of the US Team goalie in their first game)


Stories of Hojam , the man from South-central has been told independently but today I'd like to write a bit more about him as his stories are worth reading like many people that I write about!  Hojam , according to him, came form Indonesia or Malaysia , I can't recall really well but I guess it was the first one, as a refugee to Canada years ago. He's a lazy fucked up guy from a small town in that part of the old country who after years of living here never had a real job. Or maybe better to put it this way: Never had a job that a guy has balls for! For the first few years he survived based on taxes of people such as me, may be not years but of course at the beginning. Then somehow ended up knowing The Microbe and his partner and started working for them in their business. The reasons he actually worked there were a few, including but not limited to the following, at least to the best of my knowledge: 1- He didn't have to wake up early. So for a fucked up los

Like Father, Like Son

There was this guy in the old country that we were friends during primary and junior high. Our parents were friends too and we had a very strong friendship. The lad had, most of the time, issues at the school in terms of learning. So the parents decided to send him abroad to save him from ending up like a bum. I'm not sure how they thought he would be able to manage that but they sent him to Turkey where his aunt lived. This fella who was friend of mine had also a brother, the only sibling who had troubles, this one not with learning and school but with his own personal life. The guy was almost 12 years older than us who were at the same age and the reason for that we their parents had him first and the father was in jail for political reasons and when he came out, shortly after his release they had the second son who was my schoolmate and then classmate and friend, finally. Anyways the guy left for Turkey and we were not in touch very much because there was no Internet and E-m

Carburn Park

It was an extremely cold day today but we wanted to get out and do some skating and I suggested a new place: Carburn Park . The Lady was not quite on the same page but accepted. We found it after the second try but happily it didn't waste so much time. It's close to Bow River and it's a curved lagoon with lots of room for tens of people. It was around -22º C and but wind was not blowing to harshly. The low temperature had kept many people away and there were only 4 other people on the ice. I quickly geared up and got on it. The ice was no too bad. Of course there scratches ad grooves but what do you expect. The Lady geared up as well but just after a few minutes she said that she didn't like the ice and added that she wanted to leave. I know she was cold. I was too but not as much as the night that I basically ran away from the ice! I had suggested in the morning to buy a Monkey Hat but she refused. So I skated a bit and circled around. I didn't even had m

Reunion with The Chef

It had been a long time, over 5 months or more, since I had hung out with The Chef . I knew something had went down. I kept calling and there was no answer. I said to me: Either he is in trouble or left the country for the old country, something he has been wanting for a long time, after probably more than 25 years living abroad! Just the weekend before I received a call from him eventually and my second guess was correct: He was in trouble! Apparently he and couple of buddies had been to drinking and on the way back to home after midnight someone caught him on Langevine Bridge and beat the shit of him! The neighbourhood is quite a dangerous place as it's where the rehabilitation center is. One person was stabbed to death last year and I guess he was lucky that he could come alive out of this. Langevine Bridge over Bow River, in Calgary in a cold night of 2011. The Rehabilitation Center is seen on the left side of the photo. Regardless of its beauty at night, this corner

Winter is not Finished

It has been extremely cold in the past two days and that came as a surprise to the idiots who saw 12º C weather and higher the week before. They don't know that a few warm days does not necessarily mean that the winter is over. It's a break as a result of Chinook phenomena. They probably also don't know that they live in Alberta and it's supposed to be cold in Jan. otherwise it would not be Canada !  Nevertheless I don't know whether it's the affect of the weather or something else that I'm exhausted now. I was exhausted the entire day today, yawing off and on and was trying to keep my eyes open!  I went for a skating practice last night and it was -21º C ! Adding the wind-chill it felt like -30º C ! There was not a single soul in Olympic Plaza but I was not able to do my exercise for a long time. I guess I was ready around 21:00 hours and by 21:20 I was ready to leave. It was of course not only the extreme cold. It was the timing as well. I had

Homemade Bread

I had been wanting to bake some bred for a long time so when I encountered a recipe in the last issue of Impact I decided to do it. Here is the recipe with its modifications by me(!): 3 cups Whole Wheat Flour . 3 1/2 to 4 cups warm Water . 1 tablespoon Yeast . 1- Mix everything together in large bowl, cover and keep in the refrigerator overnight. I put it in, it was almost 14:00 hours and then took it out I guess 11:00 hours the next day!  2- Cover the mix with a tea towel and let stand outside for another hour. 3- When you go back to it and remove the towel, you'll see a disgusting-look liquid which also does not smell very good. Use flour on your palms and mix as well as the bowl itself to be able to make a ball and get it out! At this moment the mix is so sticky and disturbing that you promise yourself that you will never bake any bread while you're cursing!  4- Use a cooking sheet and put the ball in a container which could shape the ball.  5-

Maintaining the Ice

It's very good that The Lady is accompanying me in practices this year so I could have practices and exercises as many as possible, this year. We wanted to try the other outdoor rinks but she insisted to go to Olympic Plaza this afternoon as she was hoping it wouldn't be crowed and ice had been maintained.  We got there shortly before 14:00 hours and surprisingly the ice seemed maintained. There are a few people there but not as many as made it impossible to practice. So we hit the ice. But shortly after that and while we were warming up we learnt that a little Zamboni was coming out of its nest. It went back and forth for about 15 minutes and then we jumped back on ice. Having not very cold weather and pleasant sunshine with not much wind attracted a good crowed but happily and first off they were mostly beginners so there was not disturbance or crazy skating second off you can not skate more than 1 hour. You simply get exhausted especially if you fall a few times! So

Paths of Glory

I watched Path of Glory , one of Stanley Kubrick 's movies, a few days ago. I had bought the DVD a few weeks before that from HMV . This sort of movies are not very easily found and HMV  is the only retailer, as far as I know, who carries them in Canada . This is a coincidence that watching the World War I movie is done 100 years after the beginning of the war. The First World War actually started in Sarajevo the town which as the time was part of Austro-Hungarian Empire and then became part of former Yugoslavia . After Balkan Wars it became the most important city of Bosnia-Herzegovina . An assassination triggered the war, it has been always said and that happened on June.28 which will make the anniversary 5 month from now. I'm not going to say the whole history of the Europe before and after the war here as it is available and people can easily reach, if they want. I would like to talk about the movie only. I had decided not to write about the movies after just wa